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  1. What comes with owning a firearm is discipline and training. An idiot who I used to work with years ago thought he was a bad boy and once came in with a live handgun to show off when he fired into the air. The kick back from it when he held it incorrectly nearly took his eye out and I nearly wet myself laughing at him. It just needed a ricochet to remove him from the gene pool. Then there's the one last month in London who shot himself in an attempted carjacking with a shotgun after he hit the butt on the side of the motor and it went off in his face. A waste of life for the sake of trying to rob a car.
  2. I found out a few years ago that if I had a Uk firearms licence then I could legally own a fully automatic firearm in Croatia in my cottage that I have out there. During the summer in the weekends at the local vineyards there's a random burst of automatic fire into the air and the locals immediately go inside their houses for a few minutes. What goes up must come down. I've never felt threatened with the firepower my neighbours possess in Croatia, it's the illegal owners in the UK that have the wrong intent that keep me wary of firearm ownership. Make ownership mainstream and idiots will think they're Clint Eastwood after a few beers.
  3. Easy way to lose £18k when you lose your wallet and I bet even if the wallet was handed in, this card wouldn't be there.
  4. When the latest £50 note came out in 2011, I went to exchange them for Croatian Kunas in a Croatian bank whilst on holiday. The staff wanted to call the Police as they thought they were counterfeit as their record of British notes hadn't been updated. I guess it could happen again with these twenties.
  5. When I drink it's usually trampagne if I'm not on the whisky. A good old 9% lager from a local offy
  6. Today I received a 1 gram Umicore gold bar and a 2oz silver Lion of Mortimer. Spent too much last month so had to cut back a bit.
  7. You've certainly had your money's worth of enjoyment out of these coins for a tenner. Have you made your money back with the ones you sold?
  8. The best way to deal with a large amount of sovereigns is to not say anything at all but it makes me wonder why the old fella had the idea that they'd only be worth a quid each in relation to inheritance tax law? I didn't know if there's a loophole that isn't common knowledge that he's aware of. I know about cgt but this is a different scenario. If it's wrong what he's been quoted then that's that but if true a 1oz gold Britannia would then be worth £100, so you'd get more of a saving in buying sovereigns in money to gold ratio.
  9. Are sovereigns classed as having a one pound sterling value when it comes to inheritance tax laws? I was told today by a work colleague that an old neighbour of his is buying sovereigns to leave in his will so his family don't get hit with a hefty inheritance tax bill. If for example say you have 500 sovereigns to leave someone, then this would be classed as leaving £500 to them, not the full gold value. Would this be true or has the old man got it wrong?
  10. MickB

    Bullion at Costco

    It was only last Tuesday at their Wembley branch I saw they had these bars for sale and wondered if they moved the price daily as I thought they were a bit expensive. I took the picture so I could compare the price when the spot priced moved. Your Costco appears cheaper and that maybe the case at a different branch unless price does move with spot.
  11. Everyone at the mint taking a dump in a gold toilet someone sold to them
  12. Gone up quite a bit since then. The other year I wanted to buy a 1000lb harrier practice bomb and tail section for planting in my front garden. Would have been quite a feature but didn't pull my finger out in time and it sold out. I bet the price has gone up as well.
  13. Did it set you back a few quid then @SILVERFINGER?
  14. MickB

    these gold coins

    Photographic gold plated coins from the Westminster collection.
  15. MickB

    these gold coins

    They appear to be gold plated. A search brought up this one for starters.