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  1. I will take one, any number not fussed, ta
  2. Just brought a couple, lets see what turns up :)
  3. septic

    New £20 coin

    Forget the moaning coin arrived yesterday, bit small has some have mentioned, but very nice .
  4. septic

    New £20 coin

    The buggers, now it says shipping within x 2 wks. Quick enough to take my money, 3 days my arse
  5. septic


    Thanks all for the replies, they seem to have a decent range of coins at Yorkshire, so will look at them , but will talk to Hans first at Silvercoins. Ta. Steve
  6. septic


    Hi, Looking ta buy some of these ( just for collecting etc) not bothered before, any idea best place to buy from ? In uk ? or online from the States ? I assume too pricey from abroad with delivery costs. Don't really trust much on Ebay. Seen some from Yorkshire Bullion, anyone dealt with these before ? Ta.
  7. septic

    New £20 coin

    Managed to get one tonite , took its time tho
  8. Over 3 thou for a E/F , wonder if I could blag it with the missus, tell her it only cost a few hundred
  9. Would love one, but my other half would kill me at the price a decent one would cost
  10. septic

    new items atkinsons

    I do like them,cannot buy again yet
  11. My Lion arrived today, not a bad coin, I also ordered x 1 Kook + a Scottsdale Round to to have a looksie at them.