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  1. i did think think about joining the tories to get a vote, especially in deselecting my mp but he's been a very good boy recently.
  2. sorry for the language, just couldn't resist it
  3. Just shows you the force is powerful, saw this yesterday
  4. I don't have a problem with thses VIPs, not jealous; if they spend all this money with the Mint they deserve it.
  5. there are a number of RM VIPs on this forum continually selling modern RM coins. It is noticeable they have been absent from this conversation.😊
  6. I'm more interested how long they've had it and how much they paif for it. Doubtful it's come out of their archives, it's very worn.
  7. some people are special, RM VIP status if they spend a bundle per year. They get an account manager and special service @fehk2001
  8. sorry, just doing my best to be PC and not make assumptions. I have to be careful as I'm a white caucasian male!😂
  9. anyway, chill, it's only a coin and these dealers will hopefull get their karma at some point
  10. definitely no comment as I'll get admonished by sir!
  11. why would the mint feel the need to issue these to dealers at wholesale prices when they can sell them all at retail?