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  1. @swAgger, yes, it hasn't been a cheap lesson (32€ in my case), but it could have been worse... @motorbikez, you are right, but still, there are many colourized coins done by 3rd companies, so it's not a so crazy idea. In fact years ago I purchased a colourized Somalia Monkey because I was not able to find the last coin I needed to finish the series. I could remove the decal easily with acetone and I got my set completed. In this case, the colourized coins are 'taken' from the plain series, and decolorizing them returns them back to the original mintage.
  2. Thanks very much for your replies. @motorbikez, thanks for this information, very interesting. Tracking up your text to the Perth mint I have found a cool video. Clearly, the Perth mint doesn't use decals to make their own colourized coins: @MickB, I purchased these two coins for this exact same reason but I have been sillier than you. I decided to remove the paint of one of the coins to find the answer and I loosed the gambling. After removing the colour layer you can see clearly that the Perth mint uses two different dies for the colourized and plain coins. See attached image. Conclusions: - Some third-party companies buy plain silver coins and colourize them applying paint or decals, in these cases, you can get the original plain coin by removing the colour with a solvent neutral to silver. - Some official mints, like the Perth mint, produce their own colourized coins from a different die. These colourized coins match the weight and size but the colourized part is flatter in order to get a better adhesion. In these cases, trying to remove the colour destroys any value of the coin, DO NOT DO IT. :-(
  3. From years ago I always assumed that the colourized versions of silver coins were just the nude/plain version with a decal/sticker on it. Probably because I read that most of the colourized coins were made by 3rd parts (non-official) that purchased plain coins and glued the sticker over them. For this reason, trying to find an economic solution to fill an empty spot on my Australian lunar set, I bought a colourized version of a 1/2 oz silver lunar Ox. I assumed that it was the same coin with a decal on it. But after receiving the coin, and checking it carefully, I noticed some differences that question my assumption. It looks like if the colourized Australia Lunars are not the same coin, that they are minted with a different stamp. In this case, the plain version of the ox has some texture, like the grass or the hair of the ox. But the colourized version looks totally flat, there is the outline of the ox, but the interior shape is flat (maybe to get the decal glued better?). Please, anyone knows for sure if the Colourized Australian Lunars are made by a 3rd company buying plain versions? Or, if they are made by the original Perth Mint using a different die? thanks
  4. Thanks for the info. I can't understand why do you consider a fraud rate of 0.1% not low enough. It may be true that other payment gateways has a lower rate, but this is irrelevant to opt in/out for PayPal, you can have both. The economic point is easier, if PP fraud rate is 1%, you just must increase the fees with this percent to cover the fraud loss, it should be just a logical/rationale decission to increase income to the business. It seems that German shops are more rational than British shops... ;-) Anyway, I stop arguing about/against PayPal, I opened the thread to ask information about UK shop that accept PayPal, thanks to who answered helpfully to this question.
  5. I don't know why so many of you mix PayPal with eBay, I know that they are the same company, but some if the "scams" you talk about are related to the ebay policies, not PayPal ones. I also don't understand why do you hope that PayPal solve criminal issues, if a buyer makes a fraudulent of PayPal and charge back the payment, you have an unpayment from a buyer with a known address and probably a name, just go the police or to the lawyer. In any case you are just expressing opinions and guesses, I still mantain the fact that my PayPal charge back ratio is less than 0.1%, if any seller had a PAyPal account and had real fraud issues I will take it in account.
  6. I also agree with you, but the solution to paypal fees is just to increase the price, all the eshops I bought from charged an additional 2.5-4% to the store price when I choose PP payment. And interestingly, One of the shops suggested upper in the thread had a "discount" of 3% if you don't pay through Paypal, probably for legal (or commercial) reasons is better a discount than an additional fee. A last reason, the old/typical profile if PM buyer us not used to PayPal and no ask for it, so not having PP not hurts the business.
  7. Well, this thread was not intended to argue about PayPal, but I think that your opinions are too strong. It's true that a customer can scam a seller by returning an empty box and claiming a refund, but also a seller can scam a buyer by sending an empty box. Two additional facts: 1) I have received, as seller, literally tens of thousands of payments through PayPal, my fraud ratio is less than 0.1%, and 2) when I made a order of silver/coin I "sign" a binding agrement with the seller, if later I asked a refund to PayPal the seller still could sue to me for not made the payment. So, your opinions just confirm that in UK PayPal has a lot worst reputation, specially by sellers, than it has in the EU, specially from German sellers, it's intriguing...
  8. Thanks K, I have browse his threads and it looks that he had good prices for single premiums, so it seems that It will nit be easy to find a UK provider to buy coins by tubes that accept PayPal, now I understand why you also use a lot of german shops.
  9. Thanks very much HH, I didn't know these shops, they are not the kind of shop (for the price) where to buy coins by tubes, but sure that I could buy some premiums for my collection.
  10. Obviously if you take the literal meaning, but for me my "stack" and my "collection" are very different: STACK: - contains bullion coins, with mínimum price - I add coins in lots of 100s ozs - its target is in the low thousands of ozs - it is stored hidden in non accessible location - and the most important: it is payed with family money as investment COLLECTION: - it contains premium coins, from series, with average price twice spot - I add coins one by one, or just 2 or 3 each time - its target is in the low hundreds of ozs - its stored in beautiful wodden display boxes - and the most important: it is payed with my personal money as enjoyment Honestly, many of the "stacks" I ve seen in these threads are, under my point if view, "collections", but it's just another opinion.
  11. Happy New Year stackers! For diferent reasons I prefer pay silver boughts through PayPal. I use to order to different EU sellers (most of them Germans), but although I have looked for I've not found bullion e-stores inside UK that accept PayPal? Anybody knows any?
  12. It's interesting, I had a naive model around "scratch hardness scales", but it's true the leather strops to sharpen razors breaks that model.
  13. Flu, I agree that I would only take the rubber way with BU, never proof of mirror. But, are you sure that a soft white rubber can cause microscratchings? The rubber is not harder than silver, it is?
  14. Last week I received three of the last SBSS coins, I was deceived because they had big milky spots around the border, I tried several of my tricks (aluminium and bicarbonate, silver cleaner bath, and even acetone) but the spots were untouched. I wrote to the seller and he gave me a useful advice: clean gently with a soft pen rubber. I was very sceptic... but surprisingly it worked very well, not perfect but 99% removed. Edit: silverroller you won , I took to much time to write the answer.