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  1. Dear oh dear, looked at the money situation and think I well may be coming along!
  2. Down to £165, that is a whole pint off!
  3. tallthinkev


    Some from my only local shop, others from ebay, over the last few months
  4. Just the one, £170 plus postage of your choice. Simple.
  5. Thought this was quite good, think postage is included. https://www.silvertrader.uk/product/second-grade-silver-bullion-coins-with-slight-scratches-or-milk-marks/
  6. If you have a VPN log in as if you were in Europe?
  7. tallthinkev

    DH Gate ?

    I brought a guitar from one of their sellers, same as Aliexpress. Telecaster style and said no Fender logo. Sure enough it turned up with a logo. Overall it wasn't too bad at all. After changing the pickups and turners, It was cheaper than a Squier which I would have done the same thing to anyway. A case of knowing what to look for and willing to except it won't be the real thing?
  8. tallthinkev


    Kind of but not really too sure
  9. That's what I have wondered, what happens if NGC, or PCGS bugger up your coin? If it was going to be AU 58 and it goes down to AU 53, no great loss (kind of), however PF 70 down to PF 63 that is a problem.
  10. I would be willing to swap for a nice bullion sov
  11. I'd want a bit more than that, I'd need to replace it.