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  1. I bought these from a firm in Holland at 10 Euros each and have ordered a case of six more. A bit pricey but there's one brand that sells for 75 Euros per bottle, don't understand why they charge that high a price. It is very smooth to drink and there's no other water like it, so I don't mind buying it once in a while.
  2. At a guess I'd say they were found by metal detectors and never got declared.
  3. Nice. I hope the Met Police do the same down south.
  4. It's not dangerous if they use their mirrors properly. Hogging the middle lane makes manouvres harder.
  5. Frequently being frustrated by middle lane road hogs I was wondering why it still happens even though the law has changed. Whilst driving on the M1 between Watford & London I have noticed that Uber drivers and Addison Lee drivers are the worst culprits in both directions. Hats off to the black cab drivers who stick to the rules and don't hog the middle lane. Maybe it's because of this from TomTom that they think they have the right to block a middle lane regardless.
  6. No wonder my missus was eager to buy them for me 😄
  7. My wife picked up a bottle of bilberry tablets in town today. Won't hurt to try them out but I will probably get them online much cheaper next time rather than pay over the odds from the high street .
  8. https://www.bullionbypost.co.uk/gold-coins/royal-mint-gold-lunar-series/2017-royal-mint-quarter-year-rooster-gold-coin/ This must be the slowest release for a set ever as it doesn't keep up with the rest of the series regarding availability. I did buy the 2015 1/4oz year of the sheep and will look at buying the year of the monkey but was hoping to be able to get the rooster as cheap as what the Royal Mint are selling them for. I haven't seen a 1/4oz gold 2014 year of the horse yet.
  9. I'm going ot book an eye test for next week but I've never been keen on the idea of them. At work I sometimes walk in when someone has dropped a contact lens only to get told not to move in case I step on it! If it's on the floor then it's not worth picking up. Too much hassle with contact lenses.
  10. Bullionbypost are selling the 2017 year of the rooster 1/4oz gold coin from the Royal Mint at the moment in their new products section. Must have only come up in the past day or so.
  11. Never knew about bilberry extract @CadmiumGreen but I'll definitely give it a go. Cheers
  12. I couldn't use contact lenses in my job as my fingers are always covered in cr*p. Couldn't risk an eye infection.
  13. Today I received my 100gm Metalor silver bar from @Sovereign to go with 5 ASE's that I got elsewhere. Also my 1oz swan from @arshimo2012, which arrived last week and a 2002 sovereign that I picked up from my local bullion dealer in the high street today for a good price.
  14. Thanks for all of your advice. My eyes have been frustrating me more lately and being at work most of the time means that I have been putting off booking an eye test. My concentration levels when using my computer and smart phone have dropped because of the eye strain and when it gets bad in the evening I tend to rest my eyes and doze off early. My wife had her eyes done by Ultralase over ten years ago and the consultant reassured her when he said that if he retired, the next top consultant in the EU & UK would take five years to catch up. She was once turned down for further surgery because of high blood pressure but he rang us at home and asked if she wanted it done for free as she was to be a Guinea pig for a new procedure. My wife agreed and it worked out well, so he then had a new proven procedure under his belt. My wife said that if she knew what would happen to her eye during the first procedure, where the lens is cut and folded back, she wouldn't have gone along with it as it was the most frightening experience she ever had with instant blindness! That part would also put me off, even though they clamp your head still. I think I might just book an eye test and stick to reading glasses and also try some eye exercises for now. Reading all your replies It's probably not wise for me to go for laser surgery at my age as it can only be done so many times in a lifetime.
  15. I've noticed in the past 18 months that my eyes are getting worse for close up inspection, all to do with my age. I couldn't read wire numbers at work when re-wiring a plug with 15 wires to it and could have easily got them wrong if it weren't for my phone, which I used to take images so I could expand them to see closer. I haven't been for an eye test yet but a work colleague told me to wear his reading glasses to see if it would make a difference & it did! I'm not too keen on wearing reading glasses so was thinking of laser eye surgery. I know there are risks as my wife has had it done and says she sees a blue halo at night from cars, thankfully she doesn't drive but I was wondering if anyone has had this surgery and experiences the same effect and if it affects their driving or not?