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  1. This might repel dealers, flippers and stackers. Collectors don't mind - to them it is part of the premium.
  2. Got my notice as well. Will take an unspecified period of time, though. They said that the delivery will be between Jun 4th and 10th but in the end they are usually much faster.
  3. True. But the special sovereigns are made to be, um, special. I like both categories... It is a Kohelet 3 thing, I guess 😉
  4. Dunno what I would do. So far, I haven't had issues with RM coins but I haven't graded any of them so far either.
  5. Why not? As long as the die doesn't crack I don't see a problem. Honestly, I would even prefer a real error coin (as opposed to scratches or other marks of rough post-production handling).
  6. Wow! I got my order through at 4 min past the hour (it was 9:04 am here). Got a confirmation email and everything. Hope it won't be canceled.
  7. If you are a collector, as your name implies, you won't have a choice... In the meantime, I wonder what finish will be introduced next. Reverse Proof comes to my mind 🤔
  8. The assumption that the above-mentioned bank is more expensive than PM shops is certainly correct for bars and many of the better-known bullion coins. Actually, I haven't bought from any of the Stuttgart locations in about a year - RM proofs of Sovereign and Beasts took much of my money. Before that, the bank was the best choice for sovs. in terms of supply and service. Before I go for my next goal (completing Edward VII, except Canada) I'll definitely shop around a bit.
  9. Banks here are always closed on weekends, so you'd need to add Friday or Monday to your trip...
  10. They have a special PM department. They are a 3 min walk from the world famous central train station (or the ruin of, or the construction site of...). There are more banks here selling simple PM, such as Krugers, Lunars, Philharmoniker, Maples etc. but that BW-Bank branch has an outright numismatic department.
  11. At BW-Bank in Stuttgart, Germany.
  12. As far as I see, Heubach nor anyone else here has quality categories for Sovereigns. So, you can be lucky but don't count on it. I buy my Sovereigns from a bank where I can actually see and check them, and where I can select minting years. They are more expensive than Heubach, though. Thus, I have never bought from Heubach.
  13. xthomasx

    1836 Sov

    Hi all, Just a brief question: How much would you pay for an 1836 full Sov in vg-/vg? There's one on auction tomorrow. I'll go there anyway and might want bid on this one. It is not the last missing piece in a date run for me, nor is it of outstanding quality, but you just don't see it (and any pre-Vic, for that matter) in Germany too often. Thanks for any input...
  14. Any more recent opinions about this series? The full ounce is sold out at Malta (but available elsewhere), and I keep comtemplating to buy the 1/4 oz (and maybe even the 1/2 oz)... Would you think it is worth it? So far, I don't see any graded pieces in NGC and PCGS populations, so probably there is not much interest...?