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  1. Hopefully they'll honour it, fingers crossed. They always claim to beat any prices
  2. I ran a couple of bars through the checkout process earlier today & there wasn't anything extra added. Forgot my password though but I hope it's like this for me on my next payday.
  3. Sharps Pixley have slightly changed their website and their silver prices have dropped and still includes free delivery. I noticed their 500gm silver bars going for £217.26 I would be tempted but I've spent this months bullion money already. Their gold prices are still roughly the same, just the silver gone lower. Anyone bought from them today?
  4. It would be interesting to see if these coins appreciate in value over time due to the connection of this historic annual event. Hopefully we'll get to see one posted on the forum.
  5. For historical value the sovereigns would be worth buying. I saw the 40th oz silver Britannia at £150
  6. https://www.royalmint.com/our-coins/events/trial-of-the-pyx/ Anyone fancy splashing out on a coin that has been through the trial of the Pyx? It appears that there are only six of each coin available regarding sovereigns, which have quite a mark up!
  7. MickB

    Today I Received.....

    Today I bought a 2016 Isle of Man Angel from my local bullion dealer in the high street and also a 2oz QB falcon that came in the post.
  8. MickB

    Anyone invest in copper bars?

    https://www.bullionforless.co.uk/500g-copper-bar-cast-500gcu The one offered to you is cheaper than this one here. It's worth it just for your collection as a one off but not worth it if you're thinking of regular purchases at these prices. I've a few copper bars just for having on display but I don't buy copper that often as the mark up is a bit steep.
  9. MickB

    Hook a Floater

    Got sent this image earlier.
  10. MickB

    Hook a Floater

    I can just imagine some poor kid's face when they unwrap this😳
  11. MickB

    Hook a Floater

    When I was a kid my dad used to say he's off to play sink the Bismark. We knew what that meant and that door stayed firmly shut for hours after!
  12. Looking around the shops today for Christmas presents ideas for my granddaughter and I saw this There would be no way that this will end up under the tree.!
  13. It does appear similar to what I read so possibly it is him as they said at he time he was a respected British scientist. Still going strong at 99
  14. MickB

    Silver dates and prices

    Scarcity is the main reason. Some people would rather collect a hard to get year than a mass produced year. I'm completing a date run of silver maples and have eleven of the 1997's but I only need one. I'll sell off the others once they start to go up in price a bit more once the date run ends. The only thing that would put a spanner in the works on this is if her majesty croaks and they've only made less than the 1997's in a future year!