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  1. After reading the replies here, on Friday I went there pick up other orders, and asked for a look at the defective coin. I planned to take a photo and report back here. To my surprise, the coin looked normal. Then I offered to accept the coin (will do the same if defective) and the staff gave to me and reissued the invoice. No refund, i got ONE coin happily. Photos taken when I was back.
  2. I ordered the coin at LPM and received an email today informing me the product has a defect and they cannot obtain replacement from the Mint! So I will only have to accept the crediting of my account. How many did I order? ONE, a single ONE coin and no replacement can be obtained.🙄 I'm wondering what's going on...
  3. Chiwoo Cheonwang 2018. After two delayed launch dates, finally got them and picked up today. Significantly different from the vivid painting effect as shown in the marketing pictures, but looking from different angles, change in the light reflection presents interesting contrasts.
  4. This year is NOT lunar year of dragon, but I've seen dragons coming out one after the other. Perth Mint continued the Dragon & Phoenix in 2018 (as of now, gold bullion only, silver not yet) and it also released the rectangular bar coin! UK Royal Bullion has the double dragon 1 oz coin, its style combination is interesting (one oriental, and another western) but the premium is a bit high. Two weeks ago I found out NZ Mint produced its version of "double dragon" 1oz coin; it is oriental style dragons facing each other. Lower premium than RM double dragon. I'm not quite sure about its mintage, if it's similar to other NZ - Niue silver bullion (roaring lion, tree of life), that would be 50,000. I haven't decided whether to order yet, and before typing this post did another Google search -- turning out its 5oz version is on US website too (only US & Canada shipping), I would think 5oz is quite a powerful dragon!
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