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  1. danmc82

    Did I see?

    I've only seen adverts by the RM advertising 1/4, 1/2 and full Sovs for 100,000% above spot. Normally celebratory coins, like when Prince George first used a spork, or when Prince Harry wore his first pair of Nike Air Max.
  2. what condition is 2001 Brit plase?
  3. danmc82

    Silver in danger

    Be nice to have a 1oz Brit in Francium, I wouldnt look at it in the bath though 😁
  4. Its down to the owner to keep the coin protected and damage free. You shouldnt have to pay an external company to do that for you. You pay a premium for a proof to guarantee you get a pristine coin in protective packaging. If the owner decides to handle the coin, its upto them, but they then cannot moan when re-sale is compromised.
  5. I've noticed over the past year or so that there is an increase in graded coins being sold in the trade section. Seems like 7/10 Sovereigns are being sold this way. I'm not against anyone doing this, I collect graded Silver Panda's myself. But why is this? To make money? The Seller wishes they hadnt got it graded so want to sell? More sort after from buyers? Collectors/Stackers think the coins look ugly in their original Box? To protect the coin from damage (Although I disagree with this if they originally came in a capsule) Like I said, i'm not against this but IMO a Proof Coin, being that a Sovereign or any other coin, looks so much more appealing in original packaging, than one in a slab. I feel collectors will soon be after original, untouched coins as they are becoming rarer everyday. What are your thoughts?
  6. danmc82

    car damage from pothole

    I agree, this is my main moan when I'm out driving. My car has lowered, stiffer suspension as standard so it look like I'm being thrown about sometimes. This comes to mind... 😂 Doesnt help when they dig up the road within a month of laying it.
  7. danmc82

    Royal Mint 50p's

    Wonder if the mintage will be kept at 15k. Any higher I probably wont bother.
  8. danmc82

    car damage from pothole

    Couple of years ago I went over a water drain cover which snapped off my Cat Convertor. I first went through the Council who then said it was down to the water company (Seven Trent) I sent pictures of the drain, damage to my car, invoice to have fixed etc. It took a few months for the answer, NO!!! They said because the drain wasnt raised as an issue before the damage, there was no way they could have known about it. They then said if I wanted to escalate, I could. In the end, I couldnt be bothered just for the sake of £300.
  9. danmc82

    InvestorCrate Opinions

    Probably 1g Valcambi Silver bars.
  10. danmc82

    withdrawn 1oz Gold Britannia - Plea/Sale

    Gold looks especially good in quickslabs.
  11. danmc82

    1/10 oz Britannia Capsules / Tubes / Storage...

    Airtites website sells all the stuff you need but expensive delivery if not in the US.
  12. danmc82

    Panda question

  13. danmc82

    Panda question

    Are you sure they didnt give you £20 to take it 😂
  14. danmc82

    Hatton garden metals

    Atkinsons are abit like that. They will give a photo but wont say anything about grade etc. They also charge stupid money on some Sovereign dates.