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  1. Cacc

    1913-C gold sovereign

    There is a weekly Canadian coin news magazine, simply called Canadian Coin News, that publishes the current trends for every Canadian coin instead of just the "market value". This is what they are saying about the Canadian Sovereign coins in Canadian dollars. According to the latest, in AU58 it is trending at about $32,000 CAD -- just above 20,000 Euro as @SVcollector said.
  2. Cacc

    New from Canada

    Welcome! I am in Toronto, but my favourite place to buy from is SilverGoldBull.ca which has free shipping over $500. I have also had good experiences with CanadianPMX and TorontoGoldBullion. As far as buyback goes, I have seen that too. Makes me hope there is a big increase by the time I am ready to sell. If you are just trying to sell bullion, you have to be ready to be hosed a little bit. If you are selling coins, you are best to hit eBay or some other private sale as you will get bottom dollar from any of the store...especially Oliver Jewellery. Like you, I also only buy from [trusted] retailers. There is so much fake stuff in the market right now that it is sometimes worth it to pay an extra percent or two just for the peace of mind that what you are buying is legit. There has been more and more fake gold and silver coming from China than ever before. Pre-packaged bars are always the biggest culprits because it is assumed that you won't open up the package to test it; their hope is that you will assume it is real and just throw it in a safe and they can disappear with your money...or have you coming back for more fake product.
  3. Cacc

    1913-C gold sovereign

    That is one tempting eBay auction! It is way out of my budget for a single coin...but what are the odds of another one being on the market? Hmm... Meanwhile, PCGS has a pop report of 29 and NGC has 12. Some might be attempted regrades, but that is still above the "about 20 known" so it is possible that more might hit the market...
  4. Cacc

    Multitude of Fakes! Beware this Ebay seller!

    Love how they did a closeup of the MOM 22 in the listing as if that shows that it is more authentic.
  5. Cacc

    Old or Gold?

    The larger portion of my coins being Canadian and Great Britain has made me hate collecting certain countries. I do have a rather large collection of US coins, being my neighbour to the south, but having so many mints really is killer. Other than Canadian, main parts of my collection are US and German which are just frustrating with so many mints for each year. I am used to one per year with maybe a variety, but the US has 3 for most years and Germany has 6 for most years. That just takes up that much more space in the binders. I understand your distaste for collecting them. For silver value, amazing. For numismatic value, just annoying! That is just my two cents...speaking of which, then you need the two cents and three cents that only existed for a few years...
  6. Cacc

    New to TSF

    Welcome! Are you stacking the matching gold Queen's Beasts as well or just sticking to the silver?
  7. Cacc

    Old or Gold?

    Eventually your collection of modern coins will become a collection of very old coins! Really though, it tends to be higher end collections that are old or gold. Those two are the more valuable pieces because of age and spot value respectively. A normal coin collection CAN contain either or both of those, but by no means necessary. I am semi-young (depending on point of view of people in their 30s) from Canada and my Canadian coin collection contains old and gold, but also almost every decimal circulated coin up to 2017. When I want to "wow" people, as coin collecting is not exactly a "cool" thing to do, it is the old and gold that are shown...but that is just one very small part of my numismatic collection. My world collection does date back to the 1600s Germany and Russia and 1800 year old Roman coins, but just like the Canadian coins, that makes up a very small portion of my collection compared to what I call modern issues -- to me that is anything newer than 1953. I even classify them by who was in power at the time (in my world at least); Victoria and before is old, Edward VII to George VI is the sweet spot, Elizabeth II is modern. Modern I would say is easier to find coins in better condition and for a lot less money to buy the money. As you get more money to "invest", that is when someone who likes the complete their collection will start adding the more glamorous old and gold.
  8. We lost the penny in Canada in 2012, but things are still priced as if the penny was still there. If paying by credit/debit, then you pay the exact amount. If paying by cash then it is rounded to the closest 0c/5c.
  9. Cacc

    Future of Krugerrands

    Gold will always be worth gold, doesn't matter where it is from. If anything were to happen to slow down mining or minting, that would actually increase the premium due to a lower mintage but would still be valued at gold value. This is of course putting a financial gain on the deaths or hardships of people...but there is always someone that benefits from someone else's misfortune...
  10. Local coins always tend to carry the least premium, so those are always the best to invest in. If you are worried about the "possibility of short term gains" then precious metals are not the best investment. It tends to be more of a hedge against inflation more than an investment with big returns.
  11. Cacc

    Vintage Silver

    The site I use for information on Australian, New Zealand, and UK coins is https://www.allcoinvalues.com. They have some good technical details and photos with a touch of history as well. I don't know how reliable or up to date the prices are, but they are there too. It is a work in progress it seems, but has been a great resource for older varieties.
  12. Cacc

    Price difference between Krause and NGC

    I could be/probably am wrong but I thought the NGC pricing shows is trending value more so than book value. Those are very different numbers; the value and how much people are actually willing to pay. Also the 5th edition is very out of date for 1801-1900, so the pricing will be off by quite a bit. I have the 8th edition and it is from 2015.
  13. Seems the only way with your numbers to turn a profit is to make the listing for multiple pieces. Delivery fee is the killer as that is more than half of what could be profit, but if you sell in a lot of two then you are in the black by a few squiggly L's. Get someone to buy 10 in one go and you are laughing.
  14. Cacc


    They are one of the main dealers that I buy from in Canada. Great sales, great shipping, great service. I don't know how they are elsewhere, but as a company they have been great.
  15. Cacc

    1913-C gold sovereign

    It seems like it is only every other year that Krause prints Canadian Sovereigns in their catalogs. The one above is from 2015 (42nd edition). Finally got my hands on the 2017 (44th edition) and so these are the most recent numbers in a Krause Standard Catalog of World Coins 1901-2000 until 2019 comes around.