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  1. Will do, I hope to have an update for everyone in a few weeks.
  2. Well, it's not really that surprising, anyone can put a CCTV camera up on their property and do with the footage what they will, quite a few houses in our neighborhood have them. Makes them stand out like a sore thumb in my opinion but nothing illegal about it. I don't like the police state surveillance more than the next guy, but playing devils advocate here, why should private citizens be allowed to do it and the authorities not? Regardless, we will enjoy our free security for as long as it lasts!
  3. I would suspect it would be HMRC rather than MI5 😉 It could very well be part of some bail conditions, the youth to rule all youths (leader of the pack so to speak) was arrested a few weeks ago in quite fun dramatic fashion. Great entertainment as I was walking home with the dogs!
  4. Got to love it when you get a free security upgrade from the local authority! There has been a problem in my neighborhood with some local youths damaging cars, smoking weed, setting off fire alarms etc. and generally being a nuisance. As a consequence or coincidence (most likely a consequence) the house with the main perpetrators has had a very sophisticated CCTV camera system mounted right outside maintained and run by both local plod and council! As this is in fairly close proximity to our house I am calling that a win for us in personal security! We will see how long it lasts!
  5. Awesome stuff, @BleyerBullion looking good aren't they!
  6. Our pleasure as always, @Wackattak924 same goes to you!
  7. Make a claim, get the money back!!!
  8. They probably have their own good in transit insurance. That or they are very willing to take the losses on these sovereigns to gain new customers for their expensive products.
  9. Before you are 40 is the cutoff to open one, then you can save up to 50 years old.
  10. If you have not bought your first home yet and are under the age cap (cannot remember off the top of my head) a Lifetime ISA is the perfect place to put money. £4000 in and the government gives you £1000. You can only use it for your first home or for pension though, so it is locked up for longer potentially. Much better return than PM's
  11. @StackerNoob big congratulations and what a great idea for the prize!
  12. Depends on the exchange rate and your forum membership level - but we could work something out in due course
  13. Welcome to the forum, glad to have helped bring you over!