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  1. would like to sell my 10 oz queens beast lion - now reduced to £250 plus £5 for RM special delivery coin has never been out of the capsule . couple of tiny nics on the queens face , on the photo looks like there is a couple of bad ones behind her eyes but there isnt, ive included a close up through the capsule to prove it but it makes the coin look terrible when really it's in great condition and much better than the pic there is however a bit of scratch to the capsule on the queens side . lion side seems mint. no signs of spotting . payment by paypal f&f , any questions please ask
  2. daz

    Chonky Theft

    It's ugly as feck.
  3. I only order 10 or under coins at a time and it does work out cheaper than the orders I have placed myself , not only that even if it worked out the same price as ordering directly I would still order using the group order as it's a massive plus for me to get my delivery by RM special delivery rather than courier. If I'm not in to accept delivery it's easy for me to pop down and collect from sorting office but a massive pain in the arse to try and arrange a courier delivery for when I'm in. So I'm getting my coins cheaper with a delivery service I prefer , can't moan at that @cravethatcoin credit the members of this forum with some intelligence , if you like the terms/ service / price of the order then great, if not then you are welcome to order your coins yourself .
  4. daz

    I FINALLY own an oz of gold!

    30g more than I own . Nice
  5. daz

    Is this of use to anybody else?

    @Guybrush, this is looking really good and will be very useful. Good work mate
  6. after emptying my change jar today to see what i had and what i still needed i thought id have a look on here and see if theres any swap threads - theres a fair few threads but if we could keep them all in one place it would make them a lot easier for people to find what they after. what im proposing is that this thread is just for one for one swaps or face value sales plus p&p as most people see this just as a bit of fun . i know some go for a little more money than others but thems the rules. if your not happy swapping your kew gardens for a battered olympic 50p , post it somewehere else ! heres what im after : WANTED. £2 all 2018 £2 2017 jane austin 2017 ww1 aviation ------------------------------------ 50P 2018 mrs tittlemouse 2018 flopsy bunny ---------------- OLYMPIC 50P BASKETBALL CYCLING FOOTBALL TRIATHLON judo heres my spares for swap £2 marconi , pals battalions , robert burns , kitchener , st pauls , brunel , trevithick , dickens , king james bible , shakespeare history , shakespeare comedy , act of union 50p battle of britain , dictionary , scouts, benjamin britten , battle of hastings , wwf , victoria cross (both designs), girl guides nhs ,benjamin bunny , jeremy fisher , 2014 commonwealth games , libraries , 2016 olympics , olympic 50p for swap sailing , goalball.
  7. daz

    Royal Mint Issues for 2019?

    As I said I don't buy the sets and agreed they don't generally make money , but if the sets included all the £2 and 50p proofs released I'm sure you would see a lot more interest in them. As even sold separately there is a lot of interest in those coins
  8. daz

    Royal Mint Issues for 2019?

    Not necessarily , if they did a proof set with all the coins I would buy it every year as I'm sure a lot of others would they could still do their single coin sales and part sets as it is at the moment . It's adding another revenue stream which I'm sure would sell very well
  9. daz

    Royal Mint Issues for 2019?

    Given up on the annual sets as they don't include all the coins issued that year so makes them pointless imo
  10. daz

    Is this of use to anybody else?

    That's great mate , didn't know if you had to put the info in manually. I'll have a proper play at the weekend
  11. daz

    Today I Received.....

    Got my dragon restrike today , absolutely cracking coin . Thanks to @fehk2001
  12. daz

    If your budget stretches

    On the darker pic it looks like she has a beard.
  13. daz

    Help on order Coin Invest site?

    As above , they are the same company . Silver to go sells their silver under the margin scheme so is normally cheaper. Used silver to go many times and they are very good but I don't know how it works when you've got two invoices though as I've never ordered through coin invest.
  14. daz

    Antique Pirate Plaque for Forum Appraisal

    Think that clears that up then