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  1. Mark43


    Well done sir
  2. Mark43

    Today I Received

    I rather like the look of those
  3. Mark43

    Age of a stacker

    75 in 18 years time
  4. Mark43

    Another Another Perth Mint Coin

    That's what I thought but mine from GSBE didn't
  5. Mark43

    Another Another Perth Mint Coin

    Just resurrecting this thread re the 2 oz next generation HR Koala's and Fehk's question re capsules. Does anybody know what size and where to get them please
  6. Mark43

    Loosing the belly

    Well done and I hope you persevere and do well. Same as you really I lost 3 stone spinning and cycling and was fairly fit then gradually put 4 on over a few years. I was going to try that High impact interval training out then my right knee started hurting so waiting for hospital appointment to see what it is before I go putting strain on it. Oh well. Fat for a few more months
  7. My current tariff is just coming to an end and of the three new ones I can have two have stated you have to have a smart meter installed and obviously the one that doesn't is the most expensive.I don't really want one tbh. Time to look for a new supplier.
  8. Mark43


    My collection of 50 pence's are starting to grow. I have a lot of BUNC but mostly circulated. Do you guys clean yours if dirty and if so how …………. vinegar, coke, water and soft brush ?
  9. Mark43

    New Coin from Scottsdale - Sea Horse

    £15.94 at GSBE
  10. Mark43

    New Coin from Scottsdale - Sea Horse

    If its a reasonable price ill get one
  11. Mark43


    So I asked for my 6 orders I had on hold to be sent to me on the 1st June. By the 9th of June having not received anything I emailed them to ask about it as I could see it had been in BPOST for a few days. Christine replied and said they would contact the delivery company today (11th June ) On the 13th June having heard nothing I emailed Christine again for an update. She replied that she had contacted the company and they had started a special track of the parcel which could last several days. On the 21st of June I was starting to fret a bit as I had heard nothing. I toned up the email a bit with my concerns that it was 8 days since my last email and still nothing. To be fair Christine's responses were always polite and she told me that GSBE would be responsible and I would either get my coins or a full refund. She also said it could take 3 weeks for the special track - something I reminded her she hadn't mentioned before. She sent me a non receipt declaration which I filled in and sent back then I had to provide photo copy id of my driving license...……...not sure why. This I couldn't send until Tuesday just gone as I went away on holiday on the 27th. As it stands today im still waiting to hear back since sending that. Im a little bit concerned mostly because ive had to do all the chasing and never received an update email unsolicited. As I said Christine has been very nice and understanding but seeing some of the stuff you guys have had to deal with I don't want to rock the boat too much. Its only worth 1100 euros but a lot to me obviously. Not sure what to do now - its been 5 weeks.
  12. Mark43

    Error Message

    Totally. Took me 10 minutes to get on earlier. Still playing up when switching between individual forums.