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  1. Are you sure it's actually the coin owner selling? Could easily be a bereavement beneficiary. Many of these just want the money as quickly and easily as possible.
  2. Yes. Ive lost count of the number of times I've seen bullion sovs sell at auction exactly as you say; substantially above HGM selling price once you add in buyers commission. If business owners, I can see they can mitigate any vat on buying costs but maybe all those costs can be reduced in some way through their accounts? Otherwise they could buy cheaper elsewhere. Private buyers of them miscalculate and pay too much.
  3. for someone who wants to sell a large number quickly and with no effort, it would work. usually the route used by beneficiaries of a deceased's estate.
  4. yes, agreed. selling bullion by traditional auction is crazy
  5. hammer or total cost? In my experience, bullion sovereigns always sell for well above spot when you add buyers costs.
  6. They won't be buying them unless they have customers ready to sell to. They may keep the odd one in hand. I know of dealers who have sourced dozens of these coins to order. This demand is unlikely to last forever, how long is anyone's guess.
  7. 5oz silver with gilding? Only one of the bunch worth looking at imo, the gold highlights actually work. edit: ah that's the one ounce, nice but high mintage and price.
  8. I don't think they'll need any direction from us. They'll be fully aware of how much the Unas are selling for and will be planning their next marketing as we speak!
  9. always for the individual to decide, dependant on the gambler in you. I always compare these matters to trading shares etc, you can never sell at the top, always leave some profit in there for the buyer. The price of anything can, and often does, go down faster than it goes up!
  10. @Paul "The current restrike sales prices are similar to what you would have been paying for an original Una & Lion 10 -15 years back £15,000-£20,000" Sorry but in no way can you compare this poor copy to the original.
  11. Oh did he get banned, I didn't know. Now you mention it I haven't seen any of his many sales posts for a while. There was a lot of talk of him shilling eBay sales.
  12. I would sell and take advantage on the current price surge. I doubt the current price will hold for much longer. It may rise a little short term but equally could drop off the cliff and not recover for many years. These things always a gamble.