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  1. 2 collectors coins, 200th anniversary of landing at Port Jackson 1788-198 $10 coin & Aboriginal design $2 coin. Both come with case, cert & original cardboard outer. $2 coin £13 + postage $10 coin £22 + postage £40 the pair posted to a UK address. NOTE if you just want coins & cert I'll send post free.
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-48611424 Well I am surprised (NOT) that the left wing BBC has defended Jo Brand after her disgusting attempt at humour. It is funny inciting the dangerous violent half wits of this country to throw acid over politicians , by implication her preferred target is Nigel Farage who incidentally has contacted the police. Let's see in the next few days if the BBC has a change of heart & sacks this disgusting excuse of a human being. I'm not holding my breath though.
  3. @jonrms Yes sorry re photo I was just showing mark on satin, yes all the squares are the same 12 in each of 2 removable trays & 12 in the bottom section which is fixed.
  4. Westminster coin box, squares are 2"x 2" holds 36 coins, average/good condition, clasps perfect, £14 inc postage to a UK address. Payment PPFF thanks.
  5. 1 lot 25 Saflips 2x2 £6 inc postage to a UK address. 1 lot 20 Saflips 2x2 £5 inc postage to a UK address. Payment PPFF thanks.
  6. That's what I thought as well, has Gove the cocaine sniffer & Stuart the heroin smoker actually been outed by the press or have they suddenly thought it would be cool/clever to engage with Corbyn's cool lefties by admitting to taking illegal drugs. If they have been outed by the press admit it & move on don't try & big up a stupefying error of judgement.
  7. I actually wrote to May after the previous European election when the Tories & Labour got hammered by Farage & suggested that they (the Tories) engage with Farage as he has the ear of President Trump & Trump plainly likes Farage. I'm still waiting for a reply, which obviously would have come from one of her gofers. If the next leader of the conservatives is a Brexiteer & that remains to be seen, I hope they do engage with Farage. Most countries with a leader with an iota of common sense would love to have a contact at the pinnacle of the US administration & one that doesn't observe the business as usual philosophy that Obama followed.
  8. You've got to love Trump lol. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/politics/donald-trump-urges-uk-government-to-send-nigel-farage-into-brexit-negotiations-and-go-for-no-deal-a4157211.html
  9. Maybe maybe not, if Farage's hand is forced by us not leaving by the 31st of October he will field candidates all over the UK. If the Brexit party win the election, highly unlikely, but lets go with it. It is actually Whitehall & the plethora of civil servants that run this country, receiving their instructions from the incumbent government. Most MPs are interested in grandiose talk & showboating but have very little insight or intellect to carry things through. Could Farage's MPs be more incompetent than the likes of Corbyn, Abbott,May etc etc. I doubt it.
  10. I think all Tories would do well to Listen for once, as things are changing big time in the political landscape in this country, I wouldn't like to call it for who may become the next tory leader seems everyone is throwing thier hat in at the moment.
  11. Here is a quote from Nigel Farage after last nights fantastic result for the Brexit party,“There’s a huge message here, massive message here – the Labour and Conservative parties could learn a big lesson from tonight – though I don’t suppose that they actually will.” The last part is very apt I watched a bit of the election results & was highly amused by Labours shadow foreign secretary a very vocal individual, or gob shite to us mortals. Anyway in her typically delusional self belief she thinks nothing will change for the main parties Con/ Labour & come a general election & it will be business as usual for labour & everyone who has voted labour will again at a general election. How arrogant, bring on a general election & lets see if this MP who is still treating the electorate with contempt is right. The Tories & labour have learnt nothing despite what has just happened. Nigel Farage has his finger on the pulse of the electorate at the moment I'd like to see some sort of tie up between Farage & the tories once this leadership election is over if the tories elect a genuine Brexit candidate.
  12. @Lindeman Some may say that, I wouldn't 😂