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  1. MickB

    Did I see?

    You did see it but I can't recall the name of the firm.
  2. MickB

    2019 Four-sided gold proof quarter sovereign

    A bit pricey at £699 but these don't have the pedigree of a Royal Mint sovereign. Just square for the sake of being different but a true sovereign is round in everyone's mind. Looks nice but being called a quarter sovereign when it weighs 8 grams is confusing.
  3. MickB

    1 oz Rhombus Degussa silver bar

    Works ok when I view it
  4. MickB

    1 oz Rhombus Degussa silver bar

    https://shop.degussa-goldhandel.ch/1-oz-rhombus-degussa-silver-bar This being shaped as the Degussa logo, sealed in a plastic card is different for a silver bar. Special edition already sold out on this website unfortunately.
  5. MickB

    car damage from pothole

    My local council doesn't let anyone claim on pothole damage unless they are already aware of the offending pothole. If a pothole has just appeared, you can't claim. Their website have a pothole reporting page and they have up to four days to fix it from the first report, after that a claim would be valid. I found this out after I wrecked a wheel bearing & front link after hitting a crater near where I live last year.
  6. MickB

    Today I Received.....

    A couple of two dragons from @arshimo2012 & a couple of the latest Route 66 silver shields.
  7. Great house you've bought for the price, you'll enjoy it once you've renovated it. I bought a property in Croatia nine years ago & you can get property there for the same price you've paid. I had to do my homework to find out local laws as I had to ensure mine had a clean title with nobody having a claim on it from the past. Due to the Homeland war in the early nineties, Serbians left their properties in Croatia, which were then left to crumble. There's been reports that some people have done some of them up but the original owner can come back at anytime to rightfully claim it back. I did view a log cabin in Montenegro that jumped another 10,000 Euros in price as they realised I was English. Just as well I was learning Croatian as I picked up on the fact it was built without any planning permission for the foundations, ground floor & first floor. Built on land that nobody knew who owned all the way up the side of a mountain overlooking Kotor Bay. I was told they had a solicitor who could make anything possible. I'm sure stunts like that were pulled in Spain in the past! Also thought about Italy but I heard that you could end up buying a house and the debt to go with it. Someone can sell a property owing money on it, that then transfers to the next owner. Gave that a miss just in case. There's some great bargains to be bought around Europe as long as the local laws are understood fully.
  8. I've noticed a lot of what we buy now has a shorter shelf life or is it a ploy to make us buy the same more often instead of hoarding?
  9. MickB

    GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    Now sold. Someone on the forum buy it?
  10. MickB

    GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    Aylesbury bullion Company have both a 2002 and a 2005 bullion sovereign, both mint sealed for £275 each.
  11. My error. I should have checked to see if it was already posted!
  12. https://metro.co.uk/2019/02/04/crypto-exchange-loses-145000000-founder-dies-password-8434065/ Anyone fancy holding a seance to contact him?
  13. MickB

    Atkinsons deal of the century?

    Sharps Pixley honoured their price mistakes the other month although not as generous as this price. Think their silver was minus the vat.
  14. MickB

    Atkinsons deal of the century?

    I bet Atkinsons don't honour anyone lucky enough. It would be worth the comedy value seeing their faces when they realised multiple orders were going through