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  1. Mark43

    New Coin from Scottsdale - Sea Horse

    £15.94 at GSBE
  2. Mark43

    New Coin from Scottsdale - Sea Horse

    If its a reasonable price ill get one
  3. Mark43


    So I asked for my 6 orders I had on hold to be sent to me on the 1st June. By the 9th of June having not received anything I emailed them to ask about it as I could see it had been in BPOST for a few days. Christine replied and said they would contact the delivery company today (11th June ) On the 13th June having heard nothing I emailed Christine again for an update. She replied that she had contacted the company and they had started a special track of the parcel which could last several days. On the 21st of June I was starting to fret a bit as I had heard nothing. I toned up the email a bit with my concerns that it was 8 days since my last email and still nothing. To be fair Christine's responses were always polite and she told me that GSBE would be responsible and I would either get my coins or a full refund. She also said it could take 3 weeks for the special track - something I reminded her she hadn't mentioned before. She sent me a non receipt declaration which I filled in and sent back then I had to provide photo copy id of my driving license...……...not sure why. This I couldn't send until Tuesday just gone as I went away on holiday on the 27th. As it stands today im still waiting to hear back since sending that. Im a little bit concerned mostly because ive had to do all the chasing and never received an update email unsolicited. As I said Christine has been very nice and understanding but seeing some of the stuff you guys have had to deal with I don't want to rock the boat too much. Its only worth 1100 euros but a lot to me obviously. Not sure what to do now - its been 5 weeks.
  4. Mark43

    Error Message

    Totally. Took me 10 minutes to get on earlier. Still playing up when switching between individual forums.
  5. Mark43

    Khnum, the Latest in the Egyptian Gods Series...

    Excellent. Love this series
  6. Mark43


    Speak to Christine. She's really nice. And very good English.
  7. Mark43

    How much should you pay for Sovereigns?

    Mmmmmm silver sovereigns
  8. Mark43

    hands up those without tv

    I love TV but don't watch as much as I used to. For every rubbish programme eg Big Brother there is a cracking documentary or series to watch eg The Blue Planet. I tend to be selective nowadays in what I watch and try and pick out the cream and I think British TV does have a lot of cream. I think a lot of our programmes, dramas and documentaries are the best in the world.
  9. Mark43

    2018 St Helena - Spade Guinea

    So nice I'm ordering 5
  10. Mark43

    completed 100 gram Umicore silver bars

    Any left sir or did tazfaa take them all ?
  11. Mark43

    £1,000 to spend.

    BBP have some @ £1019
  12. http://www.detailingworld.co.uk/forum/index.php Great forum that I frequent.