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    gazer reacted to HighlandTiger in Auctions are insane   
    I know it's an historical precedent, but I've never understood the continuing practice of the buyer paying an auction fee on top of any winning bid. I actually think if they stopped this, auction houses would not only become busier, especially with online bidding, but they'd make more money in the long run.
    Ordinary people, who would never ever have gone to an auction house, now have some knowledge of auction bidding through ebay and other similar sites. By using their model, especially in the lower end speciallity auctions, auction houses are missing a trick here.   
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    gazer got a reaction from Sovereign in 2005 proof sovereign set all pf70   
    What a set of coins superb 
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    gazer reacted to Sovereign in 2005 proof sovereign set all pf70   
    2005 proof sovereign 4 coin set 
    5 sovereign, 2 sovereign , full sovereign and half sovereign 
    all graded NGC PF70 with box and coa
    £3250 posted 

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    gazer reacted to soverignstacker in 2002 Sovereign   
    Sorry about the picture I suffer from a muscle wasting illness so shake when taking pictures , I will try to get someone  else to take a picture if people think it well help with the sale.
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    gazer got a reaction from goldmember44 in Scrap silver   
    Please check out my other listing it explains what coins are what. This advert you can buy either 4000g of 50% silver or you can buy 1000g of 50% silver.
    Thank you I will check the price on the 99% and adjust if needed. Photos it might be a short while.
    Cheers gazer 
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    gazer got a reaction from MikeG1978 in Scrap silver   
    It probably will good luck thank you gazer.
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    gazer got a reaction from Gildeon in Scrap silver   
    Just update price on the  99% I calculated wrong sorry thank you Gildeon.👏
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    gazer got a reaction from MickD in Scrap silver   
    Hello everyone I am selling some of my scrap silver as need the funds quickly to go towards purchasing a new car. I will put up for sale until Monday morning as if not sold by this time I will have to send off to a company. 
    I'm taking the sale off iv seemed to confuse people. My apologies.
    I have 4,000 grams of 50% total includes delivery is £765
    Or 1,000 grams of 50% total includes delivery £195
    (Please dismiss the 99.9% coins)
    All delivery is by royal mail Special delivery service and signed for by 1pm the following day.
    As said above this is scrap silver I can upload photos but I am not quite strong enough at present as just had surgery it's all happening you are allowed to feel sorry for me 😓
    Cheers all any questions please ask.
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    gazer reacted to Robjw in 2019 The Royal Arms 1oz Silver coin   
    Coins left:
    18 Price:
    £15.50 + P&P of buyers choice and cost Payment:
    Bank Transfer PayPal F&F Important:
    Sold as bullion Coins do NOT come with capsules  No cherry picking, coins are taking from a sealed tube, packed and shipped without inspection  

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    gazer got a reaction from goldmember44 in Today I Received.....   
    The royal Arms is stunning 👏
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    gazer got a reaction from richatthecroft in Today I Received.....   
    The royal Arms is stunning 👏
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    gazer reacted to Cornishfarmer in 1932 gold Indian head   
    1932$10 Indian head
    £600  + postage

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    gazer reacted to Tomcbol in Today I Received.....   
    Today I received my latest Group Order coins courtesy of @BackyardBullion.
    Great Service as always!
    2019 10oz Valiant, 10oz Queens Beast Bull of Clarence, 2019 1oz Bird of Paradise, 2019 1oz Australian Nugget, 2019 1oz Double Dragon, 2019 1oz Royal Arms, 2019 2oz Queens Beast Yale of Beaufort and 2019 1oz Canadian Incuse Maple. 

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    gazer got a reaction from Frost in Gold coins   
    Thank you great timing for your advice I am just about to put up 5 coins for sale, and a special thank you for your effort in looking. Tops you are.
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    gazer got a reaction from jonrms in Hand poured Silver, by me.   
    Well done,  very good luck 👏🥇
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    gazer reacted to Fivepoundfred in 2015 + 2016 5 ounce silver proof panda coins   
    2015 and 2016 silver proof five ounce panda's with original unmarked box, case and c of e. Two very attractive coins that i have owned from new and they have been kept in dry and cool storage.
    £160 each + posting charge of your choice or £310 for the pair + posting.
    PP F&F or BT
    Any questions please ask.

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    gazer reacted to StackSellRepeat in Vintage collectible 1 kilo bars   
    Vintage collectible 1 kilo Bullion bars.
    Sold plus postage of your choice.
     Payment through bank transfer please 🙂
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    gazer reacted to DarthGareth in 16 x 2013 1oz Canadian Silver Maples   
    Bump! Now £225 plus post  
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    gazer reacted to Kman in Today I Received.....   
    Could you not post stuff like this, makes me want to start collecting older coins 😨
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    gazer got a reaction from ilovesilverireallydo in Today I Received.....   
    I think the coin bug is winning lovely collection.
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    gazer reacted to ilovesilverireallydo in Today I Received.....   
    Added a whole bunch of 1/25s to my fractional collection. A nice varied selection 

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    gazer reacted to 1817SovereignCollector in 2019 matt finish sovereign   
    My 2019 Matt BUSOD arrived yesterday. Nice coin, some shiny high areas under 10X magnification. Judge for yourselves on the images below, taken under 7x magnification.  That said it isn't a proof coin and there will always be small imperfections you spot under intense magnification.  I'm happy with the coin but I don't think the Matt finish shows the coin design in the best light, to me it looks flat.  
    Thats not going to impact on the price though, I think due to the low mintage numbers it will prove popular and elusive, unless they bring another 'interesting' Matt out this year, IMO it will remain a popular, but hard to source must have. 

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    gazer reacted to shawy2510 in 2019 Sovereign x3 Under Spot   
    Bump, priced at spot & less than spot for 3
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    gazer got a reaction from kneehow2018 in Proof coins And Sovereigns   
    (1) For sale is a 2018 Proof Gold Britannia 1/4 oz. 
    In Mint Condition purchased directly from the Royal Mint all the packaging and CERTIFICATE of authenticity.
    Delivery is not included will post with the Royal mail Special delivery £7
    The Royal Mint price was £480 I will take (£437)
    Any interest please contact me.
    (2) Also for sale is a 2019 Proof Gold 1/4oz Legend of the Raven purchased from the Royal Mint with the packaging and CERTIFICATE of authenticity.
    Delivery is not included cost is £7 with the royal mail Special delivery signed for with tracking. 
    The Royal Mint price is £480 I will take
    (3) A 1/4 ounce Gold Perth Mint which I purchased from them not in GB
    It is a 2017 Special edition Proof coin, minted for the 70th anniversary of HMQ to Prince Philip wedding.
     Price (£310) + £7 Special delivery royal mail 
    Details 99.99% Gold Proof Quality 
    Royal Coat of Arms 
    Limited edition of 750
    Australia Legal Tender 
    Numbered Certificate
    (4@5) A Perth Mint 1921 and a 1926 South Africa gold sovereign set purchased from the royal Mint in a lovely Oak box and booklet & coa. Mint said they are in extremely fine condition, they look good.
    Made for HRH and Prince Philip birthday
    100 minted.
    Price is (£720) Special delivery is £7 with the royal mail 
    The reason why i am selling is to get monies towards a car. And needing to sell quickly if possible, if not I will have to sell elsewhere. 
    Any interest please contact me.
    Payment by PayPal F/F or bank transfer.
    Cheers gazer.