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  1. That's the reason they don't want us to leave there is only Germany & us that are net contributors the rest of them are taking the piss.
  2. If the treacherous tory remoaners get their way & Boris doesn't get Brexit done by 31 Oct there will be a kick off. I'm getting sick & tired of all these traitors trying to frustrate the electorate, these morons are the ones damaging our country by constantly trying to impede Brexit. The problem is its business as usual for these scumbags, doesn't affect their pensions, golden goodbyes etc there is absolutely no accountability for their f--k ups Grrrr.
  3. Interesting might it have something to do with the current unrest in HK at the moment, kick offs with protesters nearly a daily occurrence. Will Chinese troops enter HK ?.
  4. Any public decency offence commited & they wouldn't have far to go to the local facility of her majesty's pleasure
  5. @CadmiumGreen Don't fret about pal it's a Cumbrian thing.
  6. Still one of the most beautiful places to live, no traffic jams up here. I'd never live South of Lancaster can't be bothered with all the traffic down Sarf.
  7. @Xander I'd execute that treacherous little turd Bercow & as per Jo Brand I'm only joking😄
  8. @Rigrunner It will only cost £10.50 to send that to the US by international tracked & signed for. You can watch every movement on RM website & USPS the US carrier to the customers door.
  9. @Tritoon01 I've got a perfect one you can have for £95 post free.😊
  10. As above, example of label I require below. Please NOTE this is the only label I require thanks.
  11. Offer for collectors for today only. £100 now & balance paid mid Sept, will send on receipt of 1st payment UK only thanks.
  12. Most collectors would only pay £20 for that coin as a gap filler, until they could get a mint one for £60-£70 because it has marks/scratches & no capsule.
  13. Now post free to a UK address & will give equivalent discount to Europe. Set will be withdrawn on Sunday if no interest.