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  1. Updated, tidied up and pictures removed for sold items
  2. Buckingham Collection for £228. I haven’t ordered from these
  3. Thank you Quantities updated to reflect latest sales
  4. Mcgrimes

    Negative Premium

    Which coins have you seen being sold at a discount? If you want them to get swamped, just post a link on this forum and everything will get snapped up.
  5. Quantities updated, PMs sent, everything marked as sold has been posted
  6. Quantities updated to reflect sales
  7. Hi all - fractional Gold clear out! Ive got the below to offer: 2No 5g Gold Umicore Bars(Sealed bar SOLD, 2 in a flip case) - £162 each 1No 5g Gold Pamp Rose - £170 each UNDER OFFER 1No 5g Gold Perth Mint - £170 each UNDER OFFER 2No 1/10 Gold Maples (2 Sealed, 2 in a flip case) - £108 each 5No 2.5g Gold Fine Bars (1 Unsealed, 4 In certi bars) - I contacted Sheffield Assay office to verify the markings - £82 each 3No 1g Gold Bars (have deleted the other post, 2 sold, 3 available) - £34 each 2No 1/10 Gold Britannia’s (2 Sealed) - £108 each UNDER OFFER 1No 1/10 Krugerrand 1982 (bullion) - £104 each 1No 1/10 Krugerrand 1984 (bullion) - £104 each Please add on top postage of your choice. Happy to accept offers, and will price match/beat others! (Much of it came from HGM and the prices should beat theirs!) Paypal F&F or bank transfer, but happy to use the invoice system for buyer/seller protection and would be happy to split the fees. Happy to use the BYB intermediary services if someone wants a bulk buy. I can take more pictures as required.
  8. Unfortunately as they are broken from a larger bar, they will only be supplied in a flip / ziploc case. Pictures now uploaded
  9. I have 2No 1/10th Krugerrands for £105 each plus postage of choice? They are 1982 and 1984’s purchased from HGM, bullion condition.
  10. Deleted - all sales consolidated into one thread
  11. A bullion grading should be priced accordingly. If this coin was spot +2% then I’d understand. Who was the dealer?
  12. Its clearly a pain, but, if you manage it, you may find yourself being to pick up, verify, and pass on second hand silver as a niche and beat the big guys. As others have said, thanks for the group orders, and I hope they were mutually beneficial for your self (or at least worth the hard work!)
  13. I’ve heard mining companies can be very volatile. Don’t forget that if the price falls maybe 10%, that might make a mine unprofitable and close up
  14. It’s simple, just run the group orders at a loss to yourself🤔 I’m kidding of course; I can see why you’d be nervous about a tax man seeking VAT on a £50,000 purchase - even though you would be technically correct, who wants to spend time arguing over a 10k bill? I don’t think anyone needs that stress! For anyone saying it’s easy, just look at all the bullion dealers that charge 20% vat on second hand silver, despite the VAT only being chargeable on the profit, I’m guessing it just isn’t worth the hassle. (Please correct me if I’m wrong)
  15. I use a spreadsheet but only track weight of stack and total value using spot price. I assume, worst case, that I'll only get spot /scrap value. I Don't track what I've paid, though I think I have all my receipts.