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  1. For older British coins the book by Derek Allen is useful 'The Standard Guide to Grading British Coins: Modern Milled British Pre-Decimal Issues (1797 to 1970)' it uses the British system and the equivalent of MS65/66 is likely to be the top though😄 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Standard-Guide-Grading-British-Coins/dp/0948964561/ref=sr_1_1?crid=1W85UME595C89&keywords=grading+british+coins&qid=1582528017&sprefix=british+coin+grading%2Caps%2C164&sr=8-1
  2. I just wondered whether anyone from the UK has ordered things, such as coin cases etc, direct from Abafil in Italy and what your experience was? Their website is Abafil.com, thankyou!
  3. Welcome from Northumberland!
  4. Not strictly LMU but another Napoleon 1812M 20 lire from Italy. New coin first and a bit cleaner! existing coin second. I think the 1812M desigination on the holder of the new coin is incorrect and it is actually the variety with the second 1 over 0, both say 1812M which is fine for my original coin. Normally the underlying 0 is really quite obvious but there is a faint trace of it there but the more obvious difference is the distance between the 1 and 2 which is greater for the 1/0 varieties which are seen for most of the dates. Although this variety is in the reference books NGC have not certified any and PCGS have only certified a single example and that is AU50 - this coin is AU53 which I think is low and it should be AU55 when compared to other AU53's and AU58's. Now I just have to persuade NGC to change the label🤣 @Numistacker thoughts on mechanical error???
  5. Another Napoleon 20 Lire - may not be all it seems!
  6. I think we got away lightly - other plots have lost greenhouses, polytunnels and sheds in addition to fences, chickens and ducks are running wild all over the place! Thin rhubarb seems to be because of the 1) the variety - we have one patch of a 'raspberry' one and that is always thin compared to all the others 2) small young crowns always seem to give thin stalks compared to larger older crowns irrespective of the variety and 3) they need a lot a feed and each one gets several buckets of horse muck each year 😁
  7. It has been a bit windy - some of the fences have come down and ended up in the neighbours plot, another job I hadn't planned on ☹️ Rhubarb is growing, I am currently trying to stop Mrs ST picking it as she has decided it is rhubarb crumble time again ☺️
  8. It was nice that the tree grew to just the correct size! you must drink a lot more wine than we do if that rack was not big enough😁
  9. I saw this - I bet the buyer is dreading it coming back with a 'Details' grade!
  10. Nice find as it is has some silver in it - worth a £1 or so, I wish people would give me those instead of 5p's, the Swedish krona I had was worth just that! 😀
  11. The new edition of 'Numismatica Espanola' which came out at Xmas. The last editions were in 2008 and 1994 before that, I have spent the last few years trying to get a copy fortunately Aureo & Calico let me know over the summer that this was on its way - very happy 😀
  12. Congratulations - you just need a slabbed set now, and then the top Registry Set 😁 Due to a complete lack of funds I only managed to get one of the lots I wanted from the Gadoury auction - it hasn't arrived yet ☹️
  13. Nice to see some raspberries - whenever the kids are sent out to pick them nothing seems to ever make it back to the kitchen (the yellow ones seem to vanish first!)