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    lubi29 reacted to sovereignsteve in Lunar 2 Proofs - 2oz   
    As far as i understand it, the 2 oz proofs were originally only issued in the 3 coin sets, mintage 1000 although the early years didn't sell out, making the mouse and ox fairly rare, mintages 366, 340.
    the mint then issued another maximum of 1000 in a boxed set, starting with the first 7 coins. The rest were exclusively distributed by a German dealer upon issue.
    They are all shown on the Perth Mint numismatic mintage lists as maximum 2000. 1000 in 3 coin set and 1000 in the boxed year set. I think your misconception is because the boxed set was issued with only the first 7 coins and the rest issued yearly after that.
    This is how i understand it but I may be mistaken, an expert such as @motorbikez will be able to clarity the situation.
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    lubi29 reacted to Mike in Today I Received.....   
    2 very special deliveries today. I was had pretty much decided I wasn’t going to keep the gold 50p set, but now I have my hands on it, it’s stunning, I have no idea what to do!!! And the Queen Vic Sovereign was always a keeper

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    lubi29 reacted to Artictim in Today I Received.....   
    These two sets

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    lubi29 reacted to CadmiumGreen in Today I Received.....   
    And back from more work travel with the latest received. Primary theme here is old gold...went with some Numismatic varieties given the rise in gold prices.
    A great pick up from @gold. He is an excellent seller of this, I would go as far to say, almost EF 1818 George III Gold Half Sovereign, at a very reasonable price.

    Also, a VF 1793 George III Gold Spade Guinea. This is my first Guinea and I am really enjoying these old milled coins.

    Coming back to the twentieth century, a beautiful lucky dip 1979 Gold Sovereign BU. 

    And we also received a gorgeous 1997 1/4 oz Gold Britannia Proof. 

    Lastly, picked up five of the latest 2019 China 1 oz Silver Long-Whiskered Dragon Dollar Restrike (PU)...one of which is already spoken for by @kewlbeenz! 

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    lubi29 reacted to Alun in Queens beasts NGC slabs box   
    I've been asked by a member here @motorbikez if I can amend my Queens beast box to hold the slabs from NGC.
    And after a little tweeting I've managed to come up with the following (pictures).
    So at this stage I'm just looking to establish some numbers as to how many would be interested and are collecting the series in NGC slabs?? 
    Would be available in both Walnut and Black subject to numbers later in the year at about £55 plus post.
    Many Thanks 

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    lubi29 reacted to Shinus73 in Today I Received.....   
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    lubi29 reacted to AndrewSL76 in Today I Received.....   
    It’s been a while since I commented in this section because it’s been so busy for me. However today I received a number of beautiful coins and wanted to share the love.
    1562 milled Elizabeth sixpence
    1605 hammered James sixpence
    1684 Charles II sixpence
    1703 Vigo Anne sixpence
    1921 Peace Dollar (it completes my collection but will probably be swapped for a better version when the opportunity arises!)
    My sixpence collection is now more or less done. I will be looking for higher grades in the cases where I’m not content. My attention is now going back to the stack and filling some tubes.

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    lubi29 reacted to Coolsmp in Today I Received.....   
    Recieved today. Some awesome ten ozer's and a few little one ozers. The stack keeps growing!

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    lubi29 reacted to sixgun in Gold / silver money standard, will it ever happen?   
    The Kinesis currency system is an extension of the Allocated Bullion Exchange - the ABX is a trading platform where gold and silver are traded. The bullion is stored in third party vaults in multiple centres - London, New York, Hong Kong, Dubai, Singapore, Zurich and Australia. These are vaults such as Brink's-Matt. 
    i have personally bought and sold bullion on the ABX. i didn't have any issues - it has been going for several years now. https://abx.com
    The ABX got into a relationship with BullionCoin back in 2017 - this was to be a digital currency - this is how long i have been involved. Then there was a falling out about who had a claim on the metal - BullionCoin said they should have claim on the metal - the ABX said it must be the customers who bought it. The ABX then regrouped and developed Kinesis. The driving force behind this is to break the rigging of the precious metal markets which one might argue is the reason they could be attacked - but Kinesis knows that.
    Gold and silver is bought - it is stored in the vaulting system but title of ownership issued is the KAU (gold) and KAG (silver). This is a record on the blockchain. These records are held in the owners Kinesis wallets. The Kinesis coins can be sent between wallets - to just send coins, to buy something and when you sell the coins on the Kinesis Exchange. A debit card will be launched later this summer. This is being done with Contis for UK and EU and Unified Signal in the US. You will be able to use your card wherever you see the VISA and Master card signs. Coins will be sold on the fly for the necessary fiat to pay the bill. From memory coins are divisible to 5 decimal places - so you only sell exactly as much as you need.Transferring coins between wallets comes with a transaction fee - this fee drives the system. The difference between Kinesis and everything else i know is coins are fully backed by gold or silver. They are title of ownership. Those contributing to the system get a share of the transaction fees. 
    So if you hold coins you will get a holder's yield - you put money into the system. If you mint (create) coins by buying gold and silver in the Kinesis Mint you will get a yield starting when you sell/spend/transfer the coins to another wallet and then a share of the fees indefinitely. If you put money into the start up by buying KVT's you will get an indefinite yield. There are various yields which are a share of the transaction fees. 
    So yes the system needs coins to be minted and move between wallets. If there were no movements and a tiny volume the system would eventually fail. If a business had no customers it would fail. When you look at the turnover (velocity) of the majority of cryptos it is mind boggling - Kinesis only needs a fraction of this to give good returns.
    Kinesis has done several deals in Indonesia which involve the government, Post Office, Commodities Exchange.... - so they have strong backing. The PM of neighbouring Malaysia very recently came out saying SE Asia needs a gold backed currency. Kinesis has recently been very active in Africa. They also have been active in the Gulf which includes Royal families there. 
    The idea is sound - getting involved is encouraged by the yield system (profit share). It is the best asset backed digital currency system i have seen. The Minter's yield has the potential to suck in many $billions in gold and silver.
    We will see - i am very optimistic.
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    lubi29 reacted to Numistacker in Today I Received.....   
    Two arrivals today both will of course be graded...
    1831 HalfPenny
    1821 Sixpence

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    lubi29 reacted to ST1986 in Sovereigns from Harrington & Byrne.   
    I'm still wondering why they cancelled my last order?

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    lubi29 reacted to Bullionbilly in The Declining Use of Cash in the UK   
    I love cash. I'll use it where possible .
    Good thing with cash is, when its gone its gone you can see its gone and dont carry on into overdrafts etc. My little en's 6 and she is been taught how to use cash and even trade with it a little 🤣
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    lubi29 reacted to kimchi in The Declining Use of Cash in the UK   
    I would be very surprised if the plan wasn't to go completely cashless within ten years, it's been tiptoeing that way for years now, and it's astonishing how fast it's happening actually, some places don't even take cash anymore.
    It won't necessarily happen but it's hard to see a way back from where things are going with so many local post offices and banks closing and the elderly in particular in many areas already having problems.
    I try to use cash and cheques as often as possible just to 'do my little bit' to keep them going, the same as I always use the staffed tills rather than self-scan. Even so, I found myself getting a little impatient today in a queue when someone was scrabbling around for the exact change for their shopping and had to check myself, so like it or not I think we are all being lulled into it.
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    lubi29 reacted to StackSellRepeat in Australian lunar year of the snake 2013 1/4 oz gold   
    Australian Lunar S2 YEAR OF THE SNAKE 2013 ULTRA RARE 1/4 OZ .9999 Gold
    Comes with its original case,capsule outer sleeve & coa - sold plus postage of your choice.
    Payment through bank transfer please 🙂

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    lubi29 reacted to ilovesilverireallydo in Today I Received.....   
    Picked up two amazing fractionals today. 
    1/10 penny black( yep is a black colour gold coin) mintage 2015 (needs a bit of a clean) 
    1/10 2009 Isle of Man Angel Proof Piedfort. Interestingly it’s NOT a 1/10 but 1/5 being twice the weight and thickness  of a 1/10.
    The mint decided to retain the 1/10 denomination, which is really odd lol. Mintage circa 499

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    lubi29 reacted to RichmondStacker in Today I Received.....   
    A few more additions to my US coins this month. A $5 liberty head gold coin from @StackSellRepeat 40 more quarters from @DrDime and Franklin half’s and dimes plus a bonus quarter and bag from @Peacemaker very happy with this lot, we’ll packaged and quick delivery from all. This was my birthday treat for the month. 
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    lubi29 reacted to sixgun in Kinesis Gold and Silver currency   
    Kinesis Money announces the initiation of its UK and EU debit card program with Contis Group
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    lubi29 reacted to Paul in Advice on £4k Diversification   
    As most will agree here, im a black sheep a lone wolf.  I dont follow the herd. Think for yourself.  School and uni's learn you to be one of the heard another tax payer another useless eater 
    Firstly it is very, very rare you will become rich working for someone else unless you make it up the greasy pole to the top CEO etc
    Instead, create yourself a mathematical equation that "scales", then work that equation to death while acting, assessing, and adjusting along the way.
    Few people understand that all of our actions and career decisions implicitly tie us into an equation.
    This equation can be relatively simple or extremely complex.
    At the end of the day, it will be your self-directed EQUATION that determines how much wealth you can (or cannot) accumulate.
    Equations that scale make their owners rich.
    Equations that do not, make their owners slaves to the system of “trading time for money.” ie working for a set wage each week/month
    The beauty of this equation is that you can control its basic variable parameters.
    But most people DO NOT because most people don’t even realise this equation exists as you are not taught it in school 
    If you decide to get a job at McDonalds/Tesco and are paid £10/hour — congratulations, you just created yourself an equation to which you are now bound to:
    Monetary Wealth = (rate of pay) x (hours worked)
    If you work 37.5 hours, your equation is £10 X 37.5 hrs, which equals £375
    If you go to uni and accumulate £50K in debt so you can have the privilege of earning £40K/year, congratulations, that’s your new equation.
    Monetary Wealth = (hourly salary) X (years worked)
    To complicate the mix, you are then suggested to save your money and give it to Wall Street/Stock Market.
    There you get another equation:
    Monetary Wealth = Market investments X annual ROI
    This mainstream advice is the standard prescription for mediocrity.
    And it’s clearly not a method to create monetary success in the short terms but the long term
    As you can see, the problem with “trading your time for money” or “Wall-Street” as a conduit to wealth is that the variables are extremely limited and uncontrollable.
    You simply cannot work x3,000 hours at McDonalds in one week.
    You cannot force McDonalds to pay you £1,000+ per hour.
    You cannot ask Wall Street to give you a +4000% return.
    There are only so many hours in a day, and years in a life.
    And herein lies the lie behind uni: Young people are told to go to uni so they can increase their PER HOUR rate from £10 to, say, £25 or even£30 may be considered a good hourly wage.
    Or if they go into more technical fields (STEM stuff) they get away from hourly to annual pay. Now instead of making £50/hour, they make £50,000/year.
    The problem STILL remains.
    You cannot work x1000 hours in day.
    You cannot live to be x500 years old.
    You cannot ask Wall Street to give you a +4000% return in one year.
    You cannot ask your employer to give you a raise from £50K/year, to £500K.
    Your hands are tied because the equation you’ve given yourself SUCKS.
    Instead of trying to scale time (more debt to earn a better education to earn a better paying job under an annual salary regime) start scaling units— units separate from your time.
    This means you become a creator of relative "value".
    Value ££ is the result of people pleasing or problem solving.
    Creators produce products, services, books, information, inventions, it doesn’t matter so as long as:
    A) Your creation can eventually become separate from your time.
    You can scale your creation to a level that can change your life.
    The other metric is relative value.
    Sure your blog full of fitness tips my be valuable— but it isn’t relatively valuable because the web is filled with ‘em.
    Whatever you create, it must be relatively valuable in the global pool of options.
    This doesn’t mean you have to be the next Steve Jobs — it just means to skew value on one or two attributes; faster shipping, improved operation, better logistics, better service, better UI, better this, better that.
    Entrepreneurship is about improving, more so than inventing the next hot thing.
    So let’s assume you invent a cool new widget that appeals to women who are mothers.
    Your equation now becomes:
    Wealth = Widget Profit X Widgets Sold.
    This is where things change.
    Now you can SCALE a part of your equation. There are billions of mothers on the planet. Additionally, you control your widget operations and can fiddle with pricing, sourcing, and other operations integral to your widget.
    So if you sell 100,000 widgets at £5 profit each, you just earned £500,000.
    If a IG influencer raves about your product in IG and you get a rush of traffic for 1 week, selling +4,000 units, you make £20K+ in week.
    Your ceiling for wealth can be influenced by your execution, marketing, and decision-making. You cannot do this under a “time trade” regime.
    This is how you create wealth beyond the BS preached in the mainstream (get a job, save your money, invest with Wall Street for 50 years blah blah)
    Of course I’m not suggesting this is easy.
    The key is to change the equation, change the probability, and change your potential outcomes. Nothing is easy, but neither is getting up at 6AM, fighting traffic for 50 years, and retiring with a gold watch on 50% of your income.
    And when you move to a “unit” metric, your markets expand beyond your local city — so what not appeal locally, might appeal globally. 
    Here’s my SIMPLIFIED equation for wealth currently. (Actually it’s much larger but I think you get the picture.) The sum is its many parts and always in development.
    (bup)(bs1)(bc1) + (bup)(bs1)(bc2) + (bup)(bs1)(bc3) + (bup)(bs1)(bc1) +(bup)(bs1)(bc4) + (bup)(bs1)(bc5) + (bup)(bs1)(bc6) + (bup)(bs1)(bc7) +(bup)(bs1)(bc8) + (bup)(bs1)(bc9) + (bup)(bs1)(bc10) + (bup)(bs1)(bc11) +(roy1)(bs1) + (roy2)(bs1) + (roy3)(bs1) + (roy5)(bs1) + (roy6)(bs1) + (roy7)(bs1) + (roy8)(bs1) + (roy9)(bs1) + (roy10)(bs1) + (roy11)(bs1) + (roy12)(bs1) + (roy2)(bs2) + (roy2)(bs2) + (roy2)(bs2) + (bup)(bs2)(bc1) + (bup)(bs2)(bc3) + (bup)(bs4)(bc2) + (bup)(bs5)(bc2) + (bup)(bs2)(bc6) + (bup)(bs2)(bc2) + (bup)(bs2)(bc2) + (bup)(bs2)(bc10) + (bup)(bs2)(bc2) + (wt)(webconv)(ad1) + (wt)(webconv)(ad2) + (wt)(webconv)(ad3) + (webtraffic)(insconv)(insfee) + (inv1)(roi1) + (inv2)(roi2) + (inv3)(roi3)+(inv4)(roi4) +(inv4)(roi5) + (inv5)(roi4) + (inv5)(roi5) + (inv5)(roi5) + (inv6)(roi6) + (res)(avg-app) + val(biz1)(pe) + val(biz2)(pe) + val(biz3)(pe) + altcoins(value) + altcoins(value) + altcoins(value) + altcoins(value) + btc(value) + eth(value) + …
    Most of those variables listed above I can CONTROL and SCALE.
    1) Create relative value.
    2) Don't chase Money ££,  money/cash is a direct result of being a "People pleaser", a solver peoples pain points and problems.  Money is everywhere and people will gladly throw money in your direction for pleasing them and solving their pain points whoever big or small.
    3) Recognize your equation.
    4) Work the equation.
    5) Act — Assess — Adjust
    6) Repeat +
    That my friend is how you create monetary wealth QUICKLY
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    lubi29 reacted to HighlandTiger in Well I won't be selling any silver for a while   
    Some good points above to ponder.
    My original thought was to sell the silver  coins/bullion/rounds to buy sovs, and to put some money into silver on Bullion vault and scrap sterling silver.
    The idea being that it's easy to liquidate the sovs, sterling silver and bullion vault, plus the spread on gold is about 5% and the silver would be around 2% for BV and 10% for the scrap at the most.
    Unfortunately I followed the advice of the "collectors" on here and bought into lunars, stock horses, Brits and the rest of the "stackers" bread and butter. I was new to the game and easily convinced. I see the same tactics here with slabbed and poured silver today.
    I don't care what anyone thinks, unless silver reaches £50 in the next 10 years, everyone currently holding any silver coins, slabs or bars, will lose money, when inflation is taken into account. The vat and the premiums kill holding silver long term.
    I should have stuck with my gut feelings with silver. I still think silver has its place in investment terms, but I need to buy and sell close to spot, and not have to contend with the vagaries of premiums and relying on collectors to buy.
    Luckily I've not mortgaged the house to buy silver, I can afford to sit on it, bide my time, and keep my fingers crossed that it goes to the moon as promised. If not my kids and grandkids can have it. 
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    lubi29 reacted to 999magnum in 2019 Royal Mint 1 Oz Silver Valiant Coin   
    This is new. I like the 10 oz so this is cool to me.

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    lubi29 reacted to Skelator88 in Gold PF70 50ps   
    Multiple Gold proof PF70 50ps all come with boxes and certificates 
    all posted special delivery within the UK 
    Full set of Beatrix potter Gold 50ps 
    2016 Anniversary £1100
    2017 Peter rabbit £950
    2018 Peter rabbit £950
    2019 Peter rabbit £950 
    paypal FF or add the fees open to discounts if multiple purchased 

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    lubi29 reacted to Frenchie in Today I Received.....   
    New elusive Zhao Yun coin,  first coin in a serie. Mintage 500 for the Chinese market. According to Powercoin, only 10/15% for the rest of the world. I have been lucky on this one at the (already so high), introductory price

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    lubi29 reacted to AuricGoldfinger in Lets talk Whiskey   
    This seems a great deal, not sure if the 17 year is being discontinued or something but its usually in the 95-110 range.
    I shared a bottle of Dalmore 15 with friends at the weekend and that was an exceptional tipple!

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    lubi29 reacted to sovereignsteve in Brexit status ...   
    I just think it would be entertaining to have Boris and Trump as premiers, in general as well meeting up and talking about the "special relationship" etc!