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  1. @AndreasAfeldt yes no problem i am working today until 6pm then i will message you. I will list as completed for now.
  2. £950 including delivery. Bank transfer. Thanks.
  3. If i was buying a watch with a $1000 budget i think id be choosing a tissot. Look really smart and ive wanted to own one tissot in my collection.
  4. Great i will PM you. @Laurence
  5. Bitcoin cash is ran by someone else. Its not the true bitcoin but tries to act like it. And i dont think facebook will because they are looking at a stable coin.so it wont have the chance of riches everyone is looking for in btc
  6. @HawkHybrid Not everyone Peter Schiff defends gold and slams bitcoin. However, he has now admitted he holds some btc. He says they were recieved from people but if you have 0 faith you would sell. I wasnt meaning you personally. I just mean generally people who hold something defend it. Btc has a cult like following. This is because most people cant/dont want to see the other side of there gambling/investments. I agree with you if you its not for you thats fine with me but some people see it differently.
  7. Isnt this the same as anyone who advises someone to invest in something which they hold? Those who defend gold tend to have a stake in gold and wish to see the price rise. Stocks the same. ?
  8. £1120 + postage Going to Atkinsons tomorrow if no takers. Payment by Bt. Thanks for looking.
  9. The company you buy the bitcoin from e.g coinbase. Say again if you were buying your bitcoin from coinbase. That is the company you are buying it from. I dont know there CEOs name but im sure its out there. Same as any company they can use the funds however they like. I think a lot of the exchanges invest in making the platforms more secure. I don't know of any that are. Im sure there will be a coin out there claiming it does but You dont but i think thats the same with most companies. HSBC were doing criminal activity for years without anyone blinking an eye. I think this is only because it is in its infancy. In the future it wont be a good idea because if your address is found out they will see every transaction you have ever made. They will not be able to funnel the money out. They also prefer btc to any other coin because it is known. I think theres different reasons some believe the US dollar will be replaced by bitcoin. Other reason is because it is another currency and they would take your GBP, euros etc to. I believe some do have hoards of currencies in cold wallets. As back up and as divesificstion. I think if you look into what company you are buying the btc from youll be able to find out a lot more about them than you will from a legacy company. Most of the workers for these companies are on twitter etc and have open discussions.
  10. Yeh im sure i seen there meant to wear like 2mm bigger?. Think you done the right thing buying the stainless steel bracelet to. Really like the AP bracelet. Did you have to wait long in a list for yours?
  11. @AuricGoldfinger yeh definately down to your own taste i think. Most ive read in this thread of dislikes is what my watch is 😂 but I like it so thats the main thing :)) Just when i seen the pepsi in thw window with jubilee bracelet it looked like a dress watch.
  12. @MrGeorge it was the 37mm Royal oak stainless steel I had liked. I didnt know if that would be too small but have watched a few youtube vids and they say it looks a bit bigger on wrist. When i got my rolex at first i thought the face was quite small but now ive been wearing it a few weeks it looks right.