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  1. Exactly they all talk as much 💩 on this forum as they commentators 😂
  2. Coming home is it 😂
  3. Yep that amazing guy read my pm about 20 hours ago and never got back to me but sovsteve said he might be interested but after Saturday and told him after semi i would be looking for him to put up 5oz to my 10. So why not try to organise a whip round offers still there unless steve gets back to me. I picked Belgium to win from the start but still give England little change against France if they get past Croatia tonight and its looking like they should pretty easy
  4. I have just pm him lets hope hes not like you then just likes to make alot of noise 😂
  5. Nope no one has hit me up for a bet apart from steve and hes going to get back to me after Saturday i think. As of right now first come first servered offereing 10oz to any ones 3 oz before the semi if England get to final its 10oz to your 5oz. Any takers message me obviously only doing this one time ?
  6. MrGeorge

    PM’s and ???

    I would look into some index funds and pick one that’s right for you thats what the bulk of my money goes into and gold second. Or maybe look at some cheap property to rent out but i dont like property unless it’s bought outright I wouldn’t recommend a mortgage.
  7. MrGeorge


    I was just meaning ive never really heard of escrow I thought it was more a America thing, I remember floyd mayweather talking about it saying he was going to put up so much money in escrow to make a fight happen. If your confused its ok but maybe just stop replying
  8. MrGeorge


    No that would be a long drive, what part of the country you at ? The chance to win 10oz think i would be driving anywhere
  9. MrGeorge


    No escrow is not the thing they use for boxing promoters to transfer serious money. We talking about 10oz to your 1oz im up in glasgow if your not too far away come by one of my work places i am not going to do a runner lol or else i have some business down london monday on there for the day if your down that area ill give you 10oz to hold if you can provide proof of address
  10. MrGeorge


    😂 sorry apologies i just assumed you were male, stupid i know. 10 to 1 odds is fare and it stands for any other member wanting a bet ? I am not interested in winning any less than 1 oz so will happily do a one time bet 10oz for 1oz surly there must be one taker ?
  11. MrGeorge

    Today I Received

    Do i need to do anything to mine apart from water every few months ? Wont lie im not that into cactus only bought it because it was from supreme
  12. MrGeorge


    Thats a bet ill take. I will put up10oz to your 1oz so we agreed on that ? dont turn into a shithouse now boy 😂
  13. MrGeorge


    I tell you what i will match any bookies in the uk just for u now time to get your nuts out or you just all talk ?
  14. MrGeorge


    No odds just a bet 1oz for 1oz upto 10oz if u want it let me know even have a whip around with other members if u don’t fancy it yourself 😂
  15. MrGeorge

    Today I Received

    Todays pickups some more gold for the pot and the smallest cactus ive ever seen 🌵