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  1. Well, then what are your stacking goals? Why do you want to buy PM's? Are you saying you can buy Philharmonic's for 10-15% under spot?
  2. No. In a bartering situation why confuse the matter with having to do a bunch of math to figure out a happy medium to make a transaction. Keep it simple, one ounce rounds that are stamped with weight and purity. Even better would be ASE's as they are the most recognized here in the states... Having around 10 tubes of Eagles stashed away for uncertain times will serve you well. Random years that are in BU condition can be found on sale...
  3. I would find out which coins are the easiest to liquidate for the most return in your country. For me here in the states, the ASE's can be sold for anywhere from .50-$3.00 over spot depending on the buy sell spread at the point of sale. The year of mint really wont matter on standard bullion coins so get which one is the cheapest. Try to buy random year, BU (brilliant uncirculated) if possible.
  4. Mucho Gusto! bienvenidos al foro de plata!
  5. Was able to order a few of these. With a first year issue on the 2 ozt. and a low 10K mintage, I think they will do well.
  6. STONE

    Silver price survey

    $127.50 but I still wont value PM's against a dollar that is currently worthless... Currently the US debt clock has it at $920 an ounce... With adjusted inflation added in on the spot price 100 years ago, how can the price of silver be the same? Answer is: IT CANT! All currencies are worthless. They only keep the perception of their value alive by suppressing the price of PM's.
  7. STONE

    Checking sealed tubes?

    Thats a hard decision. If you buy it and leave it sealed and sell it ten years down the road and then the new buyer opens it and discovers a problem then we get screwed twice. I made the decision, that knowing now is worth a lot more than a seal around a box. I bought a sealed 2017 proof Krugerrand with a low COA. I was just going to put it away sealed until some time in the future. Then I started reading posts that were saying the coins had popped out of the capsules and were getting damaged in transit. Well by now it was months after I had bought the coin so I decided to open it. Sure enough, it had popped out of the capsule and the desiccant had scratched up the coin pretty bad. Now my $275.00 purchase was worth $18.00 The window for returning it had closed since I had waited so long. Now I open everything and my new motto is "Trust, but verify." For the most part, buyers down the road will want to inspect their purchases as well so opening mint sealed stuff is no big deal. A lot of online dealers are marketing "Mint sealed" as a big thing. Its not, its just marketing so they can jack up the price.
  8. Trusted dealers will test all of their stock regardless of who they buy from. If they don't I would run far away from that seller...
  9. Initially in the past, silver and gold get dragged down with a crashing stock market and then detach and rise as people move into safe havens. Although I have read some recent articles saying that this time it may not due to the fact PM's and the stock market are highly manipulated. Around $14.50 an ounce is equilibrium meaning that below that, the premiums rise so sellers don't lose money if it drops further. Waiting for the price to drop below equilibrium will be futile and only reduce your chances of getting what you want since more people will be buying. The best time to buy is now. The writing is on the wall... Above ground supply's have been slowly depleted over the last 16 years or so. People think there is an endless supply of silver but its actually a very small market and from exploration to your door is around 3-5 years out...
  10. Nice dip today, dropped .60
  11. " But why buy something at 17$us you think you can get for 15$us later." Unless it doesn't go back to $15 then you will be wishing you bought at $17 A bird in the hand is better than 2 in a bush... If it goes back below $15 they just start jacking up the premiums anyways so its a wash...
  12. And rightly so, ChrisSilver is definitely worthy of #1😄
  13. Nowt as queer as folk... Ok, I give up. What does that mean????
  14. No I didn't. I was only interested in a few numbers. Those aren't available so I will look for something else. Why is that unusual? If you go to a store to buy something specific and they don't have it, is it unusual for you to leave and continue to shop elsewhere? Or do you just buy anything so you don't let the people around you think your behavior is unusual...Frankly your comment is rather, unusual...