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  1. I have to agree. This is my latest efforts. a 100g pretanike round. for this I had to machine up a collar that the round sits in during pressing so it didn't deform.. 2 months went into working this one out.. i am of course an enthusiast not a pro though.
  2. I like the old hammered style too and did a simple one sided medieval round last year. It is definitely much cheaper and easier. as long as the round is Poured very even and plain it's very much like you describe byb.
  3. A silver forum bullion coin would be very cool if the economics worked. due to the costs involved I had to build my own 20tonne press and dies. I certainly haven't mastered the process yet but for the kind of pours I do it's working out ok. dies are ridiculously expensive and take several weeks to produce. The quality of the strike is also dependent on the design too. A proof finish would be near on impossible without a professional 100tonne plus press. perhaps a large stamp could be produced and used as a die? Byb has an awesome stamp manufacturer.
  4. Hi, the plan at the moment is to keep the series as a micro mintage. I'm more focused on the creative process than mass production so I don't think I'll make more than 100 of each design. thanks for the interest & really glad you like them FM. http://fossilmetals.co.uk
  5. Hey all, I've finally got myself registered and just a quickie to say hi. A little taken back by how much info and topics there are so I sure have a lot to read up on.. take it easy fossil