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  1. Jeffers46

    Bringing Silver to the UK from China

    Good Evening all, My partner is visiting China later in the year and I would love some silver pandas as holiday presents 😀. Does anyone have experience of flying back with silver bullion from the Chinese mainland? Are there limits on what you can bring, taxes etc? Cheers, Jeffers
  2. Jeffers46

    Trends in Royal Mint Milk spotting?

    Which QB's did you buy? Mine came encapsulated. Still worrying to hear of 50% spotting...
  3. Jeffers46

    Group Order Negotiations - 10 oz Queen's Beast Dragon & More

    I would like to go in for the dragon 10 oz, the bull and some oriental brits.
  4. Jeffers46

    10p Coins

    Still waiting for mine... I almost want to cancel the order. How many sets can be described as 'Early Strike'. Surely they are producing and shipping sets which no longer fit that description?
  5. Jeffers46

    10p Coins

    @JCRJM I have the exact same issue- I ordered 2 lots of 2 sets- one over the telephone, which hasn't come out of my bank account at all, and one lot by credit card via a royal mint online account. Nothing has come out of my bank yet, and my credit card, while initially showing the correct balance deduction, has now been updated as if there was no transaction at all. Very strange.
  6. Jeffers46

    10p Coins

    My work Post office knows nothing about them- probably just wanted to get rid of me Will try the one nearer home later. Thinking about going in for the BU Set to save aggro of checking my change!
  7. Jeffers46

    10p Coins

    Anyone headin to the Post Office today? only chance to get one from circulation probaly... 100,000 makes them rarer than kew 50p!
  8. Jeffers46

    European Mint Promotional Offer - Free oz of Silver!

    Good stuff. Is the offer still open does anyone know?
  9. Jeffers46

    2018 Peter Rabbit 50p

    Love the image, I think its the best so far.
  10. Apologies for changing the topic but is this order still open for people to join in? This is my first time participating, is there a minimum order amount? Cheers
  11. Jeffers46

    Maintaining purchasing discipline

    My idea is to use the silver to hedge against any crypto losses. Don't put all one's eggs in one basket etc. Gold would easily suffice in lesser quantities. I imagine the fed is trying hard to find a way to tax any gains made from crypto, but it will be hard for them. Its a complete wild west frontier at the moment, many scams and horror stories along with the newly made crypto wealthy. Early adopters are now millionaires. Many people lose everything. I would not sign up to any website or exchange via a link, but do your own research and come to your own conclusions. I got in very recently but am already +35%. Its a crazy ride. Who knows what the future holds.
  12. Jeffers46

    Maintaining purchasing discipline

    Well that was an interesting month. I nearly picked up 20 silver Britannias for a steal at my local auction house, missed out by £20. Including the commission they went for £400. Some interesting dates in the mix too. So its a while until the next auction... and I decided to go in for some Bitcoin. Next month will probably be 50/50 crypto/silver
  13. Jeffers46

    Silver Deals.....

    Im sure you are all aware but Royal Mint bullion is doing a black friday discount on coin premiums
  14. Jeffers46

    Maintaining purchasing discipline

    Discipline come from within If you've seen that South Park episode youll get it It can be hard though to control ones impulses when it comes to shiny...
  15. Jeffers46

    Maintaining purchasing discipline

    HH you will be pleased to know that i have committed my next buy to a full sovereign. any tips? whats your favourite (affordable) Sov?