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  1. breaktwister

    Trump and Putin in Helsinki

    Kdave a very fine post indeed. Part of the problem is, as you say, the fact that people simply do not have the time, interest or intelligence to want to find out the truth for themselves. Many cannot figure out why the MSM would be lying to them so they resort to full belief in the programming. I always remember my Dad saying to me "don't believe everything you read/see in the news" and when I was younger I always struggled with that question of why they would be lying.
  2. breaktwister

    2018 proof britannia

    I collect the proof Britannia's but have only bought a few directly from RM. Got a call from them the other day about this release saying that over 80% had been reserved. I doubt it. I am not prepared to pay that premium with such a high mintage.
  3. I used revolut for a recent trip to the US and also use it to move funds into EUR to purchase from goldsilver.be, a great app imo.
  4. breaktwister

    for sale Fractional gold proof Britannias - all graded PF69 or 70

    Its Britannia's hips that do it
  5. breaktwister

    for sale Fractional gold proof Britannias - all graded PF69 or 70

    Bump - willing to listen to reasonable offers
  6. From a purely economic perspective though, who in their right mind would buy or hold US Treasuries? They are touted as a safe asset as the US has never defaulted but there will be a time when that debt mountain becomes unsustainable and the US will simply say "sorry, not gonna pay". So China saying that they will no longer buy US debt is simply a rational economic decision.
  7. I disagree. We need the other superpowers to step up to the plate and put the US in line. A USA that thinks it do what it likes is the gravest threat to our planet. Look at the devastation they have caused in the Middle East. I think China's "rumour" that it was no longer interested in US Treasuries was a warning shot to the yanks that they can tank their economy and the USD at will.
  8. breaktwister

    Storing Collectable Coins

    I have a collection of gold proofs that I intend to keep for the long run. I have these in NGC boxes and would like to put them somewhere safe and out of the way which would mean the attic. It gets cold up there in winter and warm in the summer so this makes me a little worried about leaving them up there. Anyone have any insights into whether this is a good idea or not?
  9. breaktwister

    for sale Fractional gold proof Britannias - all graded PF69 or 70

    Made some price reductions..
  10. breaktwister

    silver price by 2020

    yes...with truck ready to be backed up!
  11. breaktwister

    silver price by 2020

    Costs have doubled in the last 15 years so the floor would be £10 or $12
  12. breaktwister

    silver price by 2020

    At £5 every mine in the world would shut down. No supply means the price would shoot up dramatically. My guess is that the absolute floor on the price is around $12. It simply cannot go below that or the supply will start drying up as mines scale back and even shut. So basically, we have very little downside and huge upside. Buying as much as I can on this recent dip.
  13. breaktwister

    Why we don't own bitcoin

    Niels, did you use gdax at all, coinbase exchange? If you left your coins on gdax they won't show in the coinbase app.