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  1. Stack update. Condensed Silver stack down now. Probably will keep it at this as its too heavy to transport. Only looking to add the 2012 and victoria anniversary sovs to this i think. Then it will just be bullion sovs going forward. Have the new lion in the post on the way. Will then get the last 2 and that will be me. Probably just brits going forward.
  2. Open to reasonable offers? keep in mind I will get £555 from A dealer.
  3. For sale 25x silver brits 2017. Will include them in the caps. I had airsealed them but spots have still got to them. Think on inspection all have some sort of spots on them. £390 including special delivery. Not splitting right now. Bt preferred. Thanks
  4. 1/2oz gold bar from Sharps pixley. Looking for £570 + postage. Payment by bt. Thanks for looking
  5. @Chronix that is as good question haha. they are heavy :))
  6. 2 full tubes for sale. Never opened and bought on here from @silversky. 2016 1oz silver Brits. Can do the tubes together or seperate. Looking for £400 per tube and delivery is included if you take both. Payment by bt. Thanks.
  7. Thought it might fit here instead of a new thread. Ive had a safety deposit box now for a year with insurance. I was trying to find what i needed incase my items were stolen. I cant find any information to show you can get them valued the same way you can a watch due to price movement i think. All i have seen so far is: - original invoice. - images of the coin or bar. Is that all you need to keep incase everything was stolen? Thanks.
  8. Hi mate. @Marc its for my dad im not sure he would bother if graded. Would you be able to show some pics.
  9. @sg86 thank you. Let me know. Happy to get something done any time.
  10. Looking for a 1928 sovereign. I seen they only done south africa and perth for that year. It was a family members birth year. I really wanted to know is the 400-450 price range chards show a good price for these or not? Thank you
  11. JosephM

    Glint Pay

    @silvernewbie any luck mate? I went on to check mine and had 27 quid sitting. Still sitting on pending but at least it is only 27 quid 😕
  12. @KDave Thanks. Yes it makes sense now.