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  1. No this is an awful listing. If its plated then its not 31.1035 grams of .999 fine Silver. Its XXX of fine silver and XXX of what ever is under it. If he knows they are plated it should clearly say so. This guy should be reported.
  2. klacey

    Air tites

    Sure do thanks Danny. I don't really sell them on website just yet. Its mainly to you guys on the forum.
  3. Hi yeah still here buddy, I will be looking to do more sales but I have a lot of stock to clear to raise funds. I don't like holding on to many. I will probably do a new listing on stock I wish to part with soon. I will respond to your message now Craig mate.
  4. Still you found it and posted it mate. So thank you sir. lol
  5. This is some awesome work Dan, thanks for sharing bud.
  6. I will be ordering these soon for those interested. PM me if interested so I can get numbers. Danny-boy already reserved you one. Lol
  7. Sorry to hear of the lose mate. I get this a lot due to working for a big company, its never nice finding out.
  8. Just took delivery of my silver from STG, delighted with the service and turn around. Thank you everyone at STG.
  9. I cant see it going to £10/oz, I think it may go as low as £10.50. But this is nuts as it is, so anything can happen I guess. I predict it will hit £20/oz sometime in the next year. (wishful thinking)
  10. I'm expecting a delivery today, must admit they are usually very good.
  11. UPS are not the best thats for sure. Waiting for silver to arrive is the worst thing with this investment and some delivery firms do not help keeping you calm. But that said, they are not bad here either.
  12. Humans will always want more, greed is a very big part of all of us. If we every get to reach a goal, we will not stop but make another one, its what makes us great and awful at the same time.
  13. I think if this is to happen they will lose a fair few customers, specially those that only buy in small amounts.
  14. For me it would be about 50-100k which I would invest in trying to build my silver empire. One day I hope to be in a position that I need to employ people to keep up with demand, then I will know Im doing good.