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    Frost got a reaction from Derv in Any decent car related coins, bars etc   
    Just received a message from American Heritage Bullion
    2019 Niue 1 oz Silver Proof Coin on Wheels

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    Frost reacted to NorthEast in Game of Thrones silver   
    Where do I buy these? The look amazing!
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    Frost reacted to RichmondStacker in Advertised Gold Coin Prices   
    The UK sites that have free shipping have already added that into the overall cost.  It’s annoying if you want to buy several items as the costs are more than a flat postage fee. 
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    Frost reacted to goldstacker94 in Advertised Gold Coin Prices   
    Thanks! Will definitely bookmark that site. 
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    Frost got a reaction from Abyss in Advertised Gold Coin Prices   
    What about this Philharmonics  https://atkinsonsbullion.com/gold/gold-coins/1oz-gold-coins/pre-owned-austrian-philharmonic-1oz-gold-coin
    A bit more expensive but with free shipping
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    Frost reacted to ilovesilverireallydo in Game of Thrones silver   
    This is Chris Carter’s work

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    Frost reacted to ilovesilverireallydo in Game of Thrones silver   
    I think @PureScottishSilver made some as did @Silverknight
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    Frost got a reaction from Wackattak924 in Game of Thrones silver   
    Thanks for the link! These are great coins but prices kill

    Added 0 minutes later... Whisky is coming...
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    Frost reacted to Wackattak924 in Game of Thrones silver   
    Never seen the series but read the books well as far as they went (very unhappy that I have to go through the box set to follow the story). 
    However it would be an amazing coin series. 
    Also if you like whisky you can get the GOT house whisky's here https://www.masterofmalt.com/game-of-thrones-whisky/
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    Frost reacted to Abyss in Game of Thrones silver   
    Not seen any decent series in Silver related to Game of Thrones (I love this series too) but I would not be buying the overpriced and unappealing Royal Mint stuff.
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    Frost got a reaction from Gildeon in Any decent car related coins, bars etc   
    These Canadian $20 Transportation Coin Series are nice https://www.coinsunlimited.ca/canadian-proof-bu-commemorative-coins/canadian-coins-20-dollar/canadian-coins-20-dollar-transportation-series

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    Frost reacted to Irishstacker1987 in Royal mint Uk   
    I already buy from my local bullion, I want some British coins tho, thanks for that link, I’ll check it out! 
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    Frost got a reaction from Irishstacker1987 in Royal mint Uk   
    Why not to buy from Canadian or US dealers as you're from Canada?
    There are a way bigger selection and I suppose lower prices (you'll definitely save on shipping).
    You can compare price here https://findcoinonline.com/compare-prices?search_query=queen's beasts
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    Frost reacted to CoinStruck in 2019 Perth Double Dragon!   
    Here are five of them bought fresh from the Perth Mint today. 

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    Frost got a reaction from Spanishsilver in Perh mint 2019 gold dragon bar   
    at GoldSilver.be (it's Europe) 1 211,22 €
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    Frost reacted to TheBeast in queens beasts 10 oz   
    They always turn up 1 behind the last 2oz BU release for some reason.
    1st– The Lion of England – February 2016 2nd-The Griffin of Edward III – October 2016 3rd– The Red Dragon of Wales – March 2017 4th– The Unicorn of Scotland – September 2017 5th -The Black Bull of Clarence – March 2018 6th- The Falcon of the Plantagenets – September 2018 7th- The Yale of Beaufort – March 2019 8th– The White Lion of Mortimer – September 2019 9th– The White Horse of Hanover – March 2020 10th-The White Greyhound of Richmond – September 2020

    These are the 2oz BU releases 
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    Frost reacted to Stackerads in Buy 1 coin per time or in bulk?   
    I was buying 10 Oz per week then I decided to buy 1 months worth 40 ounces on credit card (interest free) and pay the credit card off weekly then repeat, improves my credit score it cost me nothing in interest and I'm saving on 3 lots of shipping costs meaning over £40 worth of silver extra
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    Frost got a reaction from TonyS in Anniversary maples?   
    There are  also  10th Anniversay of Maple Leaf (1998) and 150th Anniversary of Canadian Confederation privy (2017)
    This year RCM has issued 40th Anniversary edition
    See all these coins there - https://findcoinonline.com/compare-prices?search_query=Maple anniversary
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    Frost reacted to Shaunbarry in 10oz valiant 2019   
    Goldsilverbe £143 plus post
    European mint £138 plus post
    Royal mint £174 plus post 
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    Frost reacted to MoralHazard in Another Perth Bird   
    My order of 8 ounces of gold just arrived. It contained 2 pieces of birds of paradise coins. The bird really looks a lot better than in stock photos. I think that the coin will be a winner. 

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    Frost reacted to Abyss in Buy 1 coin per time or in bulk?   
    Regardless when you choose for items shipped once agreed to purchase the items and have made payment the price is in essence fixed regardless spot price goes up or down or any premium appreciation/depreciation.
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    Frost reacted to CalicoBricks in Queens Beasts Topic   
    As an American, I really love the QB series for just how seemingly British it is. We see so many coins from the various commonwealth countries with the Queen’s profile on them. To be honest, I’m not even 100% sure why the Queen’s face is still minted on coins from Canada, Australia, etc....With the QBs, it’s refreshing to see such a fitting story between the obverse and reverse of the coin, instead of just some licensed Marvel/Simpsons/Star Wars/whatever. 
    I have a similar feeling towards the Perth Mint and other mints that do Asia-inspired artwork, or even lunar series. These just seem like a cash grab outside of those mint’s respective cultural wheelhouses. I want a kangaroo on my Austrlia coins, and I want a panda from China. Similarly, if I want an Apollo 11 50th anniversary coin, I only want the one released by the US Mint.
    The heraldic design of the Queen’s Beasts series checks off those boxes in a big way for me. 
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    Frost reacted to Kevn in Buy 1 coin per time or in bulk?   
    I bought 5 TD silver rounds for just over $24 cdn per round yesterday and the shipping was free on orders over $100.
    I looked around and I found it to be the cheapest overall price per oz. 
    I would love to be able to buy it at an oz at a time it would be much easier for me to save. I don't want to pay a ton over spot shipped so that would hold me back 
    it would be nice to have an oz or two purchased automatically every pay day and shipped or deposited in a vault
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    Frost reacted to Wolves in 10oz valiant 2019   
    You can still get 2018 Valiant. They are also doing a 1oz 2019.
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    Frost reacted to UKStacker in Buy 1 coin per time or in bulk?   
    If there is a particular coin you need for a collection, the postage sucks.
    Add a couple of tubes of bullion to the order and it all makes sense.
    You can thank me later.