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  1. I think they have made a mistake with the packaging & I'm not talking about American spelling of coloured. They are showing RAM (Royal Australian Mint) zodiac coloured coin when in fact those coins are made by Perth Mint.
  2. No idea pal, he is a slippery little toad.
  3. I don't think it really matters too much re size of the coins, as long as the weight is correct I wouldn't worry about it.
  4. Sturgeon is totally delusional, she like her predecessor the smug toad Salmond just wants to go down in history as the retard that destroyed the union. Scotland will be in dire straights if it left the UK.I live in Carlisle close to the border & every Scottish person I know & speak to hate Sturgeon, one particular lady told me if Sturgeon is shot it will be her that did it. Any police or government agents on here as per Jo Brand she was only joking.
  5. motorbikez

    What to collect

    @Trumar If you are more of a collector than stacker, collect what you actually like & don't be too concerned about future values some things you collect will make more in the future some won't. I'm a big fan of the Queens beast series there may well be potential for future increases in a few sizes, those IMHO may be 2oz silver bullion coins 1/4oz gold bullion & proof & one or two of the 1oz silver proofs & a couple of the 10oz silver bullion coins. Reading your post again I'd save up & buy the 2oz Queens beasts as I feel they would have more potential than anything else at the moment.
  6. @stackspot Scotland played well enough in the 2nd half but too little too late, this match & Japan against Ireland have been the best for me so far. I think everyone has been surprised by Japan's line speed & fitness they have been magnificent so far. Now the real test for all teams comes next week, no mess ups or mistakes or you are gone.
  7. Scotland blown away in the 1st half & Japan move into the 1/4 finals facing South Africa next Sunday. Japan for me have been the standout team of the tournament South Africa will not be looking forward to this match, although for all the teams there is now a step up in the opposition & on the day anyone of these teams left could go all the way to the final. Knockout-stage fixtures Saturday, 19 October Quarter-final 1: England v Australia (Oita), 08:15 Quarter-final 2: New Zealand v Ireland (Tokyo), 11:15 Sunday, 20 October Quarter-final 3: Wales v France (Oita), 08:15 Quarter-final 4: Japan v South Africa (Tokyo), 11:15
  8. England, Ireland & Wales are all through to the 1/4 finals, can Scotland join them, they have a very tough match against an unbeaten & very quick side in Japan today kick off 11.45. It's do or die for Scotland or plane home tomorrow. This should be an exciting match Japan have been the surprise team of this world cup.
  9. Lunar series 2 1/4oz gold proofs have kept their value (none that I have seen at auction have sold for less than I paid for any of mine) but if you are greatly concerned about future values just buy bullion. If you like the proofs best, buy the 1/10 oz proofs as there are more collectors for that size.
  10. @1817Karl that is more or less the same as the Krug I had with the same hole in the middle minus the stand, the outer gold coin surface was hard plastic & the inner below the felt was weighted. Royal mint display must be more up market if outer is coloured metal lol.
  11. @1817Karl I think it is plastic & worth about £25-£30 I was given a similar sized plastic Krugerrand in 1982 from my LCS for buying 4 real 1oz Krugs from them. The one I got was dated 1982 & had a felt obverse it was in their window as a display item. I used it as coaster.
  12. @SILVERFINGER I'd like to see some of them there now.
  13. France V Tonga on at 9am this morning, will France play with great flair & beat Tonga or will it be a French side that quits if things don't go their way, should be an interesting match. England face France next week but don't have to beat France as they are through to the 1/4 finals already.
  14. Probably agree with that assessment Steve, England did the job with calm efficiency but were a bit flat after the Pumas went down to 14 men (& rightly so) it seems as per our American friends teams appear to be targeting Owen Farrell with very dangerous challenges & I use the word challenges because in both instances there was no attempt to tackle him. Good job Owen is as hard as nails. The best match IMHO so far was Japan V Ireland. I think the tier 1 teams are now very concerned about facing the fantastic Japanese team.
  15. Anyone into this, England have had a good start but today is their 1st real test, match against Argentina kicks off 9am.