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  1. If you pm your address mate, i will see what the cheapest price is too get it too you. And if your happy too pay post i will send it
  2. I think i have one some were @JCRJM, Is it this one your after?
  3. barney

    Gold leaf

    Have a look at Hatton Garden Metals they do melt and assay services, if you have any questions just give them a ring about it
  4. Early 20th Century, 1960s Maker:L.G. Balfour Company, they made Sterling silver and silver plate
  5. barney

    Poppy Appeal Charity Raffle 2018

    Hi @BackyardBullion just brought two tickets paid F&F
  6. barney

    Metal Detecting

    The bullet i would say would be a .303 British the standard British military cartridge from 1889 until the 1950s they have a cupro-nickel metal jacket
  7. barney

    Charles I coin help please

    Second one Charles I shilling, again the mint marks are not the best looks like a crown this would be Aberystwyth Furnnace Obverse Lettering - CAROLVS. D.G. M.A. B.R. F.R. E.T. H.I. REX Reverse Lettering - CHRISTO AVSPICE. REGNO Issued between 1648 and 1649 I hope this helps @Cornishfarmer please don't take what i have written as gospel, as Charles I hammered coinage is vast field so many different mints, parliament and the civil war mints its a mine field and not my area of interest. if you want i could copy your images and show them to some people with a lot better knowledge than me who could give better answers?
  8. barney

    Charles I coin help please

    Top one Charles I shilling the mint marks are very worn, but looks like Triangle in a circle and if it is, it would be the Tower mint under Charles I Obverse Lettering: ∙CAROLVS∙D:G:MAG:BRI:FRA:ET∙HI:REX∙ XII Reverse Lettering: ∙CHRISTO∙AVSPICE∙REGNO∙ Issued between 1641 and 1643
  9. barney

    ENGLAND silver

    Not a clue i have given you the information, now you can google away and do some research. I'm a bricklayer not David Dickinson
  10. barney

    ENGLAND silver

    London 1841 925 sterling Queen Victoria duty mark
  11. barney

    ENGLAND silver

    W.K.R into two circles William Ker Reid, business established in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 1788 by Christian Ker Reid. Reid & Sons was converted into a limited liability company in 1930 under the style Reid & Sons Ltd. London 1853 hallmark
  12. barney

    wanted Empty Panda Trays

    Hi @ilovesilverireallydo I have one you can have for the cost of a large envelope and post if your interested ?
  13. Hi @Madstacks nice items and good auction format only problem i see is they all end the same time could get confusing