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  1. septic

    100g Silver Forum Bars Reservations - NOW OPEN

    Can i have 56 ( current age ) ta Steve
  2. septic

    100g Hallmarked Silver Forum Branded Investment Bars

    Interested, put me down for one
  3. septic

    The Silver Forum Branded Investment Bars!

    I have mine, i thank you
  4. septic

    The Silver Forum Branded Investment Bars!

    I will take one, any number not fussed, ta
  5. septic

    Silver Deals.....

    Just brought a couple, lets see what turns up :)
  6. septic

    New £20 coin

    Forget the moaning coin arrived yesterday, bit small has some have mentioned, but very nice .
  7. septic

    New £20 coin

    The buggers, now it says shipping within x 2 wks. Quick enough to take my money, 3 days my arse
  8. septic


    Thanks all for the replies, they seem to have a decent range of coins at Yorkshire, so will look at them , but will talk to Hans first at Silvercoins. Ta. Steve
  9. septic


    Hi, Looking ta buy some of these ( just for collecting etc) not bothered before, any idea best place to buy from ? In uk ? or online from the States ? I assume too pricey from abroad with delivery costs. Don't really trust much on Ebay. Seen some from Yorkshire Bullion, anyone dealt with these before ? Ta.
  10. septic

    New £20 coin

    Managed to get one tonite , took its time tho
  11. septic


    Hi, First a thank you to everyone who said hello from my post on the new members thread, most welcome. Question, I have only really brought Silver from known dealers ( Chard's/ Weightons etc ) as a collecter so far & have avoided a lot of the stuff on ebay from fear of rip off. Can anyone recommend a decent set of scales i could buy that would help to confirm fakes etc. I have read that silver is less likely to be counterfeited due to the cost involved of trying to make a good fake, is this true ? Do I need scales, will a magnet suffice ? Ta.
  12. septic

    The most beautiful coin ever.......

    Over 3 thou for a E/F , wonder if I could blag it with the missus, tell her it only cost a few hundred
  13. septic

    The most beautiful coin ever.......

    Would love one, but my other half would kill me at the price a decent one would cost
  14. septic

    new items atkinsons

    I do like them,cannot buy again yet
  15. septic

    lions and tigers...

    My Lion arrived today, not a bad coin, I also ordered x 1 Kook + a Scottsdale Round to to have a looksie at them.
  16. septic

    XAG 1oz bars - a few quick photos

    HI, whats it like to order from them from the Uk ?
  17. septic

    who has used chards.co.uk

    Been using Chards for a while, maybe not the cheapest, but I have never had a prob with them so far , on time & the price as quoted
  18. septic


    Just to say hello, have been reading site for a while, have only been collecting for 18 months or so, mainly individual coins, only a couple of stacks.
  19. septic


    Perhaps if he read the instructions before using he may have got better results
  20. septic


    Thanks for the replies, it does appear that just going by weight can cause more worry than not checking at all. Most of the coins I have brought , whether silver or not , I have purchased from known dealers with a history behind them, so I,m not worried too much with regards to the diffs from the specs. I do not expect budget scales at the level I have paid at to be perfect, but they at lest give an idea . From reading other sites etc there can be a noticable amount in the gram weight between fakes & the real thing, none of my coins fail the magnet test ( I know it is not proof on it's own ), but I will sort out some calipers as Hooky suggests & see how I get on . Ta
  21. septic


    I have now weighed 10 of my Morgan dollers & they come in at between 26.66 & 27.76 which appears to be the range with these worn dollers according to the American sites.
  22. septic


    Thanks for the reply, the Brits I just weighed are showing between 31.24 & 31.9.against a spec of 31.21, so are slightly on the plus side. These have been brought from the likes of Chards & Weightons so have no cause to think of any concerns. Now this scale is only a cheap model ( Smart Weigh Elite ) but has good reviews. Does it make much of a diff how you place the coins on the scale ? I use gloves, should I be using some tweezers instead ? Ta
  23. septic


    Right, I have now gone & brought meself some scales and calibration weights. Question, Just weighed a 2012 Auzzie 1oz Year of the Dragon coin for a test, now the scales show a weight of 31.94g when the specs for the coin ( taken from the Chard website) say it should be 31.634 .Do I assume that this is down to the scales or is the weight variance as to be expected ? Ta.
  24. septic


    No prob with wandering, part of the fun. Like a lot of people on here , I suppose, I look at a lot of listings on e-bay & kinda think "No" that is not right. I'm a general collector as regards to coins,only fairly recently got into sliver, but it always makes me laugh when someone lists a two pound coin for sale at a stupid price with the word " Rare" attached to it, as tho that makes all the diff, more so when the Royal mint are still selling them But back to the topic, I will buy one of the scales mentioned above & poss a set of calibration weights as you suggest & see how I get on, but I think the safest way is to stick with well known sellers, with shops attached.