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  1. STONE

    Michael Maloney

    Guys like Maloney and Schiff have some very valid points but in all reality you cannot just listen to one side of the story. One needs to take all of the info and resolve to come to an educated opinion on how to conduct wealth preservation. In my opinion the dollar is a worthless piece of paper that only has an illusion of value attached to it. The game has changed. We are in un-chartered territory as the whole economic system is manipulated from every angle. Under lying fundamentals just don't seem to work anymore. The MSN constantly broadcasts that everything is ok but when the powers that be own and manipulate the stock market, PM prices and everything they can get their hands on seems to tell me they own the media as well and can spread their propaganda to manipulate the masses into believing anything they want to. I will just keep trading in my useless FRN's for real money at the end of the week: Silver and Gold. My hourly wage comes out to around six ounce's of silver. I pay myself in silver every week. I will put it away for retirement, a rainy day or just leave it to my kids. Feels great to be free from the institutional slavery of the banking cartel...
  2. STONE

    New Pamp Silver Rosa Bars Released

    They are nice bars but the premium over spot is crazy. $8 over spot per ounce? There is no way to ever re-cop that when liquidating...
  3. STONE

    Clueless Newbie

    "which I see as investment based on the hope of the spot price of silver increasing." Don't do that, you will eventually be disappointed because silver is very volatile in its price fluctuations and valuing it against a currency is ludicrous. Instead look at it this way: 1. Buy precious metals (PM's) as a hedge against inflation 2. PM's are a storage of wealth. 3. PM's are an insurance policy against an unstable global economy. 4. PM's can be a savings account for a rainy day. Since you are just starting out, keep it simple for now until you have a long term goal established. Stick to 10 ounce and 100 ounce bars with a recognizable name. Always buy with liquidity in mind. "Is this premium coin/bar etc., going to maintain its value if I sell it in the future?" Stick with what works. ASE's, Britannia's and standard bullion coins that you can buy as close to spot as possible. At the end of the day you should have a CPOA (cost per ounce average) that is as close to spot as possible. Watch the spot price daily and buy on the dips. The more you buy the better the deal you will get. Avoid impulse buying and have what you want to buy already in mind when silver dips. Not sure what your budget is but I would find some 10 ounce bars that you like and start with that. As far as the whole "displaying items"... I disagree with that. You want to fly under the radar when it comes to investing. Not "advertise to the world" I have this and that. If a thief looks through your window and see's valuables "on display" guess where he will be tonight??? Slow your roll and do more research on silver and gold. There is no big hurry to make your first purchase. "I may also buy the odd premium coin" The problem with premium coins is today you may pay $120.00 for one and when you get it its only one ounce of silver that is only worth $15.56. They are hard to pick. Even for a seasoned veteran we are very cautious as to which ones we buy. And its still a gamble as its impossible to know which ones will be a hit and which ones will be a dud... Read this: https://www.jmbullion.com/investing-guide/ https://goldsilver.com/blog/top-10-reasons-to-buy-silver/ http://www.silvermonthly.com/silver-investing-guide/ Also remember: Silver is a LONG TERM INVESTMENT. Buy it, put it away and forget about it...
  4. STONE

    Asahi Surface Damage Return?

    "as to me this is a premium bar" I hate to burst your bubble but Asahi is about as generic as they come. I know they bought out JM but their stuff will never be the same caliber as them. Premium bars are Engelhard, JM, PAMP Suisse and some others.
  5. STONE

    Gold Eagles on eBay...just over spot

    Buying gold on ebay will have risks. I would make sure it is a well known dealer. Better to pay a few extra dollars for security than to risk loosing thousands for what seems like a good deal... SD bullion isn't to far off that price. https://sdbullion.com/1-oz-gold-american-eagle-coin-random-dates
  6. STONE

    Can You Stop Milk Spots In Their Tracks?

    Or you could start buying bars instead...
  7. STONE

    Can You Stop Milk Spots In Their Tracks?

    The number one way to get rid of milk spots is to NOT buy products from the RCM. Except bars. Wrap them in Pacific silvercloth. https://silverguard.com/collections/authentic-pacific-silvercloth-by-the-yard Its just a theory of mine but I believe the minerals in the water they use to clean the blanks are causing the milk spots. Kind of like spots on a glass from hard water... Points To Remember: Sulfur and rubber causes tarnishing Never wash or wet Silver Cloth Never use sulfur-based glue or cement to adhere Silver Cloth The recommended method for gluing Silver Cloth to a surface is white glue such as Elmer's Never use rubber bands on your silver Before storing silver make sure that is it clean and dry Salt or other food particles left on silver can cause tarnish or even damage Salt air will tarnish silver
  8. STONE

    2018 South Africa 1 oz Silver Krugerrand (BU)

    Man, you guys are rock stars! For the life of me I can rarely find mintage numbers on newer coins...
  9. STONE

    Next queens beast?

    I don't think they will re issue as the mintages are capped around 7000. Thanks for the input everybody!! Looks like the Falcon is coming next.
  10. STONE

    2018 South Africa 1 oz Silver Krugerrand (BU)

    I am curious about the mintage as well. I suppose they will mint to order...
  11. Agreed. Sunshine mint is about as plain jane bars as they come.
  12. STONE

    Next queens beast?

    Now that the bull has dropped, so to speak. Does anyone have any idea which one is coming next? I believe there are 10 in all and I am committed to getting the whole series...
  13. STONE

    2018 proof britannia

    "that had also fallen out the capsule" That's it, I am done with the RM. Doing returns from the other side of the planet makes my teeth hurt...
  14. STONE

    The big Announcement Instagram #communitypourgaw

    Ok, so what's the big announcement?
  15. STONE

    2018 South Africa 1 oz Silver Krugerrand (BU)

    Bwhahahaha!! Well, except for the 50th anniversary icon. And the price is 50% off too...