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  1. Buy large silver chains, you know those rapper-approved ones, and wear them when you return home. Maybe those aren't taxed if it's your personal jewelry? I don't know.
  2. Is that Homer SImpson? You tried to pull out the bar, but it wouldn't fit, so you complained that your hand was stuck?
  3. That coin is very beautiful. I want one. 😍 .
  4. RacerCool


    I especially like the frosted background compared to the rest of it. It's a very striking look.
  5. I went to Provident's website to buy one, and ended buying a bunch of junk silver at a smoking deal, instead.
  6. Marko, thanks for posting the link. I appreciate it.
  7. I would suggest not lumping us all into one box, since we're all from different backgrounds and different places. And we're each doing our own thing. For example, me. I'm a stacker. But I don't buy monster boxes, and I don't primarily buy the modern stuff either. I primarily stack older silver US and Mexican coins, and after that I'll stack whatever cheap generic silver I can find. Then after that, I'll buy what I consider to be collectible silver, or something that's part of a series that I like. But first and foremost, it's about adding ounces to the stack. Same goes for gold: first buy whatever is cheapest, then buy something more desireable when it's on sale.
  8. I was hoping to get one of those nifty Woden boxes. But now, that hope is dashed.
  9. The price they're asking for a sovereign it's almost double what you'll pay for the same thing if you went and bought one separately, not from the RM. The rest of them are probably marked up just as much.
  10. Goebbels and Hitler couldn't even dream of the mass-propaganda media we have today. Not just radio: but TV, internet, etc. Also, as others have stated, silver is a store of wealth. That's why I like it.
  11. 8b: "a time to buy gold, and a time to buy silver." Since everyone else is giving an opinion, I don't want to feel left out. My basic purpose for stacking is to change paper wealth into PMs, for reasons we've all been over again and again; and to have a viable currency option should the day come when paper/fiat/cashless is no longer a thing. With that as my focus, silver is primarily to have an every-day currency, hence my focus on fractional silver. Gold is meant for those larger expenses, when carrying a pocket full of silver is inconvenient, and a gold coin or two might be more suitable. That being said, I don't have a set silver/gold ratio in mind. It's basically that I'll buy a few rolls of silver, then I'll buy a gold coin, just to kind of mix it up a little and not lose sight of having a decent amount of both. Maybe it's a 4:1 ratio...four rolls of silver, and then one gold coin? Yeah, kinda, I guess. We DON'T KNOW that silver will head for the moon, and that gold won't. Or vice-versa. Or both. Or neither. EDIT: in other words, just be sure you're buying both, whatever your own ratio might be.
  12. If I lived in the UK or the commonwealth, I'd totally be stacking sovereigns, too. As it is, I'd like to be buying them, but for now I am focusing on the USA equivalent, which are half eagles.
  13. Thanks for the offer, but I'll decline at this time.
  14. Oh yeah, you're right. Oh well, they look the same, the 1/2 and the 1 ounce. By the way, I have one of the half ouncers up for sale, if anyone's looking for one.
  15. Any interest in the 2018 Mexican Libertad reverse proof?
  16. Excellent work! Definitely not for a stacker, but they're top notch.
  17. Wow, those are pretty bad.
  18. I always carry cash on me, and by default I buy things with cash. Been doing that for years, and will continue to do that.
  19. He's talking about these, which if you buy small ones, you can place one into each tube, or whatever is containing your silver. They're very cheap and are highly recommended. Many people use tubes that are designed to hold stacks of coins, and most of the tubes will hold at least 20 capsuled coins. In my opinion, they are better for organizing coins, since I store them in larger ammo boxes. I can stack lots of these tubes in them.
  20. It's been at least a few years since I've found any silver coins in my change. I still check every single time I get any change, both for silver and for copper (pre-1982 pennies). But a few days ago I found what appeared to be a newer (???) silver quarter, a 2009 "American Somoa" commemorative. I looked it up, and in fact they did make .900 silver quarters that year, but they were only proofs for collector's sets, not circulated versions. To be sure, I weighed it, as well as another newer circulating quarter. The silver proof is supposed to weigh about 6.3 grams, and the circulated clad version around 5.7 grams. Both of my quarters weighed about 5.7 grams. So no silver, even though the normal "edge check" indicates it should be.
  21. I for one believe Trump knows what he's doing. But will he be able to do anything positive on the trade front, long term? See, the real problem is Congress. They're the ones who spend us into oblivion. They're the ones who make more and more laws. Ultimately, they're the problem. And they do whatever they please. As for buying China, wait until they're finished buying the US and Africa. Then you get the whole package.
  22. Also, if you like headbanger chicks, no one headbangs like Floor. They could power the Netherlands for an entire year with her windmilling.