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  1. I'm after three Royal Mint half sovereign boxes or one box for all three. The sovereigns are dated 1980s Thanks
  2. I have had my first junk mail from H&B. No doubt a lot of have received the same letter or there is one on its way. In the 🗑️ it goes.
  3. In the post today I had the Britannia 2005 and 2010 four coin silver proof sets.
  4. A purchase is made for proof coin gold or silver from the Royal Mint to have it graded. As we know these coins come with a significant premium, which you can understand for the woke that goes into the coin to get it to that standard has a proof coin. Its a thing of beauty. So the coin goes off to be graded buy PCGS/NGC. On the coins return it has been given a PR69 or even PR68 and not the PR70 we wish for. Should you have the option to return it back to the mint has it is not flawless. There is not a standard for proof its the best the mint does. Would a MS70 or MS70 first strike get a better return for you money than a PR69 or PR68. After paying that premium?
  5. Wolves

    Where should I start?

    You will make a mistake or two a long the way has we all have done. But if your not to sure which way to go there will be may happy to help.
  6. Wolves

    Where should I start?

    As Xander as pointed out Atkinson are good. Four preowned sovereigns £959.32 at the time of the post. https://atkinsonsbullion.com/pre-owned/gold/pre-owned-gold-coins/pre-owned-uk-full-gold-sovereign-mixed-dates
  7. Have you seen the 1 oz Germania "Space Blue" Silver Coin (2019) the Germania Mint have taken coloured coins on to a new level. https://www.coininvest.com/en/silver-coins/germania/1-oz-germania-space-blue-silver-coin-2019/#
  8. Gold will always be number one for me. I just think it has more going for it than silver. Last week I did buy a silver Britannia.
  9. That looks like a good start 👍
  10. The 1oz proof from Pobjoy Mint it a nice coin. 2017, the 1839 Una and the lion was sold for £125,000. Thats why I have a silver one.
  11. Hello, and welcome to The Silver Forum.
  12. This may be a good place to look http://customs.hmrc.gov.uk/channelsPortalWebApp/channelsPortalWebApp.portal?_nfpb=true&_pageLabel=pageVAT_ShowContent&id=HMCE_CL_000104&propertyType=document
  13. There has been a few comments on my first post sovereigns from Harrington & Byrne. 17/04. Thats why Iv put this poll up. Happy voting Thanks ☺️