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  1. Dune69

    Help with 2009 silver eagle coin

    This is a 2009 ASE they have a mat finish. Only way I've seen these with a shiny finish is if they have been handled well and are polished with fingers and thumbs
  2. Dune69

    GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    HGM works on the london gold fix so price is fixed once a day.. Sometimes can work in your favour and sometimes against you depending if the is a price rise or price drop
  3. Dune69

    eBay shenanigans

    See if this link works for you you'll need to be signed into your account first http://offer.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?BuyerBlockPreferences
  4. they look genuine and sound genuine if they are exact size and weight Ive never seen tungsten sovs
  5. Dune69

    GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    I usually pick these up if low premium. But haven't bought anything from HGM since they removed the % over spot on the listing.. Makes me feel like they are trying it on with the premiums and hope you just buy regardless
  6. Dune69

    HGM offering NEW gold sovereigns?

    Have HGM removed their percentage over spot on their stock page?
  7. Dune69

    1/2 oz Silver Lunars

    this photo looks right to me comparing it with a genuine coin I have 2 IOM half sovs that are both over weight and both are genuine
  8. Dune69

    coin identification

    might be a John Pinches medallion
  9. Dune69

    Silver marks on sugar tongs

    this may help http://www.bexfield.co.uk/thefinial/v13-06/pg16.htm
  10. Dune69

    Today I Received

    Some 2011 and 2012 Panda's and A 2oz Proof rooster from motorbikez ... Thanks
  11. Dune69

    Hallmark Identification

    birmingham - silver - 1958? maker Alexander Smith Just a guess
  12. Dune69

    2oz Lunar proof rooster

    I'd be happy to do this.... and in future years (2) you could still buy the coins you need direct from the website if morezone didn't buy his allocation
  13. Dune69

    2oz Lunar proof rooster

    Its a pity we can't all get them shipped together but silber corner don't seem to want to do any favours with the shipping prices
  14. Dune69

    Today I Received

    Just got my first shield sov.. The back looks ok , front is a bit worn
  15. Dune69

    The new prospecting?

    well i always look for stuff on the floor.. Money mainly Found a few silver earrings and a nice gold one this summer at the coast Stuff is out there just go pick it up