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  1. STONE

    Can You Stop Milk Spots In Their Tracks?

    The number one way to get rid of milk spots is to NOT buy products from the RCM. Except bars. Wrap them in Pacific silvercloth. https://silverguard.com/collections/authentic-pacific-silvercloth-by-the-yard Its just a theory of mine but I believe the minerals in the water they use to clean the blanks are causing the milk spots. Kind of like spots on a glass from hard water... Points To Remember: Sulfur and rubber causes tarnishing Never wash or wet Silver Cloth Never use sulfur-based glue or cement to adhere Silver Cloth The recommended method for gluing Silver Cloth to a surface is white glue such as Elmer's Never use rubber bands on your silver Before storing silver make sure that is it clean and dry Salt or other food particles left on silver can cause tarnish or even damage Salt air will tarnish silver
  2. STONE

    2018 South Africa 1 oz Silver Krugerrand (BU)

    Man, you guys are rock stars! For the life of me I can rarely find mintage numbers on newer coins...
  3. STONE

    Next queens beast?

    I don't think they will re issue as the mintages are capped around 7000. Thanks for the input everybody!! Looks like the Falcon is coming next.
  4. STONE

    2018 South Africa 1 oz Silver Krugerrand (BU)

    I am curious about the mintage as well. I suppose they will mint to order...
  5. Agreed. Sunshine mint is about as plain jane bars as they come.
  6. STONE

    Next queens beast?

    Now that the bull has dropped, so to speak. Does anyone have any idea which one is coming next? I believe there are 10 in all and I am committed to getting the whole series...
  7. STONE

    2018 proof britannia

    "that had also fallen out the capsule" That's it, I am done with the RM. Doing returns from the other side of the planet makes my teeth hurt...
  8. STONE

    The big Announcement Instagram #communitypourgaw

    Ok, so what's the big announcement?
  9. STONE

    2018 South Africa 1 oz Silver Krugerrand (BU)

    Bwhahahaha!! Well, except for the 50th anniversary icon. And the price is 50% off too...
  10. STONE

    Has APMEX Got Greedy ?

    Occasionally Apmex has a decent deal but you really need to scour their site. Their premiums are pretty high. To find the best deals you have to constantly be searching many sites. In the states, for me, I check JM bullion, SD bullion, Provident, MPM, Ebay, Apmex, Yeagers, Scottsdale and a few more. Great deals are out there you just really have to be on the hunt. To me that's half the fun. I also do auctions on Ebay. I have scored a bunch of great deals there. I recently scored a 100 ounce JM bar at .30 over spot with free shipping, no tax and used a credit card which was same as cash price when silver dipped.
  11. And it finally appears... Added 0 minutes later...
  12. STONE

    2018 South Africa 1 oz Silver Krugerrand Proof

    Looks like these will hit the streets in a few weeks.
  13. STONE


    To be honest its all about how sales are going. When the price rises people come out of the woodwork to purchase so sales are up and they raise the premiums. When sales are down they lower the premium to entice folks to buy. Most online dealers have silver contracts in which they go long and short so it doesn't matter where the spot price goes they are covered...
  14. STONE

    2018 proof britannia

    The design is starting to grow on me. I put in a call to one of my contacts for a NGC UC PF70. Tired of receiving them popped out of the capsule and scratched up from the mint...