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  1. Been having a look at Royal Mint Signature Gold and Bullion Vault services and wondered if anybody has used the the Royal Mint Service. Bullionvault seems popular but not much comment on the RM service.
  2. Thanks for link. Proof of value would probably eliminate a large number of claims. Seems to me postal insurance is being miss sold without informing the buyer that to make a claim they have to prove the value.
  3. Just out of curiosity has anybody had a substantial claim against Royal Mail and actually got paid.
  4. Where can you read the terms and conditions of Royal Mail insurance cover
  5. My local post office told me if the item you are sending is above the compensation level you are not covered which they didn't know themselves until recently. Actually I still don't know if they mean this applies to the cost of the item or the sold price.
  6. Apart form Royal Mail International Tracked and Signed which only covers you up to £250 what other Courier services are worth trying. Last item I sent via RM International Tracked and signed it had zero tracking once it arrived and Heathrow and appeared stuck their, did eventually arrive, took 27 days to arrive at its destination. I did call Royal mail a couple of time and got different story on each occasion.
  7. I agree if a Special delivery item is late no problem getting a refund and the service is very reliable. What they don't tell you as above when you insure any item at the post office is that it will be the invoice price you paid for it not price you sold it for. So the question is when you post an item out that and you don't have receipt for why pay insurance when you have no chance of being paid out. No mention of this when you pay at the Post Office this will be the case..
  8. Check Trustpilot for a vast number of complaints https://www.trustpilot.com/review/www.royalmail.com . yes they deliver billions of items but the tiny percentage of lost items is still a lot. I send a lot of recorded delivery items and many are never signed for even though they do deliver them.
  9. To be fair RM do deliver most items without any issues and special delivery is excellent. But claiming is a different ball game and the try not to pay out.
  10. Royal Mail insurance is not worth the paper it written on. Make a claim and they may just sent you some stamps if your lucky..
  11. Cheaper than their own bullion by post own website..
  12. Great idea I'd like to see the form.
  13. Sounds like it going to be a trouble free transaction (fingers crossed)
  14. Let us know how you get on. I asked Apmex a while ago and they didn't give me a proper answer. You would think they would know
  15. My latest order took 7 days to arrive. Good news and bad new on the actual envelope which was open and had been stuck down by the Post Office I assume but had come undone. The good news is the content where all inside ,this could very easily have fallen out.. Luckily all my orders arrived safely but I'm surprised by the flimsy packaging.