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  1. xthomasx

    Help from Germany wanted

    Send me a private message. I will probably not be online anymore until after the weekend, though.
  2. xthomasx

    Queen's Beasts ?

    I am not sure about which I like most, but it's not the Red Bull
  3. That went fast... Thanks to all of your efforts, I am spared the decision . I hope I won't regret not ordering immediately... On the brighter side... this way I'll have enough funds for another three-digit-mintage gold piece which I ordered right away.
  4. Not sure yet. I would have skipped it if it was just a BU version of the 2018 Proof. I guess the plain edge will eventually push me over the edge . I'll check, and when it says 'over 80% sold', I'll make up my mind...
  5. xthomasx

    Here comes the Royal Wedding coin brigade

    Thank God none of these coin formats has a place in my collection. I was a bit afraid they would make one more SotD Sovereign...
  6. xthomasx

    'Photo Only Topics' Discussion Thread

    How did you do it? Looks interesting!
  7. xthomasx

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    I wonder which gold color would be used for rectal carcinoma awareness
  8. xthomasx

    2014, 2015 Sovereigns with one side Proof, one side BU

    I am not sure it is an error coin. It would mean that the same mistake happened in both 2014 and 2015 AND in both full and half sov AND at least some of the error coins made it past the quality control. Anyway, it seems they are quite interesting items. Did anyone here see any of them in the markets? Any indication of their value? After all it would be AFAIK the first minting error in QEII Sovereigns.
  9. Hi all, When browsing the census of PCGS recently, I found these two entries below: https://coins.www.collectors-society.com/WCM/CoinView.aspx?sc=530824 https://coins.www.collectors-society.com/WCM/CoinView.aspx?sc=542755 Apparently there were a few half sovereigns and full sovereigns struck in one side proof and one side BU (or whatever - but no frosting) quality. Any idea what the idea behind it was? I might assume they were struck in very small numbers for some bigwigs?
  10. xthomasx

    Queens Beast Gold Coin Premium

    Here in Germany the bullion quarter ounce Beasts are at or slightly above 300€ which is close to 280 pounds. All of them. Full ounces are a different matter...
  11. xthomasx

    Sovereign Specification Coins

    I am collecting, although not very advanced so far. Apart from your list, I know of: 2 Rand ZA; the elusive Burgerspond ZA; George VI (1952) and QEII (1953-60) and the Springbok from ZA; Greek and Cypriot collector items from the Euro era (several per year but high premiums), Lesotho from the 1960s, one from Israel 1960, Suriname, several Channel Islands issues, Cayman Islands, Malta, the Saudi Aramco 'lid', and quite some more. Not sure which ones are/were legal tender and which aren't. If you want, I can make a more detailled list.
  12. xthomasx

    Yorkshire Bullion

    Same here. Although I tried only once so far...
  13. xthomasx

    Today I Received

    I got a nice by-catch: Bullion Sovereigns 2000 and 2010 for bullion prices. Both are from the time well before I started collecting. Now I stand at 125 sovereigns, and my bank safe starts spilling over... I will have to throw out all those pretty boxes.
  14. xthomasx

    Bullion Dealer Finds - Sleepers

    I bought two 1997 proof sovereigns almost at spot (don't remember the exact gold price then) just a few weeks ago. Thinking about grading them: One each at NGC and PCGS, just to see what happens...
  15. xthomasx


    My budgeted monthly amount is somewhere around 3-4 sovereigns. At the moment I prefer buying at auctions, and these auctioneers don't wait for my payday. So, I have to rely on some safety net sometimes Anyway, I have bought wayyyyy to many sovereigns this year already (after a lull in 2017).