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  1. Sorry i have been really busy at work. Did not see this post until now. It did not give me a notification on my email as well. I am not interested in trading at present. Just trying to sell my coins.
  2. 4x 1/4 oz lion for sale as per original post. People have been asking for pictures of the coins.
  3. Hello, yes the lions are still available.
  4. Still have the lions if anyone is interested.
  5. Sorry I am not interested in silver.
  6. Hello, Yes the sovereign is available.
  7. Hello all, I still have the Lion bullion grade gold for sale: 4x 1/4 oz Queen's Beast Lion: 345 each 1/10 oz 2016 Britannia and full Sovereign (comes in a box): Sold. All of them comes with free signed for delivery. Thanks for looking.
  8. @Pre33Jesse Thanks for the offer but i'm not interested in trading at present.
  9. Still have the 1/4 oz proof and bullion as well as the 1/10 britannias. One of the Lunar goats are gone. Have 1 of each of the rest of the Lunar II, 1/4 oz.
  10. Sorry, I'm not interested in silver at present.