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  1. If I stole it, I’m not certain whether I’d melt and sell it or plumb it back up
  2. Fortunately I’ve not had one sales letter - H&B on the other hand... I’ve never seen such expensive paper!
  3. Facts are very important - harassment is not. This topic has been thoroughly washed and put on a rinse cycle 3 times - but it still stinks! Thus far no one on this forum has lost out , rather the majority of us have gained. My confidence that he will receive his purchase is high. (But by no means certain) C’mon, my comments were flippant, there’s no need for you to try and prove your education, it’s meaningless in this thread and completely irrelevant to my original point.
  4. Apologies - I must have been on the defensive and read your post as sarcasm. As far as I'm aware, there are no links or journals of any scientific nature that provide such a link. My remark was purely to imply old people sometimes have nothing better to do. Cheers
  5. The primary inference from your post was that the entirety of TBC is immature and of a snow flake generation.
  6. Agreed, you've been insulting TBC consistently for a while. As per your previous warning from the moderators, move on.
  7. You're welcome, educating the world 1 person at a time
  8. Sorry for any confusion - my comment wasn't research backed, don't ever expect anything posted on a forum is ; I seemed to have fooled quite a few of you. The point is, stop being so old and miserable and move on. Considering you have a PhD in Alzheimers research, you should note I said Dementia. These are two different things.
  9. Get over yourself - I think they have better things to do than listen to you p*** and moan constantly. Didn’t you get a free half sovereign, despite getting a full refund? If so, why don’t you stand tall and send it back - then I’ll partially tolerate your nonsense. Ive said this from the beginning, some customers have absolutely nothing better to do other than pursue trivial complaints. It’s usually a sign of early on set dementia.
  10. Haha, I share your sorrows - when £125 became £3500, became £100!
  11. I’d imagine a CoA fetches a bit more on places like ebay
  12. Agreed, and from Working in retail in the past, refunds have been forwarded to someone who batches processes them I.e. at the end of the week
  13. @HighlandTiger you received a free coin worth £150+, just say thanks and move on
  14. The price is rising, and I’m locking in profits. With that in mind, I have 2 more H&B 2019 Gold Sovereigns for sale. Prices are £303 per sovereign with postage at £6.60 - these are the cheapest new 2019 coins around! Usual conditions of PayPal F&F or bank transfer
  15. As @vand, I’m taking advantage of the lows and picking up stocks bit by bit - eToro and Trading 212 are good platforms for throwing a few hundred in at a time. I think that UK equities are fairly cheap but feel I should probably buy some US stocks to diversify a bit.