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  1. STONE

    Stacking Heraeus silver 1 oz from Singapore

    "Argor-Heraeus is part of the Global Business Unit Heraeus Precious Metals (HPM) belonging to the German technological group Heraeus, the largest global provider in the precious metals industry." I believe they are the same company just different divisions within that company. Which silver bars do you like the best?
  2. STONE

    Stacking Heraeus silver 1 oz from Singapore

    I guess it comes down to personal preference and the fact that you can classify bars into two categories, generic and premium. some of the premium bars are: Engelhard, Johnson Matthey, Pamp Suisse, Heraeus, Scottsdale, etc. Some of the generic brands are: Sunshine mint, Republic metals corp., Asahi, Silvertowne, etc. I would go with a well recognized brand that has been in business for a while with a history of solid business practices. I have not personally heard of Nadir refinery but you can research them and come to your own conclusion. For me, I like Engelhard, Johnson Matthey and Heraeus. I prefer the premium bars over the generics. In the USA, where I live, I can get more for premium bars(when I sell) than generics, plus I like the way they look! Price over spot (premiums) is an important factor when looking to purchase but name brand and resale value come into play as well. If Nadir is a well known and a respected refinery where you live and you like the looks of the bar, go for it. The buy sell spread is just to give you an idea of what you can expect when you go to sell. Remember, precious metals are for long term storage. If you buy today and sell tomorrow you will lose money. So if you have what it takes to buy it, store it, and put it away for a long time then go for it. And remember rule #1 If you don't hold it you don't own it! Which means, always, always, always, take physical possession of your purchases...
  3. STONE

    SHTF Hypothetical

    I see what your saying but silvers value is already within its self. "It is" money. Its barter ability has been proven throughout history. If I have 5 loaves of bread and you have silver to trade for it, the value will be established between you and me. We will find common ground when both party's feel that they are getting a good deal in the transaction. An ASE doesn't have its derived confidence of value based on "who" minted it but on the fact that its value is within itself just as a loaf of bread has value because someone needs it. Currently the USD is utterly worthless since there is nothing of "value" backing it. The reason it still works as a trade vessel is because of the "perceived confidence" in its value. People believe that if they receive a dollar they can turn around and use it again to trade for something else. When reality sets in and it takes thousands of those dollars to buy a loaf of bread people will not trade for them and will seek out a new form of currency. In a SHTF scenario, value will be placed on items that are necessary to survive or the trade ability in an item to be able to get what one needs. Whether its silver/gold, bread, toilet paper, ammo it doesn't matter because value is placed on an item based on necessity. Will there be people that don't understand the actual value of PM's in a SHTF scenario? Yes, but they will catch on quickly if they want to survive. Right now is an amazing time for silver, the fact that I can take something that has no value(FRN's) and trade it for something that is value(PM"s) is the deal of a lifetime. I don't compare the price of silver in dollars, its just a trade. Fake money for real money! Hell yeah! If you want to see silver and gold's real value based on FRN's have a look at the US debt clock, lower right hand corner. Silver is $598 and gold is $4796. There is a reason JP Morgan, Russia, China and many other big players are stacking precious metals hand over fist. They know the current monetary Ponzi scheme is cracking at the seams and at the end of the day the only real store of wealth is precious metals...
  4. STONE

    Stacking Heraeus silver 1 oz from Singapore

    Personally I would stay away from 1 ounce bars. Logistically, when you get to 1000 oz. its easier to store and transport larger bars like 10 oz., 1000g and 100 oz. bars. It looks like Bullionstar lists their buyback prices on their website, https://www.bullionstar.com/sell/ so you can compare the buy sell spread at the time of purchase. Coins are a good investment but I would find out which ones are the most popular in your country and go with those. In the USA for me, the silver eagles are the ones that hold their value the best. I would stay away from the maple leafs since they are prone to milk spotting after purchase and decreases their value significantly. Its good you are thinking about liquidity at the time of purchase but silver is a long term play and its best to buy it, put it away and forget about it. If you are like the rest of us once you get to 1000 oz. then you will want to go to 2000 oz. next. At that point having thousands of little one ounce bars can be a real pain in the backside. Stacking 10 oz., 1000g bars, and coins in tubes will help to keep your stack consolidated. Imagine when you get to 5000 oz. and you have to mail out or take all those little bars down for re-sale, you will be glad you went with larger bars...
  5. Engelhard. Some of the 3 and 7 oz. silver bars sell for over $3K.
  6. STONE

    Silver Breaking Out?

    Feels like a head fake to me. Stock market went up and so did PM's, weird.
  7. STONE

    How much?

    Personally I have always felt that MS graded coins are kind of a scam. At the end of the day its just a bullion coin with a fancy package on it. I would only pay for it what I could sell it for. For me, I only do proof graded coins and only acquire the highest grade, PFUC70. Usually at Ebay auctions.
  8. STONE

    why are we not buying this

    And your sidearm...
  9. STONE

    Censorship on the KITCO forum

    Lets just say their moderators are a little overly precautious. Delete first and ask questions later. Kitcos prices and ridiculous shipping charges puts them just below Apmex IMO.
  10. STONE

    New Bullion Series Austria

    Looks good! Cant wait to see the actual coin. I hope the premium is on par with the Philharmonic...
  11. STONE

    Which silver is best to buy when price is so low?

    Remember this: Buy low, sell high. The premium on eagles can be re-cooped when selling. Bars will normally sell for around a dollar under spot. Eagles will sell for anywhere between .50-$3.00 over spot depending on the buy sell spread at the point of sale. Phone first. If the price is rising it will be closer to the three dollar point and if its falling its closer to .50. Been there done that. Right now the premium bars like Johnson Matthey and Engelhard are the same as the generic bars so there is no reason not to get them. Keep your eyes open for sales, shop around. Last week JM bullion had the 2018 ASE for $2.39 over spot...
  12. STONE

    Chinese Silver Pandas

    I would say both. There is a guy on here that pretty much knows everything about Pandas. I am sure he will chime in soon...
  13. STONE


    What are your stacking goals? First and foremost never buy based on emotions. Go back through the last 4-5 years of that exact coin and see what they are selling for. For the price of that graded one you can get 3 ungraded ones. https://www.ebay.com/itm/PROOF-LIBERTAD-MEXICO-2018-1-oz-Proof-Silver-Coin-in-Capsule/143047300840?hash=item214e4896e8:g:7IcAAOSwOhda9cJ2:rk:1:pf:0 I have purchased these from this seller, he is GTG! $33.58 with free shipping is a great deal! Best of all, It “Comes directly from the mint with coin in capsule.” You can buy 10 of these and send them to NGC for grading. Who knows, you may have several 70UC in the lot. Its a win win for you. There is a saying in the Numi world, "buy the coin, not the holder"
  14. STONE

    New Silver 10oz Chiwoo Cheonwang BU 2018

    Agreed! Now the queens beast 10oz. coins are around $170. Thats alot closer to reality...
  15. STONE

    Constitutional silver

    Your right! I had 40% stuck on my brain for some reason. Thanks for the clarification.