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  1. Any interest in 1g SIlver Bars 😂 Someone bought me a couple ages ago as a joke.
  2. Bought from Atkinsons pre-owned. Got a bargain considering how much these are new...
  3. I'd bet if they were next to each other taken with the same camera they would look similar. Either that or ones had a harder life than the other.
  4. Do you have pics of the Pamp bars please.
  5. Anyone gone for this? I bought 1 x Silver Proof this morning. Was tempted to get the set of 6.
  6. I prefer the one at Atkinsons 😁 PS: Not really, @richatthecroft has his at a great price.
  7. I'll predict how this thread is going to end up... 😁 Harrygill111 - Still both for sale, no one interested? Stacker9090 - Yes, I am. I've posted twice to say I am. Harrygill111 - Price drop £10 each. Harrygill111 - Come on guys, this is practically giving them away. Stacker9090 - I'll take them both please. Harrygill111 - Final bump before removing. Stacker9090 - ME, I'LL TAKE THEM. Harrygill111 - Wow, no takers. Both free to the fastest reply. Stacker 9090- Me, Me , Me. danmc_82 - I'll tkae them please. Harrygill111 - Sold to danmc_82
  8. Stunning. IMO the best Sovereign set there is, just ahead of the 1937's.
  9. Hi Marc, Managed to get one . Thanks for the offer though 🙂
  10. In RM box and certificate please, I dont want slabbed thankyou. I missed out on one earliar and now I really "Need" one 😀
  11. Ill take 1989 Half please.