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  1. Ive just got back from the park with the dog. At the start there was a chinese girl sitting in a yoga 🧘‍♀️ like position on the decking area at the duck pond. Parks large so i was walking through the woods with dog and about 90 mins later got to the waterfall and the girl now was just sitting at the waterfall. Two police in a van come up talk to her for a minute then grab her and put her in the van and drive off. My daughter said she recognised her from high school. So im guessing hopefully shes just getting a drive home. I circled the girl in red because shes had to see in the photo.
  2. If your doing a water fast I highly recommend you add this to every 2L of water you drink it will make the fast so much easier potassium chloride 1 teaspoon pink salt himalayan 1/2 teaspoon bicarbonate soda 1 teaspoon magnesium sulphate 1/2 teaspoon and that gives you your very own homemake electrolytes drink
  3. Soon as there rumbled one of the guys just removes his mask and goggles 😂
  4. So yet again every reply you give gets us no further on. You apparently have strong views why i am wrong but for some strange reason you wont say and now you need to do research. Why what for just give your views now and disprove me ? Actually theres very little care needed when trying to up your alkaline levels with bicarbonate soda. Has there ever been a recored case of death due to bicarbonate soda ? If its so dangerous there must be thousands of cases ? Please do not reply unless you actually have something to prove I'm wrong, i dont want another your wrong but i cant back it up reply.
  5. I told you my believes very clearly so again you chat rubbish but don’t worry ill list them all again just for you. So please don't dodge the question again and dont come back with what did i read ect. That’s irrelevant you obviously seen my original post the same as this and strongly disagree. So don't go quite now speak up turmeric = anti inflammatory vitamin d = i just said most people are lacking in this. Oramges =vitamin c distilled water = removes inorganic properties from body blackseed oil = removes mucus bicarbonate soda = fast way to get body alkaline zinc = good for immune system pink himalayan salt = loaded with minerals
  6. Just to start. 😂 right instead of just insinuating stuff why dont you actually prove me wrong. Go through the full list and please prove me wrong on each one
  7. Well you did say “OMG i cant resist “ so what exactly cant you resist about pure water and bicarbonate soda ? Ive told you one flushes inorganic properties out your system and the other is great for for keeping your ph level alkaline. So please do tell me what you cant resist from saying ?
  8. @sovereignsteve never once said i was an expert on anything so thats you just chatting rubbish again and said right at the start. Anyone taking anything should do there own research.
  9. I was wondering what rubbish you were going to come back with, out of that whole list you can only list pure water and about PH levels and what did you say OMG I couldn’t resist 😂 So distilled is just pure water and there was a big push years ago I’m going to say the 60s but might be off a fair bit. Going off memory one of my neighbours who i sit and talk to regularly told me about distilled water. Hes a retired doctor but only did that for around 10 years before he walked away and ran a herbalist shop until he retired. He gave me the book mans higher consciousness. I read this book years ago so I remember basically the main points but would need to read it again. Basically theres two types of minerals organic and inorganic the media when they did there campaign to scare people from drinking distilled water would say it leaches minerals out your body and it does but what they failed to say is it’s inorganic minerals it removes. A good example of inorganic minerals would be corn flakes easily tested with a magnet and it’s inorganic iron fillings. I drink distilled water because i believe water should be neutral not alkaline or acidic and i get my minerals from other sources. Onto the PH levels. They can range from extremely acidic to very alkaline in your urine or saliva, now your blood ph levels don’t vary much but im guessing by you saying they dont vary much in your reply you have no idea about ph levels. So i wont even bother to waste my time trying to explain. There’s numerous books and studies on this you can read yourself if you wish to.
  10. @sovereignsteve Really cant be bothered going through them all, so probably alot quicker if you just name the ones you dont think are good for you and ill then explain why you are wrong.
  11. Yea quinine. Its not very nice to drink so been buying the small 150ml cans and just drink them down in one go. Also forgot to add i take iodine but only do that once a week
  12. Ill try and keep it short, i would obviously recommend anyone whos taking anything to do there own research. Turmeric is one of the best anti inflammatory you can take so i have been taking that for years, not just recently. vitamin D again been taking this for years its so important for a whole load of stuff and people in uk are almost certainly lacking in it. oranges no need to explain that the distilled water been on that for a few years now because it flushes inorganic Properties out your system. blackseed oil into this about two years ago by a herbalist ment to be the best all rounder. Removes mucus from your system. bicarb soda, read the book sodium bicarbonate by dr mark sircus amazing highly recommend. Fast way to alkalise your body hopefully everyone knows about the bodys PH levels and how they work. just started taking zinc sulphate and the tonic water this past two weeks. Didn’t know the reason gin and tonic drink came about because gin was so bad for you they made it tonic mix to counter it, also zinc sulphate is alot stronger than your average zinc and its just a good immune system booster. the baths pink hym salt because its got every mineral except two i believe been taking this for years so cant remember exactly but has almost every mineral the body needs. Hot bath it goes right into your system. Also put it on my food and its the most alkaline product on earth. Bicarbonate citric acid mix again its a fast effective way to alkaline your body fast in a hot bath. all this is probably a bit extreme but the baths I enjoy and the other stuff well i just do not get ill ever and haven’t in the last 20 years. No one in my family ever gets ill so it must work. Also tell you this one just for a laugh and give wee old roy a excuse for one of his bad jokes. A few years ago i read a book on urine therapy. I did this for 30 days and i kid you not i felt like the incredible hulk 😂 i did boxing for about 12 years when i was younger stopped around 26 and did the urine experiment around 2-3 years ago so would of been 35-36 and its by far the strongest and fittest i had ever felt. Only reason I stopped was because i kept messing up my diet and your supposed to have a clean diet if your doing urine therapy.
  13. Ive seriously upped my supplements game recently. This is what i take daily now. turmeric 600mg x6 daily vitamin D 12000 iu daily zinc sulphate 220mg daily juice 12 oranges for vitamin C daily tablespoon of black seed oil daily 1L of tonic water daily 2L of distilled water daily 1 tablespoon of bicarbonate soda daily then hot baths each night and rotate between 1kg of pink Himalayan salt or else 1kg of bicarbonate soda mixed with 500g of citric acid. Not a chance i am getting ill anytime soon 😃
  14. I tried to put money in the bank today and was told sorry they cant take it as there shutting tomorrow and cant have lots of cash left in store. It was a Barclays
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