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  1. The account fee is £1 +VAT per month. Reading the info a bit more the 0.7% fee is only on the portion above £25K rather than the whole amount.
  2. Property Partner have just announced a change to their fee structure - now a monthly fee and an Assets Under Management Fee (1.2% for holding under £25K and 0.7% for holding over £25K). Also a provision fund for each property to cover unforeseen expenses rather than temporarily suspending or lowering of the dividend as happens now. I suppose this was always going to happen given the nature of property investment and the need to grow the business as the 'new listings' have been getting less and less - reason given was due to the uncertainty of Brexit which I suppose is the case - sub £1million properties seem to still fill quickly though, whereas larger amounts seem to struggle once they get above this level. Although I still like the PP model and the diversification and simplicity it offers for a 'small investor' I now have to decide do I try and get to the £25K holding to reduce the fee which would mean stopping buying coins for a long while (and I just know that the 2 key coins I am missing will then make their once in 20 years appearance at auction!) or go back to VHYL in an ISA???? My SIPP provider did the same a year or so OK and one of my ISA providers several years before that. Could just be a pile of sovereigns instead
  3. In addition to what @Numistacker has said I expect the recent change at NGC to include 'surface hairlines' in the 'cleaned' designation may be the culprit. Most of the world would not class a few 'surface hairlines' as 'cleaned' as this is often just from contact with pockets/purses or from normal wiping at the mint in the case of proof sets etc. The old NGC designation of 'excessive surface hairlines' is different and almost everyone would have classed this as deliberately 'cleaned' and as such Michael's grades would have been the usual non-NGC grading use of the terms. (I obviously have not seen the coins in person but I have also bought much from Michael particularly when I lived in London as his shop was walking distance!). I have what I consider to be the best available (according to the databases and search engines etc) example of a certain date Spanish 8 reales for which there are no graded examples at all at NGC or PCGS but I think there are a few surface hairlines on one part of the obverse and I haven't therefore sent it to NGC - I am still considering PCGS though. I may wait until I have completed the rest of the date-run because a 'details' grade wouldn't matter then.😀 I did e-mail NGC on this point when they made the change, and the particular impact on European dealers, auction houses and collectors, but they never replied.😐
  4. Great results - particularly the 'old' stuff😁
  5. Unfortunately we had much more than that in Lendy but hopefully should get most of it back but it will take a while (overall the interest we have already had was more than the capital still left). We had been pulling funds out over the last year - not fast enough though - and they were going to Property Partner!
  6. I am still investing with Property Partner, albeit at a lower level (need funds for coins to complete some sets - now that the lots for the September auctions are coming out I will probably also have to start selling stuff). PP has a mix of mortgaged (usually max of 50% LTV and for high value properties which they all seem to be now) and mortgage free properties (lower overall value and often properties from the early years), they have also moved into 'loans' as these can go in an ISA but are restricted to high-net-worth individuals [I would like to tick that box someday but it will need a lottery win]. There does seem to always be buyers but they may be at a lower price point than you would like - no different to the stock market really although the pool of potential buyers is considerably smaller! Personally I view PP as an 'income stream' and would only sell if forced - PP sold one of the properties recently and although the capital gain was nice I would have kept it. There were a couple of issues, resulting from the terms of the purchase, with some of the student residences recently - my impression was that PP dealt with these issues quickly and efficiently which is more than I can say for some of the other property crowd funding sites. Not being able to afford a single rental property, even up here in the North, I will stick with PP given the reduced risk that the diversification offers (whole UK, residential, commercial and student) and I have little or nothing to do which is great.
  7. We were in our local butchers recently when there was a power cut which meant no till, card machine etc. Everyone else had to leave without their shopping as they only had cards for payment, fortunately I always carry cash so we were still able to do our shopping although the shop assistant couldn't work out the correct change - apparently because only the till is capable of doing that. The owner had to be called into the shop but at least they could count!
  8. My second Napoleon 1808M 20 Lire (different variety😀)
  9. A new Napoleon 20 Lira to go with the 40 Lira - I am trying so hard not to start a formal LMU collection!😀
  10. New Napoleon 40 Lira, sold as 1813. Looks, to me, like the variety with the second 1 over a 0😀
  11. Work has been very very busy since the start of the year and I am a bit behind with things there and at home that are not classed as 'desperate' Having just had in the mail a final notice for import duty on some coins from August 2017 I guess it is not just me! (just confirmed on the phone it was paid at the time)
  12. Managed to get a reference book which I had been after for a while😀
  13. Congratulations! Lots of British Proofs and Patterns and more on Monday. I didn't get anything I bid on even though I went much higher than I should have ☹️