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  1. Dennis

    Today I Received

    Cook Islands 2016 20$ 4 Layer Coin St Peters Basilica 100g Antique finish Silver Coin
  2. Dennis

    Rwanda Lunar and Ships series

    When do they release the nautical Proof version? Any idea?
  3. Dennis

    Rwanda Lunar and Ships series

    Can't wait to see the Proof version! !
  4. I saw the coin on powercoin.it Mabye@BackyardBullion can make a review video of this coin!
  5. Dennis

    Hello everybody

    My name is Dennis, Im 25 years old and living in the Netherlands. Im very interested in silver coins so I thought lets join this amazing forum to learn from the experts. Btw Backyardbullion thank you for the great movies on YouTube! I have learned a lot from them! Sorry for my bad english. School was not my thing haha. Can't wait to learn even more!