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  1. 9CT should have hall marks on the rim
  2. barney


    Sweating In the process of sweating, coins were placed in a bag and shaken. The bits of metal that had worn off the coins were recovered from the bottom of the bag.Sweating tended to wear the coin in a more natural way than clipping, and so was harder to detect.
  3. The Saudi Arabia Gold One Guinea Coins were only minted in 1950 and 1957, I think your coin is a modern reproduction of the coin and could still be 22-carat gold a bit like the jeweler's copies of sovereigns from the middle east some times with 22 stamped on them. The reason I think this is your coin looks to weakly struck and very soft detail with no obvious signs of wear. I hope you get to the bottom of the mystery and look forward to what you find out
  4. Hi, @Thesilverguy I have moved your post to the correct section.
  5. barney

    Silver or not?

    800 Italian silver the hallmark 485MI might be the marks for Faccioli of Milan
  6. the hallmark is real P.C. Boschmans
  7. looks like a fake to me there are lots of different fake pound coins http://www.thefakepoundcoindatabase.co.uk/OAK.html
  8. @Bobhennessey AMERICAN SILVER CO - Bristol - CT established in 1901. Bought by International Silver Co in 1935
  9. Probably already posted but this page might be useful for you Royal Mint Circulation figures https://www.royalmint.com/currency/uk-currency/mintages/
  10. Hi @DAK Here is a link to London coins auction realized prices, it is a great tool for finding the market prices of coins and if you click the pictures it will give you a very good idea of what grade your coins are. Don't forget to add on 17% for the buyers premium. http://www.londoncoins.co.uk/?page=Pastresults&searchterm=Shilling+1905&category=9&searchtype=1
  11. This may be your Edward VIII Medals from the Richard Lobel series, hope this helps or puts you in the right direction
  12. well it cant be 1981 half-sovereign none were minted
  13. Hello @Hugo What a great piece of history thanks for sharing. I still like digging around in the dirt to find mine, here is my latest Roman denarius I have found Elagabalus AD 218-222 reverse Liberalitas goddess of generosity that's why she's holding the cornucopia or horn of plenty
  14. The difference between Proof, Brilliant Uncirculated and Bullion coins
  15. Nice collection @ilovesilverireallydo Gin money, Roman denarius, and Indian coins. I am still stumped on these coins on the left side of the picture not the denarius of Septimius Severus or Vespasian do you know what they are?