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  1. With gold it doesnt really matter just try and buy as close to spot price as possible, if you go sovereigns be careful alot of fakes about if your buying old pre owned ones. Silver is dead. Wouldn’t touch it that stuffs a terrible investment, people who stack that stuff are hoping for a miracle better playing the lotto. actually not that much to learn about pms just buy as close to spot as possible if your buying alot probably best to stack Tax free coins.
  2. All my kids are on a junior isa with vanguard. Just remember to watch out for the fortune tellers 🔮 on this forum that are wrong more times than a broken clock.
  3. Started getting into oud oil a few years ago but the past few months ive started collecting it more as a investment along with agarwood instead of using the stuff.
  4. Thats me now got every version of the 24ct britannia now onto the 22ct brits
  5. No you actually can now or so im told, my brother was telling me the other week giy he knows who sells weed takes bank transfers now 😂 not sure if he has a card machine
  6. @AuricGoldfinger I ordered mine 8 days ago so took quite a while arriving also ordered two oriental brits at the same time and there still not shipped.
  7. Wasn’t sure about this coin when i seen it online but its really nice in person.
  8. Nice wee delivery this morning after the disappointment from they lions fron hatton garden
  9. Yea I thought last night that the would refund. Wonder how many they actually sold probably 100+ maybe
  10. Just had a call from hatton garden it was glitch on there website and they are refunding all orders 😭
  11. Just grabbed 2 👍🏻 Wonder how many they got, said 6 available i grabbed two and it now says 8 available 😂
  12. I dont but have a few mates who do, mate in America just sold two for 30k some are worth serious money
  13. If you had listed that unicorn for the same premium as the op the whole forum would of been after it 😂 think the problem with the queens beasts are not many people are late to the party and pick a few up right away when they release for just a few % over spot. So not many people out there wanting to pay the high premium unless there desperate.
  14. If you were local to me i would of took it and the half ozs, im in Glasgow if you happen to be from Glasgow by any chance i would take them? I dont even bother looking on the sale section anymore looked every few days for a few months when i first joined and brits seem to never really come up for sale much. The one time i seen some i think it was 3oz tried to buy them within a day of the listing and they had all been sold. So i would imagine it’s probably just the time of year because your price is great
  15. I dont know what half oz brits usually sell for but your 1oz brit is only £7 cheaper than i payed this morning for some. So maybe people would just prefer to buy from a well know website/dealer for a little extra.