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  1. The queen looks terrible , has it got the micro lettering and the hologram £ thing ?
  2. daz

    Britannia designs

    On eBay a 2014 one Oz went for 55 recently which is a absolute steal , I think people have given up searching for them as they so very rarely came up for sale and so can slip by unnoticed. 140 is a great price for the six coin set . Did you buy it ?
  3. https://www.vanvault.co.uk That's what we use for tools in our vans
  4. People shouldn't be poisoned by the air they breathe but where does the money from this tax go ? Does it go to local health or environment projects ? Does it feck
  5. Think it's great design but since I've read that cheetahs are now extinct in Cameroon it's a bit hypocritical to have the flag behind one.
  6. The draw has also been made for the semis , the winners of the juve and city games WILL meet each other in the semis
  7. The daily mail comes no where near Central , it's the most bigotted steaming pile of fear mongering shete you can buy outside of a edl rally. I don't know if the op was being sarcastic but no one that wasn't wearing a ss uniform has ever thought of the daily mail as being socialist and Marxist. They used to employ Katie Hopkins as a columnist ffs
  8. Nice set , if it's only the grease you want removed what about a bath in a ultra sonic cleaner with water and a dash of washing up liquid ? It won't remove toning or tarnish but will remove the grease
  9. He's also on Instagram , very clever bloke and fantastic work
  10. All German fans are up for it , can't beat football in Germany. Still haven't got tickets for Dortmund so it looks like I'm going to a fourth tier game in Essen . Not too bothered as even the lower league games I've been to in Germany have a mental atmosphere . Just fancied Dortmund as haven't been there yet Here's the Essen fans
  11. One thing is sure about 11pm 29th march , it's that I will be very pissed and very sweaty after just having watched the specials live in cologne 😀
  12. Making a salad sandwich with no cheese or meat is always a bad idea , gravity or not
  13. Not being a nerd , can anyone tell me what the equation is ?