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  1. I thought that at first. Now its every 48hrs.
  2. What was yesterday's... 1/4 QB? Straight in the bin. They must spend a fortune on marketing. It isn't cheap paper and print. Think I'll send them a cease and desist. After all, they only let me have 3 sovs.
  3. For those that missed out on bargain sovs, fear not, they have a cracking new deal... Half oz of silver for a mere £700 1927 crown, 50% silver. Don't miss out! Hope they have plenty in stock 🤔
  4. Tried the other day and again just now. Use new email address, input billing address (which they may have already), choose deliver to different address and input new address. When I click continue it just reloads the screen again. All mandatory fields have been completed and it doesn't advise why it wont progress to the next screen. Anyone else had this?
  5. Start of the week... Get some gold 50p's... £700 for 1/4oz of 917. Today... Get some silver 50p's... £60 for 1/4oz of 925. I dont want your 50p's!!! If you could let me have some more sovs at £224, or maybe 1oz Brits, say £900 a pop?
  6. For anyone that can get to Farringdon station, hgm are hard to beat imo. A lot of the coins are bullion grade. They handed me a 1oz krug that had seen better days a few months back. But over the counter trade and back on a train 5 minutes later. Suits me.
  7. Presumably you need to use a different email address to previous orders? Otherwise that along with delivery address is a pretty easy way to match repeat orders.
  8. How do you get around the card holder address?
  9. Please post your findings. It just seems we are well into "too good to be true" territory. Factor in the caps and flips, not much I know, but it adds to their costs. Plus do people take coins out of caps for inspection.
  10. They need card holder address and the system does check it. That is preventing me ordering more. All my cards are registered to my home address. I tried using work address as payment and delivery and security rejected it as incorrect payment address.
  11. A very good question. Planning on moving to a much bigger home, as in looking now. Would it look better to have no mortgage or needing a bigger mortgage? When we looked before, what lenders viewed as good/bad seemed to contradict (my) logic. As in, we were told going from a small mortgage to a large one was a risk, ignoring the fact that it was small due to nearly 2 years of overpayments, intentionally equal to the monthly payments of the proposed new mortgage. Happy to ask for a settlement figure tomorrow morning, and if derisks my original point, seems even more of a no brainer. But dont want them to then say "you dont have a mortgage and want a reasonably large one" It was all a bit strange. A few months later I spoke to a mortgage broker who told me that lender was over exposed in that area and couldn't lend to anyone buying there, but they couldn't actually say that as their reason and were telling people all sorts of reasons. The broker claimed his contact at that lender had told him that, telling him not to apply for that area.
  12. After some clarification... FSCS protection is £85k. Is that just cash? Have a sipp with ii. If the cash has 85k of protection, what about the shares held? Let's say someone has 250k in the sipp. 150k across equities and funds and 100k in cash. What happens if the trustees go belly up? Then with banks, if you have 135k in credit balance, but with the same bank you have a 50k mortgage, would that offset what was due? 135-50=85 , therefore 85k paid out and mortgage cleared. Or you still owe them 50k, get 85k and lose the rest? Realise the protection is double for joint accounts, but ignoring that for the theory above.
  13. As loss leaders must have a limit and being cynical.... Has anyone tested any of these bargain sovereigns?
  14. Back when it was a £30k limit, I knew someone who had £120k in. Him, his wife and 2 kids. Reckoned on £1k month absolute minimum back then. Know someone with £50k in now. They reckon about £100 month. I'm not far off max, had £500 single about a year ago, but maybe 1-2 £25's month, sometimes nothing.