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  1. Finbinfin

    Outlook on Silver - Anyone following him?

    To be fair, he's not saying 500oz would buy you a house now, but it would if silver was at a price where it could back all the dollars in existence (in his opinion). I find his broader analysis quite insightful but ultimately he is flogging the shiny stuff so can't be relied on as impartial when it comes to price predictions, timing and investment strategies!
  2. Finbinfin

    Finally, men can create "gold"

    Blackadder AND Ferris Bueller references, it must be Christmas!
  3. Finbinfin

    When the design changed

    Different years on the coins, did you get sent the wrong year?
  4. Finbinfin

    2019 1 Oz Coca Cola coin

    I wonder if it would dissolve in cola?
  5. Finbinfin

    Westminster collection jokers

    If you're paying upfront then there is zero need for any credit check. Could be on shaky ground in terms of GDPR. If you have paid they are obliged to fulfil their contract with you.
  6. Finbinfin

    New 50p coin series

    I did also wonder if they will just churn out the old designs or reinterpret them. Probably just use the old ones with 2019 on the other side 😕
  7. Royal Mint are going to release 10x 50p designs including a return of the Kew design : https://www.thegazette.co.uk/notice/3143513?mainwebsite=1
  8. Finbinfin

    Not so 'swift'?

    If it's millions or billions the rules seem to slacken
  9. Finbinfin

    Sky News Metals Cock-Up

    The presenter would probably think a kilo of platinum is heavier 😅
  10. Finbinfin

    Brexit. And Scottsdale

    I think (!)... 1. You would have to pay import duty and vat on non-EU silver before HMRC would release the products from customs and 2) a round is the same as a coin (i.e. a round piece of silver of a determined weight) but is not a piece of legal tender in any jurisdiction which may impact tax on any gain on resale and also may be perceived to be less reliable than a verified government backed coin (although this is probably a question of perception only).
  11. That's a good shout maybe on a different coin as well like the 10p?
  12. Finbinfin

    Europe Silver Bullion company

    Europeanmint has a sister delivery company, worked great for me last time. Or join the next backyard bullion group order?
  13. It's just clicked actually... I have always thought about it in terms of a simple bank structure where they would take deposits (Dr Cash Cr Depositors) then write loans (Dr Loan Asset Cr Cash) with those deposits, on the assumption that the bank must transfer cash to, ultimately, the seller of the property. But I suppose what they really do is create a loan asset and the other side is a credit obligation (i.e. the borrower's account is credited with the value of the loan), and not all lending is mortgage based! It is then a case of managing liquidity on an aggregate basis, as well as managing regulatory leverage limits.
  14. Looking forward to seeing his latest installment. His explanation of fractional reserve banking misses out the other side of the balance sheet so isn't quite right (commercial banks can create loans but they need funding to actually provide the money!) but otherwise I find him very measured and thoughtful. But yeah buyer beware indeed / DYOR etc!
  15. Finbinfin

    New to silver stacking...

    Welcome to the wonderful world of stacking! As regards CGT: It's your responsibility to record the purchase and sale price if you think you'll become liable to CGT (by earning over the 11,800 threshold on non CGT exempt items). Even if it's 20 years apart, the taxman will say well you bought all that with the aim of generating a long term capital gain so we expect you to demonstrate what you owe. I think getting a few each of some different coins sounds like a plan. If you think you want to collect series like the kookaburra or want a flavour of the various countries' standard bullion, it's a good way to find out what you like!