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  1. daz


    Tbh if I owned everything else in this thread I would swap them all to get my hands on the Britannia statue . Most of them I think belong in the wierd / ugly coin thread
  2. daz

    Royal Mail daylight Robbery

    I'm a member on another forum where members buy a lot of stuff from China (not metals) and the post office is really clamping down on this lately , hardly any parcels are getting through without charges .
  3. Think you only get offered the speed awareness course if you are only 10 per cent over the limit. They are a racket in themselves , no choice of provider so it's best part of a hundred quid , when I done one there must have been thirty people in my classroom and and there was about 6 or 7 seven classrooms . These courses run 6 days a week at the centre I went to . It's a complete money making scam.
  4. daz

    2018 proof britannia

    Received mine yesterday from @TheCoinConnection , very well packaged , they had placed a couple of coin rings under the capsule so it didn't move in transit and the coin is spotless. Tenner cheaper than the mint as well . The coin looks much nicer in the hand than the pics . I think it's really nice
  5. daz

    Hello from the middle of nowhere

    Welcome mate , this place will certainly increase your knowledge but will also certainly hurt your bank balance
  6. daz

    Pobjoy Mint "proof" coins - are they worth it?

    As a general rule , royal commemoratives are not a good buy The one you linked to might only have 30 left but it's taken them over a year to sell under 2000 which shows there's not much demand for it. Pobjoy do make the odd nice coin but as investments they normally do poorly tbh.
  7. daz

    June 2018 Premium Member Prize Draw

    Congrats @DaveWheat89
  8. daz

    Hello from South Wales

    Welcome to the forum mate
  9. The definitive sets don't have all the commemorative coins in them they have the basic design coins that do not change every year https://www.royalmint.com/our-coins/ranges/annual-sets/the-2017-united-kingdom-definitive-coin-set/ Some commoratives are included in the annual coin sets but even then it's not all of them https://www.royalmint.com/our-coins/gifts/fathers-day/The-2018-United-Kingdom-Brilliant-Uncirculated-Annual-Coin-Set/ "The only way to own a selection of 2018 Brilliant Uncirculated commemorative and circulating coins" Both sets are bu but are available in proof as well doesnt dpl basically just mean it's shiny ?
  10. daz

    2018 proof britannia

    Think the thing is that the RM are always going to find it hard to live up to the 2014 design and any subsequent design will not be as good . But I think this is the best since 2014
  11. Picked mine up from the post office today , many thanks.
  12. If your happy with your purchase then that's great , but if not you can return them under the distance selling regulations , unless the coin means something personally to you then I would return at least one of them as Westminster stuff very , very rarely makes their money back
  13. Exactly , absolute rip off. Sorry @jonrms but Westminster are out and out con artists imo. They are very clever in what they do as it's not illegal but it is very misleading . Wouldn't touch anything from them with a bargepole. My old man purchased a lot of coins from them over the years and overpaid by thousands . Some of the prices he paid were out and out theft tbh Edit : I just read the full advert and at least it's the silver proof not the bu like I thought it was , but it's still £15 more than it is from the mint just for a plastic case
  14. Me too , but that's part of the reason I like the group.orders I'd rather pick it up from post office than a courier leave it in my porch or with a nieghbour.