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  1. Saturday morning bump, still open to offers 👍
  2. Hi all, just continuing to tidy my stack a bit...prices plus postage, payment by PayPal f&f or g&s is +4%... 2 x 1 oz Golden State Mint Incuse Indian rounds 16.50 each in capsules 1 x Sunshine Mint 1oz round in Atkinson flip £17 I also have 10 x 1oz prospector bars, looking for £17.80 each, would prefer to sell the lot together or a few at a time. In no rush to move these really. Like I say, plus postage.
  3. Evening, I’ve got.... 1 oz OPM 1oz 79th Element bar 6 x 1oz MS mint 2oz skull 2oz YPS Indian round 20g degussa loaf bar I’ll do the 1oz bars for 17 each, or 16.50 if you buy more than one. Plus postage of course. the 2oz bits are £36 each now too. Plus the degussa bar I’ll let go for 15 Ta, Ben
  4. Any more interest before the dreaded eBay?
  5. Morning all, just freeing up some storage space with a few bits that don’t suit my stack. Prices are negotiable within reason, postage not included, but it’ll be standard postage prices, £2.20 for 1-2oz, £3.50 for 3-5oz or it’s negotiable if you want more than one item anyway. PayPal f&f or goods and services will be 4%+20p extra. 2oz YPS Indian round £37 2oz Silver Stan hand poured skull (very cool!) £36 50g YPS Plata Meurta £35 20g degussa loaf bar £17 1oz 1981 A-Mark bar. Pretty rare £18 1oz OPM bar in mint packaging £17 1oz Apmex eagle bar in packaging £17 1oz 79th element bar in capsule £17 7 x 1oz MS mint bars. Various designs, London, Stonehenge, Robin Hood etc, plus mint designs £17 each or willing to do a good deal on the lot. (Stonehenge & 1 Uncja sold) Any questions then please ask. Thanks very much, Ben
  6. NorthBen

    London mint office quarter sovereign- value?

    Top tip 👍
  7. NorthBen

    London mint office quarter sovereign- value?

    BYB, is there a good link for all carat gold prices? Just struggling to find an actual spot for 22ct. Sorry if this is an obvious question!
  8. NorthBen

    London mint office quarter sovereign- value?

    Totally agreed but he has the coin in hand. So it won’t be through the LMO. Just tempting for 60 quid, but I’m just not sure it’d ever make its money back...
  9. NorthBen

    London mint office quarter sovereign- value?

    So £60 is a bit steep then....shame, as it’s quite a nice looking coin
  10. NorthBen

    London mint office quarter sovereign- value?

    Doesn’t seem that many people are! Thanks for the feedback, that’s kind of what I’m thinking.
  11. Hi all, ive been offered a 2017 London mint office quarter sov, just wondering what a good price might be? I understand London mint office stuff is less desirable and in demand? any input would welcome... Thanks, NB
  12. NorthBen

    Today I bought.....

    Just a little bit of silver...
  13. NorthBen

    Silver Stacking Regrets

    Very true words!
  14. Hi all, looking in to buying a relatively small fireproof safe for my small but perfectly formed stack, plus important paper work. As you’d expect there’s a million options and reviews, but just wondering what my fellow PM collectors favour? Any particular brand to try/avoid? Ta, NB