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  1. Mcgrimes

    SHTF Hypothetical

    @NewMSmatist15 I agree with your comments. In a SHTF scenario, it really does depend what hypothetical SHTF. For example, if the world plunged into a nuclear winter; then all PMs would become valueless. But, if the USD collapsed, then it would be expected that the numerical value of PMs (in USD), and many other assets, would skyrocket. PMs are viewed as a store of wealth; this store of wealth works well in an inflationary environment.
  2. Mcgrimes

    Goldsilver.be refuse to send my order?

    I think he feels relieved that he lost 5% of his funds opposed to 95% - and whilst he is in the right and entitled to all his funds back, sometimes the best option is to simply move on. Battles like this have emotional as well as financial costs. Im glad Kleiner shared, I’ll never be using these cowboys.
  3. Mcgrimes

    Fractional gold

    Occasionally fractional gold can be picked up at a near price; sometimes for spot plus a few % from HGM or there was a recent deal from Westminster. IMO its only worth getting when premiums low, but there is some reclamation of those premiums when selling privately.
  4. Mcgrimes

    Thinking of selling stack

    Really? Didn't you see what happened during the vote on Brexit? Or what happened when the Tsunami hit Japan?
  5. Mcgrimes

    Thinking of selling stack

    I have no doubt the big players make money by controlling prices through big trades, possibly creating artificial demand or by using bots and trading on multiple exchanges, but methods that involve scalping or assessing chart trends (short term) for retail investors without insider information are simply unreliable. Of course there will be winners, even 49% of roulette players can double their money on the first go! I’m sorry for being a miserable git, I just don’t want people to see a chart and read the term bollinger band or 7 day moving average and put their life savings on the predicted outcome. My current personal outlook on gold is; I have absolutely no idea where the price will go with Brexit pending, Trump or the chaos over I Europe. But then this is why I have my investments across a spectrum including PM’s (Gold, mainly), shares and my house! I’m yet to see a chart that has price predictions based on any of these events.
  6. Mcgrimes

    Thinking of selling stack

    How can someone accurately predict these patterns with no consideration of market factors? They can’t! What if the value of dollar surges or plummets? What if the economy strengthens? What if silver takes the helm? Im sorry to say, but this is merely guesswork with a poor level of precision, and the only prediction here (which probably has over a 50% chance of being correct) is that the price of gold increases (as most commodities) over the long term as inflation is likely to be present. My honest opinion on such trading techniques is that there will always be a massive curveball that will wipe out small incremental profits. As the old saying goes, past performance does not guarantee future returns!
  7. Mcgrimes

    Lies, Damned Lies & Statistics

    I got that email, I think the most correct part is that the price of gold rose because the pound fell. As Sixgun said, these people pull theories out of their assess to sell news of events. The problem is, you see people all over financial boards speculating in this way believing they are experts.
  8. Mcgrimes

    Coin Stamping Press

    I think you need to look at how mints produce coins
  9. Mcgrimes

    Coin Stamping Press

    I’ve thought about this before, even drew up a scale drawing for a die preparation for 1g silver coins.(dies are expensive!) Depends what you are looking to do I suppose, stamp a round or make a coin? (I’m referring to the latter as a more precise/cleaner impression) If you are looking to stamp a round, rather than press a coin, would a screw press be better suited?
  10. Mcgrimes

    Drones at Gatwick

    This has been my guess! They use such events as an excuse every time to limit what we can and can’t do.
  11. I was going to order but it won’t accept my MasterCard number Edit: Nevermind, just noticed it should be a Debit Mastercard. I’ll try my visa debit later
  12. Mcgrimes

    Westminster collection jokers

    I got my 1/10oz with no problems
  13. Mcgrimes

    10% off eBay

    Collectibles are included, though coins, banknotes and bullion are excluded. Therefore, if you have something from a specific range, I would class this as a collectible. Theres also a FVF of £1 for some sellers. If anyone’s selling some gold/silver for a good price, or below spot, then post below
  14. Mcgrimes

    smart home tech

    Mine was £40 to install; I paid about £110 for the thermostat, hub and receiver but it also came with an echo dot 2. All in all, not much more than a standard wireless thermostat but with better scheduling and remote operation
  15. Mcgrimes

    smart home tech

    We’ve got hive heating and I think it’s great. Ive got 2 wireless plugs that operate on a little remote, but I’m thinking of getting WiFi plugs so I can control from my phone