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  1. motorbikez

    Gold and brexit.

    @sixgun I understand that ,we could still lobby Boris for VAT free silver platinum etc like gold.
  2. motorbikez

    Gold and brexit.

    Yes I know that pal, but I mean when get a trade deal with Trump/US we may or may not get various things that are tax free between the two countries, silver may or may not be included, think positive now Boris has a free hand😎 + we could always lobby Boris re silver.
  3. motorbikez

    Gold and brexit.

    I wouldn't cry too much pal it will probably be a few years before that happens if at all, but its a possibility.
  4. motorbikez

    Gold and brexit.

    @RoughDog Nope can't see it, maybe down the line we'll get VAT free silver from the US😄
  5. @sixgun Lol f--king pathetic lefties, again like Corbyn can't accept the will of the electorate of this country, even after a cataclysmic defeat.Like I said on a previous post if you don't like it here f--k off to a communist country somewhere like Venezuela, Jezza's top holiday destination, just don't bother coming back.
  6. Well Done Boris, now lets get Brexit done & take this country forward, all the doom mongers are history now, the people have spoken & if you don't like it F--k off to a communist country with Jezza & Diane & see how you get on there.
  7. Lol & this who Corbyn would have as the person responsible for the security of this country, someone who purportedly earns more than £200K per year but dresses as if she has just got up from sleeping in that shop doorway.
  8. @AurumArgenti We did, but specifically the silver 2oz Bu Griffin is the most expensive in the 2nd hand market .Especially slabbed 2oz version.
  9. Not really, but my theory would be as the Griffin is the most desirable & expensive of the 2oz coins in the 2nd hand market, they used it as a tester to see how desirable the design is/was for the proof versions. So with the Griffin probably being the last of the 10 in proof the RM can jack the price up to shaft collectors all IMHO.
  10. Last bump, take all 3 for £170 shipped free worldwide, no offers thanks, if anyone would like the 3 I will take a small deposit now & you can pay the balance mid Jan if it helps any collectors out.
  11. @Notafront4adragon I'm not going to get into a politics debate as to the merits or not of the conservatives, labour the lib dems, Brexit party, greens or anyone else in this thread.There are numerous threads for that on here, I enjoyed the dancing & although I couldn't hear the singers at the time since seeing the video I liked them as well.😃 Merry Christmas.
  12. Bump up, now Freepost , last 1/2oz mouse sold for £127 + postage 28th Nov.
  13. @Notafront4adragon Lol so if it was the Labour party behind that display or lib dems you'd have said the same thing, mind neither of them would have had the imagination to do that display. Regardless of the politics the kids put on a good show & there is a huge amount of effort & skill that goes into dancing.
  14. I was at TGI Fridays having lunch with my daughter & saw that dance display from the window above, brilliant I had absolutely no idea it was about Brexit party, but appreciated the show.
  15. As above key coins 1/2oz 50c mouse, ox & tiger all in mint condition in original capsules, I'm happy to ship worldwide. Payment PPFF or BT thanks. Mouse £90,Ox £60,Tiger £25 postage at cost,buyer pays.