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  1. I think we can assume where the guide will suggest we buy from😁
  2. More likely just maximising profit as they think more people will be sat at home with nothing better to do than buy and sell on eBay.
  3. I'm betting that 2022 will see a special design reverse for the jubilee along with a SOTD, piedfort etc. Who knows what anniversary they'll dream up for the rest of this year and 2021 for SOTD ? There's bound to be a royal family birthday in there somewhere.
  4. Don't worry people, internet is going down for 3 days and all the bad guys are going to be arrested in this window.
  5. I don't think this applies to any of the post offices, counters, convenience stores etc. Specifically the sorting depots with a customer service point. Think the place you go when you need to pick up an undelivered item.
  6. yes but it's a bit awkward when you're on your own😁
  7. I couldn't manage a cut throat, I manage to cut myself with a 5 blade Gillette! and I certainly wouldn't trust anyone else to wield one near my throat. I find I can get well over a month out of a Gillette Fusion blade, the secret is rinsing it well and drying it by wacking it on a folded towel followed by a good blow.
  8. I wet shave every day, I just don't feel right without it. Actually I have the odd day when I can't be bothered or don't have time before I shower but it drives me mad for the rest of the day. I did grow a beard once 35 years ago, started in October and all was well over winter but as soon as the warmer weather came in about March/April, it drove me mad and off it had to come. The wife doesn't like a rough, spiky feel to my mouth/chin either😉
  9. but did you offer him the chance? just because he is a dealer, it doesn't mean to say he is drowning in money. there are many one man dealers in Germany who will probably make a meagre profit.
  10. My thoughts exactly, I was just about to add that!
  11. The question is are you happy to go down the route of what many people would call dishonesty?
  12. General question. A while ago, there was an extra prize added to the premium member's prize in the event that a Gold member won the monthly draw. These extra coins rolled over and I remember at one stage the prize pot was quite substantial. Did any gold member ever win this mega prize, I don't remember seeing it?
  13. Sovereigns are generally the answer to every question Me, just now 😀
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