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  1. Nice pieces! Israel issued quite a lot of rather big-sized silver from the 1960s, and at large mintages. No secondary market to speak of. I bought quite a lot of them at near spot over the past years. The 1990s and younger aren't that cheap...
  2. The fibres can be used for textiles, ropes etc. A bit of a coarse fabric, like linen, I gather. Which brings us to the question of THC content of the drink. There are basically two groups of hemp cultivars: One with a very low level of THC (the main psychotropic ingredient) and one with higher levels. The former can be planted in gardens etc. legally (with prior certificate and permit probably, although it will still give the neighborhood informer and the police a busy time), the latter - better not. No idea about the situation in Croatia and which has been used for the drink. PS. Someone was faster... Don't know how to delete the post...
  3. Down the line, gold is always gold. It doesn't care about printed pieces of paper. Nor the latter's amount, nor the relations between various pieces of paper. The mere idea of an 'ideal price' of gold (in relation to fiat money) is folly.
  4. Interesting! It doesn't seem to sell out in under one minute... I just put one in my basket, just to see if it works. I did not buy it because I got one last year.
  5. Given the current prices of gold and platinum I don't think I will buy much bullion. Maybe some auction items. Otherwise: Queen Beasts - 1oz Proof silver, 2oz bullion silver, 1/4 oz bullion gold, 5 Pound sheet metal; maybe 1 or 2 platinum ounces. Sovereigns - bullion full and half, SotD A few silver ounces.
  6. I use those small tubes that contained film rolls for analog photography. Just in case anyone remembers 😉 Photo shops are usually happy to give away a handful of them for free - otherwise they would have to recycle them. They take 8 or sometimes 9 sovs in capsules, depending on the type.
  7. I am not sure what to do about platinum. I would really like to get the platinum Beasts as well as the Lunar III but I am unsure about the volatility of the platinum spot. So, for the most part I keep watching, and stick to gold for now.
  8. Thanks. This gives a good indication indeed.
  9. Hi all, Just a brief consideration: What would be an acceptable premium on four-coin (5, double, full, half) sovereign proof sets of 2004 and 2005? I have seen an offer but am not experienced with sets. Is there a reliable list for the number of those sets (not mintage or mintage limits but sets sold)? Thanks a lot
  10. That's up to you Half sovs of that series are hard to come by, and usually very worn. The piece in the Australian auction looks pretty much above average. Your piece should be far below in (hammer) price.
  11. Crooks! The reverses look pretty alike (apart from the mintmarks), so one might think that they are deliberately trying to catch fools. I just wonder whether they had access to the original dies as well...
  12. Ordered a silver piece too. Initially I didn't want it because the color does not exactly match the original Una. Then I decided to go for it and to dye the capsule (not the coin!) in transparent yellow.
  13. They look nice, and I am planning to buy a silver ounce. On the other hand... Ghana and Ice Age fauna? Come on...
  14. Did they mention how the 'Chinese' and the 'Rest-of-the-World' versions differ? Just a mintmark or something entirely different? Are there experiences with these Baoquan folks?