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  1. muenzdachs

    Gold Libertad release???

    I am taking reservations as price will be fixied next week
  2. muenzdachs

    Gold Libertad release???

    Gold BU Libertad 2018 are in pre-order for clients - allocations by Banco de Mexico next week on Monday or Tuesday
  3. muenzdachs

    2018 Barbados 1 oz Silver Caribbean Silver Seahorse BU

    This one is Sunshine Mint - Scottsdale has a different one
  4. muenzdachs

    New Coin from Scottsdale - Sea Horse

    Country: Samoa Quality: Prooflike Mintage 30.000
  5. muenzdachs

    New Series - Silver & Gold - Mandala Chad

    Coins are already available, will get mine next week
  6. muenzdachs

    New Series - Silver & Gold - Mandala Chad

    Only know that it is first a new series, don't have information how many coins planned
  7. New Series from Republic of Chad : Mandala First coin is The Lion Silver BU version 15.000 mintage - 20 coins in a tube Gold BU version 100 pieces
  8. muenzdachs

    Rwanda - New Series "Nautical Ounce"

    Some background how German customs usually working The people working in customs in Germany having a similiar status to people working at Police in Germany. I have never heard about issues on stolen things by customs in Germany. They are belong to public sector and they are typical "German" correct in their work. If Germans export something to other countries (as it sounds in your cases), they usually never open or check parcels when they are leaving Germany. I don't know any reason why they should do so. If you declare export to customs either they will check randomly the items before you close the parcel directly at your company or you have to go to their offices and show the items you would like to export. Then you got export papers and customs work has been done - so no need to open parcels at airport or border. If you want to import something to Germany the customs will open parcels on a regular basis to make their controls. This is necessary to check correct documents for customs duty or VAT.
  9. muenzdachs

    2018 St Helena - Spade Guinea

    Yes, I had a lot of people asking if that belongs to Trade Dollar Series. Just wanted to highlight it is not...
  10. muenzdachs

    2018 St Helena - Spade Guinea

    The mintage is unlimited and it isn't the same series as the Trade Dollar
  11. muenzdachs

    for sale Wooden Boxes for Queen's Beast Series

    Hi Stewart, yes I do If you would like to order pls contact me through message system here
  12. muenzdachs

    New Swan Coin incoming?

    Swan coin available with APMEX now
  13. muenzdachs

    Rwanda - New Series "Nautical Ounce"

    around month end
  14. muenzdachs

    Rwanda - New Series "Nautical Ounce"

    Next coin in series just announced - Endeavour mintage same as prevois coin "Santa Maria" unlimited BU 1000 for silver proof 100 for gold BU
  15. muenzdachs

    2016 Libertad proofs now available

    2018 proofs available now as well