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  1. The best thing about the gold is no need to worry about milk spots over time. I think flipping the silver before premium may be lost is a good idea.
  2. This is looking like a great buy @Paul. I think I would also want to hand deliver it just to be safe :)) I thought the premiums on my queens beasts 1 ounce gold were good as well till i seen this.
  3. If you have your sovereigns in capsules with foam rings, you can get a royal mint silver Britannia tube. They fit perfect.
  4. Hsbc informed me yesterday by text as well that my savings rate will be reduced on the 8th of december.
  5. If i could of afforded the gold i would have definately went with it. Too much money to risk. For 2 ounces of silver.
  6. Added 0 minutes later... Thats a clear as i can get
  7. I have removed it from the capsule yes. there are milk spots under the MMXIX. there are also 2 to the right of the head of the women. Added 0 minutes later... If you can help me in how to show picutres of these milk spots id be more than happy to. but as I said showing the spots on a camera on a proof field. quite hard maybe during daylight itd be easier?
  8. @westminstrel if it was bullion i could but i dont have good enough lighting or camera to show milk spots on proof plain fields.
  9. My 2oz silver has already developed milk spots around the MMXIX area. Going to send it back. Would show but cant get good enough lighting to show it on phone.
  10. @Frenchie its weird when i hold it in different lighting sometimes i can see it sometimes not
  11. Ive noticed it has a dark mark here not sure what it is but. Looks kinda like toning.
  12. Cheapest on ebay is £420 + postage
  13. Its in a normal ngc slab inside a slab that stops it from being scratched. Added 0 minutes later... @louisfinlay