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  1. Have you used this policy much? Even booking GP appointments? Referrals? Read some bad reviews of their health insurance. I took out (or should I say my company did) their relevant life insurance the other month. That was competitively priced and recommended. But lots of bad experience stories with their health insurance.
  2. My local FLU are advising new applications and variations are on the back burner, they take long enough as it is.
  3. Makes a change from reading about coronavirus!! Have fun!
  4. Same in MK this morning. People moaning that as they don't have trade and got there at 1100, it 'isn't fair'. Told them I have trade and was there before 1100....and it was just a collection of people with their jaws on the floor, as it was as per the Wembley pic above. Those that know Costco MK will know that the toilet paper is by the goods in section 'out the back'. Looking through there, it looked pretty sparse. There must have been 10 pallets of the 500ml bottled water when I got there, had another 'lap' before I left, virtually all gone. No Carex 500ml in sight, couple of the 5l refills, but less than 1 layer of 1 pallet. Left before midday, queues about 5-8 deep at the tills.
  5. My mrs said the supermarket was out of 'ladies products', literally nothing left. "Even the woke stuff, that's twice the price." That could turn the place into a warzone....
  6. That smiley isn't supposed to be there. I put Mrs B then "close brackets". Unfortunate coding issue!
  7. That puts things into perspective. Stay safe MickB (and mrs Went into sainsburys, thought the apocalypse had already happened. Crazy. Stripped bare. Interesting month ahead.
  8. IGs Android platform "currently unavailable, phone to trade"
  9. FTSE below 7200... Bit of a bloodbath early doors eh. Is this the beginning/end or a blip.
  10. As it instantly sold out, it could be argued that the price should have been much higher. It's real worth, hmmm, about £400 Seen the one on Ebay for just over £3k. Crazy. The thing with flipping it on Ebay....buyer lodges complaint, in standard Ebay buyer scam fashion, gets free sov, seller losses £800 I'd want cash on collection only. It's just asking for trouble.
  11. Nationwide currently unable to send payments. On the day when most payments will be going out.
  12. I'm sure the which site had a template. Just send them a letter, saying that you do not wish to be contacted by them and to stop processing your data for marketing purposes and that they must comply within 28 days. State that if they fail to do so, you will report them to the ICO.
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