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  1. tallthinkev

    wanted Half sovs

    May have a few you can chose from, Edward VII.
  2. tallthinkev

    Today I Received

    Because I know they will fit anything, no need to have X amount left over.
  3. tallthinkev

    Today I Received

    From @morezone the before and after!
  4. tallthinkev

    Renting out a home?

    No worries, if I do do it, it will be through an agency.
  5. tallthinkev

    Worst-looking 1oz gold coins

    Commemorating 50 years since the launch (or death) of Laika?
  6. tallthinkev

    Today I Received

    Another half.
  7. tallthinkev

    Today I Received

    1/2 Sov and the Newton 50p in my change. (well Saturday anyway)
  8. tallthinkev

    Today I Received

    Just a 1/10oz but it all adds up.
  9. tallthinkev

    Today I Received

    Well done that man.
  10. tallthinkev

    Today I Received

    This Not too sure about the title, so any better ideas?
  11. tallthinkev

    Did I overpay for this half sovereign?

    I brought a nice set of digital vernier calipers from Amazon for about £20, well worth the money.
  12. I hate football, however I am lucky that my local will be brushing off their 'World Cup Free Zone' sign.
  13. Double angry face, mine got cancelled!