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  1. My eldest stepson has volunteered through St. John ambulance to work at the Excel in London and has been given time off by his boss to do so. Only problem is security checks by the Police as he is still waiting. He rang the local Police station who are dealing with it and was told that half of the staff are self isolating so it will take a little longer to deal with.
  2. Just had a letter from the football pools inviting me to play for up to the next 60 weeks. How does that work out nowadays?
  3. My boss at work is looking at getting copper push plates and handles for all the doors. I was wondering if copper plating would be as effective?
  4. Yes Roy, my neighbour kindly went over to check on my property and said all is fine, thankfully. My neighbours are all ok. If any of their places were badly affected then they could have stayed at my place. I can't get out here for a while what with the coronavirus restricting movement. I'd have to self isolate for 14 days if I did manage to visit.
  5. The main quake followed by 9 aftershocks in the morning.
  6. I had a friend of mine text me to say his bed rattled across his room when it happened and he's 45 kilometres from Zagreb.
  7. eBay appear to have removed the items as I can't access them now.
  8. His feedback says it all. I've reported all the other plated items the seller is trying to offload.
  9. Apparently they were handing out fines at Prague airport to people who never had their nose and mouth covered. Makes me wonder if it's still an offence to be wearing a face veil in public in France?
  10. Received these in the post from Sharps Pixley today after ordering them on Monday when the price was just over £33 including vat for the white lion. Was going to buy some more silver from them today but they've pulled all bullion products from their website for now.
  11. Sharps Pixley are only now selling from their gift range as they've stopped all bullion sales on their website.
  12. Just got my medication in just in case I need to self isolate👍
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