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  1. bullionbull

    Silver Deals.....

    I bought a few of them, and happy to report each one was spot free.
  2. bullionbull

    Kookaburra 1oz Date Run - What Costs?

    Yeh they have some nice coins. Usually buy from Atkinsons, and the odd Sovereign purchase from Hatton Garden Metals, but will keep an eye on these now.
  3. bullionbull

    Kookaburra 1oz Date Run - What Costs?

    Thanks. Chards have the cheapest options I have seen actually for a couple of dates. Never considered them before.
  4. bullionbull

    Kookaburra 1oz Date Run - What Costs?

    Hey, Picked up a few silver coins recently at just above spot from a jeweller I know. There were a couple of Kookaburras in the lot, nothing old, just 2015 and 2014. Anyway, they are in great condition, mint pretty much and I am considering collecting other dates for a bit of fun. I have a few listings I am watching on Ebay at the moment, but as I am new to this coin series, can anyone give me an idea of what I should be paying for each date (as far back as it goes). I know there are a few collectors of Kooks here, and can shed light on what the current price situation is on each date? Any help is appreciated.
  5. bullionbull

    1/4 ounce gold queens beast

    Thanks morezone. You don't happen to have a link to where you buy these from in the UK do you?
  6. bullionbull

    1/4 ounce gold queens beast

    Which capsules are these? I wouldn't mind these over the ones I have.
  7. bullionbull

    Today I Received

    That's how they came. But you are right, I should take them out though and have a hold.
  8. bullionbull

    Today I Received

    These gold beauties came this morning. Nothing too exciting or old.
  9. bullionbull

    Today I bought.....

    On the topic of fake slabbed coins, where is best to try and get them authenticated? I have bought a few on ebay, I never thought they could be faked.
  10. bullionbull

    Silver or gold or both ??

    I recently bought a little over 3ks worth, so been in your position. I did it sporadically and definitely bought badly initially, meaning I paid too much for some silver coins. But, not too bothered as in the long run, should be fine. Many mention HGM metals for sovereigns, and while it is cheaper on the face of it, when you add postage in, you can actually pick them up cheaper on Atkinsons (free delivery), for both half and full? Am I missing something with that? (just checked and it does vary. Sometimes its Atkinsons, sometimes HGM). Full sovereigns right now are I think about £2 cheaper on HGM. It does seem to go up and down, but Atkinsons has always come out cheapest every time I have bought anything. Keep an eye on the "Pre-Owned" section for silver coins as you can pick them up VAT free from time to time and at very good prices over spot (depending on volume). If you buy new you are paying a hefty chunk on VAT and will be wayyy over spot. I also bought from CelticGold.eu as well as you can pick up VAT FREE when you do that for silver. Sovereigns are good on all fronts, as CGT free, and as many have said above (that know well more than me), hold value well. I have one half sovereign but do want more now as my silver has grown. Also, if buying purely for weight, keep a spreadsheet with your average cost per ounce. As you buy more ounces, especially if buying regularly, it is very handy to know what your average cost per ounce is, so you can look for opportunities to buy lower than that, thus bringing the average of the whole stack down. Good luck only spending that initial 3k! You will want more.