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  1. Nice to see some raspberries - whenever the kids are sent out to pick them nothing seems to ever make it back to the kitchen (the yellow ones seem to vanish first!)
  2. Unfortunately this is all too common. I have a family member who has a small holding with 100's of free range chickens and supplies eggs to various local businesses. A year or so ago we started asking people (mainly oldies like us!) why they didn't buy our eggs and the answer was that ours came out of the backside of a chicken - we did ask where they thought the ones in the supermarket came from and the answer was usually 'they are made in a factory' apparently no chicken, duck etc was involved in the making of an egg (Anyone know where this factory is?)
  3. Some beetroot from yesterday - Mrs ST loves her pickled beetroot - I can't stand the stuff😄 Roasted beetroot is good though. I was going to lift most of the potatoes yesterday but the heavens opened and the plot rapidly disappeared under 3 inches of water - made pasta sauce instead.
  4. Brilliant! The kids love their melons, we grew some small last year - something I really need to work out how to grow.
  5. Which variety? Home saved seed is usually so much better - we saved 'Lord Leicester tall pea last year and this year they are great! Added 0 minutes later... Blackberries already!! Our wild blackberries are usually late September/early October☹️
  6. Well done! It tastes better than from the shops and you will end up growing more and more each year and then you start trying to grow weird stuff - although I don't think I will be trying edible lupins again anytime soon 😄
  7. That's what happens when you go away for a couple of days! that goes for the creeping buttercup too😀 Tray of mixed stuff for dinner
  8. @BackyardBullion that's a lot of work! We did the same with the lot below yesterday - we are lazy though and do not blanch things anymore😀 Did make some blackcurrant jelly to free up some freezer space though!
  9. Another Napoleon franc arrived today - a slightly more difficult date for the Premier Consul type than the one I had😀
  10. Walnut? Had the first ripe tomato yesterday - no pic as I ate it😀
  11. @BackyardBullionwe still have various fruit gin and vodka - obviously not drinking them fast enough @AppleZippoandMetronome yes - lots of fruit crumbles/pies and anything else at the moment! @greendragon looks like we will also have hazelnuts this year - the trees on the way to the shops only seem to crop every other year Another 2 trays of broad beans yesterday and the tomatoes are still green - I suppose I will have to water things when I get home as people keep telling me it is warm outside
  12. We are also self-sufficient in veg at the moment 😀 Pics are a few of the things from yesterday - first runners! 10lb of strawberries became jam whereas we haven't yet decided what to do with 4lb of gooseberries and 7lb of black currants?? Grapes have got a way to go yet!
  13. They have written on them, they are now completely ungradeable😉
  14. Unfortunately when there are only one or two examples of a coin you are after you have to get it when it appears so the exchange rate is killing me as I pretty much buy all my coins in Europe or the US - haven't bought an 'old' coin from a UK auction in years! At the moment I am concentrating on the minor denominations as they are cheaper (actually much more difficult to find anyway) than the crowns or gold although I am seriously considering having to stop buying things completely due to the exchange rate Hopefully when Brexit goes through the £ will rise again due to the 'uncertainty' disappearing.