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  1. I get that point, as I say, nothing is fool proof - a finger print in conjunction with a PIN number, for example, would be much more secure. But again, my original point is that some security ie fingerprint, is much more secure than cash.
  2. I'm aware that finger prints aren't fool proof, nor is a pin code, or a passport, or maiden name etc etc But what is?
  3. Good luck prying that from my wife's hands! You'll more likely find claw marks as I tried to get it back 😭
  4. That's a bit of a bad article; that's like saying an iris scanner is not secure because you can simply remove one's eye. If I lost my phone, i do not expect a typical person or third would be able to get a copy of my finger print before I had the chance to block my phone or card. If I dropped my wallet (with cash) and phone, do you think someone would be more inclined copy my finger print and use apple pay before they spent the money?
  5. I think they say it's a 1 in 50,000 match? I'd say it's a good deterrent
  6. I hate cash and think it’s a waste of time. I pay for pretty much everything using my phone which relies on my fingerprint for security. But, I appreciate the desire to hide some expenses; for example, to disguise a PM purchase from the wife!🤫
  7. Order received, extremely impressed! Now, when's the next group order?😉
  8. I would say putting children in nursery is efficient with a career to child ratio of 4 (I think?). This means more people working and therefore a better economy. Therefore, I could see why a government would want to incentivise working parents. Nursery is also good for children in the sense it promotes early social interactions and learning, and in many places in this bad country, a necessary to offset bad parenting! Im not disgusted that I have to pay for nursery, it is financially beneficial for me to do so.
  9. I’ll be jumping on my postman, I’ve never wished a Friday would come quicker!
  10. Don’t you think all workers should get free care? After all, private workforces fund public sectors.
  11. Maybe you can showcase once received? 😄👍
  12. 1/4 sovereigns always seem expensive, I might see if a friend wants one so we can split the postage
  13. It doesn’t suggest so, should come in a display case though
  14. Thats an even higher premium at about 250%