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  1. SilverTanner

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    That is a great grade dor gunmoney - congratulations.
  2. SilverTanner


    Our neighbours never used to cut their lawn, had it re-turfed every 6 weeks. Maybe it became too much after 10 years as they have now moved!
  3. SilverTanner

    Today I Received

    Not even remotely, plenty of dead flies, bugs, snails and a cat who decides the windowsill is hers!
  4. SilverTanner

    Today I Received

    Mine flower every year!
  5. SilverTanner

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    NGC tends to put the obverse on the front which is really annoying as the differences between denominations tends to be the reverse!
  6. SilverTanner

    completed Retirement age - Plan B

    Similar thoughts to others - retirement in my field is just being able to pick and choose which bits you are going to do, no rubbish/unnessary admin etc Usually people I work with only actually retire through ill heath or carried out in a box - I have many colleagues in their 70's and 80's. I think it is going to come as a shock as most people my age or a bit older are now planning on leaving as soon as they can! Over the years I have come to agree that 'retiring' earlier is much better whilst you are able to still do things. My current Plan A is:- 67/68 - state pension (if still there) and work pension 65 - work pension (although it is supposed to be state pension age and not before but the paperwork was written when the state pension age was 65 and it still is at the moment) 62 - SIPP to cover 62 until 65/67. Plan B: 60 - depending on returns in the SIPP and other investments and how cheaply we can live!! (and work pension from 65) Plan C: TODAY - big lottery win
  7. SilverTanner

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Die polish lines vs surface hairlines?
  8. SilverTanner

    Today I bought.....

    At the DNW auction yesterday - a tiny 1.69g bit of very low grade silver. Hopefully get a full Fine grade so it will be going to @Numistacker
  9. Thankyou - the $1 start is fine for below $500 as long as we would be able to submit coins. I didn't get any of the 3 lots I was after at the Heritage World Coins last night☹️ - all of which were below the $500 value - surprising number of live bidders for them! I could find and buy 3-5 raw coins of each and get them graded for what they went for so I may have to do that and hope for a MS65! Having seen the list of coins at their main September auction I could do with saving the money anyway😉
  10. Great idea, just wondered why the minimum is $500 per item as there are loads of lots at Heritage below this, particularly for the world coins?? It has been the total of $5000 per submission which has stopped me selling things via Heritage which is a shame as the vendors fee is much lower than most places. They did agree to keep sales proceeds in my Heritage account saving me transfer fees as I buy quite a few things!
  11. SilverTanner


    Netsuke - sold the lot (modern ones) but would like to start again with the very early ones. Same prices as coins though🙁 so coins are winning at the moment😀
  12. SilverTanner

    Today I Received

    Have them delivered to work!
  13. SilverTanner

    What was Your First Coin?

    A bullion sovereign for about £35 - showing my age😄
  14. SilverTanner

    CGS to NGC crossover - bad idea :(

    I've crossed some CGS/LCGS although these were 85/88 and came back as 65 or 66 although a single 85 came back as 63+ which was was a little surprise compared to the others. All my PCGS have so far crossed at the same grade although this doesn't always happen!
  15. SilverTanner

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Fantastic results