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  1. Any more recent opinions about this series? The full ounce is sold out at Malta (but available elsewhere), and I keep comtemplating to buy the 1/4 oz (and maybe even the 1/2 oz)... Would you think it is worth it? So far, I don't see any graded pieces in NGC and PCGS populations, so probably there is not much interest...?
  2. QV's 200th birthday is (imho) a worthy occasion for a SotD. I'll definitely try to get one, even though a proof finish would be nicer.
  3. xthomasx

    Double Sovereigns

    With a cursory Google search, it seems you can find them at <20% premium. Not too bad given the low mintages. With a more refined search... I don't know.
  4. Aurinum often have quite amazing rarities but are generally not among the cheapest. At gold.de you find the Yale quarter bullion starting from 318€, plus postage. Don't know how payment and shipping works between Pound and Euro spheres, though...
  5. It seems they are much cheaper in Germany. Don't know why. I bought mine almost two weeks ago for 316.75€ which calculates to £271ish. Plus postage, of course. Arrived just yesterday, though, along with some 2oz silver bullion Beasts. I also noticed that royalmintbullion.com is much more expensive than in Germany these days.
  6. Good decision! Hope you enjoy them!
  7. Thanks for the video! Must have been a great experience...
  8. Welcome! I am 200k southeast of you but not what one would call 'experienced'
  9. For an MS70 with grading costs already included, definitely. I paid roughly the same for a piece in the brown card, not graded.
  10. The more I google about the entire 'Germania' business, the more I am convinced to spend my money on real 1 oz coins... The design is not too bad but the whole squeezing of collectors is too bad.
  11. When will you be there? I am in the country throughout much of the first half of March... There is an outlet of the Israel Mint (formerly Israel Coins and Medals Corporation) at 42 Ben Yehuda Str. (see: israelmint.com/israelmint-branches/) They only sell their own PM stuff, nothing too close to spot. I haven't bought from them in decades but things look nice and shiny Note, however, that all purchases come with VAT. You can get it refunded when you leave the country but it may be a hassle. Otherwise there are some tiny coin shops (without much PM beyond patina-ed Israeli silver commemorative coins) which I found so boring that I even forgot the locations. Sorry.
  12. You have isomers in propanol already.
  13. Will get one, too. Just not sure when... Guess I don't need to hurry.
  14. xthomasx


    What a primitive fake! It doesn't even remotely look like a Proof. And the header is misspelled. The seller is almost as pitiable as any buyer.