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  1. danmc82

    for sale 5 kg Silver Umicore Bar

    You might be holding onto the bar for awhile then 😁
  2. danmc82

    completed Proof Half Sovereign

    Later date preferred. Dont want graded please but must be boxed with COA and in great condition. Thanks
  3. danmc82

    Christmas 2019 Fiji Coca-Cola coin

    I really like these. Is this the same coin you posted about @FFkook?
  4. danmc82

    How Do I Pay Aurinum?

    I sent Aurinum an email this morning asking for an update to my purchase. They replied this evening saying they havent received payment 😦 so wont ship until then. I've replied with a screenshot of my Paypal payment, and it leaving my bank account on 30th October. All this waiting for nothing.
  5. danmc82

    for sale Australian 2009 proof sovereign.

    You only have 2009 dont you?
  6. danmc82

    Today I Received.....

    Amazing collection. You are my inspiration 😁
  7. danmc82

    China dragon dollar re-strike

    Ill swap you cash for 2 more 😁
  8. danmc82

    Snowman 50p Proof 2018

    I hope your claim is of potential value and not rrp 😁
  9. Its a great price so shouldnt take long 👍
  10. danmc82

    Snowman 50p Proof 2018

    Who are you persuing this with RM or RM?
  11. danmc82

    Snowman 50p Proof 2018

    When did you all order?
  12. danmc82

    completed 2002 Full Sovereign (Shield Reverse)

    Swap for 19 Maples?😁
  13. danmc82

    withdrawn My Silver Maples For Your Sovereign

    I have a total of 19 Maples and coin tube. 2002 full proof is my preference followed by a half proof and id consider older Victoria's.
  14. danmc82

    withdrawn My Silver Maples For Your Sovereign

    No. Ive got a rough figure in my head of coin worth. If people say they have a Sov but I want X amount of Maples, im happy with that.