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  1. Keeping fingers crossed they are available , I would add to my order as well
  2. daz

    Why no love for Landmarks of Britain?

    Could have been a great and very large series if they had put their minds to it . I just don't like these
  3. daz

    2008 Silver Britannia

    If your not happy with it you could send it back as not described because he had it listed as a proof which obviously it is not , but just because he didn't mention the tarnish is not reason to send it back unless he actually described its condition as being better. If people don't actually say the condition in the advert it's always best to message them and ask the condition or if there's any marks , scratches etc. As always , buyer beware on ebay
  4. Totally agree with the above , first off let me say I don't know the set but knowing how Westminster operate the coins in your set will not be a mintage of 1500 and would have undoubtedly been substantially cheaper to buy separately from other sources . The 1500 as said only applies to the aftermarket box they have stuck them so adds no value to any serious collector. At least with the COA no 1 you might be able to find a sucker on eBay to make your money back , if you can , take it and run. They are very clever at what they do , while what they advertise is true and not telling any lies , it's very misleading . They do countless different packagings of coins to make them appear rarer than what they actually are .
  5. daz

    Fake silver eagle from eBay.

    It is illegal to send counterfeit items by royal mail , by asking you to return it eBay are asking you to break the law. When I purchased some counterfeit vaping gear , eBay told me to return it . I pointed the illegality out to them and then they asked me to supply photos and why I thought the item was fake , which I did . They then sent me a form to confirm I had destroyed the item and gave me a full refund without returning the items
  6. daz


    My brother is a bus driver so I just get him to save me any that he comes across . I only want one of each for myself though I don't bother selling them on
  7. It's a bit of a piss take from the royal mint for the people that shelled out on the 2018 proof sets , the list of coins that were not included in those sets is growing all the time , RAF , Paddington , Captain cook , I am rapidly losing interest in the royal mint as they are flooding the market with too many coins imo .
  8. daz

    Hi from Germany

    Hi Alex , Whereabouts in Germany are you ?
  9. daz

    Nazi Silver

    Only 271k died and they all died of typhus , I would say that's pretty clear denial . Using http://www.ihr.org a well known group of deniers as a source , and saying Wikipedia is Israeli propoganda yet using it when it suits. Maybe it's just my programming ???
  10. daz

    Nazi Silver

    No need for that is there , I've admited I know **** all about them . I'm not denying them . There's Nazi apologists and holocaust deniers on this thread yet you have a pop at me ???
  11. daz

    Nazi Silver

    I'll be honest mate , I'd never heard of those let alone deniers of them . I was just wound up by some the rubbish in this thread
  12. daz

    Nazi Silver

    Maybe because noone questions or denies those ?
  13. daz

    Nazi Silver

    Yes it shocking , all revisionist material , Nazi apologists and holocaust deniers are shocking . It's also shocking that not everyone finds it shocking
  14. daz

    Nazi Silver

    http://ihr-store.com/ihrstore/ Just look at what they are selling in their store and read some of descriptions I would say it's entirely fair to call them revisionist and Nazi apologists
  15. daz

    Nazi Silver

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Institute_for_Historical_Review http://auschwitz.org/en/history/holocaust-denial/the-institute-for-historical-review Institute of historical review also sounds a very reliable source , just saying ....