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  1. Looking at price of the half crowns, they seem to be a bit on the high side.
  2. Will swap for 2 sov's and 4 oz's of silver
  3. While your at it the Millennium Falcon is in Star Trek First Contact!
  4. Pub was next on the list and ticked off bloody quick
  5. Have sold to HGM in the past, think I got 95%, still made on the whole thing. Asked me how I wanted to be paid, "Any chance of cash?" Walked out with £X,000's, thinking where's the nearest bank
  6. 2015 gold panda in unopened OMP £680 and your choice of postage. I maybe open to swap for CGT free gold
  7. Anything un-normal about this one? Seems to me there is just something about it, but then again I am an idiot.
  8. tallthinkev

    Worth grading ?

    Just checked myself, 206 in total, with MS66 being top with 9
  9. tallthinkev

    Worth grading ?

    Have a look to see how many of them there are first?
  10. From Stacker 2020, erm, yesterday really, but hey.