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  1. A had a look at your links. I know larkhall and wishaw well. No nice way to say it but there sh1t hole places. Your looking to buy cheap houses and cheap rentals get cheap tenants. My mate buys expensive properties he did a deal a few years ago when the old canniesburn hospital got converted to luxury flats/house bought 20 from the builder because they were struggling to shift them and he rented allt of them out to the rangers players when they moved there training ground over that way. I only go on what he tells me now and then and hes never happy about his rentals. Be very careful if you decide to plough money into properties. More people lose money that you would think.
  2. Have a mate who buys flats regularly in Glasgow and he’s always going on about problems, chasing rent stuff getting trashed or needing just general repair. Far simpler ways to get 10% returns, mate even says its not worth the hassle and hes made a bit of money doing it.
  3. That video he’s insulated on the outside so not to lose space inside the containers so its fully insulated. And his 350k is oz thats 180k gbp i would get it done cheaper for sure. I can already get the containers free though my business and probably get most if not all materials heavily discounted. To be honest the build price Isnt the problem its planning. I like the idea of these containers and think if i can get a remote bit of land it shouldn’t be a problem. I’m wanting a getaway home in the wilderness just for the odd weekend and holidays like xmas time would be nice
  4. Because containers sit on concrete blocks so there no fixed to the ground. Ive been told you dont need planing permission is most cases. In a ideal world if you could just do what you want i would probably go with a proper log cabin made out of the big old logs but you definitely need planning for them. So im hopeful i can buy a nice bit of land and go to council and they say crack on you dont need planning for a few containers.
  5. Lol yea i know it sounds alot but its quite impressive what they can be made into. this just one of many videos on youtube but this kind of idea just larger.
  6. Quite confident i could get them converted for that price. Seen a good few videos of 3-4 containers getting done for around 80k. Plan is to buy the land soon then save up the rest next year for the actual build. So even though i might very well buy the land in the next few months. Actually having something built and finished could end up being 18months away.
  7. Land ive seen is 150-200k for anything ranging from 20-30 acres and I expect building to cost another 150k. So im thinking maximum 350k with a large getaway home on a big chunk of land and when my kids get older the land will be big enough to add more containers.
  8. Land I’m looking at will have large parts of forest and seen one with water runing through it, i don't want a big bit of land thats just grass. So definitely could hide it but then again ill be looking to get 6 containers minimum all probably 40ft so im wanting quite a large place. Also these container house are very advanced nowadays when you convert them and ill buy hiring a company that specialises in building them. This is not something im going to have a go at myself, it will be done to a high spec. Been watching alot of the YouTube channel living big in a tiny house. Im just wanting to some times live big in a big house lol
  9. Thank you to everyone whos took time to reply. Think my next step needs to be picking an area i want land, dont really want any longer than 2 hour drive from my house and then contact the local council.
  10. Thanks for you post. I have done very little in terms of research but i read shipping containers are good because there not fixed to the ground there a few ways round planning and basically you just need access road and not in close proximity to residential and your good to go. I dont know how accurate this is i found a old post on a random google search. I would of preferred a luxury log cabin but there basically a house so no easy way to dodge planning permission.
  11. It was my friend who go me looking into them. He stuck one in his garden and done it all up and it looks really good. Then he told me to look them up on YouTube, people been making houses out of them. I can get the containers for next to nothing and obviously it will be costly to turn them into some sort of house, I wouldn’t be doing any of it myself but dont mind putting the money in if i can buy a nice spot of land. Its the land im trying to find more about, there’s got to be a few pitfalls to look out for surly
  12. Does anyone on the forum buy land ? I’m sure i read a while ago some people talking about it but can't find it now. Thinking about buying 20-30 acres up north of Scotland, lands pretty cheap and building some sort of shipping container house for a place to go every now and again. Ive been watching these shipping containers house on YouTube alot of the past week and want one now. Getting the containers and them built is easy enough but is there anything to know when buying land ? I remember reading on this forum someone saying just make sure its above sea level and you can't go wrong. Anything else ? Like what grades etc ?
  13. For me personally i just want to dump money into stocks without the hassle of being on top of the going ons etc. So for me a index fund like s and p 500 is perfect i just pay into it for the next 25 plus years and im good. I dont know why anyone would want to pick and choose stocks and jump in and out. Its a headache i dont want. I didn’t click your link but I’m guessing it’s some idiot saying time the market 😂 and jump in and out so ill pass.
  14. And this is exactly why you should join a investment forum or read books. All the billionaire investors say the same thing. Get in now dont put it off. Most important thing is time in the market not timing the market. I prefer to take advice from people who have succeeded in the market over decades and not some random person on a forum. Who by the way is probably not even in the market or if is has very little invested.
  15. Best tip is get in today don't wait. Also best join a investment forum i got talking to a few guys on there and they really helped me out when i started. Vanguard seems to get recommended alot and that who i went with but more importantly its the fees you have to keep a eye out for. Get the book unshakable by tony robbins great read for people getting into stocks.