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  1. The one I have, £32 with postage.
  2. Just don't mix them up with your real tablets!
  3. If you don't mind what type of tube you want, these maybe ok, ID 23.8mm. They may fit I don't know. They are airtight if nothing else and FREE! Well, postage would be nice.
  4. Got this today, brought from the very nice member MikeSol
  5. Does this mean we could meet up and I can drop any coins to you in person, or am I being more thick than normal? Cheers
  6. 1987, first year, 1/10 oz Britannia?
  7. I like mine, yet I don't know if I want to sell it or not.
  8. This is getting silly, in my change. After I manage to sell them hopefully it will the best part of two oz's of silver for £2!
  9. When will the coins get to dragon and hamster?😁
  10. I was a bit wrong on the prices, £39.04 in the end! Who needs silver? 😁
  11. Yes I know it's not silver, let alone gold, yet in the last few days, these in my change. A good £25, if not £30 on Ebay.