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  1. There has been no recorded crimes using MARS or lever release, but they still banned them, as deemed dangerous in criminal hands. Trying to do the same with 50cal. But there has been no recorded crime with that calibre. Semi auto next. Followed by anything 'tactical' looking. Bolt action hunting rifles only. Know people who made loads of money on their old guns and ammo on the handgun ban. Someone I know is getting their lever release rifle taken away, but is holding out and battling over its value. I hear the guy who invented lever release is suing the government for serious money, over loss of earnings and IP. That is a rumour, but it's a loud rumour. Criminals have whatever they want at their disposal. Driving legally held firearms to extinction doesn't change that. They just want to make it so much hassle, that we give up shooting.
  2. You can certainly have more than .22lr Nothing over .22lr in semi auto though. Handguns need to be minimum barrel and overall length. So you end up with the coat hanger on the grip. Can get a conventional revolver though, but muzzle loader, well cylinder loader. Can have 50cal. They have recently done away with lever release and MARS. Shame, Southern Gun done some nice lever release AR stuff.
  3. I sent Harassing B4stards a cease and desist letter, as fed up with post every other day. They have neither ceased or desisted in sending me mail shots. I have been saving all their prepay envelopes, so may have to send them all back to them.
  4. I know we all want "just a bit more", but why didn't they call it a day long ago. What could the family do with it all. That'll more than see them, the kids and grandkids out! I'd of thought that £1b is enough to secure intergenerational wealth, indefinitely. £30b is insane. Must make for interesting swings in value, when gold moves $2/oz!
  5. It was yesterday in MK.
  6. Had a browse at some watches in Costco yesterday and saw they now sell bullion. 50g bar £2080 So about 5% over market value. As they have printed price tags, I knew they must be overpriced. Anyone else seen these? They may have been selling these for years, I never look in the jewellery section. But the fact they sell it is interesting. It's getting 'mainstream'.
  7. Was thinking this myself.... Then yesterday I saw an advert for cash for gold on Facebook feed. First time I recall seeing one in years.
  8. I just ran pagespeed insights, I then ran it through GTMetrix and it is pretty bad. 15/100 is really bad, it will really struggle to rank on google. If you do the same, you will see why it is so slow and low scored. If your site runs on wordpress, a couple of free plugins will quickly sort most of it.
  9. I get the ones that are calling from Microsoft help desk. Played with one a bit. He couldn't understand why I didn't have certain things on my screen or keyboard. Kept asking if I was using Mac. No no, definitely windows. Asked for version. Told him 3.11. He hadn't heard of it. Told him definitely a legit windows o/s. He spoke to his mate in some Asian language, could hear his mate cracking up. He then asked if I was taking the p. Told him of course I was, but so was he. He hung up.
  10. Or as is often the case in the semiconductor business.... Straight off the main production line and out of the door. Huge money being made by individuals. I know a component broker, who with one manufacturer, is getting 1kpcs/pcm of a $100 device for $20ea. They spend $500kpa with a product manager from a huge semi fab. The guy probably has a 6 figure salary and must be getting millions from this. The industries most open secret. I contacted said manufacturer and told them we both know I could get the device for x, forcing them to buy back their own business. Only done it as I heard that a big order destined for a Turkish van plant never have made it to transit. The product manager bottled it, due to huge volume and they had a line stop. So as I had a large order, went front door, at back door price. Mrs THT worked in the fashion industry and the far east suppliers would over produce and then say if the brand didn't buy the excess, it would end up elsewhere. Hence not all 'fake' designer gear is really fake. Most is cheap copies, but some is off the same line as the legit stuff.
  11. Some nice 6 month fixed interest for the system. PP are awful. I remember a few years ago selling something on Ebay. Buyer lodged a complaint, I responded with technical evidence and buyer didn't respond. They closed it in their favour.
  12. When I was on a fixed, iirc you could overpay and reduce the monthly, reduce the term or have it off the capital. Choose to take it off the capital. If you can pay (and overpay) then why reduce the monthly. Reducing the term is ok, but you are committing. This was with nationwide. Having some money and a cheap mortgage seemed ok, but following a thread I started here the other week, I have been paying off the mortgage. Due to the low balance, it is on an svr/bmr, so no overpayment limits. Paid half off in the last week, will contact them for a settlement figure next week. Then move and start all over again...
  13. Just had a look at iShares physical ETF's and the custodian is JPM. A bit off-putting.