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  1. Just had notification from the mint of a dispatch- Its got to be the special issue silver five ounce coin. Cant wait to see it! *Update: False alarm, the package was in fact a second replacement Una capsule sent via special delivery.
  2. That’s what happened to mine Melon. Pleased to report I received the capsule today from the mint, sent special delivery!
  3. Anyone else get the email from coin connection?
  4. This is likely to kill any momentum on the aftersale price... So many flippers will return these coins. On the flip side of that though, that will reduce the mintage number for the holders... Surely the 5oz silver and the front on DB5 will do ok? I think the relief of that DB5 design will look ace on a large coin.
  5. Mintage on the 5 oz silver increased to 440...
  6. I would have thought the special design could have been released as an ‘inspired innovations’ coin, like they did for Queen the band. Some of them have differences- micro engraving in the 007 part for example. And the front on DB5 view is A completely Different coin. all getting a bit confusing really
  7. Had to be done. Couldn’t resist it, the 5oz design is so much more pleasing on the eye 👍🏼
  8. Been on and got the one oz silver, 1/4 gold and 5 oz silver. I only saw the 5 oz silver later in the morning. Was it there from the start? My issue now is I have been charged £9 postage fees, twice. Grr. Where did £9 postage bloody well come from?
  9. Had an update from the mint- initially they wanted me to send back the coin and capsule to replace the whole product. This worried me as there is no way I will be sending the coin back, i love it and won’t part with it in case they send me a different one back with the new capsule. After all it is just the capsule that is broken. When I made clear my concerns I have had another response saying that as the coin is sold out they will escalate to the returns team and look to replace the capsule only. Still waiting for confirmation but if that happens I will be a happy little coinster. It’s only right to praise the mint when they get things right.
  10. So this was the first coin to be released in the 'inspired innovations' range. Am I missing something? Looking at the coin itself the design is still quite bland and it has 3 keys on the piano being held down.This apparently makes up the 'inspired innovation' part of the coin. Hmm. i know its low mintage and i missed out but my thoughts on this new series are not very positive. What do you guys think? Im sure the coin will do very well but Im struggling to see the point of what makes this coin inspired or even innovative!
  11. Same here. I was really trying to keep an eye out for this release too. Mildly annoying.
  12. Hi all, Thanks for all the replies!This is a very kind forum. Yes it was a screw capsule and I broke it as i was trying to screw it closed. My heart skipped a beat when it happened!! I will contact the mint and CC for a replacement- it sounds like there was an issue with these capsules anyway? Or could just be me! Still love looking at my Una and the lion. What a coin. I am organising with arcglide RE the QB's capsules. I dont think the Una will fit as it was a unique size?
  13. I've just had a bit of disaster when opening one of my silver Una's. the capsule has broken! Does anyone know where I can order an exact replacement? Also capsules for the Queens beasts 2 oz silver Thanks!
  14. These could be winners... New technology going in to them and very limited! Different design to the one released yesterday?
  15. Got my Silver Una and the Lion yesterday. I spent ages looking at it with a loupe, it’s amazingly beautiful. That ‘soft’ proof finish is gorgeous, but I’m not sure if they have used the same finish On the Queens head side?? This is the best coin that I own, and with my recent purchases from the mint I wish I had Not bothered, saved them all up, and gone for the gold. I would be quite happy if it was the only coin I owned. A marvellous coin. Well done to the mint for this one and I’m looking forward to the next in the series. Hopefully it’s a while so I can get saving!
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