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  1. MrGeorge

    Pricing Gold Britannia's for sale

    If you had listed that unicorn for the same premium as the op the whole forum would of been after it 😂 think the problem with the queens beasts are not many people are late to the party and pick a few up right away when they release for just a few % over spot. So not many people out there wanting to pay the high premium unless there desperate.
  2. MrGeorge

    Pricing Gold Britannia's for sale

    If you were local to me i would of took it and the half ozs, im in Glasgow if you happen to be from Glasgow by any chance i would take them? I dont even bother looking on the sale section anymore looked every few days for a few months when i first joined and brits seem to never really come up for sale much. The one time i seen some i think it was 3oz tried to buy them within a day of the listing and they had all been sold. So i would imagine it’s probably just the time of year because your price is great
  3. MrGeorge

    Pricing Gold Britannia's for sale

    I dont know what half oz brits usually sell for but your 1oz brit is only £7 cheaper than i payed this morning for some. So maybe people would just prefer to buy from a well know website/dealer for a little extra.
  4. MrGeorge

    Sovereign or Quarter Britannia?

    Remember theres more gold in a britannia than a sov so they should be slightly more expensive
  5. MrGeorge

    Sovereign or Quarter Britannia?

    Depends what you like a think 24ct vs 22ct i think 22ct looks horrible just like copper so for me i dont like the look of 22ct gold. There is also more gold in the quarter britannia . Also a quarter britannia is just as easy to sell as a sov so dont let that affect your decision.
  6. MrGeorge

    Gold as a Growth Investment ? - Take Note

    Golds 💩 when compared to stocks in my opinion. Done a fair bit of reading up on both as investments and i just dont think golds even close to being as good as stocks long term 20+ years. I now only buy gold when all my isas are maxed out.
  7. MrGeorge

    Gold Monitoring Thread £ only

    Ive been trying to find 5oz of pre owned brits past few days struggling to find any for a decent price, usual people i deal with have none and even hatton garden who had plus 10 a few days ago are sold out. I would think with xmas and this high price people would be selling and shops would have loads of stock but seems not.
  8. MrGeorge

    Goals for 2019

    My main goal for 2019 is to buy a holiday home cash, talked about it last year with my brother in law we agreed we would both get one this year but none of us did. So i am focused this year by end of 2019 i will have that home abroad and slowly start to live over there, i hate the weather in the uk.
  9. MrGeorge

    Today I Received.....

    First bit of 22ct gold 2010,2011,2002 brits really like them was expecting them to look a bit more copper, i thnk they look very similar to the 24ct version
  10. MrGeorge

    sovereigns for sons security

    I would pick stocks over gold, all my children have junior isa and me and the wife have isa aswell. Ive only recently started buying gold again because all our isa and maxed out until April. If you are unsure about a unstable market I suggest the book unshakable by tony robbins very easy read and nice short book. Long term its way better than gold in my opinion of course.
  11. MrGeorge

    buying gold on forum

    First off its not the service that covers the loss of gold its the company so if your buying from places like atkinsons chards etc if your parcel goes missing there replacing it, unless of course you know something evryone else doesn’t? selling to a dealer is 98% minimum chards recently started offering 100% of spot for sovs and brits so no doesn’t have to be 98%. I've said how i plan to buy/sell gold might not be for everyone but it works for me 😉 i will let you worry about the half sovs
  12. MrGeorge

    buying gold on forum

    Lol roy a thought a had you blocked. I was originally planning to do so but after getting all the variations of the 24ct 1 oz britannia i only need the 2019 version, ive decided to go for all the 22ct ones just think it will make a nice collection. Who knows what will happen when i get finished maybe some other collection will catch my eye. Also bought some sovs yesterday so who know might end up going down that route next.
  13. MrGeorge

    buying gold on forum

    So £20 delivery and buying at spot vs spot plus my usual rate of + 1% with £5 delivery charge and i know i payed 1.5% today but thats the most ive payed for gold all year because my usual guy didn’t have any brits left. So for the sake of saving £15 i think its not worth buying on the forums thats just me everyone will have different views.
  14. MrGeorge

    buying gold on forum

    Special delivery only insurers upto £2500 so that would be no good for me right away minimum i always buy is 3oz As for which dealer buys over spot what do you mean ? I dont think anyone has suggested any dealers buy over spot, not sure if you have maybe read my post wrong.
  15. MrGeorge

    buying gold on forum

    I am maybe just over cautious. I don't know if anyone of this forum goes on the rolex forums ? This happened a good 8-10 years ago i had just joined the forum around this time so can only remember part of the story but i am sure it will still be there. This guy was a reputable pre owned watch seller he literally sold dozens of watches every month ranging from 5k to 25k built up a first class reputation over numerous years and not sure if he was approaching retirement age or just in financial trouble but he listed a bunch of watches for sale and scammed the forum out of a few hundred thousand. People didn’t want to believe he was capable of such a thing and i am positive he ended up going to jail i will need to look it up again but it was a real eye opener. So for that reason I wouldn’t really buy from people on a forum unless it was a face to face transaction.