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  1. Thank you BYB. Ill echo those sentiments if I may. Enjoy.
  2. Partners Café , Arundel, West Sussex. Never had a better one in my life and im 58 and ive had a few in my time. Fried bread to die for. And I probably will .
  3. Well found sir. I likes me a 50p or several
  4. That was an interesting listen - thanks for posting the link
  5. Had a letter from Westminster coins/Change checker stating any new release BU 50p coins will be going up to £4.99 ea from £3.99 ea. Wish my salary would go up by 25% .
  6. It is strange though how the papers and the police have gone deathly quiet on this subject. Just been up round the airport as I live close to it and lots of police around still. More than usual.
  7. That Berserker is stunning. Just had a look at the website. Some great pieces on there. Thanks for highlighting it and sorting the discount .
  8. Mark43

    F35 Lightning £2 Gold

    Hells teeth man there is only one that counts - EE all the way
  9. Mark43

    F35 Lightning £2 Gold

    Its a shame they didn't do the original Lightning as well