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  1. It would be interesting to know if they outsource for their blanks as I read that's what the Royal Mint do for their sovereign blanks. Hopefully it's just an issue with the Krugerrand.
  2. Would it be easier for you to sell most of it & then buy it back once in the UK?
  3. Today I received a case of bottled iceberg water. Four out of the six bottles survived the Yodel delivery and I wish I was at home when the delivery arrived as I would have sent it all back. The driver just shrugged his shoulders at my wife and said I need to chase up with the supplier for a refund for the damaged goods. Trying to get hold of Yodel on a Saturday is something else. Apart from that, this is the best water to drink.
  4. Reminds me of the time whilst visiting friends in Croatia where they found a thick glass bottle with a clear fluid which was left in their shed. Thinking it was alcohol, they offered it first to my wife but I stopped her from touching it. Our friend with a bit of bravado behind him took a swig but immediately spat it out and turn a funny colour along with his mouth burning. It was a bottle of battery acid and it blew his gums away!
  5. At work we were wondering what AC-12 stood for in the BBC Line of Duty Police drama. One theory is that if you swap the numbers for the letters of the alphabet in the same order; number one for the letter A & two for B, you end up with ACAB (All Coppers Are B******S) What a sneaky way for the scriptwriter to add in a subliminal message.!
  6. Got sent this earlier. Took me a moment to realise......
  7. A bit odd that the images are for the gold coin designs but they frame a silver 1oz with them.
  8. It would look good as a ten ounce version if the Royal Mint want to really milk it.
  9. Are there too many arms to introduce as a series?
  10. https://www.royalmintbullion.com/Products/The-Royal-Arms/Silver/B19CAS1C Just had an email from the Royal Mint regarding this coin. Can't wait to get some.
  11. EJP Bullion accept Litecoin as payment as well as Bitcoin.
  12. Have you got a vice you can clamp half of it in and then hit the other half with a hammer to see if will bend or shatter? Also, have you checked your drill bits to make sure they're not blunt?
  13. One of the managers at the company I work for took a dump and blocked the pan as it was so big. Not knowing how to break it up discreetly, he decided to get some cardboard and lift it out. He then threw it out of the window hoping it would eventually break down in the rain. It sat on the deck for months after in full view of the other offices!