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  1. Sorry, just realised my messgae box was full so haven't had any messages. I've cleared some space so maybe try again?
  2. Sorry guys, I've been away for a while. There are a few tubes of quarters left and about 50 dimes. I'm going to close this thread and start a new one with the numbers avaiable
  3. Oh, no the dimes are loose. I did have some in tubes of 50 but they've gone
  4. Yes only merury dimes and quarters left. Don't think I'll be getting any more half dollars
  5. the tubes in the photo are Quarters. 40 per tube ($10 face value)
  6. Hey Mike, I haven't got any full dollars
  7. Roosevelt dimes - £1 each (81 available) SOLD Mercury dimes - £1.10 each (over 100 available) Washington quarters - £2.50 each (over 100 available) Franklin 50c - £5 each (about 60 available) SOLD Walking liberty 50c - £5.25 each (about 40 available) SOLD plus postage of your choice PPFF preferred
  8. What size are you looking for?
  9. DrDime

    Krugerrand tubes

    Hi Dave. I have some 1oz gold eagle tubes. I'd be happy to send you one (free). They were based on krugerrand size so should fit. Only problem is that you'll need 10 more to fill it
  10. Price reduced for the last time - now £260 delivered
  11. Price dropped on the remaining 1871 and 1872 to £270 delivered. The 1871 is the better condition and i believe that the die crack would not affect the grade unless above ms65 (so I'm told)