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  1. Its just a conspiracy theory. Now people are fine with 3G and 4G. When these were being rolled out the same videos were posted. By the same people.
  2. Hi, I bought it on 16/03/20, It was made on 30/03/20. Received today 01/04/20.
  3. @SILVERFINGER you won't be disappointed when it turns up mate. Only thing is finding them is hard. I got this one direct from Baird and co but i only got it because spot had went into the £9-£10 area. which made adding the VAT not too much. Before that it was like £1600 with VAT which is just too much i think were a while away from £16 per oz,
  4. Bought straight from them. £13.83 per oz delivered.
  5. @HawkHybrid isnt it also true time in the market beats timing the market. If you drip feed monthly amounts you will do better overtime than trying to buy the bottom?
  6. @Kman i think because they are still quite new they are rolling out more all the time and we can make suggestions. They have a roadmap online to if it helps. I have went more with the passive route of VUSA. Which is vanguards s&p 500 index tracker. Pays dividends quarterly.
  7. Kman i would take a look at freetrade. I have used for 2 months now. Really easy interface to use. And buying is commission free.
  8. @sixgun Watched the full video. Interesting but scary. Things like that there is nothing you can do about it though? Not best living happy within what you can control?
  9. Season 2 is out on Netflix. Each episode is different and there is one in season 2 about dirty gold. Half way through the episode right now and its definitely worth a watch 👍. There is an episode on Wells Fargo and one on HSBC to. Let me know if you give it a watch.
  10. @SilverPirate007 Youve been watching the mainstream news too much. When the fear of the coronavirus is over they will have something else to scare you.
  11. For a long while now I believed the next crash would come about and worse than last time. However, never knew how it would come. So many commentators say in different ways. I bet no one could have guessed ushering in a virus to crash the market and then nobody is looking at the reckless job that has been done all over the world by the money printers. If it plays out that way and they can blame the corona virus for the slow down they have played a blinder. On the news tonight it was saying 1/5 in the UK could be off of work due to the corona virus that would certainly put us in a recession.
  12. Just wondering mate. They are a lot more now than a year ago :0
  13. Did you manage to get it for less than £100 @Sovereign
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