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  1. motorbikez

    5oz panda

    I don't know what the going rate is for a Panda with no capsule case or cert, what I do know the 5oz Pandas are faked as much as the 1oz coins. I was going to start collecting the 5ozers a number of years ago but decided it wasn't worth the risk due to fakes. But even if it is right, in that state with no cert, case & capsule it would be difficult to sell on if you had to in the future so not the bargain it may appear to be.
  2. Post some pics up then pal, I've pm'd you but got no response.
  3. The problem is councils are run by the same type of brain dead individuals who run the government, they have zero insight into how business works all they see is a money tree. I remember when I was in business talking to a night club owner who was struggling for various reasons. Anyway to cut a long story short I told him to approach the council to see if they could give him a breather for 3 months or lower his ridiculously high business rates. Basic answer f off. He went under 12 months later,8 full time jobs gone plus part timers as well. Site remained empty for years so the council got nothing at all in rates.
  4. 2013 10oz Koala £150 plus postage of your choice, payment by pay pal FF thanks, will post worldwide.
  5. The Royal mint IMHO is in 5th gear taking the p--s at the moment, no offence to anyone who likes this, I do myself but for about £50 not £245. https://www.royalmint.com/our-coins/ranges/britannia/the-britannia-2019-uk-one-ounce-silver-bu-coin-and-print-set-light-frame/
  6. Poor Wonger, give the guy his due he has got thicker skin than Gordon I saved the world Brown.
  7. Hi Guys I'm after the above preferably Tower label, but message me with any NGC version you have, I'm not interested in PCGS version as all my others are NGC, thanks.
  8. No I don't want it pal, just offering you a suggestion. Put a photo up I'd be interested to see it.
  9. @RoughDog Have you contacted Chards about it, might be the way to go rather than bad mouthing them before you are completely sure its a fake.
  10. Just about sorted with these now. Anyone who has the Griffin in hand for sale please PM me.