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  1. sovereignsteve

    Home bars

    I'm not surprised with a bar like that and Chelsea equalising in the 96th minute!
  2. sovereignsteve

    PMV, XRF + other PM testing machines

    I disagree. The measurement of electrical resistivity is very precise. That of copper is a world away from gold and sufficiently different from silver to be useful.
  3. sovereignsteve

    🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅

    I would have to but I'd be driving. Yes indeed, I think it was a football net for the garden and a Real Madrid shirt last year as he already had a Man U one.
  4. sovereignsteve

    🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅

    yes but I've only got sovereigns to offer!!
  5. sovereignsteve

    🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅

    I'm considering going in for this xmas draw just for the chance to win this! even though I'm usually a miserable b*stard when it comes to xmas. Actually isn't xmas banned and aren't we supposed to call it happy holiday these days!!! my 10 year old grandson is a fanatic utd fan but I think the champagne and bar would be wasted!
  6. sovereignsteve

    Goldsilver.be refuse to send my order?

    Because that would be too difficult and involve effort and possible expense. Because that would be too reasonable and this guy is clearly not that. This is probably the way he works whenever anyone cancels an order; waiting for that naïve person to fall into the trap and place another order. This way he thinks he has them by the short and curlies; you can just picture the grin on his face as he was typing the replies to the OP.
  7. sovereignsteve

    NGC Registry set

    I had assumed the coins you have in your registry set were ones you had graded yourself but reading your reply, it suggests you have some in there you have bought from elsewhere?
  8. sovereignsteve

    1913 Ottawa Mint update

    It looks a lot better from the PCGS photos It's amazing how different the ear looks. The original photo looks fine must just be the plastic effect.
  9. sovereignsteve

    Queen's Beasts Silver 1 oz Proofs

    Thanks. Well I have 4 of them, I think it's the unicorn I'm missing. Added 0 minutes later... shame, no unicorn
  10. probably true! but aren't you impressed with my knowledge of Twitter terms? have absolutely no idea what it means though
  11. sovereignsteve

    Queen's Beasts Silver 1 oz Proofs

    I've lost track of which of these have been released so far. Anyone help? Thanks
  12. how on earth did you find that? do you follow the Phillypolice?
  13. sovereignsteve


    as much as i can carry!
  14. I did find one that scanned every 5 minutes at best but that wasn't quick enough for a certain bullion site Can't remember what it was called, I'll have a look. Stopped using it as I wasn't around my computer enough during the day. I think one or two on here had better apps or browser plugins/addons. They may not tell you though
  15. sovereignsteve

    Silver Deals.....

    £12.44 an oz. Is that good for a bar? 11% over spot.