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  1. I have had a lunar coin milk spot after 2 months, I rang them and explain, they kindly accept the exchange but not refund 😊
  2. i think this year 2019 the double dragon are cheaper than the tiger 2018 and the phoenix 2017 by a couple of euro if I am not wrong?
  3. unlimited it will soon sell out if there is 2020 valiant
  4. unless these returns are being melt down, otherwise they have to sold on at some point 😁
  5. gold coins are vat and cgt free?
  6. can I have that ruler please 😮
  7. I think you will need perth mint VIP status as well 🤩
  8. Have you got some very fine sandpaper 😁
  9. the 50p packaging should be 10 pound …
  10. fehk2001

    Silver mules

    My name is Santa 🎅
  11. fehk2001

    Panda question

    cough cough, they did not pay me to buy your pcgs
  12. fehk2001

    Panda question

    Just bought this during Christmas cost me 20 pound 😂
  13. fehk2001

    Panda question

    this is genuine , the packaging is after market and it is sold by goldcoins.hk I buy a few of each from them in person every year
  14. u never know 🙄 just treat every coin the same
  15. put them into acetone ( maybe over night ) with a paper lid , most dirt/ paint/ plastic should lift
  16. Hello , 你好 kowloon 九龍 88 發發 Nice to meet you
  17. Sometimes we need to buy some toys 😂 And u can lick the slabs if you wish to
  18. McDonald’s burger coins 35 pounds for 5 coins then 14 pounds grading fees per coin .... Ngc ate my burger Lol
  19. anyone with a right mind wont be willing to pay for her service, you must learn all these from prince Charles