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    reidpj reacted to KDave in Brexit and the Peoples Vote   
    Another good video from this gentleman, could not put it better.
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    reidpj reacted to Oldun in 7 month experiment   
    Just shows how authoritarian they are....getting out just in the nick of time.
    The euro and the union will be in a terrible state once the finances are shown up for what they are...watch Italy....
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    reidpj reacted to Martlet in 7 month experiment   
    £1:€0.85 seems very pessimistic. Thats a ~30% drop, against a currency with its own problems, we have control of interest rates, and a hard exit/no deal is partially priced in already. 
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    reidpj reacted to MickD in Would You Become a Part-time Dealer?   
    Thanks for that, really useful to know.
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    reidpj got a reaction from MickD in Would You Become a Part-time Dealer?   
    A £1000 tax free ‘Trading Allowance’ (along with another £1000 allowance for rental income) was introduced April ‘17.  If you keep your trading below £1000, not only is it tax free but you’re not required to declare it either 😉
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    reidpj got a reaction from kimchi in Friday fun   
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    reidpj reacted to KDave in How the EU works   
    If you thought the EU was an undemocratic mess, have a listen to the stories of serving UKIP MEP's. Turns out the EU is a top down dictatorship with MEP's there at the bottom to give it the facade of democratic process. Glad we are getting out.    
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    reidpj reacted to Rgcoins in Lowest mintage ever   
    So let’s say we all chip in, store it at my house? We all come over on weekends have a beer and look at our giant waste of money. 
    Beers on me
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    reidpj reacted to BackyardBullion in The future of Group Orders & Exclusive EU Mint discount code   
    With the huge ridiculous 2000 oz group order landing in the not too distant future I wanted to give an update about future group orders between now and Christmas. 
    Also, we have an exclusive discount code to use with European Mint for 50% off shipping, continue reading to find out more!
    First - The future of the Group orders for 2018
    This latest order is nearly 2000 oz's. It takes a lot of time to organise, process and arrange. Not to mention take delivery and package to everyone involved. When I say Mrs BYB and I are somewhat quaking in our boots at the anticipation of the work ahead of us these next two weeks it is not an understatement - putting it bluntly we are bricking it!
    We have also got a lot on in our personal and professional lives right now and as such we are going to have a breather from group orders - not a long one, but we need a break. 
    Our plan is to run only one more group order between now and Christmas.
    We are going to open a 4 weekend long group order starting on 27th & 28th October and finishing on 17th & 18th November. The plan is that we can get things done and delivered in the first week of December. This will be the last group order of 2018.
    We are planning to use BOTH Goldsilver.be AND The European Mint. We know there is still demand for using GS.be because of the range of coins they have to offer. However it would be unwise to ignore the competitive prices available from the European Mint. More information on how this order will work will follow in due course. 
    In the meantime, consider yourself warned about the next group order!
    So, that leaves a fair old gap between now and the next order. You might be wondering how you are going to buy your cheap silver without the BYB's to help!
    Well you still can. I have arranged an exclusive discount code with The European Mint for 50% off your ***shipping costs*** for any order of any size. This code is exclusive for Silver Forum members and as such I am not advertising this code on YouTube, just here. 
    ******Please note that the 50% discount only applies to the base cost of shipping, you are still liable for the "VAT" or tax on the shipping costs. 
    This code is valid immediately and will be valid until 21st October 2018.
    To take advantage of this offer use the following code:
    You will need to add your code AFTER you have selected your shipping options for it to apply - like so:

    In aid of full transparency - I (BYB) do NOT collect any commission from the use of this code, it is simply something I have negotiated on the silver forum's behalf.
    This code can be used more than once and there is no minimum or maximum order required to use it. 
    This shipping discount, combined with the cheaper unit prices per coin (for some coins) will actually make using EU mint cheaper than GS.be for most of your basic bullion coins, including the Queen's beast series. 
    A massive thank you to The European Mint for offering this discount code, they did not have to do this and it shows how much they value our business! 
    If you have any questions or would like to add anything please feel free to ask here or drop me a PM. 
    Thank you all and enjoy your shipping discount!
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    reidpj reacted to BackyardBullion in Gold Bubble ?   
    Here is an example using this website: https://www.measuringworth.com
    @scubajunky @MrGeorge
    in 1980 1 oz of gold bought for £250
    £250 in 1980 had a buying power between £859 - £1960 (depending on how you measure it).
    But the simple calculator number says just over £1000
    So if you bought your gold in 1980 on paper you have made £700 profit, but really in buying power terms you have made maybe £100 profit. 
    The longer you hold the better it gets for preservation of wealth. 

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    reidpj got a reaction from MancunianStacker in The War on Homelessness   
    £425 (Tax Free up to £7500 per annum) per month around here;  you’re wife must have a lot of bad 😱. 😂.
    Seriously though, I always have lodgers (I’m hardly ever there, so they don’t tend to annoy me too much). I will only let to ‘Monday to Friday’ guests now - no dramas, cleaner, kinder on the bills, and they pay nearly as much as full time lodgers.  I’ve got 2 at the moment @£350 per month each (won’t hit the £7500 limit due to the odd void), and you’d hardly know that they are there - turn up Monday evening lateish, out early and back late each day, leave early Friday morning, go to work the off home for the weekend.
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    reidpj reacted to SILVERFINGER in Potential eBay scam please help   
    Call the buyers bluff by saying you are probably going to contact the police as you are worried about it possibly being stolen.
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    reidpj reacted to FFkook in Loading Up   
    What's up with the agressive mode?? Not really attracting fans with that...
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    reidpj reacted to silverbeaker in Buying gold in the UK   
    Sorry to be a buzzkill but i come to this forum to learn about coins, lean on much more experienced members for advice and possibly pick up some gold bargains. I dont come to listen to nonsensical flat earth arguments. Right rant over, please can we get back on topic now.
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    reidpj reacted to jultorsk in Buying gold in the UK   
    I hope to visit UK some day and shop for some nice sovs... 
    Re off topic 😉 

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    reidpj reacted to Shinus73 in Buying gold in the UK   
    ‘Do you honestly believe we went to the moon 49 years ago? ‘
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    reidpj got a reaction from FFkook in Friday fun   
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    reidpj got a reaction from KDave in Friday fun   
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    reidpj got a reaction from Agpanda in Friday fun   
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    reidpj reacted to Agpanda in Friday fun   
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    reidpj got a reaction from Bullionaire in I'm rich! Maybe not...   
    I’m one of 9; my mother one of 11;  and my father was one of 13.  70+ 1st cousins - we don’t do Christmas Cards 😂
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    reidpj got a reaction from Bullionbilly in Friday fun   
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    reidpj got a reaction from MickD in Friday fun   
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    reidpj reacted to Tingles in I'm rich! Maybe not...   
    But... we get loads of Christenings, Weddings and Wakes!!
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    reidpj got a reaction from Tingles in I'm rich! Maybe not...   
    I’m one of 9; my mother one of 11;  and my father was one of 13.  70+ 1st cousins - we don’t do Christmas Cards 😂