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  1. The coin was issued today and is available worldwide...
  2. The second coin in series is out Manucodia - 50k in silver, 5k in gold
  3. it is not 99.9 % gold, just 91.67 % - added by other metals (e.g. cooper) - therefore the red colour of the coin and not the yellow/gold colour as on the 99.9 % fine gold coins
  4. EMU is not a one off - is first in the EMU series Paradise bird is a different series
  5. LPM is declaring the correct value of the coins that they are shipping out, anything else could led to serious problems for them
  6. Available now with Apmex https://www.apmex.com/search?q=restrike&f_mintyear=2019&page=1
  7. 10 Dollar Dragon & Phoenix 10 oz Australia BU 2019 from Perth Mint Mintage 888 pieces
  8. Hi, please contact me directly and I am happy to help you Best regards, Soeren
  9. New Design for 2019 https://www.lpm.hk/2019-1oz-australia-wedge-tailed-eagle-9999-silver-coin-bu.html
  10. Just my personal view: Question is will it be still available in February with them? Austrian Mint issuing base metal coins (3 Euro animal series) with 50k mintage and it is sold out within hours Now they are issuing silver bullion series with a premium that is still fair - can't imagine that it will hold that long before sold out - especially when I see that Philharmonic sales are @ 3 - 5 million a year - 100k seems little tiny then
  11. How should that be possible? Mintage of Philharmonic is several million, for sure the premium on the new one needs to be higher as the costs of production are higher per coin
  12. 825th Anniversary of the Austrian Mint 3 coins in the series mintage: 100.000 - most in tubes, some in blister/coincards https://www.muenzeoesterreich.at/eng/collect/collector-coins/825th-anniversary-of-the-austrian-mint