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  1. Very sorry, all just sold as a bundle
  2. Updated to reflect sold items. Cmon guys, don’t make me sell to HGM!
  3. Hi all - Gold Sovereign clear out! Ive got the below to offer: 2No 2019 H&B Gold Sovereigns (in original cases) - £272 each 1No 2018 Gold Sovereign (In capsule) - £272 each 1No 2015 Gold Sovereign (In capsule) - £272 each 1No 2012 Gold Sovereign (In capsule) - £282 each 1No 2019 Half Gold Sovereign (In original packing) - £135 Please add on top postage of your choice. Happy to accept offers, and will price match/beat others! Paypal F&F or bank transfer before post, please check my feedback Happy to use the BYB intermediary services if someone wants a bulk buy.
  4. It ticked all the boxes, and the supplier is reputable. From what I’ve read, fake ones are usually quite obvious
  5. Hi can you post a square on picture of the front and back please? I had one from HGM and still have the pictures
  6. Mcgrimes

    Gold Cappuccino

    Did you pocket the gold then drink the cappuccino?
  7. If I stole it, I’m not certain whether I’d melt and sell it or plumb it back up
  8. Fortunately I’ve not had one sales letter - H&B on the other hand... I’ve never seen such expensive paper!
  9. Facts are very important - harassment is not. This topic has been thoroughly washed and put on a rinse cycle 3 times - but it still stinks! Thus far no one on this forum has lost out , rather the majority of us have gained. My confidence that he will receive his purchase is high. (But by no means certain) C’mon, my comments were flippant, there’s no need for you to try and prove your education, it’s meaningless in this thread and completely irrelevant to my original point.
  10. Apologies - I must have been on the defensive and read your post as sarcasm. As far as I'm aware, there are no links or journals of any scientific nature that provide such a link. My remark was purely to imply old people sometimes have nothing better to do. Cheers
  11. The primary inference from your post was that the entirety of TBC is immature and of a snow flake generation.