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  1. Your obviously thick as 💩 roy. He asked if me thinking the earths flat affects my investment decisions. Really roy? You thinking that's a sensible question tells me all I need to know about you.
  2. Right well, let's get into it then. Say my views are different from yours how do you then go about trying to ridicule me? Let's hear the answer
  3. Oh that's great I am relieved that you are relieved. People like you make my skin crawl don't bother with what other people think just worry about your own thoughts
  4. I like to use it on all forums because it's funny to show people up who mention it soon as there's a argument/debate there losing never fails 😆
  5. Come on 😆 you need to try better than that, you stick to your silver and let me know how that turns out for you 😂
  6. 😂 see i would perfer that a peasant thinks i am a a$$hole than be that peasant fighting for the potatoes. Also i am actually not wrong all i have said is i think a LISA isnt a good investment its just my opinion but you crack on 🐈 🥔 😜
  7. Aye ok van 😂 you keep messing with the small potatoes.
  8. @Roy I need to come across as stupid sometimes so people like you can understand me.
  9. Well your idea or rich and mine must be completely different and its £750 free a year dont just be adding 25% on and chatting rubbish like you usually do. Me burning £1000 is the same thing as not thinking a LISA is a good idea how did you come up with that did your crystal ball tell you 🔮 😂 i bet you own about 15 cats dont you ? And that cat piss is making you crazy 😆
  10. But its not a a$$hole thing to say its just realistic and people dont like to hear the truth. If 3k is all you can invest a year my advice would be forget about investing and find a new source of income or get a second job. Or better still start your own business its alot easier than people would have you believe.
  11. If you are renting you look at what you have coming in and say 3k a month is 36,000 so I wouldn't have a problem writing that off each year hell my wife spends more in handbags each year. After 25 putting the same 3k a month into s and p 500 works out at 4 million and the compound starts to go nuts after 25 years. Stay in another 5 years and it's pushing 7 million. Please show me how a house is a better investment? Yes maintenance on a million plus house is no joke I had to put a clive Christian kitchen in my house last year because a normal kitchen would devalue my house. It cost 6 figures. Something I could quite happily do without
  12. After 25 years of compounding at 3k a month your getting 380k a year and it's significantly more each year after that. I put more than 3k a month into stocks. So yes you can stick your homes and I'll put my children onto rentals. When I retire and cash out then I'll buy a house again and it will work out better because my children will of moved out then I don't need a really big house.
  13. I bought my house in 2010 didn't know anything about the stock market or investing at the time, so like most uninformed people I thought buying a house was a good investment. If I had put what I paid for my house into a s and p 500 I would be worth so much more than I am today. I watch a lot of that valdtv channel and follow his stocks page on Instagram and almost every person he interviews all say the same thing. They rent and why the hell would they want to own a house. I found this strange at first so looked more into it and did some research and it just makes more sense to rent for me and put more money into the stock market. Now I do own my home mortgage free but I am seriously thinking of selling when and if this bear market ever comes and just rent a big home and stick the lot into stocks. Would fast track my retirement by a lot.
  14. Compounding at hundreds of thousands of pounds each year yes ill take the compounding over hoping my house will double in value to a make a very small profit.
  15. Well I live up in Scotland and next door just sold there house for 1.5 million with 10% down your mortgage over 25 years is a little over 7k a month I can rent a house same size easy for 3k a month can move when I want and don't have to spend a fortune doing it up every 5-10 years. So no I don't see how America is that different to the UK rates might vary a bit still the same idea. As for the LISA no am not fussed at all about a free £750 a year it's nothing and it's never going to turn into something worthwhile.