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  1. That's a good idea. It would be nice to have them set in a fitting frame. Maybe an antique Art Nouveau frame or setting? I'm sure there's one out there that'll work.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I'll just be patient and keep an eye out for them at a reasonable price.
  3. I didn't know they made 1/5 ounce coins. Very nice.
  4. It is an opportunity, maybe, but every time I look at the more affordable sizes (1/4 ounce, for example), the premium is still very high. Too high for me. For that price I'd rather buy gold.
  5. Only my best friend knows that I have a modest stack. Another friend, I've talked to about how it's a good idea to have some silver coins on hand, but that's about it. Otherwise, I actively avoid talking about any PMs I may or may not have.
  6. RacerCool

    Buying ...

    I haven't been buying nearly as much as I'd like, given this really low price. But I have been buying, for sure. Hopefully the low continues for a little while.
  7. I do like that matte finish, better than the proof. Also, the in the original posting, it looks copper, not gold. :/
  8. I'd be digging up that entire garden. And my neighbor's garden, too.
  9. My plan is to regularly stack some amount of gold, but sticking to fractions. At least once a month I'll but a 1/8 ounce coin, and maybe a 1/4 ounce coin every couple of months.
  10. Doesn't copper generally work better as an anti-bacterial? Silver is only effective in wet environments, if my knowledge is accurate. Let your imaginations do what they will. And with that contribution, I'm out. Good luck finding what you need.
  11. I usually think fractionally, so that's how I tend to stack. And I like "real" money so the bulk of my stack is denominated coins rather than bullion mintage. So for gold it's pre-1933 US Eagles and halves and quarters (ie-1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, and 1/8 oz), or similar sizes from the Mexican or other mint (sovereigns, pesos, etc).
  12. I second this. Libertads look great in gold. Also, I like the idea of spending more (well not of spending more) to get a nice half ouncer, like the 20 peso coin. The eagle design it has is the best I've ever seen on a coin.
  13. You're right, many people collect junk. I used to collect lots of plastic junk, and I came to a point where I realized that that's exactly what it was: plastic junk, or just plain ol' junk. Did it all have a meaning to me? Sure, in some way, to a point. But more specifically, I realized that it was taking up space and collecting dust, and not actually doing anything other than that. Oh, and it cost money to acquire it. And then one day I started doing something about it. I began to measure everything by a simple rule of thumb, which was that if I didn't have a real use for it then I got rid of it. Not "well, someday I might!" No, if I don' t need it or use it, then it goes. And to this day I still operate by that rule, and I have to be ruthless about it. Only the most sentimental of things will be allowed to get a pass on that rule. (eg-birthday cards or personal notes that people have given me over the years, I still keep those, and they're kept in a water/fireproof file safe, along with all other important papers.) What I began to realize was that there's a deep personal insecurity that drives such collecting and spending. And when a person can get to the point where they can simply let go of unnecessary things, then they're getting to where they can move beyond some of those insecurities. Now, the only things that I will acquire that just sit around collecting dust, are coins, artwork, certain books (and they will be weeded out after a while), and game pieces for the games I play. The main game I play regularly has literally thousands of pieces that have been released for it over the better part of twenty years. But even there, I will only acquire or keep the ones that I reasonably could use at some point. "Completion-ism" is strictly forbidden (except maybe in coin series, and that's only because at the end of the day, it's stacking). If I don't need it or don't reasonably have a use for it, then it goes bye-bye.
  14. This is what I'd stack: - a few dozen tubes of Mexican 50 pesos coins - a few hundred tubes each of pre-1933 US double Eagles, Eagles, half Eagles, Indian head quarter Eagles, 5 pesos coins, and 2 pesos coins. - a few hundred tubes of 1/10 ounce newer gold Eagles. - thousands of tubes of US 90% silver, in halves, quarters, and dimes, and at least a hundred tubes of Morgan dollars. - a room full of 400 oz silver bars, with a sizeable pile of gold 400 oz bars. Then my very nice and roomy house would have a lot of fine art, and a wonderful kitchen.
  15. RacerCool


    If they're doing it in CERN, or in any other particle collider, then they're doing essentially the same thing. And they're using enormous amounts of power, to accelerate atoms to near light speeds, then crashing them together, head-on. That's how they're fusing them together. Same idea, just a different, highly impractical and absurdly expensive method. Note that when any atomic fusion happens, there are enormous amounts of energy release, as well as other exotic particles, like anti-matter, gamma rays, etc. You know that famous equation, E=mc^2? That's the amount of energy contained in a given amount of mass: the energy (E) is equal to the amount of mass x the speed of light, squared. So that's the scale of energy we're talking about here. They're not doing this with bacteria on a petrie dish, sorry.
  16. RacerCool


    Turning other elements into gold? Or isolating existing gold from other elements? Alchemy or chemistry? Because to change one element into another, given current scientific understanding, you have to change its atomic nucleus. You need to be able to add protons and neutrons, which takes ENORMOUS amounts of energy. And the only way we presently know how to do that is in a nuclear reaction, specifically, fusion. Meaning, a thermonuclear reaction, which itself takes ENORMOUS amounts of energy to ignite. Basically, a thermonuclear bomb (a fusion bomb) requires a fission atomic bomb to ignite it. Fusion means you're taking two atoms, say hydrogen atoms, and fusing them together to make a heavier element, such as helium. It requires heating the elements to millions of degrees. It's what the sun and other stars do, and it's what powers them. So...these guys are doing this in a lab...with bacteria...? O.o If so, there you go, everyone! Cold fusion, achieved!
  17. The prices keep dropping. I just ordered some rolls of dimes, and might have to grab a bit of gold before it goes back up again.
  18. Yep they're presently going for $117, with silver spot being just under $15. So it's a large premium, but not too bad if I look at it as art that could be displayed. At least that is how I'm approaching it. If I figured out a way to display all five or six of the series in a classy way, then I'm OK with it.
  19. Anyone have any of the Alfonse Mucha 5 oz silver rounds? To me, the antiqued versions look best, but I haven't seen one in person. They come in proof, antiqued, or colorized. If you have any, can you tell which version looks best? Here's an example of an antiqued version:
  20. That weight is 1/4 ounce territory, so it's a sovereign. Also, the diameter should be about 22mm.
  21. Oh, *that's* where I left those things...
  22. It seems that a lot of folks don't like that particular Britannia design, but I like it. I like that the mint puts out different designs, and that they experiment with different ideas. Pretty much all Britannias are nice enough to earn a spot in my collection, though that doesn't mean my wallet would necessarily agree. But they are all pretty nice.
  23. If anything, it's brought more of my focus to the sovereign-class gold coins, like the US $5 half eagle. Because of this forum, I hope to have picked up a couple more half Eagles, and a couple of Sovereigns this year.
  24. Nope, never had a desire to pay someone to have my valuable stuff, and only allow limited access to it. I prefer to have fire/water-proof safes at home to store my papers and other stuff.