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  1. https://www.bullionbypost.co.uk/gold-sovereign-specific-year/victoria-young-head-1871-1887/1884-gold-sovereign-victoria-young-head-london/ It has gone down a bit
  2. Bullion swap with a couple oz of silver then? However I did see the 84 at £596 to day one one of the sites
  3. I'm never overly sure about prices, one of the many reasons why I like this site, is many know more than wot I does. As the title, go these two that are hold no value to me other than the bullion price, I don't collect as such just hold for stacking, if you know what I mean. One 1884 S full Sov One 1895 M full Sov What could be a fair price or a fair exchange. I do wish to keep the same weight. Any help would be nice.
  4. Being a Kev of little brain, I have no idea of how that stuff works
  5. Right chaps Thinking of stepping to the world of this stuff What do you think is the best way to start off with platinum? 1/10 or 1/4 oz coin a 1/2 oz? If so, are any better value than others? any help would be nice. Type about this for a bit🙂
  6. How about a three way stack? 1/3 full on numastatic, 1/3 semi numastatic, and 1/3 bullion? I mean thin this in value rather then weight. If things get tight and you need to sell, flog the bullion when the boiler blows up or indeed the car. You can make that back slowly and not take a big hit overall.
  7. Having proofs is more of a collecting thing really, so not so much in the valve of the metal?
  8. gold.co.uk have got Victoria Young Head Sov's for £446.90, meaning there price is £1,898 an oz. Yes, there is a bit of a mark up on them, but come on!
  9. You are quite correct, not an Indian
  10. Here you go An oldie but, goldie?
  11. Might be flogging this one off, what would be a 'fair' price. I know the pic's are not the best but if I do sell better ones will be forthcoming.
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