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  1. @goldmember44 Do a search on here, there are numerous threads about buying from outside the EU, if you are buying numismatic items the VAT is only 5% plus PO charge for collecting VAT on behalf of HMRC. The problem is 50% of the time customs ignore the codes & slap you with 20% VAT, then you have to put a claim in to get the excess VAT they charged you back, its all hassle but they always pay you back. There are always ways & means to get stuff from outside EU without being ripped off by customs, something I'm not going to discuss on an open forum, think imaginatively. I offered recently to get some slabbed 2oz QB coins from the US which a few people took up & are very happy with what they paid.
  2. These two, nothing to do with value or rarity. I like to carry a piece of silver (eccentric I know but you guys will understand lol) Brit I carry in my trouser pocket, pamp in my motorcycle jacket.
  3. I've used Atkinsons a number of times over the years & found customer service & product shipping excellent. Something you may not know, if you speak to Paul I think it was direct re any non bullion coin he will do a deal.
  4. @Sovstacker Good spot there pal & very useful.
  5. @TheSilverSurfer Hi pal I have a friend who lives in Centurian SA, he has lived there 40+ years & has travelled extensively on the African continent. The guy is a bit of an entrepreneur & in his words "SA is totally corrupt but is whiter than white compared to every other country in Africa". He got me a couple of coins 3-4 years ago & wouldn't send by the SA post office, I asked why not he bluntly said they would be stolen before getting out of the country. He only ships anything out of SA by private courier. So I don't want to sound negative, but if I were you I would forget about this venture. To end on a positive note if you do go ahead with this do what due diligence you can & keep your brain switched on at all times, eg if the deal looks too good to be true it will be a scam. Best of luck in any event.
  6. Just join TSF pal as a silver member, it helps support the site & you see sales threads at the same time as every other paid up member.
  7. Bar 4 - First National Bank of Chicago £18.50 Bar 11 - Rodman & Yaruss £18.50
  8. @SILVERFINGER With the fabulous quality of candidates labour have at their disposal,Dianne Abbot has every chance of winning, the violent communists momentum love her.
  9. Lol maybe not to you, but it is a very desirable coin to most collectors.I think when all the hype has died down the silver Una will hover around £250 mark. It is a beautiful coin but with a mintage of 3000 it is not rare at all & once the genuine collectors have one the flippers will dump them at a small profit.
  10. Bar 1 - Singapore Mint £17 Bar 4 - First National Bank of Chicago £17 Bar 11 - Rodman & Yaruss £17