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  1. Not a problem, I'll argue the toss with anyone😎
  2. True though. You don't seriously think a second referendum would be fought fairly by the establishment? In what way is it tribalistic? it is a personal view.
  3. It would have to be of the single transferable vote system or something similar, so that the final verdict would need over 50% of votes cast. The trouble with something so complicated though is that too many remainers wouldn't be able to understand the intricacies of the system😂
  4. I would welcome a referendum on what kind of Brexit we want. The trouble is all the remoaners would want Remain on the ballot paper and if that were the case, we would see a seriously corrupt Remain campaign this time with a rigged result.
  5. this is a problem that worried me right at the start of the brexit process; the fact that our politicians are actually incapable of governing the country without the help of the EU bureaucratic machinery. This has become self-evident now. We have a bunch of MPs that are both corrupt and incompetent.
  6. trouble is, these days, you end up with more of the same.
  7. It'll certainly be an interesting debate though.
  8. It won't happen, all the MPs will wet themselves and Fuhrer Bercow will allow them a vote to revoke article 50
  9. yes and it's made me a lot of money😉
  10. Other than being rare and expensive, the coin doesn't do it for me😃
  11. https://www.coingallery.co.uk/deep-coin-capsule-for-2oz-ounce-silver-beasts-bullion-fits-silver-beast-5819-p.asp but you need to buy 60 to get them for 40p each
  12. Not being funny, but I think if I was interested in acquiring something like this, I would make sure I knew all about it first, without thinking about asking a question on a silver forum😉
  13. OK will do. The last time it happened, I did note it and @HelpingHands changed it for me.