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  1. Its strange how the outer rim looks so mis-shapen, but the portrait and lettering look perfect 🤔 These must have been kept in storage for 2000 years.
  2. I have 2017 bars but not those numbers. Low numbers if interested.
  3. Stunning coin. Dont see many of these come up for sale anymore unless slabbed. Wish I had a spare £1k.
  4. Use it for Gold, then buy another safe in the future for your Silver. If you dont like that idea, swap the safe.
  5. You & @kimchi are the reason why the RM keep making these stupid coins 😂😂
  6. The 1910 I can understand, but the rest a grade C? 😯
  7. I provide a driveway for my postman to use, I dont charge him to do so though 😉