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  1. Tried phoning up but she - royal mint - wouldnt give away one to me 3 times she told me there were none but i couldn't give up
  2. Im glad i forgot about this and it sold out made a nice £500. Saving :)) edit: will be gutted on the missed opportunity. But by now im a sucker for saying ill sell to make profit and then i keep it forever 😓
  3. Yeh they said on the phone that is the outcome will get on it once we get the parcel.
  4. Well second time now special delivery guaranteed by 1pm not here again 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
  5. Id most likely buy whatever is the most recently released 1/4oz gold bullion queens beast. With sovs you see either a quick drop or rise. If you have just started and see an instant loss it will probably put you off. However if you had got one of the starting qb quarter ounces i think it would have encouraged you to stack more as you see it can make a little money.
  6. From talking to friends who are buying houses right now. To me it looks like shared ownership will keep the prices propped up for some time. People will be happy to own 60% of a house if it means they in theory own their own house.
  7. Withdrawn for now if anyone is ever looking for one just pm
  8. If you mean youll swap me a falcon for my bull im open to it