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  1. @Pre33Jesse Thanks for the offer but i'm not interested in trading at present.
  2. Still have the 1/4 oz proof and bullion as well as the 1/10 britannias. One of the Lunar goats are gone. Have 1 of each of the rest of the Lunar II, 1/4 oz.
  3. Sorry, I'm not interested in silver at present.
  4. In addition to the above, I also have these for sale: 4x 1/4 oz gold lions (comes in the sleeves seen in pic): 320 each includes signed for delivery 6x 1/10 gold 2016 britannias (as seen in pic): 119 each includes signed for delivery 1/4 oz gold Lunar series 2 (all in their original capsules): Goat, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Rooster, Horse for 310 each including signed for delivery
  5. As requested, obverse and i've taken the cap off for the front. Forgive my amateur photos
  6. Hello, I have a 1/4 gold proof lion for 550 includes special delivery postage 1/4 gold lion bullion 320 includes signed for delivery
  7. It truly is quite ugly I wonder what the process is for selecting artists. I thought it was bad when they came out with the monkey then came the dog...wow.
  8. I've got some 1/4 oz lunar gold coins if you're interested.