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  1. Anyone know when the silver version is coming out?
  2. Exactly my point! How would anyone know about it if you dont tell anyone... First mistake they make is calling channel 5 news, "Look what I found!" Loose lips sinks ships... And in the eyes of the "crown" they own pretty much everything... You would be lucky to get the left over table scraps after they decide to allocate 99% to themselves. Standard taxes of course.🤪 "When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty." – Thomas Jefferson
  3. Really nice detail on that fist coin!
  4. Nice bar! Each year I give the kids a 10 ounce bar for their birthdays.... My son is now a silver addict! It has taught him the real value of real money...
  5. STONE


    Welcome! Instead of starting a new thread for each question you can just ask away in your original thread... Most local coin shops have higher premiums so most of us buy online... They also do group orders and the prices drop even lower. I think BYB runs it if I remember correctly.
  6. Rule #1 When you find buried treasure, the first thing you do is TELL NOBODY!!!!!!! The next story you read will be "The local govt. Of Somerset has decided to confiscate the coins due to historical value" Suckers...
  7. These are newer bars, and are not associated with the older Engelhards. Near spot is a good price. Some sellers on ebay think that just because it says "Engelhard" on the bar they can ask for higher premiums. Not happening... http://www.engelhard.com.au/#products If you click on the "about us" link it will show you Engelhards history. I picked up a few of the kilos when thy first came out...
  8. Exactly! Multiply their cost by ten and your usually paying $30-$40 an ounce! Stick with one ounce or larger coins...
  9. I have noticed a pattern on the forum that people seem to like bars made on the other side of the planet from where they live. Scottsdale bars really dont do anything for me and they are a few states over and I could buy all I want. Now show me a picture of a Baird, Pamp cast kilo, ABC bar, Metalor, Degussa and I will be drooling on my keyboard.
  10. Weinman hit it out of the park with the walking liberty, its a classic. Im a big fan of the Brittania's and Libertads as well. The first silver Kruggerand is at the top of my list as well... The RCM lost my interest when they stated that milk spots were ok because its "just a bullion coin". I know they started trying to fix the problem after that but it still urks me...
  11. Sure does... Probably culled though if it was mixed in with some randoms...
  12. Finaly found my unicorn!!!