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  1. VonHaida

    JP Morgan & Silver

    Or they are waiting for the SHTF(might even initiate it) and use the silver for a hostile takeover of USA corporation
  2. VonHaida

    JP Morgan & Silver

    They already bought cheap, it would not make sense to sell cheap, they are in for a profit after all.
  3. VonHaida

    JP Morgan & Silver

    Well, we can at least predict when is it going to happen. If we keep a close look on their COMEX shenanigans, the moment they ignore the next silver rally and do not short should be the time to buy one last quick ounce before the price should skyrocket.
  4. VonHaida

    JP Morgan & Silver

    I know, hence the warning. It is only 15 minutes or so after all Question is what is JPMorgan planning to do with soooo much physical silver, they cannot keep stacking forever, surely sooner or later they will want to double/treble their investment. Or am I reading it all wrong ? Who knows..
  5. VonHaida

    JP Morgan & Silver

    I came across this while browsing the other day and found it really interesting, I knew that someone is manipulating the market and was not really clear on how. Listen to this guy, he is not the best speaker (understatement) but the information provided is very relevant to all silver stackers. I think I am sure that many on this forum know about this so I am sharing for newbz like myself http://cambridgehouse.com/video/8071/jp-morgansilver-the-price-management-scheme-continuesed-steer
  6. VonHaida

    for sale 4 x 100g Metalor Silver Bars

    £200 posted ?
  7. VonHaida

    completed 2014 MS70 First Strike Silver Eagle (SF)

    I take it 😊
  8. VonHaida

    Silver or gold or both ??

    Decisions, decisions, decisions ..:D I am still undecided, I kinda like the idea of 50x 2 oz silver Queens Beast 2016 (cca 2 grand from goldsilver.be) and rest in gold Sovs from HGM. Majority of you says gold though :-)
  9. VonHaida

    Silver or gold or both ??

    I am not looking for a quick buck, I feel that the way the FIAT currency is going I just want to have something valuable in case SHTF. Silver seems to be undervalued, new generation of silver batteries is coming to replace the Lithium ones so my gut is telling me go all silver. Sovereignsteve reckons sovereings I spent last months reading every possible article, browsed numerous forums, looked at many silver and gold selling websites. Tomorrow I will get my interest and money will be available, still undecided ..
  10. VonHaida

    Silver or gold or both ??

    Hi, new stacker here asking for help. After checking my savings account and getting 0.8APR Gross over a year I decided to invest roughly 3 grand into PM. I am torn between silver and gold currently, silver having a very big premium and VAT on top, gold just tiny quantity to play with I need to pick your brains experienced stackers, Imagine you have 3k to spend right now, how would you invest it and where would you buy from.