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  1. xthomasx

    New on this forum

    Welcome! I am 200k southeast of you but not what one would call 'experienced'
  2. xthomasx

    2018 India sov price? What are they selling for

    For an MS70 with grading costs already included, definitely. I paid roughly the same for a piece in the brown card, not graded.
  3. xthomasx

    Germania mint 6 precious metals round

    The more I google about the entire 'Germania' business, the more I am convinced to spend my money on real 1 oz coins... The design is not too bad but the whole squeezing of collectors is too bad.
  4. xthomasx

    Tel Aviv shops

    When will you be there? I am in the country throughout much of the first half of March... There is an outlet of the Israel Mint (formerly Israel Coins and Medals Corporation) at 42 Ben Yehuda Str. (see: israelmint.com/israelmint-branches/) They only sell their own PM stuff, nothing too close to spot. I haven't bought from them in decades but things look nice and shiny Note, however, that all purchases come with VAT. You can get it refunded when you leave the country but it may be a hassle. Otherwise there are some tiny coin shops (without much PM beyond patina-ed Israeli silver commemorative coins) which I found so boring that I even forgot the locations. Sorry.
  5. xthomasx

    Cleaning Gold Coins - At Your Own Risk

    You have isomers in propanol already.
  6. xthomasx

    2019 matt finish sovereign

    Will get one, too. Just not sure when... Guess I don't need to hurry.
  7. xthomasx


    What a primitive fake! It doesn't even remotely look like a Proof. And the header is misspelled. The seller is almost as pitiable as any buyer.
  8. xthomasx

    Original & Modern Sovereign Alloys

    If the matter would come up for a vote, I'd vote for 22ct. But with 8.3% silver, so that the color of the older sovs is matched. I do have a 2005 Sydney sov, and I am not under the impression that it would be greenish.
  9. xthomasx

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Who? Don't know. How? The coins are covered with a layer of colorless lacquer. Why? You often see it as a rather old method of conserving base metal coins, especially those from, or high in, zinc. It is preventing the surface from corroding on air. I don't know how often it is done nowadays when we have capsules, slabs etc. to keep most air away from base metal coins. It was the first time I saw a laquered gold coin in an auction which, of course, wouldn't corrode anyway. I was looking for this piece for quite some time, so I was considering bidding. See e.g. here: https://www.ngccoin.com/news/article/5789/NCS-coin-conservation-lacquer/
  10. xthomasx

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Just a brief question: Did someone here send a laqueured gold coin to NCS/NGC (or PCGS), and was the outcome satisfying? In the end, the coin was auctioned off to someone else, so I can't try on my own at the moment.
  11. xthomasx

    Question regarding a Gibraltar gold coin

    The 22nd anniversary of said Constitution, the 23rd, the 24th etc. would give a nice date run... Seriously: What an obvious and indecent attempt to milk unsuspecting buyers. I would keep my purse tightly shut whenever I came across a Crown, any Crown. After decimalization, that is.
  12. xthomasx

    2019 Gold Bullion Sovereign

    I noticed yesterday. Unfortunately it will take a while until my nearest dealer will have them. So far the only source in Germany is Coininvest, and only for the full sov. I'll either wait until Degussa has the full sov on their counters, or I wait until Coininvest will have both full and half sov on their website. Coinivest seemed to be the only German supplier for the half sovs in the past few years.
  13. xthomasx

    1917 London rarity

    Speaking of winning the lottery *cough*: https://www.sixbid.com/browse.html?auction=5541&category=179708&lot=4634309 I don't know if they have an English option... Otherwise: An 1855 Sydney sovereign with the second head. Extremely rare; PGCS graded, probably only three in private hands. Never seen it before.
  14. xthomasx

    New Bullion Series Austria

    I am not too sure... Such coin drawings look much more detailled than the real thing. But I guess I'll buy them anyway. Anyway, maybe we could have a TSF gathering in Vienna on the day of issue? Flights between Vienna and London take 2 to 2:15 hours each way and can cost as little as 21€ both ways.
  15. Mintage of 250 sounds interesting...