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  1. Hi All, I have just poured this stunning heart. Sometimes things just come out incredible, and I do not know how to repeat this! For every heart that looks like this there are 4/5 others that are not so good! So, if you wanted it for Valentines, or any other occasion, it is available. 3.56 oz of 999 silver Priece = £83.50 Free postage in the UK. International postage +£5 or +£10 (tracked) but free if your total order is over £100. I can offer the following extras as well. Personalised Stamping = Free A "making of video" is +£15 Antiqued lettering +£5 Wooden Display Frame is +£30 Hallmarking = Free Extra Large Hallmark +£5 Lead time is approximately 2 weeks for Hallmarking so plenty of time for a Valentines gift. Payment via Banks Transfer
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    for sale 999 Hand Poured Silver Heart - Hot off the furnace!

    It's not really the direction I want to take my brand.....
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    for sale 999 Hand Poured Silver Heart - Hot off the furnace!

    I will not be making this.
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    Hello folks!

    @BeeCee welcome to the forum!
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    New Member Parky100

    @parky100 welcome to the forum!
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    Hello from canada

    Hi and welcome!
  7. I am very happy to announce that I am offering intermediary sales services for Silver Forum sales. One of the biggest issues to buying and selling on the private market is building a reputation as a buyer or seller. It is hard to do here on the forum as people are (rightly so) wary of new members without any trading feedback. I am able to offer Intermediary sales services to help members conduct safe and secure trades here on The Silver Forum. In fact, I have already done this a number of times @Abyss @silversky @Kritika can be my reference as to the speed and accuracy of these services (I hope 😉) The idea is to provide a robust service to help new buyers and sellers take advantage of the trade section and build their reputation and feedback here on the forum. For those of you who do not know me, I have a large YouTube channel as well as a significant social media presence here and on Instagram. My reputation is core to my business and I believe this qualifies me to offer these services when needed. Please note - I am NOT a numismatic or rare coin specialist. I offer these services primarily as a means to verify the metal type and whether or not an item is genuine Silver of Gold. I would not feel comfortable trying to verify if a rare coin is genuine or not and I reserve the right to turn down the verification of any such items. These services are best suited to bullion coins and bars both Silver, Gold and Platinum. The Process Here is a quick summary of how I have (and plan to) operate these intermediary sales services. 1) Seller and/or buyer contact me to discuss the intermediary services. 2) Seller and buyer both agree in writing (email or PM) to the terms and conditions set out below. 3) Seller sends the coins to my PO Box address. 4) I would then verify the item(s) as genuine and meet the described quality standards as required (verification is done to the best of my ability, more information on this below.) 5) Once I am satisfied the item(s) are genuine and meet the quality standard I will instruct the buyer to transfer funds to the seller. 6) Once the seller confirms that the funds are received a fee of 2% of the value of the item(s) (with a minimum fee of £25) is then split between the buyer and the seller. 7) Once the intermediary fee has been paid I can then post the item(s) out to the buyer at a postage cost of their choice. 😎 Buyer and Seller can then leave feedback on The Silver Forum Timeframes The times I have done this so far have been processed and shipped out on the same day as receiving the coins and have run very smoothly, so the turnaround time is basically as fast as the buyer and seller are prepared to move. Fees & Postage Costs As mentioned above my fee for these services will be 2% of the value of the sale with a minimum fee of £25. This fee is split between the buyer and seller equally. As the item(s) will essentially have to be posted twice it will cost a little more for the buyer and seller. It is up to both the buyer and seller to agree who pays for the postage from the seller to me. Terms and Conditions There are some terms and conditions that would need to be agreed by both parties for me to act as an intermediary. 1) All packages that I receive will be photographed before being opened and their opening will be filmed. This is to protect myself and the seller should there be missing items and/or any issues with the items inside the package. These photos and videos will be deleted immediately after the items have been verified as genuine. 2) I can only verify the item(s) to the best of my knowledge and ability using (but not limited to) the following tests where appropriate: Measuring coin specifications, Width, Diameter, Weight etc. Magnet test, Ping test and Specific gravity tests. Not all of these test will be required and some only in the event that an item cannot be verified by preceding tests. 3) To test the coins the buyer and seller agree that I will have to take coins out of capsules for inspection. Upmost care will be taken handling and testing the coins but I (Backyard Bullion) cannot be held responsible for any marks/damage to the items. 4) The above tests, combined with my experience of handling silver and gold coins will provide a high degree of certainty and accuracy as the the genuine (or not) nature of an item. However they are not conclusive and I (Backyard Bullion) cannot be held responsible should an item be deemed not genuine at a later date. This point is especially pertinent with relation to older and rare coins which hold a numismatic value - I am not a numismatic coin expert and the services I offer here are based on verifying whether an item is made of a precious metal or not. 5) In the event that an item cannot be verified the seller will be responsible for any return postage as well as the 2% (min. £25) intermediary fee. 6) Items are posted to and from myself are done so at the choice and risk of the buyer and seller respectively. I cannot be held financially responsible for lost or damaged items. Any insurance payouts for lost or damaged items can only be made once a successful claim has been made and it is the responsibility of the buyer and/or seller to select the appropriate postage and insurance values. 7) I reserve the right to add/or amend these terms and conditions where appropriate. So, if you are interested in these services please just drop me a PM or contact me here on this thread and we can get it sorted!
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    How not to do a 1kg gold pour

    What a chucklehead
  9. Welcome to the JANUARY 2019 Group Order! This group order will be from The European Mint https://www.europeanmint.com/ PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY AS IT CONTAINS IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT and JOINING THIS ORDER. Also, if you are interested in joining this order please "follow" this thread so as and when I have updates I can more easily share them. Dates for this Group Order This group order will be open for 2 weekends, starting on 5th & 6th January 2019 and closing on Sunday 13th January 2019 @ 6pm UK time. These dates WILL NOT be changed/extended and are fixed. I do however reserve the right to extend/end the order should an extenuating circumstance arrive - but this is unlikely to happen. The delivery estimate for your orders is going to be week commencing 4th February 2019. This is an ESTIMATE only and may be subject to change. Terms and conditions for joining the Group Order Joining this group order is at your own risk. Please make sure you read the following carefully because by joining the group order you are agreeing to the following. 1) I (Backyard Bullion) cannot take financial responsibility for lost/damaged items that are part of this group order. 2) Once payment has been received by Backyard Bullion all orders are final and cannot be refunded. 3) Orders are quoted based on live prices from the dealers website. If these prices change between quotation and payment additional funds will need to be sent (or refunded) where appropriate. 4) You agree that I (Backyard Bullion) will act as an agent on your behalf to purchase items from the above mentioned dealers. 5) Backyard Bullion can only dispatch your order upon successful delivery from the appropriate dealer and only upon payment of a separate postage invoice - which is sent after the order has closed. 6) Any loss or damaged item claims will be initiated and managed by me (Backyard Bullion) and any payouts for claims can only be made upon the successful payout from said claim. Backyard Bullion cannot be held financially responsible for any unsuccessful claims. 7) You are liable for any and all taxes that may be applied to your order for your home country of delivery. 😎 By joining the group order you agree unconditionally to all the above. What is the group order all about? This group order is a way to combine shipping costs for buying silver from Europe. We pay drastically less for our silver because we essentially do not pay VAT. I organise these orders so that people can get cheap silver but also so that I can unbox a large quantity of silver for my YouTube channel. It helps grow my social media, my BYB brand and my reputation within the community. This month, we are going to be using https://www.europeanmint.com/ EUROPEAN MINT PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE - EXCLUSIVE TO SILVER FORUM GROUP ORDERS The EU Mint have offered to price match the following items with GS.be (assuming that they are not already cheaper!) Any coins from the Queen's Beast Series (bullion), 10 oz & 2 oz - including the 10 oz dragon & 2 oz bull Oriental Border Britannias Perth Mint Dragon Bars Regular bullion coins from 2018 AND 2019 - a few examples are: Britannias, Maples, Philharmonicas, kangaroos, koalas, pandas, kookaburras and US eagles. Back dated years is on a case by case basis. Other coins may be price matched upon request - but no guarantee. Other items will have to be on a case by case basis. Some items cannot be price matched because of the volumes that The European Mint buys them in does not allow any room for movement in price. However for the list of coins above we are able to get the same unit price per coin. How do you place an order? The way this works is simple. You will decide what you want by looking at https://www.europeanmint.com/ and send me a private message via the forum WITH CLICKABLE HYPERLINKS PLEASE! to each item and how many you want. Please only message me via The Silver Forum only. I will send you a screen dump of the basket and total on their website and then I will send you another screen dump from www.transferwise.com showing the conversion and total in £. You then send the funds directly to me via Banks transfer and as soon as I get the funds I will place the order. Your order is then locked in and confirmed, you cannot cancel after this stage. WE WILL ONLY BE ORDERING IN STOCK ITEMS - ANYTHING ON PRE-ORDER WILL NOT BE ALLOWED. This is to avoid any delays after the order closes. When to order and pay Backyard Bullion? I will only be placing orders on the weekends and any funds must be with me before 6pm. I will not be able to place orders mid week unless there are extenuating circumstances. This is simply because I am a busy person and organising and keeping track of these orders is difficult. Feel free to send me your shopping lists during the week but understand that I will not be able to lock it in until the weekend - this is just the way it has to be so be aware that prices may fluctuate in the run up to the weekend. I would rather do it like this than potentially forget or miss recording orders and making mistakes. Deadline The order will close on Sunday 13th January 2019 @ 6pm UK time. You will need to have got funds to me by then if you would like to order anything. Should there be any delays in this it will mean the group order will be delayed and I will communicate any changes out to people via this thread. Shipping costs & Share of international postage. The European Mint has offered a very generous shipping quote for this order - capped at 1.2% of the total value of the order, e.g. If you spend €500 your shipping is €6. How do I get my coins from Backyard Bullion? Once the order has been delivered to me you will receive an "onwards postage invoice" which will include onwards postage and packaging from me to you. We will sort out the onwards postage and packaging once the order has been completed. Onwards shipping is at your choice and risk via Royal Mail. It is at this stage that we will sort out the share of international postage (if any applies). Here is a quick guide as to what the onwards postage costs will be - this is subject to change where appropriate and is meant to give you a guide as to the costs of postage only. Please note that the maximum that you can send via Royal Mail Special delivery for a decent price is 2kg (about 55 oz). If you would like to order more than this please get in touch to discuss shipping options. ****Please also note that there is NO PRECIOUS METALS INSURANCE on any royal mail service other than Special Delivery**** What happens in the event of an issue with delivery? As I said in the disclaimer at the top of this thread, I cannot be held financially responsible for the loss/damage of any items in this group order. The European Mint has insurance for their parcels but I have never had to put a claim in and I do not know how likely it might be that something is refunded should it go missing in transit. There is an intrinsic risk in ordering from any international company but I am confident that we will be able to resolve anything that might happen. Please bear this in mind before joining the order. It is important to note the above terms and conditions and re-iterate that joining this order is at YOUR OWN RISK. I cannot be held responsible if items are lost/damaged when arriving from the European Mint. Should there be any issues I will of course endeavour to work with the dealer to solve them, but I cannot guarantee a resolution. Delivery from me to you is of a postage method of your choosing. As I have mentioned above there is no precious metals insurance for anything other than Royal Mail Special Delivery. In the event an order is missing or damaged any insurance claims will be made by me (Backyard Bullion) and refunds can only be paid upon successful completion and payout from Royal Mail. In the event that a claim by Royal Mail is denied I cannot be held financially responsible. Final Thoughts Is it worth it to join? Yes - buying silver from Europe is the single cheapest way of buying silver. Doing it as part of this group order is cheaper still. Some of their coins may be more expensive (the more collectable type coins) but certainly not by much. Another reason to join the more you buy the cheaper it gets for everybody! Additionally you will be helping support my YouTube channel because being able to unbox a large quantity of silver for my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/backyardbullion is always a fun and popular video and it helps grow my brand and business. Does Backyard Bullion charge for this service? I do not charge for you to join this group order - but we do ask you to consider contributing funds in the form of a "tip" or "Service charge". We ask for just £1 (but as many of you frequently do please feel free to donate whatever you feel appropriate! Another great way to say thank you is to purchase my Hand Poured silver. I will happily offer discounts on my items to factor in the combined postage! I will not be offended or angry if you choose not to pay the "tip" or buy my hand poured silver - but bear in mind that proceeds from the tip help feed Mrs BYB a slap up takeaway and keeping her interested in all the hard work of doing these group orders... For those who are interested, our takeaway of choice for this order will be another GIANT Chinese! Combining postage with other BYB items Of course, if you want to combine other orders with this group order we would be more than happy to offer discounts on our hand poured silver. Have you got any questions? If you have any questions or would like any more information then please don't hesitate to ask here or via PM. In the meantime - get me your shopping lists! Backyard Bullion
  10. BackyardBullion

    **JANUARY 2019** Group Order from The European Mint

    I just did a price comparison 2019 Britannia x300 €4812 (£4263) from GS.be €4722 (£4183) from EU mint Plus £50 International delivery +£30 from me to you. Actually ends up the same price overall. £4263.
  11. BackyardBullion

    **JANUARY 2019** Group Order from The European Mint

    300 Oz would be a 10kg parcel special delivery £29.60 with only £2500 insurance. Yes, GS.be would be cheaper for this sized order (although I have not checked prices of coins, some are cheaper at EU mint which might make the overall price similar). We changed from GS.be to EU mint because GS.be are not known for their customer services. I have met the manage of the EU mint and we have an existing business relationship for the supply of silver for my business. I can literally text him and find out what is going on, and he is very good at replying. Customer services are incredible in comparison!
  12. @caloundracats well done! Plus, rare appearance (in voice anyway!) Of the elusive Mrs BYB
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    **JANUARY 2019** Group Order from The European Mint

    Likely the next few weeks - will share updates when we know
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    9 year old stacker

    Welcome to the forum!
  15. I have got a 1 oz Lunar 5 blessings coin available. Mintage 10,000 (this one has COA number 5513) Really amazing quality as you might expect from the Perth Mint, simply stunning coin to look at. Out of stock everywhere I looked for except ordering over ebay from Australia for £50 + import charges. Price £45 plus your choice of postage Or free postage if you combine with group order or any other order of hand poured silver. Payment via Banks Transfer
  16. BackyardBullion

    completed 1 oz Silver Spiderman NO CAPSULE

    1 oz Silver Spiderman NO CAPSULE supplied with this coin. It will be supplied in a flip. Coin has not been handled with bare hands, only cotton gloves. Looks pretty perfect to be, but please judge for yourself. £18 + postage of your choice. Free postage if you combine with group order or any hand poured silver. Banks Transfer
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    completed 1 oz Silver Spiderman NO CAPSULE

  18. BackyardBullion

    for sale Fractional gold

    @ilovesilverireallydo you were after fractional gold weren't you?
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    In Focus Friday Series!

  20. BackyardBullion

    GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    I did not see your shout-out here....but it might have been the backyard bullion household that snapped up this little beauty. I am sure it will make an appearance at some point on YouTube!
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    **JANUARY 2019** Group Order from The European Mint

    There will be one, dates not confirmed yet. Brexit is looking fun so before 29the march that you can be sure of!
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    Introduction StevenDS

    Welcome to the forum!