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  1. I just had to pull a trigger on this one
  2. I only bought one item though. Maybe that's why it was so fast. I suspect one of your items is not in stock and that is causing the hold up.
  3. I placed my order with them today around lunchtime and got a tracking number at around 16:00. Everything went pretty smooth.
  4. I like it, something like this will hold its premium I think
  5. I bought some pointy felt heads for my dremmel on Amazon, if that does not work I will try your idea
  6. I used a warm water bath with a couple of drops of Liver of Sulphur, waited for them to go blackish and washed in a baking soda bath before polishing with a buffing wheel on dremmel. Trying to get some pointy tips to get into those hard to get spaces now for a better finish. Added 0 minutes later... Thank you, happy with the result but the Siren needs some more finishing touches.
  7. I was a bit bored tonight and decided to give it a go. I must say I was scared that I am gonna ruin the coins but overall fairly happy with the result. The only thing which bothers me is the tiny little holes in the small letters and around the edges. Any experts around here who could help with the hard to reach spots ? I used dremmel with the buffing accessory.
  8. I do like this calculation a lot
  9. It is just a theory, data would be very difficult obtain, they would surely buy them through another company or holdings to hide their identity. Silver foil hat on time