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  1. Gilver

    Hello everyone

    Hi and welcome
  2. Gilver


    Hi and welcome
  3. Gilver

    Hi all.

    Hi and welcome
  4. Gilver

    Hello All

    Hi and welcome
  5. Gilver


    Hi and welcome. As for me I would go with any Mitutoyo digital caliper but be aware of Chinese fakes.
  6. Gilver

    Ow Do All!

    Hi and welcome
  7. Gilver

    Hello from new-ish-bie

    Hi and welcome
  8. Gilver

    Hi, I'm Robin from Singapore

    Hi and welcome
  9. Gilver

    Hello from Scotland

    Hi and welcome
  10. Gilver

    Hello From Derbyshire!

    Hi and welcome
  11. Gilver

    New Coin Lover From Lithuania

    Hi and welcome
  12. Gilver

    New to the game :)

    Hi and welcome
  13. Gilver

    Hi, my intro...

    Hi and welcome
  14. Gilver

    Hello from United Arab Emirates

    Hi and welcome