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  1. The one on the left is the Kuwait Liberation medal.
  2. Have a look at Sharps Pixley website under their gifts range. It only appeared today so I thought I might as well get one.
  3. Today I bought this bottle opener as a Christmas present for my dad. He said he'd like a bigger gold bar than the 1 gram bar I bought him for his birthday. That's him sorted then! Added 0 minutes later...
  4. Out of curiosity and a good story behind this coin I've ordered one for my collection. Page 129 of Marsh's sovereign book mentions there is a pattern in gold dated 1841 (half sovereign) which is a mule of the 1841 obverse with the reverse of an 1841 sixpence.
  5. I'm buggered then being 2ft 7inches too tall. There are certain housing estates that are looking tired that were built in the early seventies which could do with regeneration. My parents still live in the same council house from when they moved in back in '73. The houses that are run by the housing association aren't exactly efficient to run and considering the government want to stop new builds having a gas supply, they could knock down and rebuild to a newer specification. A work colleague who lives in Milton Keynes was served with a compulsory purchase order so his local authority could redevelop the estate he lives on. The money they offered wouldn't have afforded him a replacement home on the same plot though. Think it never went through in the end but I can see these types of estates end up with more housing on the same patch than before once they do go ahead.
  6. I can see the day when certain housing areas are bought by compulsory purchase orders so the properties with a decent footprint are bulldozed to make way for smaller homes. Then this way more people can live in an area without expanding further into the countryside. Not nice if you own a home but I guess the government won't care if they have to find space for future generations to live in. The problem will be when they do this without first thinking of the local infrastructure. Being a politician these days means they have to be a first class liar in order to being elected as they haven't the foresight of what to do in the future. it's a bit like the railway industry where the franchise is coming to an end, waiting to see if they win it or not but in the meantime run down services to maximise profits and see if they can win a reprieve to maximise more profit without the expense of investing. We have no future with the way we live today as it will change beyond our control and we will end up having to adapt no matter who we vote for.
  7. Hi there @Thesilverman500. You'll probably start off like a lot of people on the forum and then progress onto buying gold. When I started I had a target of 500 ounces of silver, which has been reached but then realised how much space it takes up to store securely. Once I bought my first 1/4 oz gold coin on the forum, I realised I could store more wealth into a smaller area. I still buy silver but have slowed down with my purchases of it. Still nice to buy silver though, I always look forward to the postman delivering a package.
  8. This would have to be made of marine ply as ordinary ply wouldn't last as long. Good idea for a small community of people who can trust each other not to take more than they need.
  9. Silver was used in everyday currency so I doubt any would have been issued to barter with as they would have had to carry plenty of silver compared to gold, that can be discreetly hidden.
  10. I would have bought it last week but with Christmas around the corner my missus wouldn't let me buy anymore coins until the new year.
  11. Nice one @CadmiumGreen, good to see a forum member with this set. I'll be looking at buying one of these sets in the new year.
  12. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Behind-Enemy-Lines-Gulf-War-Collection-Full-Sovereign/273964267207?hash=item3fc98af6c7:g:rYUAAOSwL0tdUWJg https://www.independent.co.uk/news/mod-makes-a-mint-from-the-sale-of-gulf-war-gold-coins-1349915.html I've just been reading about these sovereigns that were issued to RAF pilots & special forces personnel during the 1st. Gulf war. These were to be used to barter their way out of trouble and the vast majority were returned. The Mod decided not to sell them back to the bank of England but made presentation packs in order to sell at a profit. The Mod purchased the sovereigns from the bank of England back in January 1991 at £60 each and each man carried 20 sovereigns. Reading further into the article it says the Mod sold 16,000 sovereigns that were issued amongst 800 personnel. There were 16,289 returned, which is quoted on the certificate that comes with the set. Nice set to own. Anyone here on the forum own one of these sets?