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  1. That's up to you Half sovs of that series are hard to come by, and usually very worn. The piece in the Australian auction looks pretty much above average. Your piece should be far below in (hammer) price.
  2. Crooks! The reverses look pretty alike (apart from the mintmarks), so one might think that they are deliberately trying to catch fools. I just wonder whether they had access to the original dies as well...
  3. Ordered a silver piece too. Initially I didn't want it because the color does not exactly match the original Una. Then I decided to go for it and to dye the capsule (not the coin!) in transparent yellow.
  4. They look nice, and I am planning to buy a silver ounce. On the other hand... Ghana and Ice Age fauna? Come on...
  5. Did they mention how the 'Chinese' and the 'Rest-of-the-World' versions differ? Just a mintmark or something entirely different? Are there experiences with these Baoquan folks?
  6. Thanks a lot! This should be it.
  7. Hi all, When trying to complete my Lunar II silver collection, I noticed that Perth lists a 2018 (Dog) with a 'Chinese Privy': https://www.perthmint.com/documents/Bullion/The Australian Silver Bu Privy Coin 2011 to 2019.pdf Did anyone see this coin, and/or knows how to get one? Thanks for any advice...
  8. In Germany, they sell for 380-390€, just 10€ above the recent QB. Thank God, I bought them for slightly under 300€ at - a different gold price level.
  9. OK. So this does not appear to be an option. Too sad...
  10. Depends on how many coins are in one slab. For two coins, it shouldn't be too much of an issue. I would assume that such double/multi-slabs will become popular in the near future. Anyway, I am afraid it will take a long time until space problems with my gold coin collection would develop
  11. I guess these two SotDs could be perfect in a multi-coin slab. Does anyone here have previous experiences with those new slabs? I am afraid I am not up to date with Numi's grading videos... 😣
  12. Mine too. Will take much longer than intra-UK shipping, though. The purchase is not shown on the credit card account so far.
  13. That's a great piece. Never saw the box before.
  14. What do you mean by 'not one coin'? They are all there. I am reluctant to buy bullion at the moment but I check regularly.
  15. Their kids? All nine of them, each one on a separate coin.