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  1. All my kids have junior isa with vanguard global all cap index funds i picked for them. Its limited to just under 5k a year but you could also add some gold to there pot thats what i do.
  2. Had a good friend ask about gold yesterday. Had a chat to him about the different coins and that and he’s wanting to start buying one sovereign each month. Hes also not really wanting to look around each month for the cheapest coin, hes just wanting one good website that’s usually competitively priced. I dont buy sovereign coins but remember hatton garden being recommended alot. Are they always usually a good website or is there better places ? Hes also not wanting to join a forum and buy privately, so that only leaves a website.
  3. I made my own clothing line about two years ago and it was shockingly easy. Started doing t shirts for £50 a pop made them limited to 50 of each one. Cost me around £7 to make but was too time consuming and took about 2-3 months to shift each batch i did. So haven’t done any in a while but worth it for someone else who has more time on there hands.
  4. I dont know anyone personally who stacks gold. My brother and cousin who are quite well off and i am quite close to both of them. They have quite a sizeable amount of money just sitting in there bank losing value each year and are too scared to do anything with it. There crazy lol
  5. I look to put around 10% of what i make into investments, probably should do more but you also need to enjoy money. No point having a big pot at the end of your life and your too ****ed to enjoy it.
  6. I got the bracelet version and it also comes with the omega nato and another velcro type strap. The leather and buckle cost me around £450 a think it was not 100% sure but it was around that price. I know you can buy the speedy pro with the leather strap and i think its cheaper but I would imagine the steel bracelet will be quite expensive if you decide later you want one. I personally prefer the leather then the nato, i do like the bracelet now and again but it does feel inferior to rolex and ap bracelets so for that reason i dont think ill be putting mine back on.
  7. @AuricGoldfinger you should definitely get one, such a great piece. I looked at them for a good two years and every time i tried it on in store i just ended up not getting it. Then wife surprised me one day, said she was fed up watching me try it on lol. It’s a watch that looks good on any strap IMO. Only things i would change are i wish it have a date but being a chronograph I suppose dial is already a bit busy and i wish it had a screw down crown always to scared to go swimming with a push in crown even though they say there waterproof.
  8. Don’t worry about selling it. Just take it to a bullion deal when the time comes and get 98% of spot or even now and again they pay full spot price.
  9. Thats the thing about rolexs but there mass produced nothing remotely rare about them and i have two gmts but rolex is the watch i wear the least. Prefer my omega and ap over it. @Madstacks congrats on the new omega beautiful dial really pops, wear in good health mate
  10. @Smoggy a love my brits was just meaning pre owned random years, that’s usually all i stack and they all look the same so never really post brits.
  11. Finally got the new queens beast and a few bog standard brits
  12. Anyone got one yet ? Still waiting for mine
  13. The speedy pro will hold value better. The speedy pro appeals to just about everyone, theres people with crazy high end collections and they will have a speddy pro in there but not so much the seamasters there alot less desirable. Try both on and pick what one you enjoy more but the speedy pro will always be sought after.
  14. Picked up the OEM leather strap and deployment buckle at the weekend. Perfect for me as i was wanting a more dressy watch but dont like most slim dress watches. So perfect balance for me and now have all three options for the speedy pro. This might just be my favourite watch and its my cheapest.
  15. I am buying but if it goes to £1500 think ill stop. Ive managed to stack way more than i thought i would over two years, so ill just stop and tuck it away until retirement.