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  1. Here is a good explanation of the badges of trade https://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/household-bills/11632478/HMRC-targets-Etsy-eBay-and-Gumtree-sellers-but-when-is-your-hobby-taxable.html
  2. In this situation you would need a strong case you bought it as an asset investment not a short term thing. Things like "pride of ownership" help the case it is a capital asset, length of time you owned it helps too. Also, if you bought in bulk to get a discount might work against you. PayPal and eBay have already been targeted by HMRC to gather data on this, it's probably not a stretch to think they are in all our bank accounts too. My advise to anyone selling casually for a bit of extra stacking cash is to keep very clear and concise records of the sales. In all likelihood HMRC are not going to chase everyone, but if they do it is important to have clear accounts. Bookkeeping and accounting is probably what takes up most of my time these days, no kidding! That said, another skill learned for my CV should this whole silver pouring melarky not pan out!
  3. This would not exclude them from being counted as income if you bought to sell them as a trade. As others have mentioned if you meet the "badges of trade" then it is probably going to be counted as income
  4. Thanks guys, appreciate the support! Added 0 minutes later... Thanks, #123 is taken but we will get you on the waiting list!
  5. It is the YouTube Logo. Currently only two of those pieces exist, @sixgun has one and @Lr103 picked up the second!
  6. Thought this would be a fun thread to show some of the worst failings of the Royal Mint's quality control department. This was one of my Stephen Hawking Silver Proof coins Always check your coins thoroughly when you take delivery of them! Also, if you are buying to flip my advice would be never to list and sell an item before you have it in hand, no matter how tempting the premium returns might be! Fortunately this is not what happened to me, but I bet there are some very disappointed customers out there! Share your worst coins here!
  7. Yep, definitely something fishy going on. Mind you if bad spelling is a bad sign my website is probably in all kind of trouble!
  8. Less than spot price gold! I have bought off this seller and he has sent coins before payment. He has also been willing to work with me and buyers using my intermediary services. Good luck with the sale!
  9. I currently have only 3 of these items remaining Pour #2 - Antiqued "The Baramid" - 7.33 ozt - £165 Pour #6 - "Tiki Statue" - 1.66 ozt - £38 Pour #8 - "Spiders Web" Round - 3.13 ozt - £72
  10. @Lr103 I thought you might giggle at this photo 😉
  11. ORDER IS COMPLETE!! Thanks for a busy and amazing weekend all! The total order (excluding capsules) is as follows: As you can see the total oz'age was 1532 CONGRATULATIONS @P3T3R !!!! You were closest, a 1/2 oz shark will swim its way to you soon! The question is are you a hammerhead or great white man? Also, how did you guess it right!?!?!?! Now starts the wait - we will update you all as best as we can with shipping and estimates of delivery. You can all expect some postage invoices probably the middle of next week. It has been a long weekend and I am having the day off tomorrow 🙂 Have a good one all! BYB
  12. Deadlines today are.... ORDERS NEED TO BE WITH ME BEFORE 4pm Funds to me by 5pm
  13. OK - confirmation from EU mint there is an issue with their spot price index and this has caused prices to go wrong. They are trying to fix it. Any quotes are for the original pre problem prices.
  14. OK - confirmation from EU mint there is an issue with their spot price index and this has caused prices to go wrong. They are trying to fix it. Any quotes are for the original pre problem prices.
  15. I am aware of this - I am sure it is just a momentary glitch following an update - I will update when I can about the situation.
  16. Yes, something has happened - I am talking with the EU Mint about it now.
  17. I don't think it was any secret that this was going to be a busy order.... The question is..... How busy! 😉