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  1. I also deal with cash in my job and have found loads of coins for people who collect them. Theres a few I keep for myself. I'll post pictures up if I can find them. Only keep them because I've never seen them before. I found 2 x undated 20p's years ago. Thats probably the best find I've had.
  2. @5huggy not sure if your sort of thing? If so, sorry for spending your money 😁
  3. Thanks to @morezone for the coin box, shows off my Britannia date run really well. Only a couple of gaps left to fill now...
  4. Ahh, but is that in weight, cost, volume, smell 😁
  5. Bet they were pretty pissed off 😁
  6. Never look at listed prices, always sold prices. If you dont want to keep them, put them up for sale here. I'm sure members can advice futher if your prices are way out.
  7. Ive been collecting for about 3ish years and im still learning all the time 🙂
  8. The Kew Garden 50p in this set is not an original 2009. This is a commemorative set to celebrate the 50p designs, so they are all "copies" if you like.
  9. Seller is just a chancer. I assume the picture is the one from ebay and not your own? As Goldking said this set looks to have sold on average around £600ish. I think the set was around £195 on release so its tripled in value. I cant add anything more I'm affraid.
  10. Very delicate at 0.65g but looks very nice. 0.5mm Chain Width. 375 on the clasp with the letters IBB, which are the makers. Chain length is 29cm approx (Just under 11.5") £10 + postage of your choice/risk.
  11. I think the going rate is normally between £650-£700.