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  1. You've got what you needed then? If not I have 4 all sealed plus a 2018 dog sealed too. Also a 2017 Santa Maria
  2. Nope, yet I might bung it on youtube when I'm happy with it. Then you can work it out!😁
  3. D - Cm7 x lots F - G - C - E - F - G - C - D D - Cm7 Something I'm mucking about with
  4. No, nope, nah, zip, nil, zero, nay, never, void, negatory... I could go on. Joking aside, I used to be a glassblower and then worked as a lab tech, I've used acids, including HF! Never use a beaker when you can use a flask
  5. Not a beaker in anyway shape or form. A flask should be alright but a very good ventilation is a must
  6. Bog standard ASE, or Maples type stuff?
  7. Anymore, for anymore?
  8. Thanks, as for the ASE most are older 80's/90's so a little higher? As for the Pandas, I'll bung on a couple of quid!😊
  9. Righty ho chaps I wish to sell quite a bit of my silver, mostly 1 oz coins and I'd like an idea of the pricing. A goodly number will be ASE, Maples, some Aus and UK stuff, so about £16.50-17.50 each? Also ones like Pandas, £20? Rwanda Lunar dogs, £19 and Roosters £20 and the Santa Maria £23? Older Aus kangaroos £25? Ghana Leopard 100 Cedis £45? In all around 100 oz's are these prices anywhere near right? Type about this for a bit😁
  10. I may be up for swapping some silver for 1/2 and full Sov's. What would be fair do you think, 9 oz's for a 1/2 and 17 oz's for a full? Too much or too little? Type about this for a while. 😁