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  1. One big difference between last month and this one.
  2. @Joersherman2725 Or you could show them off... 😎
  3. @Madstacks The fastest way to lose weight is the water fast. Drink nothing but water for a week (Or longer if you can) and you'll lose loads. Ive done it for 3 and 7 days. I lost a stone (14 Pounds to those who dont know) on the 7 day fast Once your body goes into ketosis its relatively easy. Takes 2-3 days to start though. The first 2 days are very hard to get through. Once you come off the water diet you need to be careful what you eat as your body will try and store fat again.
  4. danmc82

    The coming Gold crash

    @Wonger 's Prediction charts...
  5. I have no Gold Brits to trade im affraid. I'd only be interested in the 97 Proof though as the rest of my dates are BU. PM me a price if you want old fashioned cash.
  6. Sorry, never saw your post. Got 2010 & 2013 now. Just need 2008 and maybe 1997.
  7. Technically not a PM but still a coin... 1973 EEC Proof 50p. Pure Cupro-Nickel 😁
  8. Didnt even know RM had released this 😂 No hype for this coin then?
  9. Cheers. Yes it is, took a few more close ups...
  10. Very nice Silver Peso medallion from @paolo 😃 60g of 986 Silver.
  11. Looks like this is being released tomorrow. Just had an email from Westminster.
  12. When I first started out, I bought a 1oz "German" Silver bar. I thought the bar was German 😂 Never knew German SIlver was code for Silver Plated/Fake. Got a refund through ebay though as the listing wasnt clear.
  13. Anyone have any of these coins 😂
  14. Abit dated but an interesting read... https://www.bullionvault.com/gold-news/platinum-cheap-031120192#
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