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  1. xthomasx

    2018 Canadian sovereigns!

    To me, this looks sacrilegious. I would have enjoyed (and definitely ordered) a one-year jubilee issue in sovereign size and alloy, with QEII of course, and the C mintmark. Just like the new Indian sovereign.
  2. xthomasx

    2019 proof sovereign

    Thanks for the info. Not sure what I do, though. Since the 2019 design has no special features, I might make do with the bullion (plus SotDs, if any).
  3. xthomasx

    Noah’s Ark

    I collect the 1 oz silver only. Geiger (who made the coins) still has 1/4 and 1/2 oz gold in stock for ca. 19% and 17% over spot. Haven't seen the full oz or the set in ages.
  4. xthomasx

    2018 India Gold Sovereign

    Thanks a lot for the info! Did you, by chance, see other years of Indian sovs in Dubai?
  5. xthomasx

    2018 India Gold Sovereign

    Do you remember how much you paid for it? Much premium?
  6. xthomasx

    Gates of Jerusalem

    The coins look fantastic. I have seen them many times... Whenever I am in Jerusalem, I go to their shop. Unfortunately 99$ for 1 oz silver is too much to eventually enjoy the coins. The gold ounces are on my list, though. It seems even at just 1800 mintage, they don't sell out too fast.
  7. xthomasx

    3 Gold Sovereigns

    I think XF grades (of these years at least) are subpar and will not attract much premiums. AU53 is obviously better but still not excellent. You might want to check the NGC census for these coins. About the 1917C - I don't see much scratching but I am not a grader...
  8. xthomasx

    1993 £5 Sovereign Proof

    It doesn't fit into my collection, so I would not buy it. But 15% premium is not a lot. If the coin is in good condition, go ahead.
  9. xthomasx

    Base metal Queen's Beasts

    The same here, although I started collecting the 1oz Proofs as well in the meantime. Before that, the base metal piece was my placeholder for the proof design.
  10. xthomasx

    Order from Westgold.de

    If it's a small(ish) order, I could do it for you. I wouldn't want to deal with many thousands of €, though.
  11. xthomasx

    Official Premiere GOLD WHISKY COIN

    Seems I just saved €7900
  12. xthomasx


    To begin with: 1925 is not a very popular coin among Sovereign collectors. It was struck in a high mintage back then. Then a lot were withdrawn and melted down, so everyone was happy to own a (relatively) rare piece. Then, in what is afaik the only major Sovereign restrike, it was minted again under George VI in the 1940s, with the head of George V and the 1925 date. Owners of the original mintage were not amused, obviously. With a lot of experience it is possible to tell the two mintages apart (the depth of the edge has been frequently mentioned as an indicator). If you want this, get it graded. If you hope to achieve a higher price with a grade than without, don't grade it. Most likely it won't work out.
  13. xthomasx

    Royal Mint's first ever live auction

    Saw it on Sixbid these days. Quite a number of interesting lots in this auction. But one would need to win the lottery beforehand
  14. xthomasx

    Perth mint pig 2019 design.

    The second ear makes it look like a rhinoceros ☺️
  15. xthomasx

    Queen’s beasts Falcon gold proof should be out soon

    Design doesn't fit into the series somehow. Seems I'll stick to my previous selection: quarter gold bullion, 2 oz bullion and 1 oz proof silver, and the sheet metal piece. By the way, any experiences to share about the platinum beasts?