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  1. Hi byb I won number 01 last time id be looking for it again is that possible?
  2. Is keeping it not an option? No car payment and low mileage would do you a good turn?
  3. I like it how they say its about the economy and jobs. I feel where i work wont be the only place. But i cant get a full time job because of the ucertainty due to brexit. I keep on getting contract extensions because of these jokes.
  4. GE isnt looking good from the debate even though he is trying to bate them. Also if a GE does come about do youse think boris will win? I see the game he is trying to play but dont know if it will work. They just want to delay this forever.
  5. In the UK id imagine with with gs.be or europeanmint through byb group orders.
  6. Is this lunar mouse the start of the next lunar series for perth mint?
  7. It annoys me when you cant see what something has sold for on here. So to help. Sold for £60 including 2nd class signed delivery.
  8. Would depend what delivery choice you would like.
  9. £58 + postage. Payment by bank transfer. thanks for looking.
  10. Looking for 3. Would like to pay £50 including 2nd class signed for delivery. (costs £1.81). If the postage included is a deal breaker then still message me please if the rest of the offer suits. thanks. Will pay by bank transfer.