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  1. well worth it the overall appearance is awesome.. might need to try and get myself one of those little fellas ;-)
  2. very nice i love the stamping, these are going to be very popular ;-)
  3. Hiya, how you? beaware Edinburgh Assay office do destructive testing 2 we have had a few pieces drilled to our great annoyance. ;-)
  4. Thanx so much for your kind words.. love to chat anytime ;-)
  5. Thank you, its lovely to be here just having a look around the site now, trying to familiarise myself with how it all works ;-)
  6. Hi Everyone, My name is Shelley; some know me as Silver Shell. I live in the heart of Bonny Scotland and I have been stacking silver for over 2 years now and I have also been hand-pouring silver for the same amount of time. All the silver I pour is available for sale and I can arrange postage worldwide just get in contact with me. My passion is for hand poured silver although I do seem to have a lot of coins in my stack but my heart and my money belong to hand poured silver. Some say it’s a weakness I say it’s a passion ;-) I am really looking forward to chatting to like-minded people and getting to know you all. Hope you all have a wonderful day/night.