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  1. I'm sure the which site had a template. Just send them a letter, saying that you do not wish to be contacted by them and to stop processing your data for marketing purposes and that they must comply within 28 days. State that if they fail to do so, you will report them to the ICO.
  2. Last year, I got a few letters per week, after getting 3 sovs. After months I finally sent them a cease and desist letter. In their prepay envelope, of course. Got a letter or two for the next week or so...then nothing since (6 months perhaps).
  3. There are a lot of people, who, having slept on yesterday's news, are feeling ruined. The lse forum makes for sad reading. I got into Sirius years ago, maybe 10+ years ago. Back when RRL was the next big thing, pffft, what a joke AIM is. Mine saved, jobs created, but private investors lose big time. Sadly, that includes a lot of locals, who maybe rushed in, with everything, believing the dream. Anything outside of the FTSE100 just seems like a casino.
  4. Barely bigger than a punnet.
  5. I think they all require ID for first purchase. Maybe you then become 'a member'??? Either I have been lucky or scienceissilver hasn't at HGM.
  6. That isn't good. Last time out, they were more than Bairds and I walked past their door en route. I have found them cheap and cheerful for bullion grade coins.
  7. They had 2020 Brits on their website, so thought I could walk in and get some. They had them elsewhere, but said they could have them there for the next morning. They even looked in the display cabinet, but they didn't have any. They showed me their stock and I got to choose. They didn't rush and were very polite.
  8. I have purchased from HGM, Bairds and Atkinsons. Oh and 3 sovs from Harrington and Byrne. If you can get to Farringdon station fairly easily, a visit to HGM and Bairds is a couple of minutes from the station and 30 seconds from each other. HGM is cheap and cheerful over the counter and Bairds is more luxurious (upstairs). I liked going down to the basement though. Understand your concerns, I'm sure we all do. But you are looking at expensive 'insurance' by only buying from the mint. The 3 I mention (and others besides) would have their reputation destroyed if they sold something which wasn't right and they didn't sort it. You post something on here and it's proven to be true, bad product and no recourse, that dealer would suffer major reputational damage.
  9. It's working again. Fairly confident I tried scrolling around the page though. Chrome on Android.
  10. What happened to all the other coin prices? Philli's etc have disappeared.
  11. How do you know what is worth buying on WID? They have a sample portfolio, is that any good or just what they need to sell? Just got a bottle of Lasanta, not an investment, I plan on drinking it.
  12. Tbh I dont know that you can....as such. But when they bring them out, you can see them and say you dont want them, if they are tatty. I think the sovs I've had from there have been ok. A Brit was quite old, but ok condition, but a Krug looked like it had been tested by having the edge ground off. Only been to Bairds once, last week. Nice showroom, with lots of shiny stuff in it. Got a couple of Brits, they got what they had out, was all 2017, which as I wasn't looking for specific years, it was fine. But as they had 2020 on their website, hoped to get them. Was told if I'd called ahead, they would have got them from their other site, or could have them there the following morning. At that time, they were lower cost than HGM, so couldn't go wrong. Those 2 are ideal for me. A few minutes from Farringdon.
  13. I wondered what that meant. Thought it might be a bit of stray code.😆