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  1. SUColdo

    for sale selling stack

    One Perth mint gold bar sold, one remains .
  2. SUColdo

    for sale selling stack

    dropped prices on kooks, Britannia's and Perth gold bars
  3. SUColdo

    for sale selling stack

    Metalor bars now sold
  4. SUColdo

    for sale selling stack

    Panda now sold
  5. SUColdo

    for sale selling stack

    The reverse is blank but I can take a picture if you like and i realise this photo isn't much better but I can take more later too. To be clear not actual sovereigns but 8 gram jewellery coins from india
  6. SUColdo

    for sale selling stack

    thanks Pete. Yes I would consider this with a buyer with strong positive feedback. I have bought most of this from the silver forum but not received any feedback when buying. I don't take much part in the forums and this is my first sale. From my experience buying, the shipping decision is more down to the buyer? I'm open to suggestions on this.
  7. SUColdo

    for sale selling stack

    Thanks mondy - for payment PPFF or please add 4% for G&S. The metalor bars don't have a certificate, I got them on here from oliversw5, if that is any consolation...
  8. SUColdo

    for sale selling stack

    silver Roll of 20 1oz kookaburras 2017 £355 drop to £340 - sold x25 2016 1oz Britannia's £420 drop to £410 - sold 100g SA0 Sheffield 999 £60 x2 100g metalor 999 £55 each - sold 2015 1oz panda £20 - sold 2017 1oz brit in capsule £17.5 gold x2 999.9 Perth mint 10gr bar £300 each (one has been taken out packet) drop to £295 - Only one left now x3 Indian Jewellery sovereigns 916 £220 each let me know if you want more pictures of anything.