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  1. tallthinkev

    Sovereign Errors, Overdates and Varieties

    A 1/2 Sovereign question if I may. What could be the difference, price wise, for a 1915 s v's a 'normal' Royal Mint 1915 1/2.
  2. tallthinkev

    Boycotting GS.be

    That's quite a big difference, with GS being around 50% of the total order. If the latest group order was from GS only, I'm wondering how much smaller the total order could be. 50% less than the last one?
  3. tallthinkev

    Goldsilver.be refuse to send my order?

    Having kept out of this, until I reread the whole thread, here's my take (yes, most likely to make things worse). If for some reason, beyond the customers control, an order has to be cancelled or amended, surely a good business would take that on board? Is it that GS thinks they are too big to fail?
  4. tallthinkev

    Electron Microscope

    Not 40 years ago myself, nearer 30. Yet when I had to help shift a new one in to a different lab, my mate didn't take any notice of the warnings. Wiped all his cards!
  5. tallthinkev

    F35 Lightning £2 Gold

    Which one, the P-38 or the one made by English Electric?
  6. tallthinkev

    Silver Deals.....

    I brought them together as one lot so can't really say, of course if someone was to make an offer
  7. tallthinkev

    Silver Deals.....

    Not at £10 of course that is what they were buying for, however got these a nice price.
  8. tallthinkev

    Silver Deals.....

    I said it didn't matter pre or post 1920, just looking for weight. Of course if there is something nice...
  9. tallthinkev

    Silver Deals.....

    Just got off the phone with Cambridgeshire Coins, they said they were selling 'junk' at £10 at per oz. Whether this total weight or silver content I have yet to find out. Will report back later. Does seem to good to be true.
  10. tallthinkev

    eBay is it worth it?

    I always film the unpacking anything from Ebay. more so with coins, I use a magnet and scales just to be as sure as I can.
  11. tallthinkev

    I just can't believe this!

    As I mentioned in the coments I was a lab tech for over 20 years, this bloke is going to kill himself or worse. No protection, as such, for a start!
  12. tallthinkev

    Perth Mint Lunar II Question

    True enough, however some are still going for well over £30 and as much as £50.
  13. tallthinkev

    Perth Mint Lunar II Question

    Anyone else?
  14. tallthinkev

    Buying trips

    If the trip is just a trip to get silver, only just about worth it. Yet if you would like to X and pick up silver while you are there you maybe able to pay for the whole trip with the savings made buy not paying VAT
  15. tallthinkev

    Perth Mint Lunar II Question

    Most likely put them up on here first.