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  1. Just curious: Do we know which bands will be featured on the forthcoming Music Legends coins? If Sex Pistols and/or Joy Division will be among them, I'd stay awake all night to be in time for ordering Otherwise... I don't know...
  2. A short visit to Geiger's this morning: 1 oz silver Ark 2020, 5 oz silver Ark 2020, and one of the very last 1/4 oz gold Ark 2017.
  3. I might finally buy a 1937 George VI sov, and whatever is left over, I might spend on QB 1/4 oz proofs or/and platinum QB's.
  4. Me too. It was the first time I choose not to buy a Sovereign since I started collecting. I missed a few due to my famously long decision-making, but this time it was deliberately.
  5. Just saved 800 Pounds Was the right decision, I think. Let's see how future SotDs will be priced...
  6. Maybe it IS a piedfort piece
  7. I bought the 2018 for 350-ish but at a very different level of the gold price. So I guess the premium is similar now. After catching all the 2019 SotDs, maybe 2019 will be my only complete year. Oh wait, I avoided the 2019 piedfort ... But that's not a real Sovereign.
  8. Don't know if anyone noticed or is even interested: The RM has Indian Sovereigns 2018 and 2019 available. Just bought one of the former Edit: I bought the 2019.
  9. Make sure you don't cough or sneeze when the coin is out of its box...
  10. xthomasx

    Noahs Ark 2020

    I love the Ark coin but buy the full ounce only...
  11. Sh...! I started monitoring rhodium at about 3500$ and refrained from buying, waiting for it to fall. This fall might still happen, but it will take a long time, I am afraid.
  12. To me, this 1900 piece looks above average. 1900 is not a rare year, to the contrary. Along with 1892 and 1898 it is one of the more common. There are nice Ponts around, but for higher grades expect to pay quite a premium. Most ponds, however, are heavily circulated and worn (or ex-mount, or heavily cleaned). Quite a percentage was also melted down, just as we see in many Sovereign years, which are rare despite a high mintage. The censuses (censii?) for the full Ponds are here: https://www.ngccoin.de/census/world/south-africa/sc-337/pond/ https://www.pcgs.com/pop/detail/pond-1874-1902/5196/0?t=5&pn=1
  13. Nice pieces! Israel issued quite a lot of rather big-sized silver from the 1960s, and at large mintages. No secondary market to speak of. I bought quite a lot of them at near spot over the past years. The 1990s and younger aren't that cheap...
  14. The fibres can be used for textiles, ropes etc. A bit of a coarse fabric, like linen, I gather. Which brings us to the question of THC content of the drink. There are basically two groups of hemp cultivars: One with a very low level of THC (the main psychotropic ingredient) and one with higher levels. The former can be planted in gardens etc. legally (with prior certificate and permit probably, although it will still give the neighborhood informer and the police a busy time), the latter - better not. No idea about the situation in Croatia and which has been used for the drink. PS. Someone was faster... Don't know how to delete the post...
  15. Down the line, gold is always gold. It doesn't care about printed pieces of paper. Nor the latter's amount, nor the relations between various pieces of paper. The mere idea of an 'ideal price' of gold (in relation to fiat money) is folly.