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  1. MrGeorge

    buying gold on forum

    I am maybe just over cautious. I don't know if anyone of this forum goes on the rolex forums ? This happened a good 8-10 years ago i had just joined the forum around this time so can only remember part of the story but i am sure it will still be there. This guy was a reputable pre owned watch seller he literally sold dozens of watches every month ranging from 5k to 25k built up a first class reputation over numerous years and not sure if he was approaching retirement age or just in financial trouble but he listed a bunch of watches for sale and scammed the forum out of a few hundred thousand. People didn’t want to believe he was capable of such a thing and i am positive he ended up going to jail i will need to look it up again but it was a real eye opener. So for that reason I wouldn’t really buy from people on a forum unless it was a face to face transaction.
  2. MrGeorge

    buying gold on forum

    Reason i would never buy gold from the forums is if it never turns up your down a fair bit of money and for what to save almost nothing. Its also the reason i will never sell any gold on a forum too when the time comes i will be off to a dealer to cash in, dont want the hassle of posting it all out and then maybe something going missing. I bought 3oz of gold today from a well known website that i have only used one time before so i have no friendship with the dealer and have to pay the same price as everyone else and still got my gold for 1.5% above spot and its insured tracked delivery so i know i am covered.
  3. Been looking for 50p in last few weeks seem to be finding alot of these rabbit coins got another today but left it in the car. I am guessing they are all quite easy to find no rare ones out there ?
  4. MrGeorge

    Today I Received.....

    Falcon arrived this morning i quite like it
  5. MrGeorge

    Has gold peaked?

    Think it peaked 2011 or 12 so its been doing 💩ever since. Short term under 10 years i think gold is a bad investment but should hopefully in the long term turn out good but i have drastically slowed down my gold purchases this year and will completely stop all together soon as i hit 50oz
  6. MrGeorge

    Gold Brits vs Gold Sovs

    Ture yes loads of different viewpoints if the op was buying for spot on the forums then going to sell on the forums for spot then yes obviously it doesn’t matter if he sells in a jam hes not down. I am in a similar situation to the op because i will never sell privately only to a dealer so i will never get more than 98% even the queens beast dont think i would bother with the hassle advertising them just take the lot to a dealer when the time comes. So i see as it being really stupid if i was buying gold only to sell again for a lose short term if i was in a jam. Thats why i didnt start investing in gold stocks etc until i was 100% debt free and a good bit of cash behind me.
  7. MrGeorge

    Gold Brits vs Gold Sovs

    That’s irrelevant what you sold them for i sold a pair of trainers last week for x3 there retail price but not many other people could do that. We are talking about the OP he’s already told us what he can get sovs for and hes also said hes not selling private he will sell to a dealer so we know his situation.
  8. MrGeorge

    Gold Brits vs Gold Sovs

    Well its still really bad if your selling to buy so something else. Op will pay 3.5% above spot and selling to a dealer whats he going to get probably 98% of spot so hes down 5.5% thats nuts buying anything to flip short term for any kind of a lose. Plus you have the other side ive seen this said time and time again on these forums about how great sovs are because they can help you get out of a jam fast 😂 no. If 200 odd pound could help me out I wouldn’t even consider investing in anything that i might have to sell short term, your just banging your head against a brick wall.
  9. MrGeorge

    Gold Brits vs Gold Sovs

    Maybe just get a mixture of all the cgt free coins i know sovs might be very easy to sell fast but you said you will sell to a dealer when the time comes so it doesn’t matter what you are selling, the shop will take them all. Also people always bang on about how sovs can help you out in a jam wtf if your life needs 200 odd pounds fast your really need to evaluate your life and never mind investing in anything
  10. MrGeorge

    Gold Brits vs Gold Sovs

    Go with what you like more there’s no worng pick. I personally dont like the look of 22ct gold coins so i went with 24ct 1oz brits and 1oz queen beasts.
  11. MrGeorge

    anyone just buy gold?

    Only gold for me. I have thought about getting into silver a few times but always end up changing my mind, a few months ago i said to myself if silver goes down to £11 a oz i would buy a monster box but just something always makes me think its still a bad buy.
  12. MrGeorge

    Queens Beast Falcon 1/4 oz Gold Bullion

    https://atkinsonsbullion.com/gold/gold-coins/1-4oz-gold-coins/2019-uk-queens-beasts-the-falcon-of-the-plantagen says dispatch in 5 working days so guessing there expecting delivery start of next week. Ordered the 1oz version last night
  13. MrGeorge

    Rolex Forum?

    Rolex forum is probably one of the better ones also try tz uk forum and watchuseek forums
  14. MrGeorge

    Gold Bubble ?

    I am not so sure about pms anymore to be honest still going to hold onto what i got and not that far away from 50oz, as soon as i hit that i dont feel comfortable putting anymore money into gold, except to finish the queens beats collection. Think theres better options out there for investment.
  15. MrGeorge

    Buying gold in the UK

    Right ok let’s forget about the rail gun and lighthouses ill admit i dont know enough about the rail gun seen a video of it getting tested a few years ago and looked to me as if it was shooting in a straight line. Got two more for you then and these are things ive used seen with my own eyes. I own a tiling company and we install floors in various supermarkets/shopping centres all over the uk and still to this day we use water levels because its the most accurate tool for the job over large distances, how can that be if water can be manipulated by gravity? Water always finds its level. second one i can got to literally thousands of beachs all over the world and see people over large bodys of water when they should be hidden by curvature? Again how is this possible are you going to say its a mirage. science must be repeatable testable and observable so show me a test that i can do to make water stick to a spinning ball and show me actual measurable curvature and i will change my opinion