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  1. Work has been very very busy since the start of the year and I am a bit behind with things there and at home that are not classed as 'desperate' Having just had in the mail a final notice for import duty on some coins from August 2017 I guess it is not just me! (just confirmed on the phone it was paid at the time)
  2. Managed to get a reference book which I had been after for a while😀
  3. Congratulations! Lots of British Proofs and Patterns and more on Monday. I didn't get anything I bid on even though I went much higher than I should have ☹️
  4. Overall yield at the moment is 4.13%. One property has just been sold which gave a decent % capital gain too.
  5. Nice to see some sixpences! As it is the key date I just wondered what your 1836 coin looks like? I am trying to complete a slabbed set and I know that is going to be the hardest date to fill, I sold mine (nVF) ages ago and now regret it😟
  6. Very useful guide, also almost the only guide for Monaco coins. The current issue also has the Napoleonic issues from Italy added which is great, pity they are restricted to the gold issues only! The other French coin price guide is Le Franc, I find it interesting that the mintage numbers are different between the two guides😄
  7. Now that my French Napoleon typeset is nearly complete I have started to return to my other Napoleonic sets - Italy, Holland, Westphalia and Spain. Although these are a long way from completion I managed to get a 5 lira for a good price
  8. That explains things! Interesting that the UK Government advice is different to transferwise.com and I am sure the UK Government is always right😄😄 https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/india/money 'In November 2016, the Prime Minister announced that old 500 and 1,000 Rupee banknotes would be withdrawn from immediate circulation. It’s no longer possible for non-Indian nationals to exchange these old notes. For more information and advice about how to get access to cash, visit the Reserve Bank of India website There are restrictions on bringing Indian rupees into India. Visitors, including tourists, are not permitted to bring any amount of Indian currency into the country. If you’re visiting India, you can bring cash or travellers’ cheques (in pounds sterling or another foreign currency) and/or a bank card with you and exchange or withdraw rupees once in India. If you’re resident in India, you can bring up to INR 7,500 into the country.'
  9. I thought you couldn't take any local currency into India now - you have to get in there?
  10. Some 'bullion' dealers are now having a laugh by selecting dates of all sorts of things and increasing the premium. A slabbed 1848 in NGC AU55 sold at Heritage on the 20th December 2018 for $264 including premium (many more examples over the last year or so for around this price), I hope the BBP example is a definite MS66
  11. There are a few NGC Custom Registry sets of these, probably the best two sets are:- https://coins.www.collectors-society.com/wcm/CoinCustomSetView.aspx?s=13042 https://coins.www.collectors-society.com/wcm/CoinCustomSetView.aspx?s=14913 Should provide some useful info.
  12. Thankyou for sharing this - I have some Spanish Colonial Mexican coins such as the Charles IV shown below - fortunately it matches your pic of the matrix!
  13. According to Gadoury the mintage for ANXI is 226,115 which is one of the highest mintages for the 40 francs and therefore the most common (which is why I have that date😄). My lowest mintage 20 Francs is the one below with a mintage of only 522! I am now off to move 1 ton of horse muck onto the potato beds - glamorous life this coin collecting😄
  14. I agree, which is why I only have a few😄 I think a full set of Napoleon 20 and 40 Francs in decent grades would set you back more than £200K! Common dates in bullion grade would be much much less and bulk lots regularly appear at a range of European auctions. AN12 is the second year of the new monetary system, I don't have a 20 Francs for the first year, although I do have a 40 Francs from the year ANXI (this is the missing olive variety)