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    JCRJM reacted to Amazing in Always the temptation 😳   
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    JCRJM reacted to Numistacker in NGC Grading Submissions Open   
    Another result was announced yesterday and I wanted to talk about this one specially.
    I bought a New Zealand Kiwi coin shaped like an egg at the Great Collections Auction as a NGC PF 68

    As you can see it looked less than perfect and it had no real interest at the auction despite the low mintage of 500 coins. This coin is an @augur favourite and I really only noticed this because he had previously sent coins in for grading. I paid $355 for the coin plus 10% buyers fee (for a cash payment) and I believed that NCS could make this coin as great as it could be. NCS conservation is $28 and so the investment in this coin was 

    $390 plus $28 so a total of $418.
    The coin was sold out at the New Zealand Post office a little after release and mintage is only 500. The mint price for a coin was $845 NZ$ (£442 and US$586.77)

    After conservation the coin achieved PF70

    How much is the coin worth as a PF70? Your guess is as good as mine....
    I wanted to show you this as a worked example as it is quite interesting to see the story played out. Net price mint raw less $150 and outcome from grading and conservation probably mint + 40% (but unknown) 
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    JCRJM reacted to Numistacker in Heritage Auction Consignment (New Numistacker Service)   
    As if life isn't busy enough with my day job and taking in coins for grading at NGC I am very pleased and proud to launch a new service that I hope will really help forum members and others to tap into the USA coin auction scene.  I have found that items that are between say $500 and $1,000 are not that easy to enter into high end auctions where they can be marketed to top end buyers and Heritage for example would normally only be prepared to take singles or lots with a value overall of say $4,000 plus, so I have arranged with Heritage UK to act as a consignment consolidator and thus provide a route to auction for the kind of items that you guys have in your collections and that you have been sending me for grading and conservation.
    Heritage have regular weekly internet only auctions and regular special auctions for both USA and World material. These larger auctions often get great prices for good world coins and they represent a great marketplace for our coins. The top end auctions are "Signature" or "Platinum" and coincide with the major USA coin shows. I have already consigned the first coin to the Platinum Auction with an estimate of $8,000. 
    Bidding will start at 50% of the agreed auction estimate and once an item is consigned it cant be reclaimed and will be entered at auction in the USA via Heritage UK. All items will be transported to the USA fully insured. There is a minimum estimated value per item of $500 and no maximum value. You are welcome to consign more than one item to me.
    How does the system work?
    Heritage will sell your item in US$ and then 40 days after the auction is complete will remit the funds to Heritage UK who will remit the funds to me and I will then immediately send you the proceeds. The buyer will pay the hammer price for the coin at auction and a buyers premium of 20% of the hammer price. You as a seller will get the hammer price of the coin less a % charge that depends on the hammer price of the coin.

    Examples A gold coin sells for $5,500 at Heritage Auction, the remittance to you will be $5,500 less 2.5% consignment charge which will be $137.50 so $5,362.50.
    Is it worth using this service rather than ebay? For some items yes definitely and others no. The benefit of ebay is immediate cash payment for the item but there are risk attached and if the item is specialised then it can be dangerous to use a low start auction and fixed prices can attract no buyers. 
    Do coins sell for more in the USA than the UK? Have a look at the Heritage Auction Price history and judge for yourself. I have seen UK coins go for great prices at the larger Heritage auctions and so if you have the right material then it may be the kind of thing that will work for you.
    If you think that you may have something that would be worthwhile to send to Heritage for Auction then send me a PM.
    I will be adding to this thread just like the other NGC grading thread over time. Talking about coins that have been consigned, perhaps reviewing consignments on the youtube channel and reviewing prices obtained at auction to monitor how this is working for consignees.
    Interested to know what you think and whether you think that this service will be something useful and fill a gap in the market.

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    JCRJM reacted to onlyroadtoheaven in chard   
    Chard do laptops now? No wonder their customer service has gone down hill. Clearly spreading themselves to thin. 😀
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    JCRJM got a reaction from Agpanda in Collections   
    Whisky and lego. Starting to get into dragonball Z figures as my brother has showed me the ins and outs. 
    Oh and some pokemon cards but not added anymore lately.
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    JCRJM reacted to PansPurse in End game / why stack / why collect   
    Yes I'd lose out in that scenario. The other part of savings discipline is budgeting. I avoid having to liquidate suddenly by not putting more into silver than I can afford to. ☺️
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    JCRJM reacted to SilverFlame in End game / why stack / why collect   
    Hello all 
    So i have been browsing the forum for a few hours now. Trying to get as much info in to my scull as possible in that given time. I see allot of silver here silver there, do you have, look what i have, my stack and other requests and topics like this. But what i cant seem to find is the. 
    Why do people stack. how does this play out when you want to sell.  who do you sell to. ( if you answer with "when there are sellers there are buyers", you do not understand my question) Its claimed that you secure your purchasing power. How so? If silver wont increase in value then your premiums will leave everyone at a loos or break even.  There is not allot of indicators pointing to a soon to be financial crisis where fiat drops to 0.  No signs of stocks crashing.  Silver does not seem to be a secondary income where your investment makes you more money. Right now bullion is a dorment investment with no option to sell with a gain.  I am very new to the silver world and have bought a few things here and there, but the more i looked in to it i find my self struggeling to see when and where the win of silver is. 
    I like silver and i will keep buying silver but i will not be using the money i first intended unless i find a reason to. And i need the brilliant minds of the community here to brainstorm with me. 
    I do not hope that i come off as being offensive in this post, my mind is just riddled with questions that i am looking for answers for. 
    I hope we can have a constructive debate where all oppinions can flow freely. 
    Kind Regards 
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    JCRJM reacted to Agpanda in Collections   
    What are you collecting other than gold and silver?
    I also collect barwere and Cocacola things
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    JCRJM reacted to Numistacker in NGC Grading Submissions Open   
    Running these through my slab’o’matic machine.

     Watch out for my new charging system. From July the 1st you will be able to buy any grade you like at a premium. 
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    JCRJM got a reaction from Tn21 in **JUNE 2018** Group order from GoldSilver.be   
    Hopefully cheaper silver. To order some bullion for the group order  
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    JCRJM got a reaction from Tn21 in **JUNE 2018** Group order from GoldSilver.be   
    Hopefully cheaper silver. To order some bullion for the group order  
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    JCRJM reacted to Sparky in I got here just in time.   
    I don't think that the current social model has got any more stretch and like the economic structure is very puffed up - this year will certainly be full of surprises and I want to buy a bit of silver to put under my bed. I have enjoyed watching BYB's videos and like the idea of collecting some of the queen's beasts series. Good luck to you all sure this is the best place to be in 2018.
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    JCRJM reacted to KDave in **JUNE 2018** Group order from GoldSilver.be   
    Sterling had best start behaving itself before next Sunday.
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    JCRJM reacted to BackyardBullion in **JUNE 2018** Group order from GoldSilver.be   
    Yep - im having the night off!
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    JCRJM reacted to fehk2001 in Today I bought.....   
    Pick these coins up from coin show bargain corner 🙄
    two pens for @Bullionbilly collection 
    pen collectors 

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    JCRJM reacted to mr1030 in Today I bought.....   
    Ordered a tube of 20 random 1 oz silver rounds from Provident Metals.  They have them on sale this weekend for  25 cents over spot.
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    JCRJM reacted to KevinJam in Today I Received   
    Hello, bought the new 2018 2oz silver proof "Dragon & Tiger" high relief coin from the Perth Mint yesterday. Mintage of 1,500. Hope you like it. 

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    JCRJM reacted to HyHy in Today I Received   
    Finally keep my PF70 collection updated

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    JCRJM reacted to mr1030 in Today I Received   
    1908 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle, 1904 and 1905 Sovereigns, and an 1897 French Lucky Angel 20 franc.

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    JCRJM reacted to Seasider in Gold by Backyard Bullion   
    Well we all know that you might start with silver but inevitably you will move on to gold.
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    JCRJM reacted to vand in Monthly Goals?   
    Good question.
    My income is quite variable from month to month, but I always try to stack what I can comfortably manage, which usually works out to between 30-50oz month. I guess my approach mixes the discipline of monthly cost averaging with the flexibility to determine how much you actually feel like you want to set aside that month. I could conceivably stack 2-3 times as heavily, but I also split my money between trying to pay off the mortgage (not too long now!) and building an increasing cash reserve. 
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    JCRJM reacted to fehk2001 in Looking for coin book for 2x2’s   
    Got more sheets yesterday 
    Saflip + predecimal flips