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  1. Not in such good nick, but it still adds to the stack.
  2. Not much at the moment, but more on the way.
  3. When's the ad coming out? You know Gold compare Gold compare You can use this chart A real great start If you love gold Gold compare
  4. So what you really mean is go with the map method?😄
  5. It is a bit of a misconception that safes are, erm, safe. If someone really wants to get inside it they will. However your common or garden burglar wants to be in and out asap. Even if they do find a safe they are not going to hang around to open it for more that a minute or two. They want small items that they can put in their pockets or small bag, the biggest thing taken, for the most part will be an IPad or laptop. As mentioned above a safety deposit box is a very good way to go for you gold and high value silver. If it normal bullion silver, a normal not too cheap safe is fine. Plus make sure your insurance company will cover items in the first place! Not all of them will. Consider asking family to hold stuff for you too. Going back to boxes thing about how fast you may need your stuff, if you need something quick it's no good having to wait until the bank opens on a Monday at 10.00. Not an add, but my main bank is Metro open 7 days a week 363 days a year. I have had no problems with them myself, or course you can use something like this.😁
  6. Hopefully just a quick one. Full set so, far all seven of the 1/4os gols QB's, what could be a fair price. I have seen the Lion at anything from £410 to £499 at dealers, a bit silly I think. Even spot, at time of typing is £311 each. So £2,450? More? Over to you good people.
  7. Maybe, but near 5oz less than I'm looking for, up the brits or 13 Oriental ones, or even 14 ASE?
  8. Righty-ho boys and girls. One 2013 half proof Sov for 14 1oz silver Britannia's. I will consider offers. More photo's if needed. Thanks
  9. Not a bad idea! Worth doing now, maybe 7 QB's for 8/9 Sovs?
  10. I'm in two minds at the mo, do I sell my 1/4oz gold QB Lion by it's self or sell all seven or indeed wait until I have the complete set. Still would have no real idea what the selling price would be anyway.
  11. In a previous life, I got my hands on some of the ex-lava from that volcano, two day old rock. Than cut it up!😁