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    **July/August 2018** Group order from The European Mint

    Pleasure to have been of service! I need funds no later than 6pm Sunday evening. So as long as you have a shopping list to me by about 5.30pm Sunday we are OK.
  2. The next group order is here....almost anyway! Welcome to the JULY/AUGUST 2018 Group Order, this time from https://www.europeanmint.com/ PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY AS IT CONTAINS IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT and JOINING THIS ORDER. Also, if you are interested in joining this order please "follow" this thread so as and when I have updates I can more easily share them. Dates for this Group Order This group order comes at an incredibly busy time for me and Mrs BYB. We are busy people with our day jobs as well as me running Backyard Bullion Hand poured silver & my YouTube channel. So, we have looked very carefully at our calendars and have settled on the following dates. These dates WILL NOT be changed/extended and are fixed. I do however reserve the right to extend/end the order should an extenuating circumstance arrive - but this is unlikely to happen. So, the first weekend of orders will be 21st & 22nd JULY - NOT THIS WEEKEND - I wanted to get this notice up to give you all as much notice as possible to get your shopping lists together. The order will run for 5 weekends (orders only over a weekend please) and will close on Sunday 19th August 2018 @ 6pm UK time. You will have to get your payments to me by then. We hope then to get you silver delivered to you in the week commencing 3rd September 2018. We know this is a long time to wait from ordering in the first weekend - but it is still the cheapest way to buy silver in the UK. I hope you all understand and appreciate the volume of work that goes into these orders from our end and respect the fact that we have to do the dates this way to match up with what we have going on in our own lives! Disclaimer regarding the Group Order Joining this group order is at your own risk. Please make sure you read the following carefully. I (Backyard Bullion) cannot take financial responsibility for lost/damaged items that are part of this order. By joining this group order you agree to this. What is the group order all about? This group order is a way to combine shipping costs for buying silver from Europe. We pay drastically less for our silver because we essentially do not pay VAT. I organise these orders so that people can get cheap silver but also so that I can unbox a large quantity of silver for my YouTube channel. It helps grow my social media, my BYB brand and my reputation within the community. Last month we used GoldSilver.be - one of the cheapest bullion dealers in Europe. This month, we are going to be swapping back to https://www.europeanmint.com/ This does not mean we will never use GS.be again - it is most likely that we will rotate between the two throughout the year. The European Mint is based in Estonia. I have personally met the manager and owner and have an established business relationship with them. Unlike Goldsilver.be they are incredible with their customer services and general ethos on supplying bullion. Their products tend to be newer, of a better standard and also handled better. This leads to a better level of service. I also think it is very good to be able to give other dealers a chance because the only way that GS.be will ever improve is if we act and take our business elsewhere. It is important to note the above disclaimer and re-iterate it again. I cannot be held responsible if items are lost/damaged when arriving from the European Mint. However I have the upmost faith in them as an organisation and the fact that I am in direct contact with the owner means that I am able to ring him to ask questions, sort out issues and we have a very good business relationship already. Int he unlikely event something went wrong feel so much more confident working with The European Mint than with GS.be - and as I am the one taking some of the burden and risk organising this order I think that should count for something! A few notes on PRICING! GS.be are known to be the cheapest in Europe. However - The European Mint has offered some exclusive price match guarantees to members of the forum who join this group order on items that are not already cheaper than GS.be The European Mint has a great ethos. They want to be the next big dealer in Europe. To that end they are always trying to compete. This order is no different. EXCLUSIVE PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE They have offered to price match the following items with GS.be Any coins from the Queen's Beast Series (bullion), 10 oz & 2 oz - including the 10 oz dragon & 2 oz bull (although EU Mint are actually cheaper right now!) Oriental Border Britannias Perth Mint Dragon Bars Regular bullion coins, Britannias, Maples, Philharmonicas, kangaroos, koalas, pandas, kookaburras and eagles (2018 versions). Back dated years is on a case by case basis. The new Royal Mint two dragon coin Other items will have to be on a case by case basis. Some items cannot be price matched because of the volumes that The European Mint buys them in does not allow any room for movement in price. However for the list of coins above we are able to get the same unit price per coin. There is one last thing to mention - The European Mint does not have as wide a selection of coins as GS.be - this is simply down to an economy of scale. As I mentioned earlier in this post we will be going back to GS.be in the future but for this month this is where we are going. How will the order work? The way this works is simple. You will decide what you want by looking at their website https://www.europeanmint.com/ and send me a shopping list of what you want (preferably with hyperlinks to each item!). Now, some of the prices will be different on their website as the price match guarantee is EXCLUSIVE for the silver forum group order. So - once you have sent me a shopping list I will give you a total which is based on the price match to GS.be + any items you want that are not price matched. I will send you a screen dump of the basket and total on their website and then I will send you another screen dump from www.transferwise.com showing the conversion and total in £. You then send this via PayPal F&F or Banks transfer and as soon as I get the funds I will place the order. Your order is then locked in and confirmed, you cannot cancel after this stage. WE WILL ONLY BE ORDERING IN STOCK ITEMS - ANYTHING ON PRE-ORDER WILL NOT BE ALLOWED. This is to avoid any delays after the order closes. When to order and pay Backyard Bullion? I will only be placing orders on the weekends. I will not be able to place orders mid week unless there are extenuating circumstances. This is simply because I am a busy person and organising and keeping track of these orders is difficult. Feel free to send me your shopping lists during the week but understand that I will not be able to lock it in until the weekend - this is just the way it has to be so be aware that prices may fluctuate in the run up to the weekend. I would rather do it like this than potentially forget or miss recording orders and making mistakes. Deadlines & Timelines for this order The order will close on Sunday 19th August 2018 @ 6pm UK Time You will need to have got funds to me by then if you would like to order anything. Should there be any delays in this it will mean the group order will be delayed and I will communicate any changes out to people via this thread. We are aiming for delivery of your silver in the week commencing 3rd September 2018 Shipping costs & Share of international postage. The European Mint has offered a very generous shipping quote for this order - capped at 1% of the total value of the order. So - even with the discount the shipping will be a little more than people are used to. But, split out between all the orders it will not add up to much. As I have said before the risk and burden of this group order lies with me - I would prefer to pay a little more for that peace of mind than have my parcel left in a bin or in the neighbours garden. How do I get my coins from Backyard Bullion? You will have to pay for onwards postage and packaging from me to you. We will sort out the onwards postage and packaging once the order has been completed. Onwards shipping is at your choice and risk via Royal Mail. It is at this stage that we will sort out the share of international postage (if any applies). Here is a quick guide as to what the onwards postage costs will be. Please note that the maximum that you can send via Royal Mail Special delivery for a decent price is 2kg (about 55 oz). If you would like to order more than this please get in touch to discuss shipping options. Is it worth it to join? Yes - buying silver from Europe is the single cheapest way of buying silver. Doing it as part of this group order is cheaper still. Some of their coins may be more expensive (the more collectable type coins) but certainly not by much. Another reason to join the more you buy the cheaper it gets for everybody! Does Backyard Bullion charge for this service? I do not charge for you to join this group order. But I do ask for an optional "service charge" in the form of a tip, the suggested amount is £1 per person. I will not be offended or angry if you choose not to pay the "tip" - but bear in mind that proceeds from the tip help feed Mrs BYB a slap up takeaway as a thank you for helping to package up all of your orders! If you wanted to support me and Mrs Backyard Bullion please consider purchasing some of our hand poured silver - it goes a long way to keeping what we do going! The main benefit for me is to be able to unbox a large quantity of silver for my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/backyardbullion which helps grow my channel, brand and reputation. What happens in the event of an issue with delivery? As I said in the disclaimer at the top of this thread, I cannot be held financially responsible for the loss/damage of any items in this group order. The European Mint and their delivery partner company have insurance for their parcels but I have never had to put a claim in and I do not know how likely it might be that something is refunded should it go missing in transit. There is an intrinsic risk in ordering from any international company but I am confident that we will be able to resolve anything that might happen. Please bear this in mind before joining the order. Have you got any questions? If you have any questions or would like any more information then please don't hesitate to ask here or via PM. In the meantime - get me your shopping lists! Backyard Bullion
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    Today I Received

    Bought as QE2's
  4. BackyardBullion

    **July/August 2018** Group order from The European Mint

    She can handle it!
  5. BackyardBullion

    **July/August 2018** Group order from The European Mint

    Previously it was 1200 oz
  6. BackyardBullion

    **July/August 2018** Group order from The European Mint

    This is also a record breaking order for the number of people involved. 61 people so far! Meaning the average pickup for people in this group order is 26.55 oz of silver! WOW!
  7. BackyardBullion

    **July/August 2018** Group order from The European Mint

    333 oz today 1620 oz total...
  8. BackyardBullion

    Where to begin?

    @smiddy28 Welcome to the forum!
  9. I have been very busy over the last few weeks creating lots of 100g Silver Forum Bars! So, for those of you who are new to the forum since last year @ChrisSIlver and I teamed up to create 100g Silver Bars branded with the forum's logo. And I am very proud to announce the first (of many) updates on these bars for 2018. We are creating 150 of these bars (the same mintage as 2017) and you can RESERVE YOUR BARS TODAY! These bars are all hand poured, stamped and finished by myself meaning each and every bar is unique in some way. The weights will vary bar to bar (although none less than 100 grams) and the cooling patterns of the silver will also be unique and different for each one. The allure of hand poured silver is growing stronger month by month and these bars are a brilliant way to start collecting hand poured silver and at the same time supporting the forum and my own business too! There are a lot of different aspects to tell you about so I have split this post up into various sections, hopefully this will cover most of your questions but if there is something I have not covered then please feel free to get in touch or comment on this thread. What are the 100g Bars all about? The 100g Silver Forum Bars have been created as a way to draw the silver forum community together but also as a fund raising and brand awareness raising exercise. Proceeds from the sales of these bars help keep the forum running in the way we have become accustomed to. Premium and Gold Premium memberships go a long way to helping the running of the forum. To help keep the membership prices as low as practical, the 100g silver forum bars proceeds help a lot. Also, it is about raising the brand awareness of the forum and to encourage new people to join the forum and to make standard members think about supporting the forum by upgrading their membership or simply supporting the forum on a one off basis. Schedule, production and delivery I am working towards a completion deadline of the week commencing 3rd September 2018 for these bars to be made, stamped, hallmarked and ready for shipping. They are all individually made and can be quite tricky to pour and make look good at the correct weight. If there are any delays or extensions to this I will let you all know. Design Change There is one design change from the 2017 bars. This year we are using an all in one "100g" stamp. I think this makes the bars look a lot more professional and much tidier (as well as cutting down the amount of stamping I need to do!) Once again we have made the Edinburgh Assay Office Hallmark a feature on these bars siting pride of place on the front. The bars will also have a serial number on the side of the bars. Hallmarking As with all of my Hand Poured Silver products these bars will be Assay Tested and Hallmarked by the Edinburgh Assay Office. I will actually be hand delivering them to the Assay Office for hallmarking which should make a very interesting VLOG and I will be doing an interview with the CEO of the Assay Office! Mintage & Serial Number reservations The mintage for 2018 will be 150 bars. This mintage is set and will not change. We decided not to increase the mintage this year to keep the exclusivity of the bars as appealing as possible. Serial number reservation is probably the biggest question that a lot of you will ask. Now, we are never going to be able to please everyone and to that end we gave very careful consideration to how we would go about serial number reservation. So the following is how we will run things. If you currently own a certain serial number then you will have first refusal at reserving that number for 2018. So, if you bought bar #75 last year then you need to let me know if you want to keep that number. If you do, great it is yours (once you have paid!). If you don't get in touch to let me know before Sunday 26th August then these serial numbers will be opened up to other people. If you do not own a serial number from 2017 but would like to get one for 2018 - there will inevitably be some serial numbers available in due course. I will start a first come first served waiting list for people without a 2017 bar and we can fairly allocate available bars in due course. To join the waiting list all you need to do is comment on this thread or drop me a PM. I hope that all makes sense. In summary, you have until 26th August to reserve your existing serial numbers if you already own them. If you are new, or an existing member who wants additional bars then you need to reply here and I will put you on the first come, first served waiting list. Prices are set as follows Standard or Non member price - £80 per bar Premium member price - £72.50 per bar Gold Premium member price - £65 per bar UK Postage: +£3 via Royal Mail Signed for delivery for just one bar FREE POSTAGE: if you buy more than one bar International Postage: Please ask for an accurate quote - however I will offer free international standard postage (small top up required for tracked) if you order 3 or more bars. Forum membership and pricing As you can see there are some very good savings to be had for upgrading your membership - so take a look at the benefits that are available for premium and gold premium members today! A few notes on pricing These bars are hand poured, hand stamped and polished by me. They take a lot of time and energy and equipment to create. These are premium hand poured silver products, not cheap bullion. They are a way to support me (as a fledgling business), my brand and most importantly, The Silver Forum. As I said earlier, proceeds from the sale of these bars go towards the upkeep and running costs of this forum. This helps keep membership prices as low as possible for premium and gold premium members and ensures that standard members can still use this forum for free. Standard members - The difference in price is as a way for you to support the forum in a one off style payment rather than signing up for membership. But also please feel free to upgrade your membership to take advantage of the discounts available. The price also incorporates the Hallmarking costs, this includes postage of these bars to and from Edinburgh and the application of the hallmark. Payment Information To secure the reservation of your bars and serial numbers you will need to pay me before 26th August 2018 IF YOU MAKE A PAYMENT PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR SILVER FORUM NAME AS A REFERENCE!!!!! You can pay by a number of different methods as follows: PayPal F&F: info@backyardbullion.com Banks Transfer: Account No: 76626253 Sort Code: 51-70-06 Credit or Debit Card: For UK customers I can offer payment via Credit or Debit cards - I will need to phone you to complete the transaction. If you are interested then please let me know in this thread or via PM. Also, I welcome all feedback and any questions you might have about these bars. Thanks for reading and thanks for supporting The Silver Forum!
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    Silver Forum Bars 100g (2018) - Support the forum and buy some silver!

    I went to the Edinburgh Assay Office to drop these bars off for Hallmarking a week ago. I was fortunate enough to do an interview with the Assay Master. Here is Part 1 of 3!
  11. BackyardBullion

    Taking the plunge

    I have had a few viral videos recently which has no doubt helped! I do it for the good of the forum - not for commission - if you want to say thanks, get the 100g bars! Added 0 minutes later... Oh and @PeakEdge we have already met in the PM's - but formally welcome to the forum!
  12. BackyardBullion

    **July/August 2018** Group order from The European Mint

    260 oz so far this weekend Meaning 1550 oz total so far By far and away the biggest order of silver many of us will ever see!
  13. BackyardBullion

    Today I Received

    Tell me about it! Ordered at about 12pm and arrived at 10am next day! Fair play to BBP they did a good job.
  14. BackyardBullion

    Today I Received

    It was a one dat deal ebay offered out to everyone (in the UK only I want to say...) It has expired now though.
  15. BackyardBullion

    Ebay 15% off

    Yes they did!
  16. BackyardBullion

    Today I Received

    Mrs BYB and I bought some sovereigns for 97.65% of spot price - and they arrived already! First time ever using BBP and it was because of a 15% eBay voucher!
  17. BackyardBullion

    Ebay 15% off

    Mrs BYB and I bought some sovereigns for 97.65% of spot price - and they arrived already! First time ever using BBP and it was because of a 15% eBay voucher!
  18. BackyardBullion

    **July/August 2018** Group order from The European Mint

    Only look at prices in Euros and then convert via transferwise. This is what we do to pay.
  19. BackyardBullion

    Silver Forum Bars 100g (2018) - Support the forum and buy some silver!

    Just an update for you all We are looking like these bars will be ready for shipping in the first week of September. So, if you have responded and reserved a bar expect a message to ask for payment in the next few weeks. Anyone looking to take advantage of some free and discounted shipping can do so by joining the group order too! Both are going to be ready about the same time - Mrs BYB and I are really looking forward to packaging up 100 parcels in 2 weeks....not joking, 100 parcels is a lot... Added 0 minutes later...
  20. BackyardBullion

    I'm new on the forum.

    @Wahak welcome to the forum! Glad to hear you are an avid fan of my channel! That is over 500 videos of mine you have watched then!!!!!
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    From a newby

    @Turkish welcome to the forum!
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    **July/August 2018** Group order from The European Mint

    OK Let the weekends carnage of orders begin. I am going to work through your messages as best I can - but if you have not heard from me by this evening send me a reminder!!!! It is your responsibility to chase me to get the orders in. A lot of you have ordered a lot of silver, this is going to be the biggest order EVER I am estimating over 1600 oz - guess the final weight of silver below! Also - if any of you would like to support more than just the £1 takeaway contribution then the best way to do so is with the 100g silver forum bars. They can be combined with your group orders and if you wanted to get £3 off your group order onwards postage then just order two bars! Standard member price: £80 Premium member price: £72.50 Gold member price: £65 Proceeds from these bars not only help say thank you to me and Mrs BYB but they also help keep the forum a free and cheap (for.oaid members) place to run and have wonderful things like this group order and many other great perks.
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    Hi, I'm new...

    @Tingles welcome to the forum - glad to have brought you over!
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    A proper silver bar

    @mr-dead I love the idea of a community share fund like this - I doubt it would be possible though - think of the logistics to manage it and also keep track of who owns what share! One day - when I have a proper secure workshop and can do silver pouring experience days, we could have this as the base for The Silver Forum. Come along and see the bar and pour some silver! We can but dream I suppose!