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    MickB reacted to Kookaburracollector in Inheritance tax and sovereigns.   
    He should emigrate to Australia and spend his last few days in the sunshine...plus NO INHERITANCE TAX!. 
    Failing that, I recently had a dentist friend inherit a huge inheritance of coins from his doctor father...a very sympathetic probate valuation was obtained from a well respected dealer in Birmingham...saved him loads...PM me if you want details..
    Best response so far I reckon ‘What Sovereigns’...well done @kimchi!
    People need to realise a bank deposit makes you effectively an unsecured creditor...the lowest of the low. Thank goodness I’m not rich enough to worry about these type of issues.
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    MickB reacted to Tn21 in Inheritance tax and sovereigns.   
    Dr above has just gone and done a wise move, spent 20k on au. I give him credit because many people are not brave enough to venture in this space but he had no issues with it at all. 
    Just thought it's worth sharing. 
  3. Haha
    MickB reacted to tallyhojim in Climate Change - Fact, fiction or somewhere inbetween   
    Even our illustrious armed police have a tendency to ND or shot themselves/others.............in between leaving their weapons in service rest station toilets.
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    MickB reacted to SILVERFINGER in Climate Change - Fact, fiction or somewhere inbetween   
    Yeah if they were to bring back ownership it should be by a case by case on getting a licence, you just have to look after yourself and behave in sensible manner and hope it rubs off on others.
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    MickB reacted to blindguy in For my British friends   
    Found these today, forgot I had them. Jim

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    MickB reacted to Stu in Pamp 5g bar, is it genuine or not ?   
    Hang on @Tn21 I think that sigma verifier may be fake, have you checked out the inconsistencies in the lettering😀
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    MickB reacted to vicamy in Pamp 5g bar, is it genuine or not ?   
    Yes I totally agree. 
    Anyway, I am more than happy to do my best to help anyone who would like to have their PM tested if in any doubts, as long as in the London area and close to me. 😃 Just to be clear no money involved at all. 
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    MickB reacted to Tn21 in Pamp 5g bar, is it genuine or not ?   
    Incredible offer above, was a real pleasure meeting Vicamy. Went out of his way to test this bar for me and I truly appreciate it. 
    Long live the forum, well worth the membership fees.
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    MickB reacted to SILVERFINGER in Climate Change - Fact, fiction or somewhere inbetween   
    There is still plenty of firearms you can own in the UK but you have jump through a lot of hoops and apparently have a reason to own them the main laws cover the caliber of the weapon, the age of the weapon and the barrel length,
    you can own a semi auto .22 bullet but nothing semi auto above that, only single shot, which includes weapons that look like semi auto/full auto rifles but need cocking every shot.
    we can actually own and shoot large calibre anti tank rifles (as long as they are bolt action and can find a shooting range safe enough for them, I think there is 3 in the UK) like my PTRD 41 14.5mm or Boys .55 , in a lot of states in the US you cannot own one of those because they are over .50 Browning/12.7mm ,
    pistols/revolvers they made the law that the barrel had to be something ridiculous like 12" long, muzzle loaders were ok, then you have section 7 guns specifically historic pistols of rarity and or in mint condition nearly always world war 2 or older, these can be owned with a hard to get licence and shot at a few places in the UK, a lot of museums have these licences, then there is section 58 weapons, these can be owned fully working without a licence as long as you,
    dont intend to shoot them
    dont have a serious criminal record or firearms related offence 
    a section 58 gun is all about the caliber of weapon and not the weapon itself, and there is literally 100's of different calibers you can own fully working covering revolvers, percussion, muzzle loaders, shotguns, rifles, anti tank guns, semi auto pistols,
    for example, there is two Webley revolvers, both made in 1910, same barrel length, same model, one is in .320 the other in .38 S&W calibers, the .320 you can own fully working without a licence, the .38 S&W you cannot own even with a licence, only deactivated, because the .320 is classed as an obsolete caliber,
    the Martini Henry of the Zulu wars is another gun you can own under section 58, now if you want to start shooting it you have to find a club, get a licence, get the weapon proof checked (which may destroy it if faulty).
    Gun laws only punish the law abiding population, they make no difference to criminals, its one way of controlling the population and for MP's to try and make themselves look good.
    My  1942  PTRD   14.5mm  can be owned (if you can find one, only 6 in the country that I know of) fully working with a firearms licence with special additions

    My 1877 Martini Henry MKII  .577/450  can be owned fully working without licence (restrictions as above)

    lovely bore still for its age


    My 1939 Walther PPK .32 acp , section 7/ Historical weapons of significance licence if you wanted to own and/or shoot working, plus I think there is restrictions on weapons only already in the UK ie you cannot import one 

    My mates 1978 Colt Python , used to shoot it in the early 1980's had to be destroyed, sold for export or deactivated, he had it deactivated when new laws came in, only way he could keep it.

    Here is a semi auto that featured in a John Wayne cowboy film where he had two daft sons and one carried this, can be owned without licence
    Here's some more currently for sale
    .32 rf 
    a FU cannon
    And finally for the sado masochists a list of all the calibers you can own (with restrictions) without a licence fully working in the UK, enjoy 
    any questions at all please ask and I will be happy to answer them 
    All guns in these calibers below can be owned without a licence and no criminal record as long as you dont shoot them or use in a threatening manner in public
    .22 Extra Long Maynard (B)
    .22-15-60 Stevens (B)
    .22CF (E&B)
    .230CF (E&B)
    .25/20 Single Shot (B)
    .25/21 Stevens (B)
    .25/25 Stevens (B)
    .250 Rook (or .297/.250 Rook) (H)
    .255 Jeffrey Rook (H)
    .275 Jeffrey (H)
    .276 Enfield P.13 (Hu)
    .28/30/120 Stevens (B)
    .297/.230 Sporting (H)
    .297/.230 Morris (H)
    .298 Minex (H)
    .300 (.295) Rook (H)
    .300 Sherwood (H)
    .300/.250 Rook (H)
    .30/30 Wesson (D)
    .30/40 Wesson (D)
    .310 Cadet (H)
    .310 Greener
    .31 Thuer
    .310/.300 Rook (H)
    .320/.230 Rook (H)
    .32 Protector (W&M)
    .32 Long Rifle CF (NB recommended for Section 58(2) in rifles only) (B)
    .32/35 Stevens (D)
    .32/40 Remington-Hepburn (D)
    .32/40 Bullard (B)
    .32/ 40 Winchester and Ballard (B)
    .32 Ideal (B)
    .32 – .44 Smith & Wesson (W&M)
    .320 British (also known as the .320 Revolver C.F., Short or Long) (W&M)
    .35/30 Maynard (B)
    .35/40 Maynard (B)
    .340 Short or Long Revolver (W&M)
    .360 Thuer
    .360 Rook (also known as the .360 No. 5 ) (H) (recommended for S. 58(2) rifles only)
    .360 shotgun
    Early Bacon breech-loader – Obsolete.
    .360 Westley Richards No.3 Express (H)
    .360 No.3 Gibbs (H)
    .360 Gibbs No.4 (also known as the .380 Gibbs No. 4)
    .360/.300 Fraser (H)
    .360 2 7/16 Black Powder Express (H)
    .360 2 3/4 Boxer (H)
    .369 Purdey (H)
    .38/35 Stevens Everlasting (D)
    .38/40 Ballard Everlasting (D)
    .38/40 Remington Hepburn (D)
    .38/45 Bullard (D)
    .38/70 Winchester (D)
    .38/56 Winchester (D)
    .38/90 Winchester (B)
    .380 Black Powder Express (also known as the .380-21/4 Rigby and
    .360-21/4) (H)
    .380 Long Rifle (NB recommended for Section 58(2) in rifles only) (H)
    .40 / 40 Maynard (B)
    .40/.50-70 Caliber Reduction Exptl.(H)
    .400-2.5 inch Kynoch (H)
    .400-3.25 inch Boxer (H)
    .400-3 inch Purdey (H)
    .40/60 Marlin (D)
    .40/60 Winchester (D)
    .40/60 Maynard (B)
    .40/70 Ballard (D)
    .40/70 Sharps Necked (D)
    .40/70 Sharps Straight (D)
    .40 / 70 Maynard (B)
    .40 – 70 WCF (B)
    .40/72 Winchester (D)
    .40/75 Bullard (D)
    .40/82 Winchester (D)
    .40/90 Bullard (D)
    .40/90 What Cheer (D)
    .40/50 Sharps Straight (D)
    .40/65 Sharps Straight (D)
    .40/65 WCF (D)
    .40/90 Sharps Necked (D)
    .40/40 Maynard (B)
    .40/60 Maynard (B)
    .40/63 Ballard (B)
    .40/65 Ballard Everlasting (B)
    .40/70 Maynard (B)
    .40/70 Peabody What Cheer (B)
    .40/85 Ballard (B)
    .40/110 Winchester Express (B)
    .400 2 3/4 Westley Richards (H)
    .402 Enfield-Martini Exptl. (H)
    .42/.50-70 Caliber Reduction Exptl. (H)
    .425 Webley (H)
    .425 Webley 1 5/16 (H)
    .430 Long Rifle (also known as the .430 Long Revolver) (W&M)
    .430 Revolver (W&M)
    .44 Thuer
    44 Morse necked (H)
    .44-50 Meigs (H)
    .44 Dupee rimless (H)
    .44/60 Creedmore (D)
    .44/77 Remington (D)
    .44/90 Sharps 2 7/16 inch (D)
    .44/90 Sharps 2 5/8 inch (D)
    .44/90 Remington Special (B)
    .44/95 Peabody What Cheer (B)
    .44/100 Maynard (H)
    .44 Evans Short and Long (B)
    .44 Devilliers (W&M)
    .440 Revolver (W&M)
    .440 Long Revolver (W&M)
    .440 Nagant (Argentine model) (W&M)
    .442 Carbine 1.025″ (H)
    .442 revolver (also known as .44 Webley) (W&M)
    .442 Long Revolver (W&M)
    .44 Colt Revolver (W&M)
    .44 Remington Revolver (W&M)
    .44 S&W American (W&M)
    .44 Merwin Hulbert Long (W&M)
    .44 Merwin Hulbert Short (W&M)
    .44 S&W Russian (W&M)
    .45-85 Ward Burton Exptl. (H)
    .45/.50-70 Caliber Reduction Expti. (H)
    .45 US Exptl, 1869 (H)
    .45-200-500 Winchester Exptl. (H)
    .45 Boxer-Henry Long Chamber 1869 (H)
    .45 New South Wales Police Carbine (H)
    .45 Gardner & Gatling (H)
    .45 Mars Long (W&M)
    .45 Mars Short (W&M)
    .45 MP (very rare Maxim Pistol round mentioned in the ‘Journal of the Historical Breechloading Smallarms Association’ Vol2 No6 Page 24)
    .450 No. 1 Bland (E&B)

    .450 Soper 2.5 inch (H)
    .450 Needham (H)
    .450 No. 1 Musket (H)
    .450/.360 Purdey (H)
    .450/.350-2 3/8 inch (H)
    .45/75 WCF (Hu)
    .45 Brown Standard Military Target Rifle (D)
    .45/50 Sporting (D)
    .450/ .400 Black Powder in case lengths of 2 3/8″, 2 7/8″, 2 19/32″ Thomas Turner No 2, 2 ¾” Westley Richards and 3 1/4. Also the .450.400 3″ Jeffrey (H)
    .450 Black Powder Express in case lengths of 1 ½”, 2 ½”, 2 9/16″, 2 6/10″, 3″, 3 1/16″ and 3 1/4″ (H)
    .45/125 Winchester (B)
    .45 Turkish Peabody (also known as the 11.43 x 55R Turkish) (B)
    .46 Winchester (H)
    .461 Gibbs No. 1 (H)
    .461 Gibbs No. 2 (H)
    .476 Indian Police (H)
    .48 Morse (H)
    .490 BSA (H)
    .50/.58 Morse sleeved (H)
    .50 Morse (H)
    .50 Meigs (H)
    .50-.48 Meigs (H)
    .50 Peabody (?) (H)
    .50 Spencer Carbine (H)
    .50 Springfield Cadet (H)
    .50-70 Springfield (H)
    .50 Daw’s Patent 1867 (H)
    .50 Boxer 1867 (H)
    .50/50 Maynard (B)
    .50/70 Maynard (H)
    .500/.450 Westley Richards No.2 Musket (H)
    .500-1.5 inch (H)
    .500-2-25 inch (H)
    .500-2.5 inch (H)
    .500-3 inch (H)
    .500-3.25 inch (H)
    .500/.450 No.1 Carbine (H)
    .500/.450 Webley Carbine (H)
    .500/-450-2.5 inch (H)
    .500/.450 No.1 Express (H)
    .500/.450-3 3/8 inch (H)
    .500/.450- 3.5 inch (H)
    .50 Remington Army Pistol, M1871 (W&M)
    .50 Remington Navy Pistol, M1867 (W&M)
    .50 Springfield Pistol, M1869 (W&M)
    .500 Revolver (W&M)
    .50/95 Winchester (D)
    .50-100 Winchester Express (D)
    .50-110 Winchester Express (D)
    .50/115 Bullard (B)
    .50/140 Sharps (B)
    .52-70 Sharps (H)
    .54 Morse (H)
    .55 Morse (H)
    .55 Gatling (H)
    .55/100 Maynard (B)
    .56-56 US Exptl. (H)
    .577 Selwyn 1865 (H)
    .577 Daw’s Patent 1867 (H)
    .577 Snider (H)
    .577/.450 Martini-Henry (H)
    .577-2.25 inch (H)
    .577 2.5 inch (H)
    .577-2.75 inch (H)
    .577/.500 No.2 Express (H)
    .577/.500 Magnum Express (H)
    .577 Pistol (W&M)
    .58 Morse (H)
    .58 US Converted Musket, 1865 (H)
    .58 Remington Carbine (H)
    .58 US Berdan System Conversion (11)
    .58 Tibbals/Roberts 1869 (H)
    .58 Roberts (H)
    .60 Chinese Jingal (H)
    .65 Gatling (H)
    .69 Morse (H)
    .75 Gatling (H)
    .75 Chinese Jingal (H)
    .80 Gatling (H)
    1 inch Nordenfelt-Palmcranz (H)
    20 bore/.577 Alex. Henry (H)
    2.7mm Kolibri (W&M)
    3mm Kolibri (W&M)
    4.25mm Liliput (W&M)
    5mm Bergmann NO.2 Pistol (W&M)
    5mm Charola-Anitua (W&M)
    5mm Clement (W&M)
    5mm Brun (E&B)
    5mm French (E&B)
    5mm Pickert (E&B)
    5.2mm Pickert revolver (W&M)
    5.2mm Mondragon (Hu)
    5.2mm x 34R Kronprinz (D)
    5.43mm x 26.BR revolver (W&M)
    5.5mm Velo-Dog revolver (W&M)
    5.6mm x 34R Francotte Carbine (D)
    5.6mm x 33 Rook (B)
    6mm Beaumont revolver (W&M)
    6mm Merveilleux (W&M)
    6mm Protector (W&M)
    6mm Lee Navy (Hu)
    6mmx58 Gewehrprufungskommission M1897
    also 6X58 Forster’)
    6mmx58 Forster (B)
    6mm x 29.5 Stahl (D)
    6.3mm x 21 rimless (W&M)
    6.5mm Bergmann No.3 Pistol (W&M)
    6.5mm Mannlicher Pistol M.1894 (W&M)
    6.5mm Mondragon (Hu)
    6.5mm x 27R (D)
    6.5mm x 4OR (B)
    6.5mm x 48R Sauer (B)
    6.5mm Ronezewsky (E&B)
    6.6mm x 7OR (D)
    6.8mm x 19.6 Revolver (W&M)
    6.8mm Schulhof pistol (W&M)
    7mm Bar (W&M)
    7mm Charola y Anitua (W&M)
    7mm French thick rim (W&M)
    7mm Galand (W&M)
    7mm Revolver (W&M)
    7mm CF Walking Stick
    7mm Devisme (E&B)
    7mm German Target Pistol Cartridges (Nos. 46-49, E&B)
    7.25mm Adler (W&M)
    7.5mm x 53.5R Rubin (H)
    7.5mm x 53.5 Rimless Rubin (H)
    7.5mmx53 Swiss Schmidt Rubin M.1890 (H)
    7.53mm x 60R Hebler (H)
    7.65mm Frommer M. 1901 (W&M)
    7.65mm Roth-Sauer (W&M)
    7.7mm Bittner pistol (W&M)
    7.7mm x 60R (D)
    7.8mm Bergmann No.5 (E&B)
    7.8mm x 19R Laumann (referred to in J.HBSA Vvol 2 No 6, as above)
    8mm German Target Pistol (No. 86, E&B)
    8mm Schonberger (W&M)
    8mm x 55R Petit Gras (H)
    8mm x 58R Petit Gras (H)
    8mm x 57R Petit Gras (H)
    8mm x 75R Pieri (H)
    8mm x 61R Rubin (H)
    8mm x 57.5R Rubin (H)
    8mm x 57R Spanish Exptl. (H)
    8mm x 60R Guedes and Portuguese Kropatschek (H)
    8mm Gaulois pistol (W&M)
    8mm Bergmann No.1 pistol (D)
    8mm x 48R (D)
    8mm x 72R (D)
    8mm x 48R Sauer (B)
    8mm x 58R Sauer (B)
    8mm Bergmann No.4 (E&B)
    8mm Bergmann No.7 (E&B)
    8mm Bergmann-Schmeisser (E&B)
    8mm Protector (E&B)
    8mm Raphael (E&B)
    8mm Schulof (E&B)
    8.15mm x 46R (Hu)
    8.15mm Mauser Experimental (ECRA)
    8.3mm x 53.5R Rubin (H)
    8.5mm Mars (E&B)
    9mm x 5l.5R Rubin (H)
    9mm x 57R Rubin (H)
    9mm Devisme (E&B)
    9mm Moutier rimless-grooveless (E&B)
    9mm French Thick Rim (E&B)
    9mm Mars (E&B)
    9mm Belgian Nagant (W&M)
    9.1mm x 40 Walking Stick
    9.3mm x 58R Koeffler (H)
    9.3mm x 63.5R Koeffler (H)
    9.3mm x 70R (D)
    9.3mm x 75R Nimrod (D)
    9.3mm x 82R Nimrod (D)
    9.3mm x 65R Collath (B)
    9.4mm Dutch Revolver (W&M)
    9.5mm x 59R Gras Exptl. (H)
    9.5mm x 60R Turkish Mauser (H)
    9.5mm x 42R (D)
    9.5mm x 47R (ECRA)
    10mm x 47R (D)
    10mm Gaupillat (E&B)
    10mm Bergmann (E&B)
    10mm Mars (ECRA)
    10mm Mauser Short (E&B)
    10mm Mauser Long (E&B)
    10.15mm x 61R (H)
    10.15mm x 63R Serbian mauser (H)
    10.15mm x 61R Jarmann (H)
    10.16mm x 57R Berdan Exptl. (H)
    10.25mm x 69R Hunting-Express (B)
    10.3mm x 41R (H)
    10.3mm x 65R Baenziger (D)
    10.35mm x 47R Italian Vetterli (H)
    10.4mm x 56R Swiss (H)
    10.4mm x 42R Swiss Vetterli (H)
    10.4mm x 38R Martini-Galland (D)
    10.4mm Swiss M.1878 (W&M)
    10.4mm x 47R Stahl (D)
    10.6mm German Ordnance Revolver (W&M)
    10.6mm Mauser (W&M)
    10.66mm x 57R Russian Berdan (H)
    10.66mm x 48R Russian Berdan Carbine (H)
    10.7mm x 57R Krag Petersson (H)
    10.75mm x 55R (H)
    10.8mm x 47 Martini (B)
    11mm x 42R (H)
    11mm x 45R (H)
    11mm x 53 Gevelot (H)
    11mm Manceux (H)
    11mm x 59R Gras (H)
    11mm x 48.5R Gras “Battalion Ecole” (H)
    11mm x 50.5R Comblain (H)
    11mm x 43R Comblain Carbine (H)
    11mm x 70R Mitrailleuse (H)
    11mm x 46R (H)
    11mm x 50R Egyptian Remington (H)
    11mm x 57R Spanish Remington (H)
    11mm Devisme (E&B)
    11mm French Ordnance Revolver M1870 (Navy) (ECRA)
    11mm French Ordnance Revolver M1873 (Army) (W&M)
    11 mm Devilliers (W&M)
    11.15mm x 42R Austrian Werndl (H)
    11.15mm x 36R Austrian Werndl Carbine (H)
    11.15mm x 58R Austrian Werndl, Holub (see below) and Mannlicher (H)
    11.15mm x 36R Fruhwirth (H)
    11.15mm x 60R Mauser (H)
    11.15mm x 37R (H)
    11.15mm x 60R Japanese Murata (H)
    11.5mm x 50R (D)
    11.15mm x 58R
    11.15mm x 65R (D)
    11.15mm x 71R (D)
    11.15mm x 52 Walking Stick
    11.2mm x 51R Kropatschek-Hessig (D)
    11.2mm x 39.6R (D)
    11.25mm x 44.5R (H)
    11.3mm x 51R Dutch Beaumont (H)
    11.35mm Schouboe (Rimmed and Rimless Version) (W&M)
    11.4mm x 53R Brazilian Comblain (H)
    11.4mm x 44.5R Dutch Gendarmerie Carbine (H)
    11.4mm x 57R Spanish Remington (H)
    11.43mm x 49R Romanian Peabody (H)
    11.43mm x 59R Turkish Peabody-Martini (H)
    11.43mm x 41R Peabody Carbine (H)
    11.5mm x 50R Austrian Werder (H)
    11.5mm x 35R Werder Carbine (H)
    11.5mm x 60R (D)
    11.53mm Albini-Braendlin (H)
    11.6mm x 50R Chilean Comblain (H)
    11.7mm x 57R Berdan Exptl. (H)
    11.7mm x 41.5R Danish Remington (H)
    11.7mm x 45.5R Danish Remington (H)
    11.7mm x 51.6R Danish Remington (H)
    12mm Perrin Thick Rim (E&B)
    12mm Raphael (E&B)
    12mm Moutier (E&B)
    12mm Pidault & Cordier (E&B)
    12.2mm x 70R Mitrailleuse (H)
    12.5mm x 60R (D)
    12.7mm x 48R (H)
    12.7mm x 70R Mitrailleuse (H)
    12.8mm x 45R Papal Remington (H) (also known as the 12.7mm x 45R)
    13mm x 87R Mitrailleuse (H)
    13mm Rochaz-Lindner (H)
    13mm x 92 Mauser T-Gew (H)
    13.2mm x 32R (H)
    14.5mm x 33R Austrian Wanzl (H)
    14.5mm x 41R Spanish Berdan (H)
    14.66mm x 35R Serbian Peabody (H)
    14.7mm x 58R Schneider (H)
    15mm revolver (W&M)
    15.2mm x 110R Mitrailleuse (H)

    15.2mm x 28R (H)
    15.24mm x 40R Krnka (H)
    16.5mm x 18R Beringer (E&B)
    17mm Danish Snider (Hu)
    17.5mm x 29R Dutch Snider (Hu)
    18mm x 35R Tabatiere (H)
    18.84mm x 38R Tabatiere (H)
    18.84mm x 57R Wanzl-Albini (H)
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    MickB reacted to silversurf in Today I Received.....   
    A little Indian, some Beasties and a winged Victoria all landed this morning. Thanks to @richatthecroft for the Beasts.

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    MickB reacted to rob6 in Today I Received.....   
    Delivered today in exquisite condition, a delightful,  46.24 gram bar of what can only be described as "stuff dreams are made of".
    From a super forum member 1817Karl. A big "THANK YOU" my friend.
    Oh, and the two coins were nice as well.

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    MickB reacted to NRSovereign in Today I Received.....   
    Arrived safe and sound amazing coin 👍

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    MickB reacted to AuricGoldfinger in Today I Received.....   
    8 Down. 2 to go.

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    MickB reacted to mr1030 in Today I Received.....   
    So I was out of town for several days and had four packages waiting for me at the post office when I got home.
    Received the 2020 QB White Lion of Mortimer in 1/4 oz gold Proof, 1 oz silver Proof and 11 of the 2 oz bullion.

    The latest in the warrior series, The Aztec in 1 oz silver and copper from Provident Metals.  A 2013 5 oz silver bullion Fort McHenry ATB.  2019 South Korea Chiwoo Cheonwang 1 oz gold, and a Valcambi Suisse 1 oz Platinum bar. 

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    MickB reacted to jultorsk in Today I Received.....   
    Some 1937 Aussie Crowns. 👑 🇦🇺 "Casey's Cartwheels" was the nick-name given to these large silver five shillings, after Lord Casey - Treasurer of Australia who issued these for circulation. Being so heavy, they weren't well recieved by the general public, so they only lasted for two years. There were over a million 1937 crowns minted, but the 1938 mintage is only about 1/10th of the 1937. "The rumour is that many more 1938 crowns were minted but rather than being released into circulation but they were sold to China where in 1948 they were re-minted as Chinese (Sun Yat-Sen) dollars." 
    These are hefty to hold and can be quite 'dramatic' in appearance when the toning happens to be right. There's apparently one (or maybe two?) variations of the 1937; a minute speck under letter I on the reverse (a.k.a. the "dot variant").  

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    MickB reacted to Tn21 in Inheritance tax and sovereigns.   
    I know a retired Dr who is fairly wealthy. He has got 5 rental properties all flats in London and about £80k in the bank. Unfortunately his quality of life is sad to witness and to be frank he is waiting for his death. 
    Now he has a will however in my opinion he should just go all in into au coins and bag them up as sixgun mentioned so that the will can be executed later on. Not that he is going to do it because very few people believe their money is safe outside of a bank. 
    In the end once his life comes to an end his accounts will be frozen, probate comes into play and the vultures circle (lawyers fees and family members). 
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    MickB reacted to NRSovereign in Today I bought.....   
    Purchased this today 👍 slowly getting all the special years for my daughter ❤️

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    MickB got a reaction from Trumar in Militaria   
    My dad rang me last night to tell me about an old woman who is selling a British army WW2 uniform. Apparently she's a bit of a hoarder so may have a few surprises. She wants us around her house in a couple of hours and is keen to sell off a few other things.Chances like this are getting scarce these days.
    A mate at work stumbled upon three metal containers in someone's front garden that had an RAF officer's name on them. He knocked at the door and enquired about them and was allowed to take the worst of the three. They were full of the officer's complete uniform. The woman said she threw the uniforms in the bin as she thought nobody would want them. 
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    MickB got a reaction from Trumar in Militaria   
    I've had this Hungarian made folding stock AK-47 up on my living room wall for a few years now and managed to get a Croatian bayonet to add to it. The bayonet was bought at Zagreb flea market during the summer for 100 Kuna, roughly £12. I've kept the sheath on it in case the weapon falls off the wall and hits me in the chest whilst I lie on the sofa.
    I'm not one for wanting a live weapon at my disposal, this one being a de-activated type just for display.

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    MickB reacted to tallyhojim in Long Winter   
    I actually do feel sorry for her. She has a pretty disturbing history of Asperger's, mental illness and social awkwardness, and the way her parents are parading her around the world like a rag dog knowing full well it will humiliate her, is quite despicable of them.
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    MickB reacted to SILVERFINGER in Really!! A fool and his money....   
    I know, and my mate calls me a snob for using one of these.

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    MickB reacted to firestacker in Really!! A fool and his money....   
    To be fair the moment you lose £17k will be at the point of purchase. Try reselling it for £18k, it's practically guaranteed not to happen considering the name on the card and the associated account will be in your name plus the gold contents will be nowhere near that price.
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    MickB reacted to richatthecroft in Today I Received.....   
    It’s Libertad Thursday...
    More dates towards my Bullion run. In the home straight now. Why oh why a date run- madness! and reminiscent of the Britannia madness I embarked on previously- I wish these were as easy to come by. 
    Can anyone help me out with gathering up the last few? 
    Still required: 1988, 1997, 1998, 2001 & 2007- thanks in advance

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    MickB reacted to mr1030 in Today I bought.....   
    I got back from an out of state trip and went to the LCS today and picked up a few items.
    1998-S BU Robert Kennedy Dollar and John F Kennedy Half Dollar Set.

    1999-P Yellowstone National Park  BU and Proof Dollar Set

    1999-W George Washington BU and Proof $5 gold set.

    And a 1912-P George V sovereign.

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    MickB reacted to platinreloaded in Today I Received.....   
    Today arrived the 2 oz Germania & Britannia Allegories ...

    The 2 oz silver medaillon has the same size as the 1 oz silver medaillon but it is very thick...

    ...and the 2 oz medaillon came in a nice package
    Also the 1oz silverswan is a nice coin   ...

    I hope you enjoyed  the pictures,
    thank You!