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  1. SilverTanner

    Today I Received.....

    I have an interest in British Colonial history and although I collect coins of Southern Rhodesian (George V and George VI) I have not seen that set before - he had a very interesting life! From the certificate you just need to find the gold version
  2. SilverTanner

    GBP Plunges.

    Typical, I am bidding in two different European auctions today and several more over the next week so hoping for a rebound at some point to pay the bills!
  3. SilverTanner


    That's why I collect old stuff - they can't keep making extra ones!
  4. Does this mean @Numistacker that you are no longer collecting California fractionals?😉
  5. SilverTanner

    Today I Received.....

    High grade 1908 sixpence - that is my first complete graded set - 1902-1910 Edward VII sixpences. Many thanks to @Numistacker for grading most of them! My other sets are no where near complete
  6. SilverTanner

    stacking silver exit strategy

    This is more or less my plan, particularly as I missed in selling at the last big peak as pretty much all of it is just bullion. Not only will this free up funds for other things it will free up a lot of space too!
  7. SilverTanner

    Today I Received.....

    There seems to be quite a few collectors of top grade British and French coins in Japan, most coins seem to have been bought from the main US auctions at some point - so the shilling is even more well travelled!
  8. SilverTanner

    Home Brewing

    I would check out 'brewuk.co.uk', lots to choose from!
  9. SilverTanner

    Rent out your car

    Mrs ST has just added lots of air freshners to our car - probably not a very subtle hint that you are not supposed to use it for moving a ton of horse muck😄
  10. SilverTanner

    Numismatic Coin Collectors Must See This

    Exit plan will be to sell some each year as needed - no way of getting hit with capital gains tax that way. Most will probably have to be via major US and European auctions. First ones to go will be 'normal' dates leaving just type sets made up of the more expensive key dates. If the kids can inherit these that would be great as these should continue to go up in value - just need to persuade them to keep adding to the collection!
  11. SilverTanner

    Numismatic Coin Collectors Must See This

    The title of this thread had me worried as I view my 'numismatic' coins as part of my pension - most are between 150 and 300 years old and the silver tends to come already toned, no milk spots though😄
  12. In addition to various 50p's we have just had a Jersey 20p which is a first.
  13. SilverTanner

    ZAR coin collectors

    This is a great set to collect and, no surprise, I started with the sixpences. I have now sold my gold ponds although I think I still have the silver and bronze issues in VF/EF somewhere. I was planning on upgrading these raw coins to slabbed MS examples (now very expensive) at some point as the series is extremely popular.
  14. SilverTanner

    Today I Received.....

    Beautiful coin, congratulations! I was outbid on the two sixpences I was after - they went for silly money😞