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  1. Never trust a man lying on a bed playing with his weapon!
  2. Waiting for his stalker to knock at the door and reply with a double tap!
  3. Maybe your previous profile picture got them stalking you
  4. I came back from a holiday in Croatia last week after driving there and back. On my return I had a speeding fine from Germany whilst on a restricted speed section of the autobahn. 15km an hour over the 100km/h limit. Total cost of fine was 20 Euros. The paperwork did ask for all my details but if I just accept the caution and pay the fine before the 17th. August then that would be the end of it. My bank charged me £9 for the priviledge of sorting it out for me.
  5. Were these army issue at the time or personal possessions? I was just wondering about the 3 digit number if it had any relevance to the military as in the army having their own barbers?
  6. This thread reminded me that I've got my late grandfather's razor that he had with him when he was a Japanese prisoner of war. I'm not too sure who's initials on the Paxolin handle they belong to as they're not my grandfather's but he had this with him at the time. I've taken a close up of the manufacturer's name but have never looked them up. I remember playing with this as a kid and cutting my finger with it I should clean it up and try a shave with it sometime. It might convert me away from my usual razors.
  7. MickB

    Silver Mein Kampf book at auction.

    Maybe @SILVERFINGER could help with his knowledge on militaria. At a guess it might mean it's .800 silver.
  8. https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/humbert-ellis-auctioneers-ltd/catalogue-id-srjp10246/lot-97d18b97-d19c-41d4-a2b5-a93700bf3769 For some reason my local newspaper website had this as an article, even though the auctioneer isn't in my area. Estimated to go for between 3-4,000 pounds at auction.
  9. MickB

    Today I bought.....

    Today I bought two Route 66 Missouri gateway arch silver shields. I'm looking at completing this series eventually, just six more to be released.
  10. MickB

    Today I Received

    My antique finish Queens beast 2oz silver lion arrived today from @arshimo2012 I quite like this finish and will probably leave it out on display so I can handle it. Worth doing to silver spotted coins as it would give them a new lease of life.
  11. MickB

    Today I bought.....

    Today I bought one of Arshi's Queens beasts antique finish lions. They look impressive!
  12. MickB

    Favourite Countries? Why?

    You'll enjoy it either inland, the coastline or on the islands.
  13. MickB

    Favourite Countries? Why?

    My favourite country is Croatia. Been going out there now for over ten years and loved it so much that I ended up buying a small cottage over there around eight years ago. Just had three weeks out there and they're still celebrating reaching the World cup final. They love a celebration and are friendly people. I've still got their World cup song in my head! It beats three Lions which sounds tedious compared to this.
  14. MickB

    2017 5oz Silver Libertad BU

    Nice collection you have