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  1. I added the capitals pal just to emphasise the possibility of cultural & translation differences. She answered in lower case lol.@zhoutonged
  2. Just a thought here pal, while to you/us sometimes other nations can appear rude if English is not their 1st language. I remember buying some coins from silber corner a few years ago & I can't even remember what the problem was now. I did chuckle to myself though by the statement of the lady I usually contacted re any problems. Instead of her saying something like, could you please do so & so or would you mind doing this, she stated you MUST do this or that & you CANNOT do that. I don't think it is intentional to be rude, some of it is just lost in translation & cultural differences. And yes she is still on my Christmas card list as all problem were sorted lol.
  3. Could be someone taking the p--s or someone has released the this little ditty too early for April fools day. If its real my reaction is as I'm doing quite frequently nowadays FFS
  4. Few pics I've just taken this morning on walk for paper, lovely lush grass & a lot of Daffs out now.
  5. Don't forget to put your clocks forward when you go to bed tonight.
  6. @5huggy I'm just about to go on my 1st walk of the day 4 mile round trip to the next village for a paper, it will take me around an hour, unless I meet anyone and have a chat 2 metres apart of course.
  7. By the way swimming 10 kilometers in under an hour is an incredible pace are you sure about that most people couldn't run 10K in under an hour.
  8. @Seth Yeah I used to love swimming as a youngster dad used to take me my brother + a few more kids swimming nearly every night during the season May to Sept to an outdoor pool 8 miles from where we lived. Unfortunately as you say in the UK you can't really enjoy a swim because in general they are over crowded. But walking no one has an excuse its an anytime anywhere type of exercise.
  9. I've walked between 3 & 6 miles every day since my early 20's & before I had kids anywhere from 8 to 15 miles at the weekend. Walking is a fantastic form of exercise, helps you think, costs you nothing, you meet people to chat to etc etc. I was in Majorca Sept last year & walked 6-10 miles every day loved it, followed that by 20 lengths of the pool. I'm 6'1" & only weigh 5lbs more than when I was at my fittest when I was 21. I'm bang on 13st I've never set foot in a gym but do have a set of dumbbells & kettle bells which I use with various stretching exercises once a week for 45mins.
  10. @Minimalist Lol the only one talking garbage is you pal, you are a fantasist like Sturgeon, dream all you want. I won't be wasting any more of my time engaging with you because you are totally blinkered to the reality of the situation Scotland would face if the people decided to leave the UK which as you keep ignoring DONT. You are now on my ignore list.
  11. Lol you are the main protagonist of the nonsense spouted in this thread. Regarding total revenue, here is something simple for you to digest. World class oil companies are not going to be pi-s e d about by any government, let alone an independent Scotland, they will be dictating to the Scottish government how thing will go in the North sea.If Sturgeon thinks she is going to milk them for revenue in the future,they will simply move to another area of the world where the tax regime is less onerous. Oh & when Salmond was chief agitator for a break up of the union, oil was over $100 per barrel where is it now. I can understand your perspective on not wanting to be controlled by politicians from London I think we all share that desire but Scottish politicians are cut from exactly the same cloth as English, German, French, American etc etc etc they all do things with one common aim. Mainly to look after themselves & their corrupt buddies.
  12. @Minimalist The simple thing for nationalists like you to do (without all the trash talk) is lobby parliament to give England Wales & NI a vote on Scottish independence & you would get your wish for independence.
  13. Sold my 500 RDSB shares @ £14.01 made just over £500 for money laid out for a couple of weeks. I don't do this very often (limit trades) but I am not convinced by the markets attempts at a fight back. If I'm wrong I'm not bothered.
  14. I've upped my cash levels from £2500 to £4000.I'm also paid in cash (& keep hold of it), I'm using current account debit card for spending on shopping & will let balance drop to £1000. I remember the Northern rock farce although it was my late mother that got ripped off, it sticks in the back of my mind. These are extraordinary times it would be prudent to have a good lump of cash available IMHO.
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