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  1. motorbikez

    New ATB coin! 5 OZ 😮

  2. motorbikez

    Today I Received

  3. motorbikez

    Rwanda - New Series "Nautical Ounce"

    Wasn't Dios mentioned in a thread about 2 years ago about being a con artist & using abusive & derogatory language towards customers. KEEP AWAY from this person he is obviously a crook, one failed/ stolen shipment OK it happens, more than one it is not a coincidence. Found it
  4. LOL the £10K in the majority off cases will be gone in less than a year on rubbish, latest mobile phone, foreign holiday & old car with one years insurance LOL. Then when its gone, back to moaning about how hard life is for the under 25s.
  5. motorbikez

    wanted 2012 1/2oz NGC PF 70 silver Warrior Queen Britannia

    Still looking, I'll pay a finders fee to anyone who can put me in touch with a seller.
  6. motorbikez

    Are colourized and nudes exactly the same coin?

    @CatStudent You learn something everyday in this interesting hobby of ours. I wouldn't have thought there were different dies for the coloured coins but thinking about it ,you would get some people trying to do what you have done, removing the colour to try & get say a 1/2oz or more likely a 2oz mouse as they way more expensive than the coloured coins.
  7. motorbikez

    completed Australia RAM Polar Series 2009 complete set.

    Sold thank you.
  8. motorbikez

    completed Australia RAM Polar Series 2009 complete set.

    Will split the set, price £44 each inc postage to a UK address, take the 3 for £127 inc postage.
  9. motorbikez

    Are colourized and nudes exactly the same coin?

    The coloured versions are not made by a 3rd party they are made by Perth mint, it is not a sticker or decal that is added on to the coin, it is a printing process done by Perth mint. See below, I'm not sure if they use different dies for the coloured coins its possible but I doubt it personally, the depth of the ink could make the coins surface appear flat. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The popularity of coloured coins is reflected in the commemorative silver line-up offered by The Perth Mint. So how is the colourisation of precious metal coins achieved? The Mint uses a specially adapted pad-printing technique. It begins with the preparation of four printing plates, known as clichés, each one etched with different elements of the coin design as a series of tiny depressions. Cyan, magenta, yellow and black ink, the base colours from which all others are produced, are mixed and applied to the etched surfaces of the clichés. Silicone pads are lowered onto the clichés to absorb the ink. Then, in a carefully sequenced process, the pads deposit the ink on the face of a coin in successive layers until the image is complete. Colouring coins at The Perth Mint Special inks are required for optimal quality. As only very small quantities of ink are transferred during the pad-printing process, the pigmentation must be highly concentrated. The Perth Mint mixes its ink with hardener, which cures to leave an exceptionally durable finish, resistant to fading, as well as solvent and chemical attack. Colour adds vibrancy, realism and appeal – the results are often quite spectacular.
  10. Looking to sell these coins as a set £135 inc RMSD to a UK address. Rarely seen in Europe the coins are proof silver 99.99% & weigh 1&1/7th troy oz Payment by Paypal FF or bank transfer. The last coin Aurora Australis is a hologram coin which is beautiful but impossible to get a good photo of.
  11. motorbikez

    Today I Received

    Nice goal, you'll get them over time.
  12. motorbikez

    World coins & medals

  13. motorbikez

    Today I Received

    @TheBeast If you buy only 1 X 10oz coin that is the one to have, are you going to collect the set ?.