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  1. It's working again. Fairly confident I tried scrolling around the page though. Chrome on Android.
  2. What happened to all the other coin prices? Philli's etc have disappeared.
  3. How do you know what is worth buying on WID? They have a sample portfolio, is that any good or just what they need to sell? Just got a bottle of Lasanta, not an investment, I plan on drinking it.
  4. Tbh I dont know that you can....as such. But when they bring them out, you can see them and say you dont want them, if they are tatty. I think the sovs I've had from there have been ok. A Brit was quite old, but ok condition, but a Krug looked like it had been tested by having the edge ground off. Only been to Bairds once, last week. Nice showroom, with lots of shiny stuff in it. Got a couple of Brits, they got what they had out, was all 2017, which as I wasn't looking for specific years, it was fine. But as they had 2020 on their website, hoped to get them. Was told if I'd called ahead, they would have got them from their other site, or could have them there the following morning. At that time, they were lower cost than HGM, so couldn't go wrong. Those 2 are ideal for me. A few minutes from Farringdon.
  5. I wondered what that meant. Thought it might be a bit of stray code.😆
  6. Yep and what a great site it is. It's free too, which is more than can be said about a similar site. Take out the delivery costs, as you are going to shop in person.
  7. Use both, both fine. HGM can be a lottery on condition, 90% of coins are fine. Had a Krug that had some ribs ground off (presumably for testing). A real mix of dates and heads, which is fine for me, but not always recent dates. They are a 30 second stroll from each other. If HGM are marginally better on price, go there, if the coins are not perfect, walk around the corner to Bairds. Likely new or recent coins. Atkinson's fine too. But not in London, if you want to shop in person. H&B have a deal on, but online only. You have to deal with the junk mail that follows though.
  8. I have purchased from them a few times, though not for a few years. Found the products supplied spot on. Never had to deal with them as such, so no good/bad experience. Would think twice now. Went into Bairds yesterday and got a couple of Brits. Top service, very professional. Will go back. Price was less than HGM and no quality lottery. I do like HGM though.
  9. https://mol.im/a/7642543 A fancy gold envelope through the door.... Yeah, it won't be the last either.
  10. Does this apply to all electronic locks? What about a Chubb DuoGuard G1 and Buffalo River Gold/Diamond gun cabinet? Asking for a friend...😉
  11. Looking at prices on their site... I bet your happy. Sounds like a result.
  12. Those using SD, have you considered a UPS reseller. Parcel2go, parcel hero, parcel monkey etc etc. Standard next day via an access point, probably not much different in cost.
  13. There has been no recorded crimes using MARS or lever release, but they still banned them, as deemed dangerous in criminal hands. Trying to do the same with 50cal. But there has been no recorded crime with that calibre. Semi auto next. Followed by anything 'tactical' looking. Bolt action hunting rifles only. Know people who made loads of money on their old guns and ammo on the handgun ban. Someone I know is getting their lever release rifle taken away, but is holding out and battling over its value. I hear the guy who invented lever release is suing the government for serious money, over loss of earnings and IP. That is a rumour, but it's a loud rumour. Criminals have whatever they want at their disposal. Driving legally held firearms to extinction doesn't change that. They just want to make it so much hassle, that we give up shooting.
  14. You can certainly have more than .22lr Nothing over .22lr in semi auto though. Handguns need to be minimum barrel and overall length. So you end up with the coat hanger on the grip. Can get a conventional revolver though, but muzzle loader, well cylinder loader. Can have 50cal. They have recently done away with lever release and MARS. Shame, Southern Gun done some nice lever release AR stuff.