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  1. Don't think I'll be using again, there were plenty of lies about postage etc
  2. Mcgrimes

    GOLD deals

    https://thesilverforum.com/topic/6214-gold-sold-my-lessons-learned/ Read this post, he’s right
  3. Your sovereigns are still below spot?
  4. Admittedly I've never managed to test this exclusion yet, but it's poor considering they still charge fees.
  5. Also, no protection for gold via PayPal!
  6. At this moment in time I don't forsee buying anymore. But if Trump keeps on making stupid decisions, I might change my mind! Equally so, if a no deal Brexit becomes even more likely, I might reconsider
  7. I think the issue with coins like this is suppliers push them as a fantastic investment, coming close to guaranteeing eye watering returns. @BackyardBullion Doesn’t sell his products under false pretences and doesn’t ‘guarantee’ you’ll become a millionaire if you hold. I personally don’t see it attracting any numismatic value, and would be willing to pay spot + a few %. I think there are much better deals out the to be had. In fact, I’ll sell you any of my collection for spot + 30% I did see a 1/4 square sovereign a while back that was similar in premium and was very tempted. As others say, buy what you enjoy
  8. They just looked off when I saw them - and I assure you I’m no expert. @BackyardBullion - do you have a fancy machine?
  9. It might be this, Ive been measuring around the rim. Ill get a specific gravity test done, this seems like a good idea. Ill get some more pictures up shortly just to try and demonstrate them. Colour, detail and diameter seem fine, but they just seem the most out of centre I’ve seen with a higher rim.
  10. All Id be grateful for a bit of advise on sovereign thickness. Having received 2 from BC, they seemed different to previous coins. These 2 coins seem to be the most of out centre sovereigns I’ve ever had? I’ve had a few, and they all vary in thickness around the edge, from 1.51mm to 1.75mm, but these are up to 1.85mm. The weight and diameter come in fine. Any feedback on the below pictures would be helpful. The first 2 are close ups of the BC coins, and the third is a HB coin on the top against the BC coins. All I’m after is bullion, so not too concerned about any numismatic values
  11. Personally, I see £45/gram and think it’s expensive
  12. Also received my 2 coins yesterday
  13. I have not been refunded - my payment date was on the 31st May. Looks like I’ve got a battle on my hands! Was it only me that raised a Paypal dispute ?
  14. I’ve also formally raised it with my CC provider
  15. I’ve escalated my claim to PayPal to see what happens. Time to ring the bank I think