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  1. what I am trying to say is that if u aren't too ugly u wont get check
  2. That’s why I am always slimmer than you ? Probably yea
  3. work out 198 pounds … free postage then after 3% ebay from topcashback it is 192 pounds if u use ebay 10% code, I just tried it, the code works on this listing
  4. if anyone best offer 220 pounds with the 10% off ebay code they would save postage and cost less than 200 pounds for this gold coin, and don't forget top cashback 😀 3% on top this is a bargain
  5. Gold French 20 Franc Bullion Angel, coin is in good condition asking 201 pounds which is pretty much spot price + postage your choice weight 6.4 gram / fineness 0.9 payment by bank transfer or PayPal friends and family
  6. No thanks too expensive 😉
  7. it is very hard to say ……….. it is like talking about which lady is more decent looking , one has 40 inch waist and another have 42 inch 😁
  8. the problem is, what is the definition of MORE DECENT LOOKING ……..
  9. I seen it now, BUNC is unlimited 25k going into circulation then u have silver proof and gold proof
  10. I just messaged him for you just in case he miss this message
  11. they try to sell me a FOOL <<<<< 42 modern sovereign set the answer was something like, we like to TRICK our customers 😁
  12. he didn't lie ……… he just didn't say WHEN to sell to get 40k , at 27k , it isn't a bad price form a dealer
  13. I think most of us buy things from internet instead of going to a shop nowadays .
  14. Maybe next year coming I will go to Berlin, can you pick up some coin show sp coins as well ? Midland coin show is only a couple of miles from where I live
  15. just been to midland coin show today 😁 saw @AndreasAfeldt there as well