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  1. tallthinkev

    Tax on importing silver from US to UK

    Maybe much cheaper to get it posted in smaller parcels. If the silver is worth only £49 I don't think HMRC worry too much, once you go over £50 then they may pickup on it. Also it might be worth sending to different addresses too.
  2. tallthinkev

    Today I Received

    Yet another proof, worth grading?
  3. tallthinkev

    coin on Royal Mint web site

    Funny looking helmet, a cross between a 3rd century Imperial Roman and a 11th century 'Saxon'?
  4. tallthinkev


    Richer counties have higher tax rates. If was in the UK, which has high tax, not as high as quite a lot of other places, would add around 20% right off the bat. Also start up costs would add to the, erm, cost. Improved or brand new transport links may have to be built and new plants for processing and transport links to those places. The end it might not be worth smaller countries even trying to mine. Try asking the same question on www.alternatehistory.com
  5. tallthinkev

    Today I Received

    A silver proof and a nice 1/10oz
  6. tallthinkev

    Today I Received

    Just a proof.
  7. tallthinkev

    Today I Received

    Another 1/2. And something I shouldn't have really...
  8. tallthinkev

    Today I Received

    Very nice!
  9. tallthinkev

    Today I Received

    Sometimes it does take a little time before I get my very grubby mitts on something.
  10. tallthinkev

    Storage of your stack

    I just have a map with a big X.
  11. tallthinkev

    Today I Received

    This very nice proof. Anyone have an idea of the mintage?
  12. tallthinkev

    for sale 3 Sovereigns, 1 1/2 Sovereign

    Not at the moment, sorry.
  13. tallthinkev

    for sale 3 Sovereigns, 1 1/2 Sovereign

    No one?
  14. tallthinkev

    for sale 3 Sovereigns, 1 1/2 Sovereign

    Right chaps and chapettes, get you grubby mitts on some of these! 1902p Sov - £275 1911 Sov - £255 2017 sov - £250 1982 1/2 sov £130 Postage of your choice, payment Paypal F&F or cash if you are near. Good luck and give me beer money!
  15. tallthinkev

    wanted Half sovs

    May have a few you can chose from, Edward VII.