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  1. Yes we were lucky, the guys tried to lose it but came good right at the end.
  2. sovereignsteve


    sometimes these issues are possible to repair by a very good jeweller but even though they can pass casual inspection, it wouldn't fool a 3rd party grader.
  3. As far as i understand it, the 2 oz proofs were originally only issued in the 3 coin sets, mintage 1000 although the early years didn't sell out, making the mouse and ox fairly rare, mintages 366, 340. the mint then issued another maximum of 1000 in a boxed set, starting with the first 7 coins. The rest were exclusively distributed by a German dealer upon issue. They are all shown on the Perth Mint numismatic mintage lists as maximum 2000. 1000 in 3 coin set and 1000 in the boxed year set. I think your misconception is because the boxed set was issued with only the first 7 coins and the rest issued yearly after that. This is how i understand it but I may be mistaken, an expert such as @motorbikez will be able to clarity the situation.
  4. Please, not another 12 years of sets to collect😖
  5. just to make a toga?😁
  6. no idea but i did cringe when i thought he was going to let go of the stick when the guy was stood on it.
  7. Didn't they have slaves in Roman times😉
  8. There are only 1000 of these proofs not in 3 coin sets and really are stunning coins. If you haven't got any you really are missing out, sure to be popular long term.
  9. A bit too much but they are a top coin retailer. You can get one cheaper. That amount should get you a PCGS graded pr70 with a bit of change.
  10. Hello Jester, welcome back, long time. Not literally I hope.
  11. what's with the rash of quarter "sovereigns" being issued lately?
  12. not heard of anything. wouldn't be surprised if this series hit the dust; i think they changed mints for the last issue and there doesn't seem to be any enthusiasm coming from them now. Added 0 minutes later... I have seen lots of silver coins develop toning around the edge when placed in these foam insert caps.
  13. Yes I know what it's about but thank you for saying a couple of sentences what it took him 30 minutes to impart. What an awful presenter, that's 30 minutes of my life I'll never get back😭
  14. who is that joker? talk about going round the houses and confusing a simple issue