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  1. SilverTanner

    anybody having a bid or two

    I was planning on bidding on a couple of lots but having just seen the Numisor and Maison Palombo lists for their October auctions I will probably have to pass (and apply for a 0% credit card😀)
  2. SilverTanner

    Here we go again - eBay UK 10% off

    All the coins I am interested in are in the US, unfortunately the 10% doesn't account for the large premiums from the dealers - it would cover the postage and customs though😀 May have to buy something for the house🙁
  3. SilverTanner

    Royal Mint's first ever live auction

    They do seem to be very expensive, not just their ordinary sales but their starting prices on the auction are also very high, coupled with a very high buyers premium means they need to have real rarieties to justify the premiums (and they do but investment coins would have to be held for a very long time to make up for the buyers and sellers premiums). Out of the world coins I was interested in there is just one (maybe two) where the starting price plus buyers premium/vat would give a value similar to those paid at other auction houses. I hope no one else bids, but if there is no live online bidding (very odd today) then I expect I will not even bid at all.
  4. SilverTanner

    Royal Mint's first ever live auction

    There doesn't seem to be live on-line bidding! I did e-mail them but nothing back yet. Anyone know whether this will be possible?
  5. Over the years I have bought lots of world coins, including many sixpences, for about £10-20 each, either as minor varieties or just to fill gaps in date runs. As soon as I have upgraded my example I can usually sell for about £25-40 each. When upgrading I at least try and break even (certainly for the more expensive coins at £100-£1000 each) although I have lost out a few times - usually in areas I am less familar with so that is really my fault! My focus is now high grade coins (usually slabbed) so I do not have to worry about this very much now as they should go up in price nicely over the next 20 years or so😀 Unfortunately I still can't bring myself to buy individual coins purely as an 'investor' rather than a 'collector' as gaps in sets still annoy me!
  6. SilverTanner

    Today I Received

    NGC grade quite a lot of Greek and Roman coins as MS, so ~300BC at the earliest. I always find the high grade ancients are very impressive, a couple £100 would get a top grade, albeit common, silver denarius!
  7. SilverTanner

    Today I Received

    Very nice 8 escudo - on my wants list!
  8. SilverTanner

    Property investment

    You own shares in the SPV company that owns the property so the 'rent' is paid as monthly dividends. So nothing counts as a second property although the extra costs etc are included in the SPV accounts.
  9. SilverTanner

    UK pensions

    Work pension will be reduced a bit when I am gone but last until my wife is gone. Fortunately the difference will be more than made up from other sources which only come into play when I am gone. SIPP is a Self Invested Personal Pension which I started a few years ago in addition to my work pension because of the state pension age requirement for my work pension. How fast this grows will determine how many years 'early' I can retire. I started thinking this would be 2 years and then it became 5, a good run and I may make 7 or 8 years! Although anything above 5 now means coins or income producing assets. I know it should all be the latter but I feel the stock markets are very high and fortunately it is cheap up north?
  10. SilverTanner

    UK pensions

    Fortunately the assets to give the £18K per year can be inherited in full, the SIPP will run outbut the others will not. My work pension when that starts has provision for spouse and kids included. If I die whilst employed my family will be very well off - something my wife does remind me of!
  11. SilverTanner

    Ebay 15% off

    I bought another small old bit of silver, only AU58 but the second finest at NGC - knowing my luck the better one will now appear at auction in the next 6 months which would be the first time in about 15 years! So tempted by a bullion sovereign but the numismatist in me won out?
  12. SilverTanner

    UK pensions

    My plan is to add enough to my SIPP to take it all out as 25% tax free lump and then the personal allowance each year until my work pension is due. This means I should be able to take it all out tax free as I can not take my work pension until the state pension age - stupid rule but there is nothing I can do about it! I will also start selling off my very numismatic coins at that point as I will also not have to worry about capital gains tax (probably £3K+ profit per year), this coupled with non-ISA dividends of £2K and interest of £1K means I will have enough to live on at £18K per year, any other income will be from an ISA so it will all be tax free. Assumes all the rules don't change - fat chance but you have to start somewhere!
  13. SilverTanner

    In a gold rush, sell the shovels.....

    'Extending the business into rare coins' Oh no!? Premiums going to get even worse on old stuff.
  14. SilverTanner

    Royal Mail daylight Robbery

    At least it wasn't Fedex!!
  15. SilverTanner

    Royal Mail daylight Robbery

    My two for the week - and I am expecting another one☹️ At least the £2.41 took them 1 day to decide on whereas the 95p they held onto for over a week before deciding that there was anything to pay!