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  1. George Orwell, 1984 Night all. I think the OP's original quote came from a sales thread for this type of coin.
  2. Of course, I would agree wholeheartedly.
  3. Ha ha indeed. It is a modern coin and NGC after all!😉 As an aside, I have never thought that blocking other members on this forum is such a good idea; you never know when you might learn something🙄
  4. Bravo, I wish I could, and why do you look like my dad?😉
  5. ha ha very funny. that's taken from the youtube vid from 1976 that @Roy found. you can't do anything anonymously even in those days😂 you should know they didn't have fancy stuff like built in webcams in those days, well not on PCs anyway. I still have a toshiba laptop from 2008 that still runs win7 just fine. that does have a webcam but i don't know if it ever worked, never tried it.
  6. I still have a Dell Dimension from early 2006 I think it was. Still works fine but not for modern intensive tasks, runs Win 7 a dream. the wife still uses it for basic word processing and general surfing type work. Ram as much memory into it as you're able and it'll run windows just fine.
  7. Not sure what Freud would have made of that, but I can guess😂
  8. sovereignsteve


    The helmet streamer was on the original Pistrucci G&D engraving of 1817 but was omitted for the next series, the George IV Laureate head starting in 1821. I've no idea why the change; perhaps the engraver forgot it and his boss simply liked it. The next G&D design didn't appear until the Q. Vic YH sovereigns, without the streamer. However they re-introduced it for the Q. Vic Jubilee head and it continued until the QE2 fourth bust sovereigns starting 2009 and has been absent ever since. Essentially I haven't a clue why they kept changing this aspect buy hey, it's the Royal Mint we're talking about here!😜 The first time a G&D reverse appeared on a half sovereign was for the Q. Vic veiled head series, with the streamer. It was present on all half sovereigns from then until the same fourth bust series starting 2009
  9. If you need more RAM you should be able to find some secondhand for literally peanuts or free. I'm sure I'll have some old sticks kicking around somewhere.
  10. Anyway, don't take notice of everything @fehk2001 says😂
  11. You may be right, I've been collecting sovereigns since the first one in 1817! well it sometimes seems like that😳
  12. I've never used the tin foil bicarb method of tarnish removal but I would be interested to see any difference between this method and the traditional silver dip. You say the bicarb method saves the silver in the silver sulphide back to the coin surface whereas I believe thiourea/acid dips such as EZdip and Goddards simply dissolve away the sulphide. It's easy to see how dipping can adversely affect the surface of the silver but also the depositing of the silver from silver sulphide could also dull the coin surface during the tin foil/bicarbonate reaction.
  13. Totally incorrect I'm afraid. Bicarbonate of Soda (sodium bicarbonate) is a weak base (alkali) and therefore is not acidic. Baking powder is a mixture of sodium bicarbonate and tartaric acid, inert in the dry form but when water is added, the acid reacts with the bicarbonate to produce CO2 gas. This helps raise cake mixtures on baking.