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  1. Cash spreading disease isn’t a new concept. Anyone in the food industry knows that handling money then food products is simply disgusting
  2. very misleading - the fact the dealer won’t accept a refund (minus a re-stocking fee) is because he knows you were misled. What happened to the 14 day cooling off period on distant sales? Is saying ‘no refunds’ a waiver to this regulation? Can you not complain through PayPal? This product isn’t bullion due to its lack of PM content?
  3. I find the signed for service very useful - there’s just a general bias here because it doesn’t cover PMs. Signed for is very useful when posting official letters of significance or combating general fraud. It’s just as useful as special delivery in 99% of the times as they are both tracked, first class is generally next day anyway and they both offer compensation. The only significant difference is the value of compensation offered and items covered, and you pay for this privilege.
  4. But signed for provides compensation for many items and introduces a formal record of posting/receiving
  5. It’s good to raise this so others don’t fall foul, but in RMs Defense, they clearly state the insurance provided with each product. As to using Signed for service for PMs, it’s clearly a risk based approach. If regularly sending out £25 coins, then the money you’d save on postage would surely out weigh the risk of losing 1/1000 items. The other issue is selling on eBay - too many con men out there who know exactly how to milk an honest seller.
  6. Hi, I’ve got some 1g Hereaus bars if you’re interested? Ive got 2No 10x1grams in discs
  7. Very sorry, all just sold as a bundle
  8. Updated to reflect sold items. Cmon guys, don’t make me sell to HGM!
  9. Hi all - Gold Sovereign clear out! Ive got the below to offer: 2No 2019 H&B Gold Sovereigns (in original cases) - £272 each 1No 2018 Gold Sovereign (In capsule) - £272 each 1No 2015 Gold Sovereign (In capsule) - £272 each 1No 2012 Gold Sovereign (In capsule) - £282 each 1No 2019 Half Gold Sovereign (In original packing) - £135 Please add on top postage of your choice. Happy to accept offers, and will price match/beat others! Paypal F&F or bank transfer before post, please check my feedback Happy to use the BYB intermediary services if someone wants a bulk buy.
  10. It ticked all the boxes, and the supplier is reputable. From what I’ve read, fake ones are usually quite obvious
  11. Hi can you post a square on picture of the front and back please? I had one from HGM and still have the pictures
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