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  1. I would stand back and assess a situation before intervening. I've seen people wrongly arrested all because an officer has abused their position and their powers they hold. A former Police officer once told me about corrupt officers stitching people up and getting away with it, reason why he left the job. With the Mark Duggan case I know he was a bad boy but to end up dead as he did doesn't add up. There are a lot of people who don't trust the Police but they are changing although it may take time to notice. They are the ones people turn to first when serious trouble is around and are expected to sort out whatever is in front of them. They are human and have the same fears as all of us and get hurt the same as anyone else. I look at some officers and think that they wouldn't stand a chance against someone like myself in a fight, not that I'm sizing them up for a scrap, it's just that they don't look like they could even tackle a teenager let alone me in my forties.
  2. My stand being that I look out for a copper stands. We need to do more as a society in looking out for the boys and girls in blue and stand firm against anyone who opposes them. We can't let lawless individuals take over no matter what the threat is. My parents are up against it with junkies as neighbours and Thames Valley Police need the neighbours on their side in dealing with scum like this. Turning a blind eye isn't an option these days. I haven't for time for bleeding hearts who support the scum who wreak havoc on the law abiding society, I'm getting frustrated at the lack of respect for law and order.
  3. I nowadays keep an eye out for a lone copper in case they need back up. Years ago I would avoid the Police as I have been nicked in the past but the way they are getting treated these days, they need all the help they can get. I don't want to see them as they were in the past but they are our our only saviours on the streets. It sickens me that the ones keeping the peace are getting treated like this. I don't mind a fight but I'd rather be defending a copper than standing back ignoring them.
  4. Shoot to kill maybe too much but a decent deterrent that they realise will happen will be sufficient. If it means they will be met with firearms then they deserve the outcome. The law is not above the law so the outcome will be just. If an individual pushes an officer to their limits then if it proves fatal for the attacker, then they have found out what the law has served is correct.
  5. Sad news that a serving Police officer died in the line of duty. The thin blue line is thin enough but the loss of life just makes it worse. PC Andrew Harper was only doing his job and there could be no way that the people who took his life should ever get away with it. I find it sickening that when in uniform he would be treated with a lack of respect that brought to an end his life. He was only married for four weeks and was due to go on his honeymoon today. If anyone attacks a Police Officer then they certainly don't respect anyone in society, so they don't deserve any sympathy when met with the full force of the law. My condolences to his wife and family.
  6. This 1 gram Heraeus gold bar arrived in record time from @goldmember44. Considering the distance it travelled I'm impressed that it only took under 18 hours.
  7. These are an excellent gift to put inside a card for someone and a great price at the moment as well.
  8. I'm definitely not missing it as everything around me seems clearer as I'm concentrating more about my surroundings. Attention span is better as well. Funny how technology can drag you down without realising it. With my eyesight slowly going downhill it's great to have better focus at everything around me instead of the viewing of a small screen showing me nothing of importance, that takes me a few minutes for my eyes to adjust when coming away from the phone.
  9. It's been five days now since I sent away my smart phone for repair and they sent a cheap basic Nokia out as a replacement. I've been feeling more relaxed since I haven't had my usual phone and I don't actually miss it. No more checking emails on the go, no more immediate checking of Whattsapp messages and no more browsing websites for the sake of it. A friend of mine in Croatia text me to see if I was ok as I never replied to any Whattsapp messages, he actually thought I was in hospital. Got my wife to reply to him. Once my phone is back from repair I'm not sure if I want to bother with it as I've realised how much time it takes up in my day.
  10. When I started buying gold in 2014 I bought any 1/4 oz coin that came my way, moving onto Britannias soon after. When the price of a 1/4 oz gold coin started creeping up I moved onto the cheaper sovereigns. Glad I started off that way seeing the prices they all go for now. Prefer sovereigns now though, especially older ones.
  11. A couple of Route 66 Texas Cadillac ranch silver shields arrived in the post today.
  12. Also I get to enjoy bullion sovereigns more than proofs as I can handle them without affecting their value. Something a bit frustrating about not being able to handle a proof with your bare hands.
  13. My local bullion dealer sells proof sovereigns for the same price as his bullion coins. Some are flawless and others have slight marks but he regards them the same as bullion. These are all pre-owned by the way, not direct from the mint. I do have a few proofs bought cheap this way but mainly buy bullion. I did buy a 2017 proof sovereign from the Royal Mint but that's to keep. With this in mind I won't be getting into collecting full price proofs as I'd be gutted if I had to sell at that much of a loss.
  14. Received these ASE's in the post today from @DavePanda