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  1. Think I'm right in thinking that if you bring back Brittiania's you can get round any import tax. As there are from the UK and have a real face value. My well be wrong though.
  2. Just a few to bulk up the silver stackette
  3. As I know next to nothing about varieties and the like, anything special about this, 1884 Sydney mint job? Also worth grading?
  4. The last of my tax rebate, two 2018 and one 1884 Sydney Mint
  5. Slowly building up a date run, latest QEII
  6. Sell it on Ebay when they have one of their final fee for a £1 weekends. Sold four things, added up to over £1400, final fee £4. Added 0 minutes later...
  7. I've got 1 x 2000 mint sealed 1 x 2011 1 x 1982 £128 each plus postage of your choice, PM if you wish
  8. Seen a 2000 bullion Sovereign for sale, is there anything special about these, apart from the date that is. Priced around the same as any other 'normal' Sov.
  9. By the ton, no one's going to run away with it!
  10. I have a little spare money, if they is such a thing, and I'm thinking about a 1/4oz coin. I've got all the Queens beasts in 1/4oz, any other ideas? Or maybe just stick to Sov's?
  11. Just these today, they go nice with my 1/4 gold Yale