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  1. Ok. I just checked and apparently localbitcoins automatically sold any corresponding BCH you held for BTC and added the extra BTC to your balance so there should be a little more that you originally bought.
  2. @SilvergunSuperman Moving to a paper wallet is a good idea and will actually ensure that you have access to any future forks from the time you moved the BTC to the paper wallet. This may take a little work but if you just leave it there there will probably be tools developed to make it easy. I’m not sure if you can access the BCH from localbitcoins
  3. Yeah, segwit itself doesn't offer massive scaling, but does make the lightning network viable, which looks very promising
  4. DrDime

    crypto strategy

    I'm fortunate enough that I got in early enough that although I spent much less £ on cryptos than metals I currently stand at: BTC>silver>gold>LTC I'm quite happy with that and have no desire to change it (maybe I'm risk tolerant)
  5. I prefer the change to be slow. One of the main advantages of BTC is the simplicity, stability and security that slow incremental changes bring. My current view is that lack of leadership is an advantage. I understand that Vitalik Buterin is very clever and a good figurehead and Charlie Lee is a steady and sensible guy that helps bring stability in the minds of users/holders but I think the main think they add is psychological comfort. People like to think someone is in charge and can steer things. However, nobody's perfect and having a leader brings disadvantages. I think the current relative market price of the altcoins reflect this psychological security aspect more than people actually understanding the tech. This could go on for a long time of course and lots of people are making lots of money so from a short to medium term investment point of view what I'm saying doesn't really matter
  6. It's a common occurrence in network software that the 'best' 'most efficient' does not become the standard. The internet itself is an example of this. Good enough seems to be good enough if there's enough network effect
  7. I think we're still quite a few years away from mass adoption and. Lot of work needs to be done on making it easy and seamless to use. This might be a a controversial view but the more I study it the more I think that bitcoin will eventually 'eat' most if not all altcoins. Segregated witness will be activated this month which will allow the development of off-chain transactions and the lightning network. This means basically that very fast, very small and very cheap transactions will be possible and this will improve and develop further in the future.
  8. Hey jayboat. That's a very long time and unusual. What wallet did you send it from? Was is on you computer? Did you add a mining fee?
  9. DrDime

    Paper Wallets

    The way I make paper wallets: 1) right click in bitaddress.org 2) save as HTML 3) move to memory stick 4) open the HTML file on a browser on an old laptop that will never see the internet again 5) make as many paper wallets as I need 6) print the paper wallets on an old fashioned printer that does not have wifi or Bluetooth or memory It's a cautious approach but reassuring when the price goes up
  10. DrDime

    Paper Wallets

    Hi there. Yes, if you buy a paper card from anybody else then in theory they could copy every private key they distribute. They could then - in the future - spend all the btc on all of he wallets at once (so that nobody has warning). Personally I would not trust anyone to create a paper wallet for me. One of the features of bitcoin is that it requires no trust. Using bitaddress.com isn't that difficult. You can make some practice wallets and send a small amount to it then send it on to somewhere else for practice. I would advise once you spend from a paper wallet then just tear it up and make a new one if needed. For litecoin there is liteaddress.info which is similar to the bitcoin one. For ethereum I am very cautious so would not trust myetherwallet.com due to the risk of a virus taking a screenshot of you seed words so would wait until getting a ledger or trezor wallet if security is important to you.
  11. DrDime


    As far as I understand with Blockchain.info you control your private keys (they do not access it) In order to be able to access both sides of the fork from the website/app would require some coding work from Blockchain themselves which I think they haven't done yet. I had a little bitcoin on there myself but I've put half on a paper wallet and swapped the other half for litecoin.
  12. Yes, as long as you have the private keys you will have the same amount of both coins
  13. Yes, if you're just hodling you'll be fine and can just wait and see what happens.
  14. Ok so I just checked and ledger will support both and will issue a chrome app update. However you'll only be able to spend them immediately on the nano - S. The older (non-S) nano will have to wait a little longer.