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    Bullionbilly reacted to StackerNoob in Some lovely unexpected gold and silver!   
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    Bullionbilly reacted to sixgun in Our Money   
    Currencies have purchasing power b/c people believe they have value and are willing to take the digits and paper in exchange for goods and services. As the video says it is based on 'faith'. It is based on confidence in the currency - unfortunately this confidence is misplaced b/c it is a confidence trick. 
    The system is designed to steal all the value from the people. It is a criminal system. There are $trillions of debt - $trillions are owed to the banks, all of which was created out of thin air by the banks and yet we are constantly hearing how rocky the banks are. How can this possibly be? They should be swimming in a sea of currency. Where is all this currency going? There are boom and bust cycles deliberately created to increase the debt and then shrink the 'money' supply so the debt cannot be paid and the banks can move in to steal assets for unpaid 'money' that they never lent in the first place. In the next crisis when all the banks go bust and bail in all the deposits, where is the value they siphoned away, where will it have gone? How could it all have disappeared? The whole thing is a massive fraud. The banks are at the root of the legal system and politics - the legal courts are not about justice - it is about debt - you are charged for 'offences' and the judge is the banker sat on the bench - bankers would sit on a bench. When you think about it with income tax, corporation tax, VAT, NI, duties, council tax, licences, fines, various fees..... virtually all the currency comes back to the government and yet the government always claims it is in debt. And the people always believe it. It is one big scam - virtually everything you are told is a lie.
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    Bullionbilly reacted to StackSellRepeat in Vintage Canadian Johnson matthey Mocatta metals corporation 100 oz .999 silver brick   
    Vintage Canadian Johnson Matthey Mocatta Metals Corporation 100 oz .999 silver brick - £1450 plus postage of your choice.
    Payment through bank transfer please  

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    Bullionbilly reacted to StackSellRepeat in Today I Received.....   
    Best of British, Haven’t had the chance to post this new purchase   Verified as JM by AE 🥳

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    Bullionbilly reacted to Nick1368 in 1oz Gold Queen’s Beast Griffin x 4 (£1199 each) 3 sold, 1 left   
    Purchased these coins from a reputable London  dealer and proof of purchase is available to potential buyers upon request.
    price is £1380 £1250 £1199 for each coin plus postage, coins come in Air-Tite capsules.
    coins are in great conditions as you can see in the photos, I have taken pictures of each coin from different angles but please do not hesitate to ask any question or request more pictures.
    Thanks for looking 

    coin number 1: 

     coin number 2 :

    coin number 3 :

    coin number 4 :

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    Bullionbilly reacted to CookieMonster in Just received 1oz valiant - wow!   
    Pics or it didn’t happen! 
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    Bullionbilly reacted to HighlandTiger in Call me dumb...   
    Shhhh, no tricks of the trade.
    Ps, Use Goddards Silver polish, but don't tell anyone, some of the "collectors" here come out in rash and have to lie down in a darkened room on hearing the words "Brasso" or "Goddards" 
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    Bullionbilly reacted to fehk2001 in Something different, a silver Boat 🚣‍♂️   
    Mr dead only buys gold version not silver 
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    Bullionbilly got a reaction from mr-dead in Something different, a silver Boat 🚣‍♂️   
    You can re-live the boating days 👍 albeit a little slower ... 😂
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    Bullionbilly got a reaction from ilovesilverireallydo in Something different, a silver Boat 🚣‍♂️   
    You can re-live the boating days 👍 albeit a little slower ... 😂
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    Bullionbilly reacted to Elements in The joys of motoring   
    first world problems eh Mr-Dead 😉
    Like those lottery adverts that end with ‘nicer problems to have’!
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    Bullionbilly got a reaction from youngmetalstacker in Bars Photo Thread...   
    Thought I'd add a pic of my daughters bar stack, just putting away a delivery from @arshimo2012

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    Bullionbilly reacted to richatthecroft in 10oz silver stacker bar   
    Nice bars these @Roy but we’re not all fitness fanatics like some on here 😂 

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    Bullionbilly reacted to Paul in Gold price in £ 29/6/19   

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    Bullionbilly reacted to StackerQueen in Some recent pours   
    Hi guys,
    I have some new pieces available and thought you might like to see them 
    Stackerqueen buttons are 1oz and £22 posted
    The Pile of skulls is 12oz and 240 posted
    penguin is 5oz and 100 posted
    the see no evil skull bar is 13oz and 260 posted
    The DC are between 4ozt and 4.5ozt (Batman, Riddler and Joker) these are 85.00 posted
    The groot in Carbonite is made to order and the weight varies but it is approximately 6.5ozt and 130.00 posted
    Thank you for looking

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    Bullionbilly reacted to AgD in Parcel Motel problem with package   
    Even if it was customs that apparently opened it, it would have been fully opened and resealed with a note on it (probably a notice of a vat charge) happened to me once or twice.
    I always use a heavy duty black tape along all seals on what I send out (must be quite difficult to get into sorry 😁)
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    Bullionbilly reacted to mr-dead in I have an idea of getting silver near spot price without spending too much money.   
    I have an idea of getting silver without spending too much money.
    If 1 person wants 100g of silver, he will have to pay £70.
    If 20 people want 100g of silver, they will have to pay £70 each.
    But if 1 person has a friggin huge drill you can get it all for free

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    Bullionbilly reacted to Sovereign in 2018 piedfort sovereign, NGC PF70 boxed with coa Reduced!   
    2018 piedfort proof sovereign 
    NGC PF70 comes with box and coa 
    £760 £730  £710 posted by special delivery 
    UK only 

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    Bullionbilly reacted to Roy in Silver bullion payment plan (Christmas club!)   
    Selling silver is like fighting a chest infection!
    A bugger to shift 😃
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    Bullionbilly got a reaction from Roy in Silver bullion payment plan (Christmas club!)   
    Great idea Roy. 
    A long standing and trusted member 👍