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  1. Join me at 5pm today for a live chat as we showcase the latest offering from the Germania Mint - The Oak Leaf @5huggy Will you be my moderator today!?
  2. @toothandtail This might help 🙂
  3. Yes indeed we can accept payment in Euros - the total will depend on the exchange rate but you would be looking at about €90 I think We will add you to the waiting list and will be in touch in September!
  4. Not sure I follow, but I love your enthusiasm!!!
  5. You will probably really like something I am making in about 10 days time 🙂
  6. The silver is simply pushed around to another part of the bar. It warps the shape. If you try and put these bars back in the mould they won't fit! The laser Hallmarking does burn away some silver but it is not very much in terms of weight at all. There is some depth to it but not a great deal!
  7. This is one of the reasons why shot is a terrible thing to buy as an investment. Unless you melt it down into a bar there is no easy way to check, even if there was there are thousands of beads of silver to check so no dealer is going to take it. What they would do is take it, melt it and then test it and pay you accordingly. Probably 50% spot at best I would think.
  8. Join me at 5pm for a live YouTube Chat & Premiere of 5 great ways you can test your gold and silver at home. We are showing/demonstrating Magnet tests, ping/sight/sound tests, weights and measures and specific gravity. Lots to learn for both new and old stackers, join us at 5pm and share your experiences!
  9. Just received an incredible piece from Bunker Bullion AKA Hi Ho Silver. How he does this I have NO idea!
  10. Thanks buddy, we will drop you a PM
  11. Thanks! I dropped you a PM but we have you on the waiting list.