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  1. Yes I’d agree with 2k single boxed versions but as your figures suggest the rest were in sets of 3 and 4 coin sets
  2. Multiple sources stand me correct at 2,000 Double sovereign should be substantially more value then!
  3. Don’t think that’s correct 😷
  4. Full sov sold pending payment
  5. I wouldn’t say much rarer just more desirable, strange really double should be more expensive
  6. Full sovereign PF70 with box and coa = £1500 double sovereign PF70 = £1200 paypal FF or add the fees
  7. 2018 Gold proof representation of people act PF69 2018 Gold proof peter rabbit PF69 both come with boxes and certificates £750 each 2008 Isle of Man cupro nickel snowman 2008 £350 postage included PayPal FF or add the fees AOOG
  8. Il take a pack of 50 2” flips and the paper inserts thanks
  9. Hello i’m looking for the below if anybody has 1 for sale thanks