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  1. Hello @Hugo What a great piece of history thanks for sharing. I still like digging around in the dirt to find mine, here is my latest Roman denarius I have found Elagabalus AD 218-222 reverse Liberalitas goddess of generosity that's why she's holding the cornucopia or horn of plenty
  2. The difference between Proof, Brilliant Uncirculated and Bullion coins
  3. Nice collection @ilovesilverireallydo Gin money, Roman denarius, and Indian coins. I am still stumped on these coins on the left side of the picture not the denarius of Septimius Severus or Vespasian do you know what they are?
  4. Hi @Andreasbubier I have moved your post to the correct section sales UK & Europe
  5. The Scales are set in ounces not troy ounces
  6. Welcome to the Silver Forum Craig
  7. Welcome to The Silver Forum Mike
  8. @richatthecroft might be able to help?
  9. barney

    Krugerrand stain?

    looks like its been tested using acid maybe that leaves a reddish brown mark
  10. Hi @ilovesilverireallydo gold is found in Wales,Scotland and Ireland. There is a nice Facebook group called- gold panning uk should be able to get all your answers there if we have no gold prospectors here
  11. i would be interested if you could send me some pics Thanks
  12. well not the best pics, but one thing in your favor is 1896 half sovereigns don't have the B.P. on them 🙂