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  1. sovereignsteve

    Ebay 15% off

    working until 9 bloody ebay
  2. sovereignsteve

    Maybe we should be investing in Vanilla and not Silver.....

    is it graded to back up this claim?
  3. sovereignsteve

    Silver figurine?

    Hello JessicaAndrea, welcome to the forum. Are you one or two people?
  4. sovereignsteve

    Ford Escort made from silver, gold and jewels

    I can understand that but the mk 1 is very collectable these days.
  5. sovereignsteve

    Ford Escort made from silver, gold and jewels

    should have done the mk 1 instead
  6. sovereignsteve

    Chemical Chart

    I came across a more comprehensive version of this about 25 years ago from somewhere concerned with work. I got into trouble when I shared it, and that was well before today's ultra PC workplaces! Gave me a good laugh though, even the wife thought it was funny.
  7. sovereignsteve

    Most consumer safes are garbage and can be opened in seconds

    i'm sure if you found a local locksmith they would almost certainly deal in and fit safes. they would move it for you and nail it to the floor as well if you wanted. it would cost you say £50 - 100 but for a nice secure safe for your PMs, bargain.
  8. sovereignsteve

    withdrawn 2017 Proof Britannia PCGS PF69DCAM

    strong bump
  9. sovereignsteve

    For Panda Lovers

    yes but there are only 2000 of them
  10. sovereignsteve

    Naughty boy

    Ah the great Randy Rhoads, that must have been recorded just before he was killed.
  11. sovereignsteve

    1825 shield

    No I wasn't. The original photos did not look like it had been cleaned to me although the odd new photo does seem to show a more shiny coin. I cannot comment on this aspect without the coin in hand. It was an unfortunate choice of words on my part, I must be more careful! I merely meant it looked like a coin without obvious problems.
  12. sovereignsteve

    Golden wedding in 2020

    have a word with the Royal Mint, I'm sure they'll do a special low mintage SOTD sovereign/piedfort/double or quintuple issue for the occasion, if you ask them nicely.
  13. sovereignsteve

    1825 shield

    some better photos showing some wear. don't think there's any chance of it achieving better than 58 but I would guess nearer 55. you never know though, they tend to be more lenient with the older Georges
  14. sovereignsteve

    1825 shield

    I honestly don't think the photos are clear enough to judge the details properly. It's looks like a nice clean coin though.
  15. sovereignsteve

    Ebay returns, do I trust him?

    +1 but if you wanted to "appear" to be helping him save the high return cost, ask him to refund first. test his sincerity