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  1. Just pm me , I am ordering some now
  2. Just released on LPM also
  3. fehk2001

    2020 panda

    Year 2020 panda silver and gold Since 2019 The little baby panda have grown up hence one year old panda design
  5. fehk2001

    wanted Sigma

    81 dollar from states to uk + VAT 20% I suppose or 20 dollar usa to usa
  6. fehk2001

    wanted Sigma

    no need, u can send to my usa warehouse 🤣 save u all the trouble , get me some mcdonalds
  7. When u see proof version u will change your mind again the only issue is will you pay that premium for proof
  8. fehk2001

    wanted Sigma

    You want one ? 😁
  9. fehk2001

    wanted Sigma

    Free shipping though
  10. also there is postage on top right?
  11. most people complain is how the delivery driver / company deliver your items eg no sign for throw them inside your porch and left NOT > GSBE don't deliver
  12. anyone knows the actual release date for this coin ? or is it released already
  13. Problem is that , now it’s sold out lt is highly unlikely they will give u a fresh one unless that’s someone return , it should not be as bad as the one you have got
  14. Sometimes they will refund with postage sometimes they will issue you with a cheque
  15. save yout time ringing them …….. 1) cut the return slips from the receipt 2) on the left hand side tell / ask them to return postage 3) select the reason why it is return or exchange , if u select change your mind they wont give u any postage back if u select exchange they will get u one after MAYBE a month , so it is best to refund and buy again otherwise u have to wait for the return department to give u another one from other customers returns
  16. but they don't have stock left now …………… if u return for exchange u will receive other return stocks
  17. You tell us what u are 😋
  18. Block or not block doesn’t make any difference ..... that’s his choice , he is free to do so maybe I should block you since you and magnum999 always get me into trouble 😂
  19. I have never block anyone but I have to disagree what you said because sometimes it’s a good idea to block someone especially if you know you can’t control your temper or mood which will cause lots of arguement which is not needed
  20. I always says he is young why ? His fingers are still quicker than most people twice in a row he won the Vic and Albert sovereign