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  1. Silver proof 1oz high relief kangaroos all come boxed with paperwork plus NGC double thickness storage case £240 plus postage for all I will not break up. Grading alone is around £20 each plus the coins were around £60 each All coins are PF70 Years 2011 2013 2015 2016 2017 2018 Advertised on other groups PayPal FF or add the fees
  2. It’s lovely yes, I need a new bathroom 😬
  3. Dragon sold pending payment
  4. The queens beast PF70 unicorn £150 The queens beast PF69 lion £130 The queens beast PF69 dragon £100 stephen hawking PF70 silver proof £100 Stephen hawking PF70 silver proof £100 peter rabbit 2017 PF70 gold proof £850 peter rabbit 2019 PF70 gold proof £850 sir Isaac newton PF70 Gold proof £1100 All come with boxes and paperwork all prices include postage PayPal FF or add the fees or bank transfer AOOG thanks
  5. Multiple Gold proof PF70 50ps all come with boxes and certificates all posted special delivery within the UK Full set of Beatrix potter Gold 50ps 2016 Anniversary £1100 2017 Peter rabbit £950 2018 Peter rabbit £950 2019 Peter rabbit £950 paypal FF or add the fees open to discounts if multiple purchased
  6. Yes I’d agree with 2k single boxed versions but as your figures suggest the rest were in sets of 3 and 4 coin sets
  7. Multiple sources stand me correct at 2,000 Double sovereign should be substantially more value then!
  8. Don’t think that’s correct 😷
  9. Full sov sold pending payment
  10. I wouldn’t say much rarer just more desirable, strange really double should be more expensive
  11. Full sovereign PF70 with box and coa = £1500 double sovereign PF70 = £1200 paypal FF or add the fees