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  1. Don't even bother communication with 0 feedback sellers. Just ignore.
  2. Today's deal excludes the coins category?
  3. Some folks like to collect these Britannia's. They only started in 1987 so its not that difficult of a collection to build up....until you realise that some years only had 500 or less minted, some years only came in sets etc. As always the price is a factor of demand and supply and the fact that this coin just looks amazing increases the demand and price.
  4. I sold a PF69 for £900 not that long ago. I think I got paid over market price tbh but as they say the price is whatever someone is willing to pay. You don't see these for sale often in any grade as they were only available in sets.
  5. Kdave a very fine post indeed. Part of the problem is, as you say, the fact that people simply do not have the time, interest or intelligence to want to find out the truth for themselves. Many cannot figure out why the MSM would be lying to them so they resort to full belief in the programming. I always remember my Dad saying to me "don't believe everything you read/see in the news" and when I was younger I always struggled with that question of why they would be lying.
  6. I collect the proof Britannia's but have only bought a few directly from RM. Got a call from them the other day about this release saying that over 80% had been reserved. I doubt it. I am not prepared to pay that premium with such a high mintage.
  7. I used revolut for a recent trip to the US and also use it to move funds into EUR to purchase from, a great app imo.
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