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  1. STONE

    Fake Graded Coins?

    "Where do you think the slabs are actually made?" Well, the fake slabs are probably made at the same place the fake coins are made... That was quite the tangent though and 99.9% of what you rambled on about had actually 0% relationship to anything I said. Put the bong down...🤣 The scammers will usually post a pic of a real slab and coin, not the fake stuff they will mail you. Thats the hook.
  2. No problem. I am curious as to what they will send you as well. Keep track of what the spot price was when you ordered it. We all make mistakes along the way, especially me. But thats how we become experienced stackers...
  3. STONE

    Fake Graded Coins?

    "Or could the slab itself be a counterfeit?" Probably, which if thats the case, the coin could be fake as well... Until you learn how to vet a seller and their product before you buy I would advise you to stick with reputable dealers and not ebay... Your question is something an experienced stacker would have asked himself as soon as they clicked on the ad.
  4. Here you go... This is where all new buyers should start! 10 ounces at spot: https://www.jmbullion.com/starter-pack/ And SD bullion is 5 ounces at spot: https://sdbullion.com/silver-at-spot-price If you are itching to buy some silver then do those 2 deals. Then put your wallet away and do some serious research and determine what your stacking goals will be. When you buy from online dealers make sure you buy enough to get to their free shipping threshold... Read through this: https://www.jmbullion.com/investing-guide/
  5. Do a thourough web search and see what they are selling for. What is the seller asking for them?
  6. Red flags. 1) There was nothing saying how much actual silver is inside the box. so it could be one ounce then????? 2) Obviously its going to cost more than buying from a reputable source. Do you like over paying?????? 3) so I assume that the amount you receive will fluctuate based on spot prices. Assumption is the mother of all screw ups.... Their whole web site is vague generalities and the only one I have ever seen that does NOT have prices. Except on the products that are out of stock, and thats another red flag. How can you possibly buy something without knowing what the price is????? Since you are in the states, stick with the qualified sellers. SD bullion, Golden state mint, JM bullion, Golden eagle coins, Monarch precious metals, Apmex(which has the highest premiums but deals can be found there). Sd bullion and JMB have a one time get a 10oz. bar at spot deal, start with those. Also sign up your email address with the online dealers to get notified of deals...
  7. Some sell directly but they still have a premium attached. https://store.firstmajestic.com/product/list/category/14 Dealers that buy from distributors in bulk can usually get a better deal so sometimes they pass that on to the end buyer. If you want low prices you have to buy in bulk usually starting at 500 ozt. or more...
  8. Buy a rare earth magnet and test them. Also carry it with you to test for silver and fakes when you are out shopping...
  9. You could also do a shot of nitrogen into the bag and wait a few seconds before sealing. Nitrogen displaces oxygen...
  10. Exactly. Well said, you can usually spot an agenda driven topic when the people who are selling it, sell it with or through fear. Its a logical fallacy, (Appeal to emotion) The masses are good at one thing for sure and thats reacting with emotion to stimulus. The news media is well aware of this, thats why the blood and guts stories usually are aired first...
  11. I picked apart the individual arguments you were using to support a position. If your position cannot be scrutinized with logical rationalization then your position becomes fragile and falls apart under debate... When taking a position you bring up for debate its best to completely understand both sides intimately to avoid a pre-biased stance. I am for truth and against error, emotions are irrelavant.
  12. STONE

    who is this silversmith

    Welcome to the forum. Posting several pictures will help alot more...
  13. Freeze dried, next best thing to fresh. The wife is whipping up another batch of elderberry syrup as we speak... good stuff...
  14. MEGA? Make England Great Again?😀
  15. "redistribution is another word for theft" True. Reminds me of those that beleive in eugenics, everyone alse should cease to be so they can have a better life. Why dont they just start with themselves, then their problem would cure itself...