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  1. @Wackattak924 nice, I do love the Congo Gorillas myself 👍 I’m being forced into the obligatory Disney holiday soon...are there many good places to buy in Orlando?
  2. 1 dirty 1911 George V & a much cleaner 1891 Queen Vic
  3. Agree, it’s just a pity about the colour! I’ve went and bought a couple of older Sovs just to have a bit of yellow stuff in my life. My new and ‘cheap’ Sovs look like new pennies 🙄
  4. OnlytheBrave

    Hi, I am new

    Hello and welcome, you type just great 👍
  5. After receiving a phone call from a sales guy (who basically told me I was an idiot for buying bullion) I’ve heard nothing, no post at all Delivery was a bit slow from a UK vendor, but nice coins, nice price with nice packaging. Yes, when I’ve got the funds ready for another couple of sovereigns I will try them again, although I hear some returning customers are having their orders cancelled.
  6. Beautiful. Would love to see a platinum coin in the flesh. Are you collecting the whole QB series in platinum?
  7. Harrington & Byrne sovereigns arrived today. A couple actually feel thinner on the edge than previous sovereigns I have, but the weight ‘feels’ good. I need to get a digital scale. Strange they sell these sovereigns so cheaply, and add all this fancy packaging which obviously adds cost. I don’t understand H&B: selling sovereigns slightly below spot, only 3 per household, all this unnecessary packaging, the weird sales call, no email on order dispatch etc. A strange bunch. Much preferred the process with Bleyer but maybe not the price 😄 Also a small order from STG mainly to get me up to date with the Queens Beasts series. I dare say that’s me for a while or the wife will go crazy.
  8. Good job. @ 2 hours after making my order I got a sales call from them, telling me they weren’t a very good buy and that I should be looking at proofs etc instead!
  9. Thanks @DarkChameleon half soverign ring...I had to google that LOL, never seen one do you have a preferred supplier?
  10. Thanks sixgun I might do that or at least get a few. Problem is the cheapest sovereigns are the newest ones!
  11. https://harringtonandbyrne.co.uk/2019-united-kingdom-gold-uncirculated-sovereign-3163.html try this sir
  12. Dumb question maybe, but are the common 1oz gold coins like Britannia’s etc ‘yellower’ than the new sovereigns? In pictures the 1oz coins all look like lovely yellow gold, I can’t afford one to find out for myself! Im very slowly collecting sovereigns and Iike many I’m not a fan of the colour.
  13. I got 3 sovereigns just now from Harrington & B just now for £229. Its a strange website, but if you search for sovereigns and select the 2019 option the are available at this price. Regards