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  1. MickB

    Harrington and Byrne advert

    One of my work colleagues gets regular updates about coins from another overpriced firm. He buys everything they recommend even though I've tried to educate him in looking elsewhere and check to see what they eventually sell for on ebay, just to give him an idea. He thinks he's sitting on a good investment but will be very disappointed when it comes to selling them.
  2. MickB

    Harrington and Byrne advert

    I couldn't see it on their website, just the proof version. Thought I may have missed a page on their site but you're probably right about it being a marketing exercise getting a new post GDPR list of suckers.
  3. MickB

    Harrington and Byrne advert

    This advert in the Daily Mail is offering a 2018 1/4oz krugerrand for £249 plus free delivery. I was looking around other dealers sites but this is the cheapest so far. Has anyone dealt with this firm before and got a good deal or is this a way of luring you in then telling you they've already sold out, only to offer a more expensive product instead? Offer only lasts for seven days, so would it be worth buying? I keep thinking that if they can afford to advertise like this and sell cheap then there must be a catch somewhere.
  4. MickB

    St Helena guinea, gorgeous

    Well, thanks to you @SILVERFINGER I ended up getting one in the post today via the link you posted. Also got an ear bashing from my missus for buying another coin, cheers
  5. MickB

    St Helena guinea, gorgeous

    I haven't bought any of these yet but I should do as they're such a nice coin.
  6. I started five years ago as I bought a 1oz silver Britannia just for curiosity. This was from Bullionbypost and I haven't bought much from them since as I started to look around on the internet for other dealers. A few months later I bought my first piece of gold, a 1 gram gold bar from some firm in Europe but my first gold coin came a year later when I bought one from Arshi. This was the first time I'd handled a gold coin in my life and it got me hooked. I'm terrible for saving cash and thought this would be the best way I could have something additional for my retirement which is 20 years away now. When I looked at what forum members were posting about their collections I thought; 'Bloody hell, I'll never afford that amount!', but my collection has steadily grown, not as quick as others though. I'm in a better position now than before I started investing in precious metals, although I wish my curiosity started many years earlier.
  7. Russia are raising it from 60 to 65 for men but ours is expected to be 67 in a few years time. Russians have it easy compared to us in the UK
  8. MickB

    Today I Received

    A 1925 sovereign from Sharps Pixley and 3 x silver Bitcoin rounds from Arshi arrived today. Cheers @arshimo2012
  9. MickB

    Sovereigns........old vs new.

    I take you mean an Edward VII sovereign. You made me double check their site in case there was an Edward VIII going for £239. I 'd have been straight in there I've been getting my sovereigns from them for a while now as the price is quite fair. You can ask them to see if they have a specific year as well that you may be after.
  10. MickB

    Fake silver eagle from eBay.

    Well if it helps new collectors who are new to the forum be more wary then it's worth posting. There are sharks out there who hope they can get away with ripping people off and they probably hope no one mentions what they're doing. Give it a few more years when silver goes higher and someone wants to sell their coins for the higher price, only to find it's all worthless. I bet they'd wish they had an idea what to look out for earlier.
  11. MickB

    Fake silver eagle from eBay.

    I was willing to take a risk as I could get my money back if it was proven to be fake. I proved it was fake and got my money back and it exposed the seller as a con artist. He still hasn't emailed the return label so says it all about him.
  12. MickB

    Sovereigns........old vs new.

    Hatton Garden Metals charge for delivery whereas Sharp Pixley post for free, which works out cheaper overall. If you're visiting London then Hatton Gardens would be cheaper if buying over the counter but Sharps Pixley also price match.
  13. MickB

    Today I bought.....

    Today I bought 2 x silver Route 66 shields from EJP bullion. Hopefully in better condition than the previous seller I bought from. Cheaper as well from EJP so that's a plus already
  14. MickB

    Fake silver eagle from eBay.

    @SILVERFINGER That does look a bit tatty and they had the nerve to post that to you Negative feedback well deserved for them.
  15. MickB

    Why no love for Landmarks of Britain?

    If the Royal Mint had a better detailed design then collectors might like them more. Here's a 1oz silver bar from Sharps Pixley with Tower Bridge. Comparing this to the coin I know which one I would choose.