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  1. What years and what grades? Big price difference between a PF70UC and a PF69. I am currently bidding on a few on ebay. Just picked up a 2012 PF70UC ASE for $75.00. I only go for the highest grade on the ASE's.
  2. Anything under $20 an ounce is a steal. Back up the truck at $15.....
  3. Agreed, check the authenticity with a rare earth magnet. Then try to remember the last time you calibrated your scale.
  4. Wonger is not feeling to well...
  5. Where are you seeing it for $179?
  6. Thats a good looking coin! Not sure how I missed this last year. Definitely like the 2019 better. The frosted field breaks up the design a little more and makes it pop.
  7. Thats when I started buying again, Dec. 15th to be exact. $13.80 if I remember correctly... Ahhh, the good ol days.
  8. When you run out of room to add any more silver. There is only one play for the GS ratio and that's swapping out your silver for gold when the ratio hits somewhere in the neighborhood of 30:1 and then swapping back to silver when the ratio rises again. It can be lucrative but timing is important. It has only been playable a handful of times in the past.
  9. Or, maybe he sells PM's because he believes it will increase in price. Just because someone sells a product doesn't mean what they are saying isn't true. Sure he plugs his business sometimes at the end of his videos. As a contractor I do the same thing, every time I shake a hand I give out a business card. Does that make my knowledge of carpentry null and void? As a master carpenter I think not. He doesn't make a whole lot on PM sales. The margins are small...
  10. "Why are you still stacking silver if there is an abundance of it?" So your assumption is that the people here are stacking silver because they believe there is not an abundance of it. Silver IS money and it IS a store of wealth, always has been and always will be. For some its a hobby, for some its a store of wealth to protect what they have worked for since the value of silver and gold is intrinsic. That video is full of logical fallacies including, but not limited to: Appeal to probability Argument from fallacy Existential Fallacy By trying to prove Ted Butler wrong does not prove a counter point. Over the last 16 years there has been a deficit of silver in what was mined compared to the actual demand. The silver institutes charts clearly shows that. In turn, a yearly deficit will deplete above ground reserves year over year eventually leading to a shortage based on demand. Mines are breaking even at the current silver prices, future exploration is halted because of a lack of profits. For the most part mining for silver is price insensitive since it is a bye product of lead, zinc and copper mining. If there is such an abundance of silver in the ground(which in itself is a claim that it can easily be mined and put into above ground reserves) why do we have a mining deficit year after year? Based on the claims in the video above ground supply should far outweigh demand since there is such an abundance in the ground. Some of the research I have been reading is showing that the actual silver content of the ore is decreasing which in turn means the same amount of mining costs for less silver. Like Sixgun said, NOBODY knows how much silver is still in the earth except for GOD himself. Test drilling only gives an idea of content in a particular area. Don't base your research conclusions off of YouTube videos. There are nuggets of truth in some youtube videos but you have to chew up the meat and spit out the bones so to speak. Folks that end up on the far end of the spectrum on any matter are usually wrong showing that they have an internal hidden agenda.
  11. Exactly!!! Its just that some people cant admit it. All the charts and hoopla doesn't mean squat in a manipulated market. Like the guy who started this thread. "Silver price about to plummet" Notice he never said when. I suppose his statement can run until it actually does. Then they say "see, I told you so." Its a 50/50 shot in either direction. Buy on the dips, stack it, stash it and forget about it. How about from now on that if someone makes a projection that there is a time limit of two weeks. That way we know who is full of $%*!
  12. STONE

    9 Fine Mint

    Thanks. Just googled the name: http://9finemint.com/about/ With the ISO certification my guess would be Golden state mint makes them for Apmex...
  13. STONE

    9 Fine Mint

    Aren't these sold and owned by Apmex?
  14. Yeah its bad. What's even worse is the price...